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Shades of the past.

07-06-2004, 11:14
The workout room was quite humid from hours of workout. Chris's defined physique showed through his black undershirt, which was drenched with sweat.

He had been practicing Bo for hours, and than finally called it a day.

He went to the showers, and let the steamy vapors, and hot water reinvigorate him.


The dream....the dream of a memory, that was not his. He could hear the voice that called his name, but was not talking too him. That dream that made him wake each night screaming.

He retired for the evening, and the hours passed until Chris awoke to the sound of pounding rain.


He had heard it again. But this time, he hadnt screamed.

Than an image came too mind, a latent memory from his dream. The grave of his Father.


Chris rushed out of the Executors mansion, and drove like a madman through the rain to Starton National Cemetary, where his Father, the former Executor would be buried.

He parked a few feet from the gate, and stepped out into the rain, wearing a Leather Jacket, and black jeans. The rain brought his hair down in streaks, though he seemed not too notice.

He easily jumped the fence, courtesy of his years of Templar training, and made his way through the long fields of graves, his boots sloshing in the mud.

Finally, he arrived, a Large Mausoleum, adorned is the purest white marble. He stepped inside, his footsteps echoing eeriely off the walls.


Chris's face dripped the rain, and he stared at the Epitaph.

Beloved Father? He thought too himself.


He than collapsed to his knees, his hands upright between his legs, he began to sob uncontrollably.

"Im so alone..." he blubbered out, uncharacteristically for one who had re-unified Tersanctus, and was prided as a Great Templar, and Military Strategist.


Time passed, perhaps it was an hour, or a few seconds, But Chris fell too slumber once more.

And perhaps he was dreaming, or perhaps it was real..who could say, but Edmund Dantes walked too his son, and kissed his forehead.

Chris looked up into his eyes. His father gave him a beaming smile.

"You were never alone. I am proud of you." he spoke in a Ethereal voice.

"E-Edmu--Father?" Chris gasped.

But the moment had passed. And he awoke to sunshine carressing his face. It was morning.
Five Civilized Nations
07-06-2004, 14:39
At a particular street corner, in a particular neighborhood, in a particular city, a man stood quietly, his eyes unblinkingly watching the passing cars. His handsome, but hard and worn features drawn as the rain slowly began to descend from the sky. Raising his head, the man allowed the water to drop onto his face. Grimacing, the man lowered his head and waited...

A moment later, another man walked up and tapped his shoulder. "My name is Azsas," the man whispered, "The August Emperor has a new job for you..."

The man eyed Azsas for a second and said, "The sky has begun to weep... The Gods are crying... Crying out at the pain and suffering we mortals suffer... I knew as much that a new task was forthcoming... Do not worry, the August Emperor will have his job done..."

Azsas bowed and replied, "The August Emperor said as much, Talisk, God Amongst Mortals..." Slowly, Azsas extended a hand with a slip of paper within.

Nodding his head, Talisk accepted the paper. Crumpling it in his hand, Talisk walked away, heading for a very unlikely chance encounter...
07-06-2004, 14:55
08-06-2004, 11:24
Walking away from the Cemetary, Chris still cried, but his heart felt as though a weight had been lifted.

He wondered if it was all a trick his mind played on him. It occured to him that the mind could only take so much before it needed to let go.

But he hadnt been able to let go for years, and now the closest he had ever been in his fathers physical prescence had seemingly granted him a visitation.

The kiss had seemd so real....and the words were exactly what he wanted too hear.

Thus he was left in dought as he walked the street, he barely even noticed the man walking towards him.....
Five Civilized Nations
08-06-2004, 13:19
Talisk cursed as he stumbled, tripping upon the slick metal of a grating. Regaining his balance, Talisk grimaced. With an angry snort, Talisk uncrumpled the paper in his hand and read the shor message written on it:

[code:1:f0e8e288c9]To the God Amongst Mortals,

A new assignment has been forthcoming... For now, you are to track the son of the Edmund, former ruler of Tersanctus, named Chris... And eliminate him if you must...[/code:1:f0e8e288c9]

Talisk cursed once more, raging inwardly at his allegiance to the August Emperor of the Five Civilized Nations. With a sigh, Talisk crumpled the paper and continued walking…