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Debut of WCKN (Wrong Crowd Kids News) for viewing somethin'.

Wrong Crowd Kids News
08-06-2004, 02:37

With reporters Mike (Stoner) Jones and Bebe (Slut) Jones

Mike: Hey man! This is like... me and my sis Bebe and.... and... I forgot.

Bebe: This is so totaly like, WCKN, The Wrong Crowd Kids News, News for like, everyone. I'm Bebe and that's my druggie brother Mike.

Mike: Hey maaan, don't be hatin' *lights up a joint*

Bebe: Hey I so totaly told you NOT to do that here, unless you give me some later.

Mike: *blows smoke rings* This is really good shit, I am so stoned already.

Bebe: Your always stoned, anyway we are a news channel and like.... and like... oh I cannot THINK with all this hot, sticky clothing on! *rips off her top and jumps on table, beings lap dance*

Mike: Heeey duudes? This is'nt cool man, make her stop.

*Cuts to commercial*

Bebe: *puts top back on* Well anyway a small story tonight, like the country Xanthal is considering entering what it calls "Econiki Isolation", did I say that right? Well anyway to our field reporter Mary (goth/vampire) Perry!

[swiches to live feed from Xanthal/Mary holds a black umbrella to hide from the sun]

Mary: Greetings mortals, I, the vampire Mary will show you the darkness that exists in all of you weaklings.

[Split screen]

Bebe: Huh Mary? Hello? Like what's going in in Xanthi, or what it Xental? I don't remember names, only sizes.

Mary: If thou wishes to learn how to summon demons to do your bidding, read my book "Evil and More Evil: How to be Evil: By Vampire Mary.

Bebe: Oh God not your stupid book agian! Arg!

Mike: *falls out of seat*

Bebe: I guess that's our show for the hour, but we will be back at like, whatever time we have a scoop. Bye, Bye, and if any hot guys want to -bleep- me call me at 7...

Wrong Crowd Kids News
”News Brought to You By The Wrong Crowd”