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Karlov's Peerage: Personalities of the Divine Imperium

18-06-2004, 06:49
Semi-IC; Semi-Tongue-in-cheek-OOC

The Imperial Family*xFpukUmUIbR6tRWWdT*n*pMHOk3QHMVIjB*8ZlUkwdt79vEjRUD2eCXaj24QOiQfXOlKHsZv5dmIv*TmiC7s lPIVlXTvAAjCEqt0Xgg/Malissa1.jpg
Kaiserin Malissa Lucille Black
Age: 44
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Our interviewer was answered with a resounding slap and guns being lowered at our heads. We decided to drop this question from future interviews.
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: White
Religion: Catholic Church of Novar Ohan
Occupation: Head of State (has more titles than she believes is strictly neccessary)
Pet peeve: The fact that her titles, when written out and placed end-to end, are longer than her body.
Likes: "My husband, people...everything, really."
Hobby: None stated.
Personality: Under her happy exterior, tired and slightly depressed. Her life is wearing her down, slowly.
Dream in life: "To have some peace and quiet. Let me see...I'm an Empress...I'm rich...married with three children...people tell me I'm beautiful...hrm. Can't think of anything I really want besides 5 seconds of peace and quiet...oh, and my sons to stop plotting each other's deaths."
Favourite colour: Green
Song that plays when she enters a room: Coronation March
Tell-tale Quote: "Oh, dear...looks like I'll have to have someone executed..."*ZsuqSMXALS8baW3yLrQr4fg4CA MyrIfap4/Damien.gif
Damien Alexander Black
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Black/white
Religion:"...agnostic. This going to take any longer?"
Occupation: Dark Prince
Pet peeve(s): Uppity peasants. The fact his brother and mother are still breathing. His incompetent and generally buffoonish minions. Wombat News. Wombat News reporters. Wombats. "I hate wombats."
Likes: ...power, we're guessing. Maybe money. Possibly killing people. Kathryn recently managed to trick him into admitting some small affection for her.
Hobby: Duelling/Fencing (Grandmaster of the Dark Harvest Style; sounds flashy and impressive, but the side effects of learning it are...unpleasant. For others.)
Personality: Urbane, sarcastic, sadistic. Has little-to-no interest in sex. (except, maybe, with Kathryn). He has two distinct parts to his personality, the one he shows to the world, and the 'real' Damien. He has a soft side he works to conceal from the world, and despises himself for so easily giving in to Kathryn.
Dream in life: Not to rule the world...just this little part of it...this little part being the Pacific, the Pacific Rim, and most of Asia.
Favourite colour: Black
Song that plays when he enters a room: Imperial March
*when in a good mood: E-ville, Sonicanimation
*when annoyed/fencing: Theme from Jaws
*when he's in his normal mood (slightly bored): In the Hall of the Mountain King, from the Peir Gynt Suite
Tell-tale quote: "EVIL! BE THOU MY GOOD!"*UNYMUhYm!rKv!3ARORGNA2uTrUShGSK8slFDu6goC*R086wpz50UB0PnwjPDeFYo f9S8Ysjs/Daniel.jpg
Daniel Edward Black
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blond
Religion: Catholic Church of Novar Ohan
Occupation: Light Prince
Pet peeve(s): His brother's constant plots to destroy his reputation at court. Violence. Traitors.
Likes: For some reason, Iansisle. Peace. Prosperity. Power.
Hobby: Chess.
Personality: Honourable. Conceals a nasty streak which is all the worse for being unexpected. Kind of like being savaged by a friendly puppy. Is an incurable romantic, and will destroy anyone and anything which hurts someone he cares about.
Dream in life: To become Kaiser.
Favourite colour: Blue
Song that plays when he enters a room: Dov'e L'amore, Cher
*when dating/romancing: To be with you, Human Nature
*when in a good mood: Red Red Wine, UB40
*when something terrible has happened: Everybody Hurts, REM
*when he's in a bad mood (note: by bad, I mean murderous): Feel, Matchbox Twenty
Tell-tale quote: "I...just didn't want to hurt you."
18-06-2004, 07:02*j90ZPd5cAz193I0zM GANdDgH5NplkuF6gvaw/Rachel%20Black.jpg
Rachel Black II
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Golden red
Religion: Catholic Church of Novar Ohan
Occupation: Princess
Pet peeve: Fairy costumes.
Likes: Ponies, dancing.
Hobby: Tae-kwan-do
Personality: Bright, bubbly...has the attention span of a cat. Despite that, has slightly more interest than her siblings in the lot of the common people of the Imperium. She plays little role in the government or in court, preferring to act as a spokesgirl for charities and to stay close to her mother.
Dream in life: To own all the ponies in the world; to have a really handsome husband; and to lock her brothers up in one room with only one weapon.
Favourite colour: Red
Song that plays when she enters a room: Hello World, Saddle Club
Tell-tale quote: "Absolutely horrid..."
18-06-2004, 08:07
Likes: For some reason, Iansisle.

((heh. I wonder why? :)))
23-06-2004, 06:52
Minions of the Dark Prince!Pqvl!BWQjCwqwjN2XBQ4JEGwCtSJshTGajkT*GBWEQYIm6o2HhoczzqjFUOOC087x 0VZ9rUaQlSJ7uUZRgnQ/Heydrich.jpg
Grigori Hans Kroenen
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Religion: "Is for the weak and foolish. One only needs one's will."
Occupation: Premier of Agua, Fuehrer of the National Socialist Imperial Worker's Party.
Pet peeve(s): Jews. Muslims. Bolsheviks. Hindus. Buddhists. What he views as Damien's 'weakness' and 'tolerance'. Former Interior Minister and current head of the IIIS, Ivan Merkenoff.
Likes: Slavs, 'Aryans'. Power.
Hobby: He paints reasonably, wrote a best-selling book, is a mediocre architect.
Personality: Subservient to Damien, rude and commanding to everyone else. He yearns for the day when he can eliminate his paymaster, though, and that day may be coming soon...
Dream in life: To cleanse the Divine Imperium of the pestilence of Jews, Muslims, etc. To become Prime Minister, and then Fuehrer of the entire nation.
Favourite colour: "Red, white,, I will not pick just one."
Song that plays when he enters a room: Horst Wessel Song

Age: Who knows? Not us. You talking mental or physical?
Sex: Male
Height: 6'10"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Religion: "Mr. Damien said that religion was only for stoopid people."
Occupation: From what we can make out, hired muscle employed by the Dark Prince when he needs someone to, without question, snap people in half. Official job is Imperial Bodyguard.
Pet peeve: "Momma said it's bad to hit girls." We don't know what this has to do with our question, exactly, but...
Likes: Candy. What? It's what we got!
Hobby: ...we're not sure.
Personality: Well...Damien's scared of him. Seems like an over-large child, really.
Dream in life: ...we weren't even going to try.
Favourite colour: Baby blue.
Song that plays when he enters a room: Probably 'Sunshine, Lollipops'*K3BzjCqoqejjYxxyT8nYXaMvVFBY99OSmpa3Wz7CM8Q5ODXLRpaeoiwOiO2AjM2LU8vKZ9o!BJsNn3evUqWK4v GkFPCJQQy11XXO4fVYg/pe-aya06.jpg
Kathryn "Kat" Finsternis
Age: 21
Sex: Very obviously female.
Height: 5'6"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Religion: Aguan Orthodox
Occupation: We're not entirely sure. Damien probably hired her in a moment of whimsy, and has since been unable to get rid of her. Her official job is Personal Assistant, though she is randomly employed as a secretary, distraction for his enemies, and now seems to have won her way into being his lover, though his own view remains unknown.. Will do anything to defend Damien, even (especially) if he orders her not to.
Pet peeve: Having gotten Damien to accept her love, she hates the fact that he won't admit his.
Likes: She likes flaunting her beauty, especially to Damien. She started to fall deeply in love with him from the moment they met. She's also a fan of money, perfume, and gelato.
Hobby: Kendo. Also is rumoured to own a pistol-bow, though where she'd keep it in those jumpsuits she wears is...a subject we'll pursue when one of our investigators wants to spend an enjoyable half-hour searching for his teeth.
Personality: Strangely, considering all of the above, she's really rather prudish. She has sworn never to remove anything more than her top for a man until marriage (Only time will tell if she'll stay with that now that she has Damien.), and will only do so for love, or on her employer's orders. Has little but contempt for both women who sell their bodies, and women who hide their bodies away. Prudishness aside, she's not above shameless flirting.
Dream in life: To become a Princess. To get completely through that solid armour of dispassion Damien wears whenever he's in public, and finally, to marry him.
Favourite colour: Purple.
Song that plays when she enters a room: Born to try, Delta Goodrem
*When semi-seducing a person for her employer: Can't fight the Moonlight, Leann Rimes
*After being yelled at by Damien: Naughty Girl, Holly Valance
*When ever she's alone with Damien, and he's willing to put up with her: On a night like this, Kylie Minogue

Reindhart, Hinler, Krenoff, etc.
Age: Various
Sex: Male
Height: Various, generally over 6'
Eye colour: Various
Hair colour: Various
Religion: Either Catholic Church of Novar Ohan, Lutheran, or Aguan Orthodox
Occupation: Hired muscle/members of the NSIWP
Pet peeves: Who knows?
Likes: Inflicting pain.
Hobby: Various
Personality: They work for Kroenen and, thusly, Damien. Probably not the brightest or nicest of men.
Dream in life: The simple dreams of men who join the dark side. Probably to right some perceived wrong.
Favourite colour: Various
Song that plays when they enters a room: Don't know, but it's in minor key.

*when Damien has finally realised that he could get the same results from apes, and the apes would be smarter: Death March
23-06-2004, 09:43
Song that plays when he enters a room: Horst Wessel Song

(("Play La Marseilles. Play it!"

Sorry; just had to get a good word in for one of my favorite scenes in the history of moviedom ;)))
23-06-2004, 10:39
((HEY! No reading ahead.))

Ambassadors of the Divine Imperium

Iansisle: His Excellency Baron Robbspierre, a well-known hater of the Grand Empire.

Menelmacar: Her Excellency Ariana Culnamo

Melkor Unchained: His Excellency Mark Tisentor

Holy Vatican See: His Excellency Matthias Roberts

Larkinia: Post in abeyance

((I'll add more as I sort out who else is important enough for me to have an actual character, rather than a talking face.))
26-06-2004, 04:21
The Imperial Government

Clarissa Bencenoff
Age: 39
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Religion: Catholic Church of Novar Ohan
Occupation: Prime Minister (of the Socialist Party)
Pet Peeve: Violence.
Likes: James Grey, her former opponent and current Minister of Health and Social Security. (well, 'likes' being love, really)
Hobby: Reading.
Personality: Charming, loyal, caring. Can be (very) persuasive when she wants to be.
Dream in life: To retire to a small house in the country, and grow roses. But only after she's reformed the Imperium.
Favourite Colour: "Um...brown, maybe..."
Song that plays when she enters a room: Promenade, Pictures at an Exhibition, Mussorgsky
*With James: Breathe, Faith Hill
*During a cabinet meeting: C'mon people, Richard Ashcroft

James Grey
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blondish brown
Religion: Catholic Church of Novar Ohan
Occupation: Minister of Health and Social Security
Pet peeve: Politics.
Likes: Clarissa.
Hobby: Smoking a cigar (ironic, isn't it.)
Personality: Loving, a bit sarcastic. Quite friendly when you get to know him.
Dream in life: To retire to a mansion somewhere, put his feet up, and never, ever, ever get involved in politics ever again.
Favourite Colour: Blue
Song that plays when he enters a room: Out of the City, 2 Heads