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The road of excess leads to a palace of Fabulousness!

08-06-2004, 04:06
Issue 1
Jun, 6, 2004

The Party Kids

Weird clothes, wild parties, outrageous antics, and no set sexual preference. The newest and wildest thing to hit Cyan nightlife and clublife since Revisionism two years ago is the Party Kids. They hold illegal "Outlaw Parties" in subways, fast food joints, highways, even Cyan City Hall and they take Ecstacy, a drug known to cause brain damage in rats.

Created by Dame St. Dames and Nickal Ahli the Party Kids have begun a fashion/party revolution among the youth of today. They host their parties in the nightclubs owned by Geter Patien, the Starlight, the Malladium, Club A.S.S., and of course the Bridge. Making them the biggest nightclubs in all of Saiogena.

Nickal Ahli and Dame St. Dames also wish to invite you to their new Gorefest Party where you will be treated to buckets of blood and flesh thrown about the Starlight nightclub.

"The road of excess leads to a palace of Fabulousness"- Nickal Ahli