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Cup of Harmony XIV :: Vilita Champion (4-2 AET) ::

22-05-2004, 15:42

The Cup of Harmony XIV is a competition for teams who didn't qualify for the World Cup XIV Finals. Think of it as the NationStates World Cup version of the NIT. To enter the Cup of Harmony you must have participated in the World Cup XIV Qualifiers. However, If you did not take part in World Cup XIV, and would still like to participate, Please do not sign up in one response and post a roster in another, If you don't have your roster right now, simply come back and edit your post later and input your roster.



The Belmore Family [25]
Magnus Valerius [62]
Turnia [80]
Tingitania [55]
Squornshelous [28]
The Weegies [37]

Vilita [54]
Crystilakere [64]
Melmond [43]
Lallania [112]
Jeruselem [53]
NEWI Cefn Druids [32]


Vilita v. Melmond in Vilita
The Belmore Family v. Jeruselem in TBF
22-05-2004, 15:42
Nation: The Tropics of Vilita (
Nickname: Jungle Cats

Region: Atlantian Oceania (

Coach: Helmut Vilkauos

Formation: 3-1-4-2

Roster (Depth Chart)
[80] Massimo Corsi
[82] Rory Issah
[87] Bryan 'Pop' Duiker

[7] Danilo Liguori
[8] Baron O' Toole
[4] Giacomo Adika
[2] Enzo Ahat
[5] Matteo Ollirg
[1] Elekim Cairns

[25] Santo Kecker (C)
[23] Jonathon Stott
[26] Nigel Chapman
[27] Jonathon Baledrokadroka
[22] Alexander Östling
[24] Christian Dogbé
[28] Lee Bruce

[32] Jürgen Ramzi (DMC)

[16] Callum Banda
[14] Germán Salomón
[18] Jim Vella
[17] Lorenzo Mumamba
[15] Julio Camacho
22-05-2004, 21:09
Melmond will defend our Cup of Harmony title, and our roster is the same as the WC 14 roster.

Fearless Farmers Version 2.0 (
23-05-2004, 04:33
Squornshelous will compete in it's first COH, having not qualified for the first round of the cup proper for the first time ever. (dammit, I guess it had to happen sometime, 10 in a row was too much to ask)

GK Toby Allen****@ #1
LD Roberto Enriquez*** #22
CD Karl Edmonds*** #2
RD Jeff Nickson* #21
LDM Viktor Grigoriyev** #25
RDM Darrik Rutter*** #18
CM Ben Robertson*** #23
LAM Sven Stikolsmur*** #16
RAM Jamal Richards***@ #7
CF Tobias Jones** #6
ST Koren Jackson****@ #9

GK Kevin Thomas*** #5
D Alfonso DeLeon** #10
D Ernesto Gonzalez** #4
M Ian Combs** #14
M Xavier Keiths* #19
F Francisco Chavez*** #3

GK George Kearse** #13
D Arnold Samuelson* #8
D Pablo Martinez* #24
M Robert Nelson* #15
M Johnathon Stamper** #12
M Tommy Banks* #17
F Harrison Franks** #20
F Zeke Fredricks** #11

Head Coach: Greg Newsome
Assistant Coach: James Naylor
Conditioning Coach: Franz Alberts
Goalkeepers Coach: Hector Vasquez

* signifies number of previous world cups played in (now includes 14)
@ signifies team captains
The Belmore Family
23-05-2004, 21:52
TBF Roster:

1. Jack Smith
2. Paul Price
3. John Alsaw
4. Candy Asquest
5. Angus Angus
6. Will Handly
7. Jim Flackington
8. John Smith
9. King Harris
10. Mike Williams
11. Oliver Maddist
23-05-2004, 22:43
The Turnia Dragons
Formation 4-2-4

00 - Coach - Paul Odle (New head coach)
99 - Coach - Shane Turner (Defense & Goalkeeping)
98- Coach - Paul Cantellierie (Offense)

04 – GK – Martin Villarreal- Starter
02 – GK – Donald Heinz

05 – DF – Steve Mandola
06 – DF – Vincent Mandola
07 – DF – Derek Spain
08 – DF – Tommy Vrazel
30 – DF – Nathan Summers- Starter
31 – DF – Saburi Johnson- Starter
32 – DF – S. Pulkrabek- Starter
33 – DF – Hollis Stewart- Starter

10 – MF – Rafeal Diaz
11 – MF – Chris Powers
12 – MF – Mark Lambert
13 – MF – Sammy Ibrahim- Starter
40 – MF – Robert Hastings- Starter

41 – FW – Jeremy Stricklan
42 – FW – Daniel Smedley
43 – FW – John Munro
01 – FW – Joshua Turner Jr. (Team Captain)-Starter
03 – FW – Douglas Thompson- Starter
28 – FW – Doug Rudishule- Starter
29 – FW – Jose Tiniero- Starter

Roar Dragons roar!!!!!
NEWI Cefn Druids
24-05-2004, 10:35
NEWI Cefn Druids Squad for Cup of Harmony

As chosen by manager Tim Welsh (47) and his assistant Trevor Lee (50)
* = usual starters
' = previous World Cup players

1. Reg Garth (26, GK, Trevor City) ' *
2. Trevor Kallins (37, LB, Herald F.C. [GZ]) (c) ''' *
3. Trevor Phillipson (26, RB, Cefn Athletic) ' *
4. Horace Orange (24, MF, Cefn Bus Station) [Oglethorpian father, Druid mother] '
5. Eric Groves (27, CB, Great Tawney Owls) ' *
6. Ron Lambeale (21, CB, Inter Dave) '
7. Trevor James (35, RM, Bessburg) ''' *
8. Trevor Belmore (25, FW, Mawr Town) [Belmorian father, Druid mother] '*
9. Simon Greaves (33, FW, Parkville) ''' *
10. Björn-Trevor Frederiksson (32, FW, Bessburg) ''' *
11. Trevor Simpson (36, LM, Bessburg) ''' *
12. Toby Holmes (25, LW, South Grayside) '
13. Liam Gessemschmitthaagen-Po (19, CF, Dankeshoen F.C. [GZ])
14. Juan Pablo Trevor (24, MF, Trevor City)
15. Trevor Welsh (25, MF, Cefn Albion)
17. Trevor Jones (22, RW, Inter Dave) '
19. Bill Stickers (21, FW, South Grayside)
21. Trevor Leyghton (32, MF, West Cefn Rangers) '' *
22. Amos Hinton (27, CB, Parkville) '' *
24. Trevor O'Conolly (31, CB, Cefn Albion) ''
26. Wayne Thomas (30, FW, Parkville) ''
31. Phil Righteous (21, GK, Parkville)
The Weegies
24-05-2004, 13:26
The strip is green and blue vertical stripes, with white, numbered shorts. Each player is now assigned a number, rather than the position played being assigned a number.

The majority of the home matches will now be played at the enlarged Dear Green Place stadium in Mackintosh, home of the Mackintosh Armadillos, now seating 58,000 people, since it has overtaken the home of Mackintosh Thistle Celtic, The People's Stadium - seating 54,000, in terms of capacity.

The Weegie team roster is:

1. Britton, Tony (27) (Buchanan Haggises)
12. Sartré, Alan (25) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)

2. McManus, Peter [26] (Mackintosh Armadillos)
3. Bryant, Jamie (28] (Jamestoun City)
4. Fredriksson, Neil (25) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
5. Johnstone, Alex [26] (Buchanan Haggises)
13. Johansson, Owen (29) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
14. Davis, Robert (24) (Hanover Town)
15. O' Sullivan, Will (25) (Trams Union Utd)
16. Cartwright, Jimmy [26] (Lylia Foresters)

6. Murray, George (27) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
7. McCann, Phil (24) (Soothside Utd)
8. Ferguson, Colin [26] (Herald F.C (Giant Zucchini))
9. Ogilvie, Peter (27) (Buchanan Haggises)
17. Roper, Brian (28] (Easter House Islanders)
18. Piccolo, Steve (29) (Hanover Town)
19. Andrews, Antony (25) (Mackintosh Armadillos)
20. Mathieson, John (25) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)

10: Hardie, Robert (25) (Trams Union Utd)
11: Dunn, Martin (28] (Mackintosh Armadillos)
21: McDonald, Frank (25) (Buchanan Haggises)
22: Murphy, Gary (27) (Mackintosh Armadillos)

The coach is Jonathan Lyle. Those who are most likely to take the field are:

Britton, McManus, O'Sullivan, Johansson, Johnstone, Ogilvie, Ferguson, McCann, Piccolo, Hardie, Dunn.
24-05-2004, 14:26
Our roster

Abdulla Mohemmed (Beersheba United)

Rabbi Goldstein (Jerusalem United)
Mimi Goldstein (Macafi Haifa)
James Stuart (Christian Palestine)
Joe Hapsgold (Jerusalem United)

Harry Kewell (Jewish Liverpool)
David Becks (Jerusalem United)
Mohemmed Al Oldnar (Arab Palestine)

Manny Jones (El Al Anbar)
Christian Hemma (Jerusalem United)
Jakob Fieldstein (Jewish Liverpool)
27-05-2004, 22:44
Crystilakere roster to coming soon.
The Weegies
28-05-2004, 10:07
BUMP - Come on, ex-World Cup Nations, sign up.
28-05-2004, 19:11
28-05-2004, 19:11
(Basically the same roster as for WC14 itself...)

Da Kamelas den Tinçitana - Cata den Armona
The Tingitana Camels - Cup of Harmony

[Note on player names: In the language of Tingitana, first names ending in "é" are male and first names ending in "á" are female.]

Starters (standard lineup: 3-5-2)
1. GK - Seré Esparaga
2. D - Toké Paralido
3. D - Çiné Bidara
4. D - Barté Sintoro
5. M - Melá Nilo
6. M - Estrabé Porçino
7. M - Yé Zimarón
8. M - Grité Filipo
9. M - Dilará Denude
10. F - Faré Greguma
11. F - Ené Bradshaw [Tingitanan mother, Bedistani father]

12. GK - Simé Tilo
13. D - Kodé Scorena
14. M - Iá Edine
15. M - Solará Piçero
16. F - Espargaré Figiçi
NEWI Cefn Druids
28-05-2004, 21:05
Can we not start with 12, else we might be here forever...
28-05-2004, 21:42
I second NEWI Cefn Druids notion, we are already behind as it is.
The Belmore Family
29-05-2004, 11:42
OK then. Give me an hour or so and I will edit the sheet.

The draw will commence when Vilita comes online.
29-05-2004, 17:56
with just twelve it will be a nice quick tourney.
29-05-2004, 18:51

The Belmore Family Vs Magnus Valerius
Turnia Vs Tingitania
Squornshelous Vs The Weegies

Vilita Vs Crystilakere
Melmond Vs Lallania
Jeruselem Vs NEWI Cefn Druids

Matchday 2:
The Belmore Family Vs Turnia
Tingitania Vs Squornshelous
The Weegies Vs Magnus Valerius

Vilita Vs Melmond
Lallania Vs Jeruselem
NEWI Cefn Druids Vs Crystilakere

Matchday 3:
The Belmore Family Vs Tingitania
Squornshelous Vs Magnus Valerius
The Weegies Vs Turnia

Vilita Vs Lallania
Jeruselem Vs Crystilakere
NEWI Cefn Druids Vs Melmond

Matchday 4:
The Belmore Family Vs Squornshelous
Turnia Vs Magnus Valerius
Tingitania Vs The Weegies

Vilita Vs Jeruselem
Melmond Vs Crystilakere
Lallania Vs NEWI Cefn Druids

Matchday 5:
The Belmore Family Vs The Weegies
Magnus Valerius Vs Tingitania
Turnia Vs Squornshelous

Vilita Vs NEWI Cefn Druids
Crystilakere Vs Lallania
Melmond Vs Jeruselem
29-05-2004, 22:05
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press Quick Flash

Cup of Harmony XIV

The Dragons, after failing to qualify in their first World Cup appearence (not suprising), have been invited to participate in the Cup of Harmony... football's version of the NIT. The team and it's new head coach are extremely honored by the invitation, "I not only speak for myself and the Dragons, but for the President and the citizens of Turnia, we are honored to take part in the Cup of Harmony and most appreciative of the invitation" said Paul Odle, head coach, after speaking with President Turner.

The draws have been made and the Dragons will first face off against Tingitania on Matchday 1. Good luck and godspeed Dragons.

30-05-2004, 03:45
A Cup of Harmony Preview
By Henry Kalangalangalang of the Melmond City Herald

VILITA—It has been announced, the Melmond National Teams, affectionately nicknamed the Fearless Farmers, have been drawn into Group 2, the Vilita group of the Cup of Harmony. The defending champions of the Cup of Harmony have been drawn into arguably what is the easier group of the two, but this will certainly be no cakewalk for the team. This will be an important tournament for both Paul “Edgy” Shields and Diallo Unne, as both players will retire from the national team after the Cup of Harmony. Expect them to be used in situations where more physicality is needed. The team as a whole is on fire, as they are currently riding the wave of a 10-game unbeaten strike? Will it continue? There is only one way to find out. Game on!
Let’s take a quick look at the competitors in Melmond’s Group

Vilita is one side that looks very dangerous in this cup. Melmond of all teams should know about the danger of playing an up-and-coming side who is hosting the tournament. We were that team in the last Cup of Harmony. Expect the Jungle Cats to do very well.

Crystilakere, Vilita’s Atlantian Oceanian peers, certainly aren’t as talented or industrious as their neighbor. However, they have certainly made a great leap between World Cup 13 qualifying in which they almost took home the wooden spoon to World Cup 14 qualifying.

Lallania is the football equivalent of a mosquito. They are easy to crush, but they have a habit of buzzing in your ears, biting you, and if you are really lucky, give you malaria. Melmond faced the hypocritical side twice during qualifying and actually lost the first time at home, but the Fearless Farmers got their revenge.

For a while, it appeared that Jeruselem was on the cusp of being contender for World Cup qualification. Now they just seem to be committed to mediocrity. They shouldn’t do to well this time around.

The lovable losers NEWI Cefn Druids are quickly shedding both labels as this side actually looks like a…gasp!...up-and-coming contender! They have neglected the tournament of their national sport, shoe flinging, to practice for this cup, and they should be real good.

Here is the prediction, and this prediction will be hard for me to report, but alas I am a journalist, I must do my job.

The Prediction
1. Vilita
2. NEWI Cefn Druids
3. Melmond
4. Crystilakere
5. Jeruselem
6. Lallania

Melmond National Team Cup of Harmony Schedule

v Lallania (Vilita)
@ Vilita (Vilita)
v NEWI Cefn Druids (Vilita)
v Crystilakere (Vilita)
v Jeruselem (Vilita)

Next Game
vs. Lallania (Vilita)

The Fearless Farmers will be flying out to the Tropics of Vilita for the first five matches of their defence of the Golden Keg. Their first opponent is a familiar opponent, the very annoying Lallania side. Both sides played twice against each other, with Melmond playing its worst football ever in front of their home crowd in a Lallania win in the first meeting. The second meeting Melmond got their revenge as they got the win in Lallania. Both sides are currently going in different directions. Melmond is riding the tails of a 10-match unbeaten streak where areas Lallania earned the wooden spoon of World Cup Qualifying Group 10. Manager Felix Coostatlwak will employ the use of its more physical lineup to show the Lallanians who is boss. Chris Owen made an exceptional recovery from his horrific injury and will actually start in this match.

GK- Snhp Xtfuinxm
D- Jonsi Torrini
D- Paul “Edgy” Shields
D- Scott Cheney
D- Nina Steen
M- Martin Goodwin
M- Critandi Unne
M- David Bixler
M- Cristina Antunez
F- Diallo Unne
F- Chris Owen

For tickets to Vilita and the match, call the Therewegoes Travel Agency at 3-18-357-9009. Make sure to get many vaccinations before you get to Vilita. However, the environmental sights as well as the bustling mid-size city make this a rather pleasant place to be. Enjoy the life and the matches!
30-05-2004, 05:17
Squornshelous' group for this years' COH is as follows:
The Belmore Family, Tingitania, Magnus Valerius, The Weegies and Turnia.

We have decided to call this group, "The T's and Two Oddballs."

Our main competition will be cohost TBF but we expect a strong showing from The Weegies as well. Also be on the lookout for Magnus Valerius to make a run. However, we predict that Squornshelous will do fairly well. We are the highest ranked ranked team in the COH as of the start of WC14 (I think) at 15th in the world. A strong showing here will hopefully keep us in the top 20.
NEWI Cefn Druids
30-05-2004, 15:00
The Daily Druid

Wayne Ottgunn-Irwin in Vilita for the Cup of Harmony draw.

The draw for the Cup of Harmony took place today, where regular participants NEWI Cefn Druids avoided the top two teams in the Cup of Harmony, The Belmore Family and Squornshelous, in their group. However, manager Tim Welsh, who has recently come back into his position after a period of mental illness, seemed rather disappointed at the group.

He told us, "We look certainties to finish bottom of the group. Jerusalem and Vilita, being highest ranked team and host, are surely favourites to reach the semis, with Melmond in with a strong shout as well, wanting to make up for a poor run in qualifying. Crystilakere and Lallania are two teams that are typical of many that have beaten us down the years, the kind of teams we usually don't take seriously enough. So I'll be surprised if we do finish anywhere other than last."

Despite seeming the same as before he went into hospital, doctors at the MAD House, where Welsh was a patient, have told us that, if he keep on taking his medication, he should show signs of recovery that will let him be more like the man who was overflowing with confidence when he took over the job over fifteen years ago. Whether or not this happens, we shall wait and see.

The draw in full...

Group A

The Belmore Family
The Weegies
Magnus Valerius

Group B

NEWI Cefn Druids

Elsewhere in Druid sport, the World Shoe Flinging Championships have been delayed due to an argument with the sponsors and suppliers to the tournament, Garth's Footwear. This should be settled around the time of the end of the Cup of Harmony, whn the tournament should get under way.
30-05-2004, 22:14
We will likely enter this competition next year :)
30-05-2004, 22:30
Vilita ( 2 - 0 Crystilakere (

The Tropics of Vilita ( Jungle Cats opened up their Cup of Harmony campaign by entertaining regional neighbors Crystilakere. The Crystals made the short flight over the central land mass last week and set up camp on Turoki Isle, just east of the Vilita ( Mainland. This would be the 3rd meeting between the two sides, The first two both going to Vilita ( in the WC14 qualfication stage.

The Jungle Cats started the stronger side, with Captain Santo Kecker going twice hitting woodwork from long range in the first 10 minutes. Kecker controlled the midfield, easily dispossessing his Crystilakere counterparts and feeding inch perfect passes to the forward partnership of Callum Banda and Germán Salomón. Banda, under a bit of pressure from the local media to maintain his form in the Cup of Harmony, after his brother, Maritus, Captained the Turori National side to the Semi-Finals of the Baptism of Fire Cup with his impressive goals in that competitions group stage.

Banda would give the papers something to write about in the 25th minute. An impressive run by Jonathon Baledrokadroka down the Right was pressed down by the Crystilakere defense, however Baledrokadroka was able to sneak the ball to the edge of the box where Banda was waiting to apply a text book finish into the top corner of the Crystilakere net.

Crystilakere would fight right back, however, taking control for a 15 minute spell at the end of the first half where they would have a controversial penalty awarded when the referee adjudged Matteo Ollirg of fouling the Crystilakere frontman. However, Massimo Corsi was up to the challenge in goal for Vilita (, pushing the penalty against his right hand post to be cleared away by the defense.

After Half Time, The Jungle Cats retook control of the game, allowing very few chances for their regional opponents. Vilita ( attacked in numbers, with Banda, Salomón and Jonathon Stott all going close for the hosts. The first substitutions of the game occured in the 55th minute, when Jim Vella came on for the Jungle Cats in place of Germán Salomón. Vella would link up well with the in-form Banda, setting Banda clear on the hour, only for the U-21 Hero to smash his effort against the advertising boards.

It was 13 minutes later, after some strong work from Nigel Chapman earned the Jungle Cats their 7th corner of the afternoon, that Vilita ( would put the game out of Crystilakere's grasp. The inswinging corner left the foot of Kecker and always seemed destined for the towering head of the powerful Jürgen Ramzi. Ramzi made no mistake, cleanly beating out all challengers and putting the Jungle Cats 2 goals up with just 17 minutes to play.

The Jungle Cats made two late substitutions, in the form of Striker Julio Camacho and midfielder Lee Bruce, both of whom have indicated that the Cup Of Harmony will be their last major competition with the side, made appearances to the delight of the 36,000 on hand in Alikki-Corra. Camacho even had a shot on goal deep into stoppage time, but his effort was easily saved by the Crystilakere Keeper.

The Jungle Cats now lead the all time series 3-0 between the Inter-Regional rivals. This was the second match played on Vilita ( soil, the other of which was played in Crystilakere. It is currently unknown when the next Senior meeting between the sides will be.

Crystilakere Sport New Kit

[b]When the Crystilakere National team arrived on Turoki Isle for the start of their Cup of Harmony campaign, they were treated by their Football Association with a brand new Kit, Designed and Manufactured by 3wide Designs (, The same company that manufactures the kits for the Vilita ( Jungle Cats and Turori ( Eels. The kits are a real step up from those manufactured in Crystilakere for World Cup 13 & 14. They were unveiled to the public in a ceremony prior to the opening match of the Cup of Harmony against Vilita (, and Replica kits were available after the match in the Vilita ( National Shop.
30-05-2004, 22:46
Da Deor den Tinçitana

Camels Start Harmony Cup with Loss
Team still upbeat about chances

VILITA -- After proverbially coming from nowhere to almost qualify for World Cup 14 on their first attempt, it was certain that the Tingitana Camels would make a very strong impression on the Cup of Harmony. Sure, being ranked 55th in the world doesn't sound all that impressive, but for a two-year-old team, that's not bad at all. What? No, I mean the team itself is two years old, not the players. If we had a bunch of two-year-olds out there trying to play football, they would've all had career-ending injuries a long time ago and we would have undisputably gotten the wooden spoon. Right. What was I talking about again?

Oh yes, today's match. In WC14 qualifying, the Camels started off with a six-match winning streak. Apparently that will not be the case here. Though Nilo and Zimarón had a good day in the midfield, both the team's offense and defense were sorely lacking, with Bradshaw missing no fewer than six shots on goal and a large number of counterattacks being allowed. Thankfully, keeper Seré Esparaga was having a relatively decent day, but coupled with a poor defense, his performance wasn't enough to salvage a point from this match, as the Dragons' offense slotted two goals through before the match could end.

Final score:
Turnia 2 (Thompson 15, Hastings 62)
Tingitana 0

Our next match surely won't be any easier, as we play Squornshelous, a team with nearly 40 years of international experience. Except to chalk up another one in the "L" column, folks.
30-05-2004, 22:59
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press


Matchday 1:

Tingitana 0 - 2 Turnia

"Right now, I couldn't be more pleased with my guys" said HC Paul Odle after the Dragons blanked Tingitana 2-0. In what appears to be, thus far, a perfect fit for the national team, Odle has settled in nicely at head coach. As we all remember the bickering between him and his brother, the former head coach, it was a very bumpy ride during WC XIV qualifing, prompting a shake-up of starting players and at head coach.

"Coach has really put a lot of faith in me and I mean to not let him down", said starting goalkeeper Martin Villarreal, who has replaced on again off again back-up Donald Heinz. Keeping his word Villarreal held Tingitana in check, escaping a last minute barrage of shots as the defense became a bit cocky.

The Dragons have to be pleased with their start, a 180 degree difference from their first game in WC XIV qualifing, a 1-4 trouncing by The Lowland Clans. "This feels great! We have come a long way as a team in the past 2 months. Sure, we have a lot to improve on, but winning can cure a lot of ills" said team captain Turner Jr.

Indeed it can, but the Dragons have shown to be an emotional team, something HC Odle is trying to work on, "During qualifing this team was either too low or too high, we need to stay on an even keel. I think the players are taking to my approach and it should show pre and post game." Taking a que from the head coach, this is one game Turnia and their are more to come. Even keel....

31-05-2004, 04:30

The end of the World Cup qualifiers was dismal for Team Lallania. In a response, the country held a widely publicized talent drive to help turn things around. Thousands of citizens, few of whom had ever played professional football, tried out for the national team, and due to the low level of talent on the feeble national team, several made the cut.

Lallania lucked out by getting Melmond in their first match - a team that they had success against in both matches in the qualifiers, scoring with ease, at least in comparison to their other matches.

The fans turned out in numbers to support the new-look squad, many of whom carried signs decrying the Melmond "Paper Tigers". But they had low expectations. If Lallania could score a goal, it would be a victory. If they could avoid another loss, it would be a miracle. Coach Filip Gorotia called the 1-1 tie a "remarkable moment", and "One of our greatest moments, not that there are that many to compare it to. I guess this moquito still has some bite."

Lallania looks forward to their next match.

(The new, rookie-loaded roster will be posted here soon)
31-05-2004, 04:43
Squornshelous Wins (a new occurance for this year)

Squornshelous started its COH run with a 2-1 defeat of The Weegies. This was the first meeting between the two teams and both played hard in an effort to start the tournametn on a positive note.

Squornshelous opened the scoring on a long lob from Rutter up to Stikolsmur. Stikolsmur beat his marker and made a pass to Jones in the middle, who put it past the keeper's outstretched left hand. The Pschychoes went up by two in the 38th minute on a breakaway. A goal kick by Allen floated out past midfield where it was mishandled by Johansson. Koren Jackson leapt on the loose ball and seemed to fly down the field. He fired the ball past a helpless Britton, who was left standing. The Weegies made a late run at things in the 84th minute, when Piccolo made a quick lob to Hardie about 40 yards out. Hardie outmaneuvered Nickson, and passed across to Dunn, who slammed the ball into the net before Allen could reset himself. With this threat rising, Squornshelous clamped down and played very tight defensive football/soccer for the rest of the game.

Scoring Summary:
Jones (21)
Jackson [38]
Dunn (84)
31-05-2004, 04:47
A Very Disappointing Start
Melmond Flounders to a 1-1 Draw to Lowly Lallania
By Henry Kalangalangalang of the Melmond City Herald

VILITA—It was remarked by a very clever journalist that the Lallanian National Team is like a mosquito. That comparison is especially fitting considering the conditions of the match. The conditions in Vilita were hot and muggy. The humidity was so thick it was as if the players swam instead of ran on the pitch. Mosquitoes thrive in such hot and swampy conditions, and so did the Lallanian side.
In terms of adjustment to the tropical climate, one would think that Melmond would have the advantage. Melmond is a nation of many climates, and places like Unne are rather tropical at times. Lallania is mainly a temperate area who is more used to wintry conditions. Perhaps the difference was in the conditioning, as Melmond employed its more bigger and physical lineup and Lallania had a more fit and lean lineup. Less bulk really does help.
Lallania seemed to take the Fearless Farmers by surprise with their readiness to attack. Melmond seemed to be taken aback by the Lallanian charge. The cocky Fearless Farmers were being very aggressive with their tackles and challenges, being charged with many fouls and Lallania having many opportunities for set pieces. None of the set pieces were converted until a free kick just outside the goalkeeper’s box. Melmond defender Jonsi Torrini made a very aggressive and late tackle on Lallania striker Term Fezzel. Fezzel was ready to take the free kick. The Fearless Farmers prepare for their wall. Fezzel’s kick bounces of the head of one of the walled Melmondians, defender Scott Cheney. Goalkeeper Snhp Xtfuinxm couldn’t adjust to the strange deflection at time. The Lallanians celebrated as if they planned to ricochet the football off of Cheney’s head when it was obvious that it was pure luck. Cheney was credited with the dubious own goal at the 20th minute.
After the early pressure from the Lallania attack, the Fearless Farmers smartly put their arrogance aside and played as hard as if they were in the World Cup instead the Cup of Harmony. Ten of the players added an extra sense of awareness and intelligence to their game. Not infamous defender Paul “Edgy” Shields. Shields, put in as a starter partly to be the physical enforcer of the backline and part to honor him in his last matches as part of the Melmond National Team, resorted to anger as usual. As Lallanian midfielder Fra Angelico was looking to make a pass toward the middle part of the pitch, Paul “Edgy” Shields just charged at him rather than the ball and barreled right into Angelico. Angelico was shaken up a bit, but was able to continue playing. Shields will not be able to continue to play, as he was give the red card at the 40th minute. He will miss the next two matches. Lallania takes a one-player advantage and a one-goal lead to the end of the first half.
Manager Felix Coostatlwak makes one key substitution after the half. He puts in the speedy midfielder Camui Arai to combat the fit and lean attack of Lallania. He replaces David Bixler, a more physical and defensive midfielder.
Arai’s presence in the match meant a lot for the Fearless Farmers. Down a player, Melmond fully took advantage of Arai’s blazing speed and knack for the ball as he was a factor in both offensive and defensive situations. Lallania had no answer for Arai and despite their one player advantage, they found themselves on the defensive and gave up many corner kicks. The first couple of corners were able to be headed by Chris Owen, but he was way off target. Seeing Chris Owen’s struggles and considering he is recovering from a gruesome looking injury, Manager Felix Coostatlwak replaces him with O’Connor Greens-Alan City-and soon to be O’Connor Greens again striker Benjamin Leeb.
There were more corner kick hi-jinks as Melmond striker Diallo Unne was given the yellow card for a blatant push off on Lallanian defender Andrei Temeodor at the 58th minute. Ten minutes later, Temeodor makes a poor decision involving payback. At yet another corner, as Diallo Unne was trying to gain position on the ball, Temeodor shoves him aside and Diallo Unne falls to the pitch. The Melmond bench as well as the Fearless Farmer Faithful was shocked to find that Temeodor only received a mere yellow card. Either way, Diallo Unne got awarded a penalty kick. Diallo Unne earned the nickname “The Dagger” for his penchant for clutch scoring. He didn’t disappoint as he strikers a hard shot in which Lallania goalkeeper Bertram Ellenwitz had no chance of stopping. Diallo Unne scores the equaliser at the 68th minute. The rest of the match was dominated by Melmond control of the ball. However, they were never any conversions as the game ends in a draw.
The good news is that Melmond still has its unbeaten streak intact, now at eleven. Also the Fearless Farmers proved that they can make adjustments during the middle of the match. The bad news is that they merely tied against the lowly Lallanians and that this journalists wasn’t able to get the other scores in our group, so our standings will be much less informative than usual!

Cheney, MEL (OG) 20th
D. Unne, MEL 68th

Torrini, MEL 20th
Shields, MEL 40th
D. Unne, MEL 58th
Temeodor, LAL 68th


Other Group 2 Results
We don’t know!

Melmond Team Stats
Goals: Diallo Unne (1)
Cards: Paul “Edgy” Shields (1), Jonsi Torrini (1), Diallo Unne (1)

Melmond National Team Cup of Harmony Schedule

v Lallania (Vilita) T 1-1
@ Vilita (Vilita)
v NEWI Cefn Druids (Vilita)
v Crystilakere (Vilita)
v Jeruselem (Vilita)

Next Match
at Vilita (Vilita)

Now this is a very interesting match. Melmond may be much higher touted and rated than the hosting Jungle Cats, but big things are expected of this Vilita side. Who better knows than the Melmond National Team about up and coming sides hosting the Cup of Harmony. This is certainly a side that Melmond will not overlook. The lineup Manager Felix Coostatlwak will put out will echo this sentiment as he returns to the lineup with his most talented players. Chris Owen will be on the bench as he still seems to struggle from his injury. Benjamin Leeb will take his starting spot.

GK- Snhp Xtfuinxm
D- Jonsi Torrini
D- Sergio Ortiz
D- Scott Cheney
D- Nina Steen
M- Martin Goodwin
M- Critandi Unne
M- Camui Arai
M- Cristina Antunez
F- Mornakh the Bloody Handed
F- Benjamin Leeb

For tickets to Vilita and the match, call the Therewegoes Travel Agency at 3-18-357-9009. Make sure to get many vaccinations before you get to Vilita. However, the environmental sights as well as the bustling mid-size city make this a rather pleasant place to be. Enjoy the life and the matches!
NEWI Cefn Druids
31-05-2004, 10:09
The Daily Druid

Wayne Ottgunn-Irwin in Vilita for Jeruselem 0 NEWI Cefn Druids 0

The Druids opened their Cup of Harmony campaign last night with one of the dullest matches in the history of football against Jeruselem. With no shots on target, or indeed off target, for that matter, and crowds leaving in their droves as early as twenty minutes in. However, let's not dwell on the match for too long, a draw is a draw, and we'll say no more about it.

Except for a little from manager Tim Welsh. "Well, OK, everyone in the stadium left early, if they managed to stay awake, but a draw is a good result for us, more than we could have expected."

More from the Druids, and their recovering manager, next time.

[code:1:b10b43dff3]Group 2 scores

Jeruselem 0-0 NEWI Cefn Druids
Vilita 2-0 Crystilakere
Melmond 1-1 Lallania

Vilita 1 1 0 0 2 0 3 +2
Lallania 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0
Melmond 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0
Jeruselem 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0
NEWI Cefn Druids 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0
Crystilakere 1 0 0 1 0 2 1 -2[/code:1:b10b43dff3]
31-05-2004, 13:41

NEWI Cefn Druids said it all. 0-0 DRAW.
31-05-2004, 21:20

Record in WC Qualifiers: 2-15-1
World Rank: #112
Number of teams in the world: 105

Filip Gorotia - Coach

Bertram Ellenwitz
Frederich Arkinsk*

Reggie Cross
Mark Weldman*
Petra Ogilinsh*
Andrei Temeodor
Jasper Palt

Fra Angelico
Dmitri Evennich*
Mike "The Spike" Freely*
Gustav Metz*
Gregor Minzer
Yvgeny Ollinitch
Vlad Staltar

Jean-Luc Brouillard
Term Fezzel
Miguel Cortez*
Brian Habersham*
Alexander Malinov
Benjamin Taylor*

Lallania typically plays in a 3-4-3 formation, and players are listed according to their playing order (i.e. starters first)

Petra Ogilinsh is the first woman to play for the national team

* = Rookie acquired by the "Play For Lallania Sweepstakes"
31-05-2004, 21:25

Streamers filled the air in Tinov, Lallania today as Lallania scored a goal in their second straight game. Although they lost to Jerusalem, they did not seem to mind all that much.
31-05-2004, 21:41
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press


Matchday 2 Result Ends In Draw

The Belmore Family 1 - 1 Turnia

"This is more than I could have hoped going into the game against TBF. They are a very talented and highly ranked team, you can learn just from watching them", said HC Paul Odle after the Dragons played TBF to a 1-1 draw. GK Villarreal is well on his way to becoming team MVP if he continues to perform as he did today. However, the defense could be tightened up some to help with the amount of shots on goal.

One area that has carried over from WCXIV qualifiers is the offense, or lack there of, "We are working non-stop on the offensive side. I have only been with the team for a few weeks, so the players are learning on the fly. I see they are learning, it just needs to translate on the field", said new Offensive Coach Paul Cantilliere.

After 2 days the Dragons sit with a 1-1-0 4pts +2GD record in the COH. More than anyone could have expected indeed. Turnia fans have a lot to cheer for and be proud of in their rookie National Team. The Dragons thus far have upheld the National motto:

"Valor, Pride, Integrity!"

31-05-2004, 23:42
31-05-2004, 23:44
31-05-2004, 23:44
Da Deor den Tinçitana - Late Edition

Expected Loss in Second Match

VILITA -- Hopes were not high when Tingitana met Squornshelous today in Vilita for the second matchday of the Cup of Harmony. Indeed, they expected the Pschychoes to basically mop the pitch with them. As a result, the Camels were somewhat glad to walk away with only a 2-0 loss.

"No, it's not good to start off with two losses," commented Tingitana's manager afterward. "But we'll come back, trust me."

In fact, in an effort to inspire more pride in the Camels, he proudly unveiled Tingitana's brand-new Vilita-made uniforms:

"This will certainly give our players more spirit," he says. "The plain red shirts were getting rather tiresome."
31-05-2004, 23:45
31-05-2004, 23:45
double post
31-05-2004, 23:46
triple post
01-06-2004, 02:28
Farmers’ Unluckiness Completely Kills Efforts and Dreams
by Oreck Vacuum of the Easy Ranter

VILITA—Yeah, this isn’t your typical Henry Kalangalangalang “we may have played rather well, but we were unlucky and we will do better next time kind of article.” You will never see one of those kinds of articles again, because I took Mr. KaIangalangalang and Kalangalangalanged him on the head with a stale baguette from the Eauz match in Suburbia. I am telling you the way it is, from a Fearless Farmer fan who tells it like it is, how I see it. Whatever, its synonymous to me. You see the clever acronym up at that headline and my pen name? Yeah, its intentional, because that is what exactly what happened to the Fearless Farmers.
I knew things weren’t quite fishy when all the voodoo dice were missing. Then I see this menu from Kingsford, fried and steamed dice! That is our freaking dice after taking all that time to put that voodoo dice technology back into use, they turn it into food! I just know the Vilitans saw our stash of voodoo dice and sent it to Kingsford. Is it any coincidence why Melmond play’s pathetically and Snub Nose 38, a team many Melmonders bet their life savings to win it all lost today! I think not!
Second, do you know who the referee was, yeah that’s right, that lecher from Lovebug, Lupin “Slow Whistle” Miroku, who would rather watch some bimbo’s cleavage than watch the game! Of course, you know that he was the replacement referee in that Brazillico game, where they kept the ball to the direction of Miroku so that Melmond’s star defender Nina Steen won’t be near the ball. Miroku would rather chase her to pinch her bum than chase the action! You know Vilita paid a lot of money for him to be there so that our superior defender Nina Steen would have to stay away from the action in order not to get sexually harassed.
Yeah, I’ll admit that there was one skilled goal made, but that was goal number three, German Salomon made one sweet move to fake out Snhp Xtfuinxm, but that was way after the damage had been done. The first goal was total *oops!* I mean we were totally *uh-oh* over while all that Miroku could think of is *gosh* some Vilita chick wearing a bikini top who was living la melanoma. He couldn’t catch the obvious off-sides call as his eyes were stuck between the woman’s chest instead what was between the pipes. It was three against Xtfuinxm and he had no *eep!* chance! *whoops*!
Don’t get me started on that second *golly* goal. Firs
01-06-2004, 04:32
Breaking News!
Melmond National Arrested for Alleged Terrorist Links

VILITA-- Late word coming from Vilita is that the Vilitan National Police have arrested Melmond National Oafie Eggers for ties to the Eviscertomato Resistance terroist organizations. Eggers is known as a foul-mouthed member of the Gorillas, a known group of overzealous and very big Melmond National Team fans who have resorted to kidnappings and beatings to see their Fearless Farmers win. Eggers is also being charged for the assault on Melmond City Herald sports reporter Henry Kalangalangalang with a stale baguette. Oafie Eggers recently published an article under the psuedonym of Oreck Vacuum of the Easy Ranter and was detained before he could publish it all. Police believe that may be a secret message...Obliterate Vilita....Eviscertomato Resitance. This looks to be connected to a very startling video sent to both the football associations of Vilita and Melmond.

The video showed the Vilita Jungle Cat mascot tied up. Two languages were spoken, Vilitan and Felinese. We thank Carlos Veji from the Vilitan National and Punky, one of Melmond's famous dancing woocats who happens to speak Melmondian English for the translations. She had a difficult time because the Vilita Jungle Cat mascot really butchers the languages Felinese.

Burpee Big Boy (Leader of Eviscertomato Resistance): Say your name and where you are from!

Mascot: Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......hiss!!!!!!!!!

Burpee Big Boy: Don't give me any of that (expletive)! You are not a real are a very smelly person in a cat costume. Now say your name and where you are from!

Mascot: Meowwwwwwr.......rawr!!!!! hiss!!!!! rawr!!!!!

Burpee Big Boy: Hey! You know what my right hand man Bob Barker would love to do with you...and you don't want any of that do you???

Mascot: The barker is the eviscertomato?

Burpee Big Boy: I said stop with the meowing pussy cat (expletive)!

We now cut to another scene. The Vilita Jungle Cat is still tied up. Behind him are ringleader Burpee Big Boy and his right hand man Bob Barker. To the sides are two Gorillas on each side. They are all in hoods but their identity is well known

Burpee Big Boy: ...until we see that the our two comrades who have been wrongfully arrested for kidnapping Horace are set free from The Joint! We shall wreak havoc on all across these tropics! We shall give you a taste of what's to come! Gorillas!

The gorillas all storm toward the head of the Vilitan Jungle Cat. The Jungle Cat is easily restrained and the musclebound men easily pull the head off, they present the head of the Jungle Cat to the camera, off camera in Felinese the beheaded mascot pleads....

Mascot: The face of the human being it passes and it sees,! ! Me it is a cat with realness,! ! Me it is serious,! ! don' The t or oneself it carries,! ! Me it is a jungle cat,! ! !


There are many questions about the security upcoming events of the Cup of Harmony in Vilita and even The Belmore Family. The latest news will be published as soon as we can get it! As for the condition of Melmond City Herald sports reporter, Henry Kalangalangalang, he is in fair but stable condition after a brutal konk to the head by a stale baguette.
01-06-2004, 05:31
Crystilakere Sport New Kit

[b]When the Crystilakere National team arrived on Turoki Isle for the start of their Cup of Harmony campaign, they were treated by their Football Association with a brand new Kit, Designed and Manufactured by 3wide Designs (, The same company that manufactures the kits for the Vilita ( Jungle Cats and Turori ( Eels. The kits are a real step up from those manufactured in Crystilakere for World Cup 13 & 14. They were unveiled to the public in a ceremony prior to the opening match of the Cup of Harmony against Vilita (, and Replica kits were available after the match in the Vilita ( National Shop.

Here is the Crystilakere Roster for the Cup of Harmony:

GK:: Emiliano Addis *
GK:: Gaetano Novello

D -C-:: Filippo Ferraro *
D -CR:: Donato Arrigoni *
D -CR:: Alejandro Ayala *
D L-R:: Rene' Niljssen *
D -CR:: Salvatore Redaelli
D LC-:: Francesco Schiavon

M -CR:: Maurizio Cavallo *
M -C-:: Darren Whelan *
M -C-:: Giuseppe Zucco *
M LC-:: Paolo Gallo *
M -CR:: Riccardo Vecchi
M -C-:: Massimiliano Rosi
M LC-:: Sebastan Wolf

F:: Carlo Romano *
F:: Christian Benedetti *
F:: Benjamin Kuhn
F:: Michael Baker
The Weegies
01-06-2004, 16:28
Weegie Star: Sport Report.

Squornshelous - 2
The Weegies - 1

The critics found more ammunition for under-fire manager Jonathan Lyle as The Weegies found themselves beaten by experienced side Squornshelous in their opening game of the Cup of Harmony. The players on the field, however, rallied round their beleaguered manager after the match, defending him from yet more attacks from a disappointed Islander's Army, who near the end of the match started to throw things down at Lyle's dugout.

"This kind of thing simply isn't on." said Weegie playmaker Georre Ferguson, now plying his trade at the top level of Giant Zucchinian football. "I mean, come on, Squornshelous are a very decent side, they play well, and at times we simply got overwhelmed, that's all. The attacks on our manager are getting fiercer and fiercer, and we just feel that this is going to far, where even games we are not expected to win are given as proof that Lyle is incompetent. It's madness. I'm not saying that we haven't performed poorly this season - we have, and I apologise for our sometimes amateur displays out during the World Cup, but again, stop bashing the manager. He's a good guy, and we're just having some problems gelling as a side."

The game started off badly for The Weegies, with Squornshelous catching the Weegies off guard, threading through the defence and volleying over a shot which only Britton stopped from becoming an early lead. The Weegies were pusehd further back, and had to play defensively, with Squornshelous dominating in midfield and not giving playmaker Ferguson the slightest bit of space, severely limiting the attacking potential of the side. The defence performed adequately, though, with well timed tackles from Johansson cutting off some of the more dangerous Squornshelous attacks, and Britton again stopping with a great deal of flair and style.

But these series of events could not have lasted forever. With an incisive pass, Rutter lobbed the ball up to Stikolsmur, who sauntered past an inactive Johansson, sliced it to Jones in the penalty area who curved it past an oncoming Britton to claim the first goal of the match.

17 minutes later, the gap widened, with a short Weegie attack petering out beforehand. Allen kicked out the ball, where it flew over the head of Johansson to gift the ball to a marauding Jackson. The defence was left standing as Jackson dribbled the ball into the penalty area, feigned going right, then turned and thwacked the ball to blast it past Britton.

The Weegies improved after half time. The Squornshelous team seemed to lay off the midfield somewhat, which was a bit of a mistake. With the midfield more on level terms, Ferguson was free to create chances, and for once the Weegie side looked as if it could get a goal back and get back into the game, a close call coming in the 61st minute when Ferguson nutmegged Rutter to run up to Hardie, who just headed the ball up and over the crossbar - a wasted chance.

The chance they did get, however, was too late. 6 minutes from the end of normal time, Piccolo, who had been surprisingly quiet in this game, sped down the wing and crossed the ball to Hardie. Hardie swept past the oncoming Nickson, and with the speed of this attack as an advantage, put an audacious long-range pass to Dunn, who was left with a simple finish which he scored. It was not enough, however, and the Weegie side went back to their Vilitan hotel empty handed.

Things will need to improve against Magnus Valerius, otherwise Lyle will be in big trouble with the fans. Even more so than normal.
02-06-2004, 00:50
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press


Matchday 3

The Weegies 2-1 Turnia

After an impressive start to the COH, the Dragons drop their first match to The Weegies 2-1 in matchday 3. In a twist, the defense played much better today, however GK Villarreal appearing fatigued near the end, gave up a late goal to end the Dragons chances of a draw and a point. "I wasn't tired and the heat didn't affect me at all. I just had a lapse of concentration. But don't worry about me, I will be ready for tomorrow's game" said Villarreal after the match.

"Even though we ended up with only one goal, I am very pleased with what I saw from the offense. Our forwards are ready for a breakout, mark my words" said Offensive Coach Paul Cantilliere. The offensive side has been much maligned of late, but did show sparks of things to come.

Turnia now stands with a record of 1-1-1 with two tough games to come. "I am not sure about anyone else, but I am very confident going into the next two games. I see marked improvement and I'm pleased with the team's progress" said HC Odle in the post-game press conference. HC Odle is bringing a sense of unity to this team and even some say, an edge, not preveiously seen. As nice change from the long faces in WCXIV qualifing.

NEWI Cefn Druids
02-06-2004, 01:35
Cuttings from...

The Daily Druid

Wayne Ottgunn-Irwin on NEWI Cefn Druids 0 Crystilakere 0

After their first game of the Cup of Harmony finished goalless, much of the Druid population were ready to fall asleep. After this encounter, people were threatening to throw themselves off tall buildings unless there was more action produced. Not only were there no shots, but nobody got within twenty yards of either goal for the whole ninety minutes. Also, as nothing happened in the match itsself, there was no stoppage time, so it was for the whole ninety minutes.

After the match, manager Tim Welsh told us "OK, there is a little reason to be disappointed, what with us being the better side on paper, but full credit to the lads today, there was a time when teams like Crystilakere would have given us a good hiding. But we're still unbeaten, and we must keep going, then we could make it through."

Wayne Ottgunn-Irwin on Melmond 0 NEWI Cefn Druids 3

A dazzling performance from young forward Liam Gessemschmitthaagen-Po left Melmond dazzled here in Vilita last night, as he single handedly destroyed Melmond in what was otherwise an evenly matched game. Despite the fearless farmers recent run of poor form, they didn't look that bad, especially compared with some of the Druids performances from down the years.

Gessemschmitthaagen-Po's performance was probably the best ever by a Druid, and lifted the national depression that had come from the teams two previous matches. A hat-trick, a header from a corner and two long range efforts, one with either foot, showed why young Liam is rated as the best Druid player ever, and he can only get better, it seems.

Afterwards, manager Tim Welsh was full of praise for the youngster. "Liam is a special talent, a world class player. If all the players could play like that all the time, then I'd be happy with that. As long as we win, though, I don't mind, and beating a fancied team like Melmond 3-0 is a win. All we've got to do now is keep it up for the rest of the tournament, and who knows what might happen."

OOC: Away with the family in London until Saturday, so will have no idea how it's going to go. Will RP all the games afterward, I promise.
02-06-2004, 02:59
(OOC-- "Liam Leaves Them Schmitting Themselves" -- LOL excellent lead-in, priceless, hehe)
02-06-2004, 06:42

Vilita ( 2 - 1 Lallania

(Banda 52, S.Kecker 74) :: (Lallania #16 34)

Santo Kecker inspired Vilita ( to keep their unbeaten Cup of Harmony campaign alive with a 2-1 victory over Lallania in Lopinka, Vilita (

After Vilita ( had fallen behind to a first-half Lallania #16 strike, Kecker set up Callum Banda for an equaliser before produLallaniang a cool finish for the home side's 74th-minute winner.

It was no less than an all-round team effort deserved - Vilita ( rode out a strong assault by the visitors in the opening period, during which Enzo Ahat also hit the bar with a header.

Manager Helmut Vilkaus also came out with credit, tinkering twice with Vilita ('s formation in a bid to counter similar changes by his opponents.

With Lallania backed by a strong away following, Vilita ( made a jittery start - too often guilty of gifting their opponents ball. Lallania skipper Lallania #26 hit the side netting with a 25-yard direct free-kick in the 10th minute and Lallania #16 grazed the bar with a half-volley six minutes later after running on to a well placed through ball.

Vilita ( were being backed into their own half as Lallania - playing Lallania #16 up front - made several surging runs from midfield and enjoyed the majority of possession in the opening part of the half.

The home side bounced back in the 24th minute as Ahat stole on to a Stott corner and hit the bar with a header. As Lallania failed to clear danger Banda forced The Lallania keeper to make a diving stop to keep out his downward header, and the Lallania keeper required a second bite to deny the advancing Salomón.

The Lallania keeper was guilty of a part in a further Vilita ( chance in the 31st minute when he cleared the ball straight to Stott in midfield. After a short build-up, the young Vilita ( helped win a corner before seeing his shot from the edge of the area deflected over the bar by Lallania #26.

But Lallania deservedly went one-up in the 34th minute as Vilita ( were caught unawares on a free-kick to the left of the area. The ball was flicked on for Lallania #16 who finished a strong run into the box with a low drive into Massimo Corsi's left-hand corner.

That goal saw Vilita ( switch to a 3-5-2 formation with Mark Price being switched to the right side of a three-man defence and Adika being pushed into the left side of midfield.

That defence was again called into action when Price was guilty of a slip that let in Lallania #16 in injury-time only for Ahat to make a goal-saving tackle on the edge of the box.

The opening period suggested that it would be another tight half after the break but Vilita ( excelled in defence as their visitors were denied a single shot on goal.

Jonathon Baledrokadroka shot over the bar and the Lallania defense had to intercept a Stott cross under pressure by Germán Salomón as Vilita ( made a patient start and were rewarded with a goal in the 52nd minute.

Giacomo Adika released Kecker on the left and his looping cross was met at the near post by Banda who glanced a header past The Lallania keeper for the historic first goal for the team.

Kecker shrugged off a crunching challenge to shoot wide of the goal after a quickly-taken Stott free-kick.

Vilkaus switched to a 4-4-2 formation with the introduction of Danilo Liguori and Alexander Östling and was rewarded with the winner in the 72nd minute when Kecker ran onto a Stott through ball to score with a cool finish past the Lallania keeper.

Vilita ( dug in and defended their lead and almost grabbed a killer third in injury time as Kecker broke on the left and crossed only for the ball to fall just behind sub Jim Vella.
02-06-2004, 06:52
Squornshelous Draws With Magnus Valerius

Squornshelous fought to a 1-1 draw with Magnus Valerius. The players were described by coach Newsome as "dissapointed".

(maybe RP later, no time right now, must sleep)
The Belmore Family
02-06-2004, 10:14
Scores and Tables Up to Matchday 3:

Group A
Matchday 1

Tingitana 0-2 Turnia
Magnus Valerius 1-1 The Belmore Family
Squornshelous 2-1 The Weegies

Matchday 2

The Belmore Family 1-1 Turnia
Magnus Valerius 0-1 The Weegies
Squornshelous 2-0 Tingitana

Matchday 3

The Weegies 2-1 Turnia
The Belmore Family 3-0 Tingitana
Magnus Valerius 1-1 Squornshelous

Group B
Matchday 1

Vilita 2 - 0 Crystilakere
Melmond 1 - 1 Lallania
Jeruselem 0 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids

Matchday 2

Vilita 3 - 0 Melmond
Lallania 2 - 3 Jeruselem
NEWI Cefn Druids 0 - 0 Crystilakere

Matchday 3

Vilita 2 - 1 Lallania
Jeruselem 1 - 1 Crystilakere
NEWI Cefn Druids 3 - 0 Melmond

[code:1:51e38d60b1]Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Squornshelous 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
2 The Weegies 3 2 0 1 4 3 1 6
3 The Belmore Family 3 1 2 0 5 2 3 5
4 Turnia 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
5 Magnus Valerius 3 0 2 1 2 3 -1 2
6 Tingintia 3 0 0 3 0 7 -7 0[/code:1:51e38d60b1]

[code:1:51e38d60b1]Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
Q Vilita 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
2 NEWI Cefn Druids 3 1 2 0 3 0 3 5
3 Lallania 3 1 1 1 5 5 0 4
4 Jeruselem 3 0 2 1 3 4 -1 2
5 Crystilakere 3 0 2 1 1 3 -2 2
6 Melmond 3 0 1 2 1 7 -6 1[/code:1:51e38d60b1]
The Belmore Family
02-06-2004, 11:13
MD1 RP, catching up, slowly but surely
Belmorians taken by Surprise at first game in the Cup of Harmony

The Belmorian team were taken by surprise last night as Magnus Valerius dominated their first match at the Ian Grippas Stadium in a scor which flattered the Belmorians.

Magnus Valerius took the lead in the first half, with <player 9> scoring a goal that can only be described as World Class. <player 6> tackled Flackington on the halfway line and passed it down the wing to <player 8>. <player 8> curled the ball into the box, only for it to be headed away by Angus. But the poor header gave <player 9> a stunning volley which chipped the keeper and dropped into the corner of the net. 1-0 Magnus Valerius after only 14 minutes.

After the first goal the Belmorians were under a barage of attacks, with Smith having to make several crucial saves. Notably when <player6> got his head the the end of a wonderful cross from <player 8> forcing a fingertipp save by Smith to keep the ball out.

After half-time, the Belmorians looked a completely different team. Alan Belmore took off Maddist and played young 16 year old Tom Whiting for his international debut. And by gosh did he make his mark. Only 2 mintues into the second half he had past midfielders and was heading towards goal with only 2 defenders in his way. He nutmegged one and made his way into the box. But brashly <player 2 stuck out his leg causing Whiting to fall to the ground. The refree was in only 1 mind and pointed to the spot, bradnishing the yellow card for <player 3>. And the team was only in one mind aswell. Williams picked up the ball and gave it to Whiting to take. Whiting looked on boldly and smashed the ball into the top right hand corner leveling the score.

But after that goal, we went back into our mentallity of the 1st half. Magnus Valerius kept knocking at our door but several amazing saves from Smith kept the score at 1-1.


02-06-2004, 14:49
Jeruselem Government News

3rd CoH game ends in disappointing draw

Jeruselem's 3rd game in the Cup of Harmony XIV ended in a 1-1 draw against Crystilakere . After losing the last game to <NO IDEA>, the points were well earned but they needed the win today. The lacklustre first half with defenses dominating or offences being off-target was only highlighted by a Crystilakere goal early with weak Jeruselem marking the main factor. An unmarked <Player X> slotted home a goal under Abdulla to give Crystilakere the lead.

The 2nd half saw the Jeruselem team wake up and attempt to restore parity. With many long range shots being cleared, the Crystilakere defense held out easily. That was until Mimi Goldstein fired in a cross to allow his cousin, the Rabbi to head home a rare goal. After that the match died off.
02-06-2004, 14:59

The citizens of Lallania hold their collective breath as they wait for a misprint to resolve itself. They were excited to see that they scored two goals in a 3-2 loss to Jeruselem in round 2, but then the standings indicate that they actually won that match, by the same score. Which is it? Has Lallania finally broken their winless streak? Are they ... IN THIRD PLACE?

02-06-2004, 17:49
Makinshakes presents....
The Ketchup Times!
Now you can eat your fries and read the latest headlines!

Terrorist Attack Overshadows Bad Result
During the match, the Melmond National Team received a giant serving of bullschmitt, as young NEWI Cefn Druids superstar Liam Gessemschmitthaagen-Po hanging his hat against equally as touted Melmond goalkeeper Snhp Xtfuinxm. However, as time wound down in the match, Gorillas and Eviscertomato Resistance members started hurling regular ol' tomatoes at the crowd to temporarily blind them. Everyone on the pitch was lucky enough to leave before the real carnage happened. Eviscertomato and onion bombs which grew into giant tomatoes and onion then exploded got in the way of most exits as the frightened fans were pushing each other and trampling each other. The final touch was the Scoville bomb, as it exploded millions of habanero peppers exploded as scattered across the stadium. The fans were in agony screaming, "Ay dios mio! Muy picante! No me gusta!" In the end the stadium looked like one giant bowl of salsa and to top it all off a plane flew down and dropped a giant tortilla chip saying "Free the Morales Two!"

We Actually Win for a Change!
Finally, the Melmond National Team ends its swoon as it gets its first win of the tournament over Crystilakere 2-1. Both sides played very sloppy football as they were looking over their shoulder worrying about the next terrorist attack since Vilita has done nothing about the attacks as of yet. All the goals were made by mistakes by one side as the lone goal for Crystilakere was an own goal and the first goal for Melmond was also an own goal. Melmond midfielder Critandi Unne scored the game winner.

Felix Coostatlwak to Retire at the end of Cup of Harmony
76 year old Melmond National Team Manager Felix Coostatlwak is said to retire at the end of the Cup of Harmony in order to lead the charge for Melmond to host a World Cup. More on this later!
03-06-2004, 03:25
Squornshelous Records Important Win over TBF

Teams from Squornshelous and The Belmore Family met in matchday 4 in a game that would have serious impacts on the outcome of group 1. With the result as it is, Squornshelous has very likely qualified for the next round with 10 points. Conversely, TBF is left in either 3rd or 4th place, depending on the result of Turnia's match.

The game started off fairly quite with both sides playing very well in midfield and not much breaking through for either team. That changed in the 28th minute when Jones broke through the defense with a quick crossover move. He paused for a moment just outside the 18 yard box and then fired the ball as hard as he could. However, a stellar play by a diving Smith (that's the keeper right?) sent the ball sailing back out into the field. Unfortunately for the defenders, the ball landed directly at the feet of Stikolsmur. It was all too easy for him to float the ball in before Smith could recover. The score remained 1-0 until the 61st minute. A long series of passes between the Squornshelan midfielders finally opened up a hole. Rutter sent a through ball up to Richards, who dribbled up towards the goal. He feinted a shot but passed instead, placing the ball at the feet of Jackson. Jackson was quickly cornered by a pair of defenders and lofted the ball back to Richards. He kicked the ball after the first bounce, sending it flying at a wholly unpredictable angle into the opposite to corner of the net. All Smith and the rest of the Belmorian squad could do was watch as the Squornshelans celebrated their two goal margin. TBF made one last grasp at a comeback in the 80th minute. Harris dribbled past Rutter algon the sideline and suddenly put on a burst of speed. He got pat Nickson into the corner of the field and sent a looping cross into the penalty area. The ball landed at Williams' feet about 9 yards out. He shot toward the top left hand corner of the goal, but a diving save by Allen denied him. Maddist had on last chance at the goal but his header passed just over the crossbar.

Final Score:
Squornshelous 2-0 The Belmore Family

Scoring Summary:
S: Stikolsmur (28]
S: Richards (61)
03-06-2004, 03:26
::double post::
03-06-2004, 03:26
::triple post::
03-06-2004, 04:10
<snippet from a radio broadcast:>

Guy 1: In other sports news, disappointment continues for the Camels in the Cup of Harmony after losing their first three matches. Matchday four has shown a slight improvement, as Tingitana finally failed to lose! The ever-unfortunate Weegies were only able to hold the hapless Camels to a 1-1 draw. I'm pretty sure that keeps up at dead last in the table though.

Guy 2: Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that we didn't get into World Cup 15 qualifying, 'cause it looks like we would've made fools of ourselves anyway.

Guy 1: Yeah, I guess so. Though our denial due to diplomatic ties with Bedistan seriously smacks of politics to me. Ah, but I'm just a radio broadcaster, what can I do?

Guy 2: Very true. OK, now let's get a check on the weather...
03-06-2004, 04:10
The ever-ubiquitous double post...
03-06-2004, 04:48
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press


Magnus Valerius 1 Turnia 1

In the past, the Dragons would have rellished in a point gaining draw. However after yesterday's loss to The Weegies, the national team needed a win and 3 points against MV to remain in the hunt for a matchday 5 showdown versus Squornshelous. On this day, those 2 dearly needed points were as elusive as The Holy Grail, in sight, but just out of reach as time expired.

"A tough draw to swallow, no doubt about it. I think our mid-field play is hurting us, so for tomorrow's game I will be switching to a 3-3-4. Get that extra midder to help our shooters" stated offensive coach Cantilliere.

"I told the team a point is a point. Let's just go out tomorrow and take care of business. This game is over and done with. Let's finish second in the Group" added HC Paul Odle during his post-game press conference.

The Dragons sit now with a record of 1-2-1 5pts with a game remaining. Here's to a strong finish tomorrow...

03-06-2004, 14:03
Jeruselem Government News

Jeruselem upset Vilita

Vilita who have qualified were upset 1-0 by Jeruselem. Mirroring the result of the U-21 Championship III final where the Squires won 4-3, Jeruselem's win helped their cause to make the next round. A tight defense and Abdulla the keeper frustrated the highly fancied Vilita.

David Becks scored the only goal in the 56th minute curling a free kick around the wall into the left corner.
The Belmore Family
03-06-2004, 19:14
Belmorians embarrassed by Turnia in boring CoH clash

The Belmorians have pulled out a lacklustre performance as they were saved by Thomas Whiting. But again we left it to chance, and we were lucky to come out wit the score line that followed.

The first goal came for Turnia as Munro charged through the pathetic Belmorian defence to grab Turnia the lead. The move which he got the chancve from really puts the Belmorians to shame. Handly collected the ball and tapped it to Smith as Powers ran at him. In haste he played it back to the keeper but with little power so Munro could intercept who then just played it past the keeper.

And the first half continued of such with the Belmorians only having one chance when Harris swerved round Spain to fly the ball into Flakington who knocked the ball narrowly over the bar.

In the second half things continued of the same streak and when Tiniero was taken down in the box, everyone expected Turnia to take the lead. But Smith pulled off a heroic save to deny Thompson a place on the scorers list.

And with that the Belmorians gained hope. With only 10 minutes left Alan Belmore took on Whiting. And he filled the “super sub” role. With only a few minutes left he darted into the box went past 3 defenders and smashed the ball into the back of the next, equalising the scores.


03-06-2004, 21:41

Vilita ( 0 - 1 Jeruselem

The Vilita National Team picked up where the U21's left off, Losing by one goal to an impressive jeruselem side.

The Jungle Cats still sit atop their group, however, their result with NEWI Cefn Druids in Matchday 5 will determine their final placing.

Vilita addresses missing mascot

The Vilitan FA announce they were please to hear of their mascot being raided by a militious Melmond supporters group. The Mascot had apparently become a menace to the Football Association internally and was due to be fired following the Cup of Harmony anyway

Barcoenfuega Snap up Vilitan Captain, U21 Prospect

The club side Barcoenfuega of the LEAF club league based in Kingsford has recently swooped to acquire two players from the Vilitan Football System.

Kecker, the 25 year old Captain of Vilitan National Team since the start of World Cup 13. Transferred from Marine Coast United for 6.2m Following World Cup 14. Kecker is a Free Kick Specialist Playing Central and Left midfield.

The other player transferred, Marasent Sioane is a utility midfield prospect transferred from Alikki-Corra FC. Sioane Came off the bench for the U21's to make an important impact in their Runner-Up performance.

Full Squad profiles:

[80] Massimo Corsi (28y) 6.9m -Yeaddin Owls AFC-
Starting Keeper for all of Vilita's Inter-NationStatal matches, Keeping scores down in WC13 and the team in contention in WC14, Corsi has really stepped up in the Cup of Harmony with 2 shutouts and 2 goals conceded to keep the Jungle Cats high atop their qualifying group

[82] Rory Issah (33y) .900m -Marine Coast United-
Former National Team Keeper at Regional Level. Lost starting role to Corsi prior to the teams first attempt to qualify for the World Cup.

[87] Bryan 'Pop' Duiker (19y) 1.6m -Marine Coast United-
Starting member of the U-21 Team that finished Runner-Up to Jeruselem in the U21 WC3. No World Cup Experience. Understudy of Issah at Marine Coast United.

[7] Danilo Liguori (20y) 4.6m -Strike Fc-
Future star of Vilitan Football, Broke into the National Team during World Cup 14 and has climbed to the Top of the Depth Chart at Left Back thanks to a series of impressive performances at the U21wc3.

[8] Baron O' Toole (32y) UNAVAIL -Marine Coast United-
Player/Manager of Championship Winning Club Marine Coast United and the Jungle Cat U21 side

[4] Giacomo Adika (27y) 4.7m -Marine Coast United-
Left Back for his club, Centre back along side teamate Ahat for the National Team

[2] Enzo Ahat (26y) 6.7m -Marine Coast United-
Textbook Central Defender beginning to hit World Class form, a regular on the National Team

[5] Matteo Ollirg (28y) 3.1m -Yeaddin Owls AFC-
Sporatic appearances at Centre-Back in the previous two World Cup Campaigns, Influencial Club Team player

[1] Elekim Cairns (31y) 1.1m -Marine Coast United-
Trustworthy WingBack who was influential in the National Team prior to their entrance into the Inter Nation-Statal scene.

[0] Esemar Aliana (19y) 1.4m -Alikki-Corra FC-
Promising young utility defender making his first appeances for The U21 side during the successful Runner-Up finish to Jeruselem. Looks set to replace the Retiring O'Toole on the Senior roster at World Cup 15.

[0] David Leacock (21y) .425m -Strike Fc-
Productive young Defender with appearances on the U21 side.

[25] Santo Kecker © (25y) UNKNOWN -Barcoenfuego [LEAF]-
Captain of Vilitan National Team since the start of World Cup 13. Transferred from Marine Coast United for 6.2m Following World Cup 14. Free Kick Specialist Playing Central and Left midfield.

[23] Jonathon Stott (24y) 4.5m -Yeaddin Owls AFC-
Resepected utility midfielder solidifying his place in the Vilita Roster during World Cup 14 with many productive performances on the Right Wing.

[32] Jürgen Ramzi (DMC) (28y) 9.2m -Marine Coast United-
Defensive Midfielder, not selected for World Cup 13 do to injury. Took up a role behind the central midfielders in a strong World Cup 14 Qualifying showing by the Jungle Cats and has retained his place in the side. Will assume Captaincy of Marine Coast following the departure of Kecker. Won the League MVP last season.

[27] Jonathon Baledrokadroka (25y) 3.5m -Jlinal Cove FC-
Right/Central Midfielder used in a rotate-by-performance system on the Vilitan National Team.

[22] Alexander Östling (23y) 4.2m -Tivali City- Young Attacking Midfielder with sporatic appearances in the National Team

[24] Christian Dogbé (28y) 4.0m -FC Almintora [Turori]-
Lost Left Midfield starting role following World Cup 13 and has not returned to the starting lineup since. Captain of his club side.

[00] Umberto Melli (20y) 2.0m -Strike Fc-
Exciting Central Midfield prospect earning a starting role for his Club team and for the Vilitan U21 side. Reknowned performances in U21 WC3 may be enough to earn him a place on the WC15 Roster.

[26] Nigel Chapman (30y) 1.2m -Yeaddin Owls AFC-
Lost place in Starting Lineup during the Cup of Harmony held in Vilita. Goalscoring Midfielder.

[28] Lee Bruce (32y) 1.0m -Jlinal Cove FC-
Retired from the National Team following World Cup 14. Spent his whole career at Jlinal since he was a school boy and is a local cove legend for his performances for the club.

[00] Marasent Sioane (19y) UNKNOWN -Barcoenfuego [LEAF]-
Utility midfield prospect transferred from Alikki-Corra FC following World Cup 14. Came off the bench for the U21's to make an important impact in their Runner-Up performance.

[16] Callum Banda (21y) 14.7m -Marine Coast United-
Sensational Striker averaging over a goal per game in the U21's remarkable Runner-Up performances in U21 WC3. First Appeared for the National team in World Cup 13 and scored the Jungle Cats first ever goal in Inter-NationStatal Competition in the 2-1 over Compound Interest. Has been a regular for the National Team as well as leading the Vilitan League in scoring this past season.

[14] Germán Salomón (22y) 6.5m -Yeaddin Owls AFC-
[18] Jim Vella (26y) 4.0m -Marine Coast United-
[17] Lorenzo Mumamba (29y) 3.2m -Tivali City-
[15] Julio Camacho (33y) 1.3m -Alikki-Corra FC-
[00] Serge DuPont (20y) UNATT
[00] Jan Christiansen (18y) .875m -Strike Fc-
03-06-2004, 23:41
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press

Cup of Harmony Matchday 5 Report

"Katy bar the door"

Squornshelous 3 - 0 Turnia

In a complete meltdown, Squornshelous tar and featherd the Dragons 3-0. Nothing went right for the national team as HC Paul Odle paced back and forth on the sidelines looking for answers. None came. Nor did the new 3-3-4 formation produce a goal, "I have no explaination. Perhaps we will go back to the 4-2-4, I need to break down the film. We just blew, that is all I can say" said offensive coach Paul Cantilliere.

"The important thing is we made it into the quarters. We must not, cannot lose our focus here. I told the team to put this loss and the last 5 games behind us. Canti and I will look at the tape and make the necessary adjustments" said HC Odle during his press conference. Everyone could see the disappointment on his face, but Odle did not appear rattled. If anything, more intense.

Squornshelous was a tough test for the rookie Dragons and the team will need to get right in the head for quarters. This is the first real test of team psychology for coach Odle. The locker room was closed to reporters as Odle gathered everyone for a team meeting. We shall see if his seeds bear fruit.

04-06-2004, 04:10
As earlier stated, Squornshelous walked all over Turnia. Goals were scored by Jackson RIchards and Jones. That's as much of an RP as you're gonna get for right now.
04-06-2004, 04:50
A Happy Ending
Melmond and Jeruselem Show Their Best
By Henry Kalangalangalang of the Melmond City Herald

VILITA—Hello, Henry Kalangalangalang is back after that brutal assault with a stale baguette. I am glad to see that petty thug in Vilitan jail. I am glad to report that his cohorts, the Gorillas and the head members of the Eviscertomato Resistance were arrested? The surprising thing of it all is that they turned themselves in! Most of this is thanks to Jeruselem’s top superheroes, the Judeo-Christianic Super Trio. The Super Trio: Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad; were in Vilita to watch their Crusaders play what may be their last game in the tournament. Then they saw the Gorillas and Eviscertomato Rebels preparing their attack. They lifted up their symbols in the air and shouted, “Star of David Power!” “Cross Power!” “Crescent Power!” They turn into giant super version of themselves and approach the terrorists. “Excuse me, Mr. Religious Icons sir, you aren’t going to beat us up right?” head honcho Burpee Big Boy hesitantly asked as he starts quivering. “Heck no,” Jesus replies, “We just want to know if you feel you have a true direction in life?” The conversation goes on until we make a breakthrough. “We will turn ourselves in to show that we are really going to live a good, honest life!” “Remember, if this path makes you the happiest, continue on it!” Abraham adds. “Also, don’t get all dogmatic about it, some of my followers push my beliefs on other people with violence and legislation,” Muhammad says. “It shows that they really don’t have faith in the power of the Word,” Muhammad continues. Jesus retorts, “I feel your pain my brother.” “Hey, let’s catch the Crusaders; this could be their last game!” Abraham shouts! “Yeah!” all three say in unison.
And what about that game, after that amazing act of saving many lives literally and figuratively, the football players are really going to have to play well to upstage that. The football was great, but it couldn’t beat the miracle witnessed right before the game. The first half was an exercise in the superior goalkeeping found in the Melmond Premier League as both Snhp Xtfuinxm of the Aldi Reds and newly acquired goalkeeper for the O’Connor Greens Abdulla Mohemmed of Jeruselem played very well, being able to stop the brilliant strike attempts from both the Melmond and Jeruselem attack. The first half ended scoreless.
The majority of the second was more of a feat of great defences by both sides as both sides kept tight marking on the strikers and made sure to interrupt any called plays. All their tackles and challenges were clean and well-timed. These teams proved that even a scoreless game could be very exciting to watch.
However, the game wasn’t going to be scoreless forever. It was going to end on a pique of irony. After a strong strike from Melmond striker Mornakh the Bloody Handed which Mohemmed has to tip out of bounds to prevent the goal, Melmond earned a corner kick. Melmond defender Jonsi Torrini prepares his corner kick, going to try his Acosta-Audioslavia arc to try and put enough English on the ball to kick the ball in the net from the corner. Mohemmed obviously did his scouting as he was ready for that type of corner kick. Of course, seeing it in films and defending it live are two radically different things. Mohemmed made a clear punch at the ball and it looked as if Jeruselem was in the clear. Then, Melmond defender Scott Cheney, playing very close to the net, ran and dove at the ball making a desperation header. The ball got past Mohemmed who was taken completely by surprise. Cheney scores on the man who his job will be to make sure he makes easy saves with O’Connor Greens. Teammate scores on teammate and Melmond takes the 1-nil lead at the 78th minute. That lead will be maintained as Melmond gets the victory.
Both sides seemed rather dejected seeing that they are in third and fourth place, the impression was that both sides did not make the next round. Little did they know that the top four teams in each group advanced to the next round! Once that news came out, Melmondians and Jeruselemites were dancing in unison and even with each other in happiness.
Also, Manager Felix Coostatlwak, previously announced to step down to head Melmond’s effort to obtain hosting rights for the World Cup, announced that the next World Cup campaign will be his last. He also announced that former Dennisov goalkeeper Gerry Cheevers was originally planned to be announced as the next Melmond National Team manager. However, he will be the assistant coach in the World Cup 15 campaign being groomed to be head manager in the World Cup 16 campaign. Hopefully his presence will harmonize the Fearless Farmers.

Cheney, MEL 78th



Other Group 2 Results
Vilita 2 – NEWI Cefn Druids 1
Lallania 2 – Crystilakere 2

[code:1:0d8661f7ff]Group 2
1. Vilita 12 4 0 1 9:2 7
2. NEWI Cefn Druids 8 2 2 1 5:2 3
3. Melmond 7 2 1 2 4:8 -4
4. Jeruselem 5 1 2 2 4:5 -1
5. Lallania 5 1 2 2 7:9 -2
6. Crystilakere 3 0 3 2 4:7 -3[/code:1:0d8661f7ff]

Melmond Team Stats
Goals: Diallo Unne (1), Critandi Unne (1), Scott Cheney (1)
Cards: Paul “Edgy” Shields (1), Jonsi Torrini (1), Diallo Unne (1)

Melmond National Team Cup of Harmony Schedule

v Lallania (Vilita) T 1-1
@ Vilita (Vilita) L 3-0
v NEWI Cefn Druids (Vilita) L 3-0
v Crystilakere (Vilita) W 2-1
v Jeruselem (Vilita) W 1-0

Next Game
Some Team (in Vilita or The Belmore Family)

There will be some sort of elimination thing of some sorts, but we are in the dark about this. We will update you when we know what is going on. Either way, this is the starting lineup Manager Felix Coostatlwak will employ.

GK- Snhp Xtfuinxm
D- Jonsi Torrini
D- Sergio Ortiz
D- Scott Cheney
D- Nina Steen
M- Martin Goodwin
M- Critandi Unne
M- Camui Arai
M- Cristina Antunez
F- Mornakh the Bloody Handed
F- Chris Owen

Therewegoes Travel Agency doesn’t know where the match is going to be, so we can’t give you travel info! Bummer, man!
The Belmore Family
04-06-2004, 10:57
[Belmorians get needed win in Cup of Harmony.

The Belmorans satisfied the home crowd last night as they destroyed Tingintia 3-0, with another stunning display from Whiting. The Belmorians finally found their winning form after 5 matches without a win.

Now there was a lot of pressure on the Belmorians to perform and you could see that in the players faces. But as the national anthems played, you could see the whole nation was behind us. As the crowd boomed out the Belmorian anthem, we could see we would be in for a thrilling match.

And that we were. Straight from the kickoff Harris played it back to Smith, Smith forward to William who ran it down the wing, who crossed it onto Whiting's head for the ball to unluckily skim the bar.

And the good fortune continued. 12 minutes into the game, the Belmorians found the opener, through a rather surprise package. Price flew the ball down to Harris, who pulled the ball in and took a shot at goal which was well parried by the keeper but Alsaw was there to tuck the ball in making the score 1-0 to the good guys.

But despite several chances, the Belmorians could not capitilise on the good midfield work and produce a goal. Whiting came closest on the 37th minute when his darting run into the box narrowly missed, hitting the outside of the post.

In the second half, this continued as they did in the first until the 57th minute when the Belmorians were awarded a fee kick on the edge of the box,. After 2 minutes of diussion the Belmorians decided Harris was the man to lay their hopes on, and they were right. His swurling free kick tucked into the top right hand corner of the goal sending the home fans wild.

And it didn't finish there. Whitings silky run into the box left the defence standing and the Belmorians 3 goals to nil up. This match has proved to be a needed high win, to keep our hopes and chances up for winning the Cup of Harmony.


The Weegies
04-06-2004, 12:03
Jaunty rock-type music starts playing, with a montage of various Weegie footballers scoring, passing, and generally making the other team look a bit poor. Not many famous opposition sides can be seen, and most of the clips look a little old... mostly the players are wearing the old strip. The music fades, and words appear on the screen - Cup of Harmony. A small studio comes into focus. At the desk is three men, one woman, and a small box.

Roger McLintock: Hello! Welcome to the Cup of Harmony match between The Belmore Family and The Weegies. With me today are ex-Weegie stars Jamie Smith and Peter De Bruis, now coaching Mackintosh Thistle Celtic and managing success story Lylia Foresters respectively...

Smith and De Bruis: Hi.

RM: Gloria Fletcher, the first female manager of a club side, Second Division Kilachie United...

GF: Hello.

RM: And, since WFA boss Gerry Coulter couldn't be bothered to come and speak to us, something that could just as easily represent him. A tub of lard. So, anyway, this match, eh? Looking to be a scorcher?

JS: Well, that depends on how up for it our boys are.

GF: Aye. The only time we've faced the Belmore Family was back in our first World Cup, where we were thrashed. Twice.

JS: Aw, don't remind me...

PDB: Yes, but you have to remember that was our first foray into international football. We've grown a lot since then.

RM: And sank.

JS: Mind you, The Belmore Family haven't been the force they were supposed to be beforehand, and they've had weaker showings in recent World Cups.

RM: And so have we.

GF: Well, the last World Cup was indeed woeful, and I'm surprised we didn't fall further down the rankings. We're still in the 40's.

JS: Aye, thankfully. But we seem to have pulled back some pride in this Cup of Harmony, eh?

PDB: Yes, although Turnia and Tingintia aren't what we would call the most taxing of opposition, we've committed ourselves well, especially after the farce of the World Cup.

RM: Okay, so let's look at the squads.

TBF Roster:

1. Jack Smith
2. Paul Price
3. John Alsaw
4. Candy Asquest
5. Angus Angus
6. Will Handly
7. Jim Flackington
8. John Smith
9. King Harris
10. Mike Williams
11. Oliver Maddist

The Weegies:


RM: Thoughts?

GF: Davis and Cartwright aren't the strongest defensive partnership that Lyle has to offer, I think he's resting Johansson for the bigger games.

PDF: Agreed, although he has gone out with a full strength midfield and strike force. On his day, Ferguson can be very deadly.

RM: Right, we're getting news that the kickoff is just going to start, so we go to our man in the sky, Archie McFly. Well, not actually in the sky, but he is very high. God, the rhyming. Can't someone stop the rhyming?

AM: Aye, here we are, going, getting ready to kick off what is going to be a marvellous game. The Islander Army have never forgotten that 6-0 thrashing by the Belmorians, and they're going to hope they do better this time. Ferguson and McCann are lining up.... And that's it started!

[4.18]That's Piccolo coming round the outside, shifting his weight as he gets to the penalty area... Price rushing up to stop him, Piccolo feignts left and runs round the outside of him! Look, there he goes speeding up the outside, is anyone there to meet him? I can't see much activity in the box... He crosses.. Ferguson comes from nowhere to head, Smith gets it and slaps it away, but only as far as Dunn... Dunn shoots... Smith tips it over!

[11.45] Ferguson in the middle, not marked... he tries to find Piccolo, he does, one-two back to Ferguson, here comes Angus, Ferguson takes it to McCann... McCann for The Weegies, oh but Asquest is coming for him... McCann tries a shot... just over.

[15.56] Flackington to John Smith... Smith continues, takes it to the edge of the area... but makes it round McManus... he's fallen! Did McManus touch him? There's protest from the Weegie players, claiming a dive... did he dive? I didn't see much contact from McManus there. There's discussion with the linesmen... yellow card for McManus and a free kick for The Belmore Family! Well, that's controvertial, and the fans are angry...

"#Guess who's in the pockets of a Belmore
Guess who's gettin' paid aff for a game
Guess who's blinded by the flash o' money
Naebody but the f***in' ref - Oh Yes!#"

"#There's a man/called Johnny Smith
Who has tae cheat/tae get a shot
And he dives/with greatest ease
Like a Yellow Submarine...

Smithy dives like a Yellow Submarine
A Yellow Submarine/A Yellow Submarine
Smithy dives like a Yellow Submarine
A Yellow Submarine/A Yellow Submarine#"

[16.30]Smith takes the free kick, it goes over the wall... Britton misses it! Smith scores for The Belmore Family... and the fans are very unhappy.

[32.45]Well, the Belmorian defence has closed down the Weegie attack, and is encroaching on the Weegies themselves... here comes Smith, a torrent of boos coming from the Weegie support, passes to Maddist, floats it over to Harris... Harris tries it, but Britton holds it well.

[43.25]And the half is almost over, and with The Weegies a goal down, looks like another bad night after such good times in this Cup of Harmony... But here comes Ogilvie, passes forward to Ferguson, Asquest coming again.. Ferguson nutmegs him! Cheeky move from the Weegie playmaker, but now he's free in the area, and takes his shot... ooh, just beaten away by Smith, but he's forgotten about Piccolo who's scraped past Alsaw, and takes a chip... oh it's over Smith and into THE GOAL!! Devious little chip from Piccolo and Smith never saw it! GOAL FOR THE WEEGIES!!! They're back in it now...

[47.34] Weegies pushing hard now after that excellent goal from Piccolo, Ogilvie streaming up the side like a sherman tank, oh, but a bit of a tussle between him and Price... Ogilvie barges into Price and knocks him over... well, clear contact there, that was even a bit of a push... yes, and Ogilvie is booked. Can't afford little mistakes like this...

[52.23] Dunn shooting past Price, takes it towards Ferguson who's a little out of place... Handly intercepts it takes it forward, the defence are in disarray... Davis pulling the Belmorian's shirt... this is getting very ugly. Yellow card. Getting very angry out there, testosterone is running high still... they need to get in focus.

[71.25] Cartwright takes it off Harris, passes it forward to Piccolo... Piccolo has a free run here, still going... Price... takes it past him.... there's a slice into the area, but I can't see many people... Smith goes out to get it. Hello, Ferguson coming from nowhere, Smith looking for the ball... Ferguson leaps into THE AIR.. THUMPS IT PAST THE GOALKEEPER!!! GOOOOOOAL!! The Weegies have gone ahead!!!

[78.34] The fans very happy now... although a contingent still annoyed by earlier... But here comes John Smith again, taking it past McCann, going forward, passes it to Harris, Cartwright goes for him, but he takes it to Williams... Fine save from Britton, takes it over.

[93.02] And that's it! The Weegies take the three points and take themselves into the quarter finals! Can they get to the final, like they did in a previous CoH? We'll see! But goodbye for now...
The Belmore Family
04-06-2004, 13:37
(My Weegies match report coming up in about 2 hours) but now:
Belmorians lose out to rampant Sqornshelous

Squornshelous showed their dominant force in this competion as they eased past the Belmorians 2-0. However, theBelmorians did put on a satisfying display, and proved that after a few tweeks, they still have a chance of listing the trophy aloft on Sunday.

The first half began with a very even game, with some very tough tackles in midfield with no side having some very strong attacks. Williams (playing instead of the tired Whiting) had the best chance when his 20 yard stunner narrowly clipping the outside of the post.

But it was Squornshelous who got the all important first goal when Jones took the ball past our lackluster defence his brutal shot from the edge of the box was amazingly parried by Smith, only for Stikolsmur to collect the parry and blast the ball into the back of the net. 1-0 Squorn. The Belmorian defence hung on at 1-0 until the break.

The begining of the second half was the same as the first. Both teams batteling it out in midfield. But again, on the 61st minute, Squornshelous got the breakthrough. Rutler flew the ball up the wing to Richards. Richards played the ball up to across to Jackson parralell to the edgge of the D on the left wing. Jackson played it back into the centre where Richards blasted the ball into the back of the net on the half volley.

Despite 2 late attacks by the Belmorians, Squornshelous held onto their lead and sank the Belmorians down to third.


04-06-2004, 15:00
Jeruselem Government News

Jeruselem qualify despite loss on goal difference

The new signing for O’Connor Greens, Jeruselem's own Abdulla Mohemmed helped Jeruselem make the quarter finals of Cup of Harmony XIV despite a 1-0 loss to Melmond. Jeruselem finished 4th with a goal difference of -1 compared to Lallania's -2 in Group 2. Melrond's Scott Cheney scored the only goal against his new teammate in the 78 minute.

Abdulls showed why O’Connor Greens signed him from the financially broken Beersheba United and why he is Jeruselem #1 keeper on the night.


Love it Melmond!
The Belmore Family
04-06-2004, 15:39
What happened to the 6-1

The Belmorians had a disapointing results once again as The Weegies, a team which The Belmore Family has beaten 6-1 before, took away 3 points and second place from the Belmorians.

It was the Belmorians who took the lead 16 minutes into the first half. An awful foul by McManus on Smith gave both Mc Manus a yellow card and a dangerous free-kick to the Belmorians. It was Smith who took the free kick, the beautiful curling free kick curled nicely over the wall and into the top left hand corner of the goal, easily beating the Weegies keeper Britton.

Despite a few good chances the Belmorians could not increase their lead and were looking good to keep the lead until half time when on the 44th minute Ogilvie played the ball to Ferguson who slid the ball past Asquet and ran the ball into the penalty area and blasted a shot which was nicely punched by Smith, but sadly the punch was to Piccolo who just lifted the ball into the goal to level the scores.

As the teams came out for the second half things got ugly. Several yellow cards were shown to Ogilvie, Davis, Smith and Williams showed how important the game was to both sets of players as they knew a match gainst an eaier team was up for grabs.

But 70 minutes into the game The Weegies played a sensational move to take the lead. Cartwright takled Harris and immediatly dispached it to Piccolo who took it past Price and down the wing. His sensational cross was met by a sensational header from Ferguson to make the score 2-1.

Despite a couple of late attempts The Belmorians could not seal the win, but they did manage to qualify and will be facing NEWI Cefn Druids in the Quarter Finals.
The Belmore Family
04-06-2004, 16:02
Scores and Tables:

Group A
Matchday 4
Squornshelous 2-0 The Belmore Family
Magnus Valerius 1-1 Turnia
The Weegies 1-1 Tingitana

Matchday 5
Squornshelous 3-0 Turnia
Magnus Valerius 1-1 Tingitana
The Belmore Family 1-2 The Weegies

[code:1:24bfd37f2b]Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
Q Squornshelous 5 4 1 0 10 2 8 13
Q The Weegies 5 3 1 1 7 5 2 10
Q The Belmore Family 5 1 2 2 6 6 0 5
Q Turnia 5 1 2 2 5 7 -2 5
5 Magnus Valerius 5 0 4 1 4 5 -1 4
6 Tingintia 5 0 2 3 2 9 -7 2[/code:1:24bfd37f2b]

Group B
Matchdeay 4
Vilita 0 - 1 Jeruselem
Melmond 2 - 1 Crystilakere
Lallania 0 - 2 NEWI Cefn Druids

Matchday 5
Vilita 2 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids
Crystilakere 2 - 2 Lallania
Melmond 1 - 0 Jeruselem

[code:1:24bfd37f2b]Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
Q Vilita 5 4 0 1 9 2 7 12
Q NEWI Cefn Druids 5 2 2 1 5 2 3 8
Q Melmond 5 2 1 2 4 8 -4 7
Q Jeruselem 5 1 2 2 4 5 -1 5
5 Lallania 5 1 2 2 7 9 -2 5
6 Crystilakere 5 0 3 2 4 7 -3 3[/code:1:24bfd37f2b]

QF Matchups:

In Vilita (Generated by TBF)
QF1:Vilita Vs Turnia
QF2:Melmond Vs The Weegies

In The Belmore Family(Generated by Vilita)
Mussex FC Stadium - QF3:Squornshelous Vs Jeruselem
Ian Grippas Stadium - QF4:The Belmore Family Vs NEWI Cefn Druids

SF Matchups:

In Vilita
SF1: Winner QF1 Vs Winner QF2

In The Belmore Family
SF2: Winner QF3 Vs Winner QF4


3rd Place Play-Off
In The Belmore Family
Looser SF1 Vs Looser SF2

Grand Final
In Vilita
Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2
The Belmore Family
04-06-2004, 17:38
Belmorians ready for Druids

The Belmorians are ready for their match off against NEWI Cefn Druids Alan Belmore said in a press conference last night, whilst reassuring that we could go all the way. After his 2 match rest, 19 year old Thomas Whiting is said to be fit and ready for the crucial tie.

But the Belmorians know it won’t be an easy ride. The Druids have performed outstandingly in the Cup of Harmony, with only one loss to our co-host Vilita. However Alan Belmore stated that: “My team will settle for no less than a win, We know our main threats will come from Hinton and Simpson but my team must rally together and give them very little space and with that we can easily win.”

When asked about how he would compare success in the Cup of Harmony to success in the World Cup he replied “Of course any manager would want to be in a World Cup Quarter Final over a Cup of Harmony Quarter Final but my players now have motivation to take the trophy home and show that this Belmorian side is as good as any other.”

When the Daily Belmorian asked about whether his job would be on the line, were he not to win the Cup, he simply replied “That will be up to the BFA bosses to decide.”

When posed with the comment that Trevor Belmore could be playing he replied “I know Trevor very well and we get along well and I know he will cast all his Belmorian pride aside and he play well for the Druids but I am not afraid, have you ever wondered why he is not playing for us, but is playing for the lower NEWI Cefn Druids? Do you really think he could challenge Whiting or Maddest?”

And then he announced the Team. In Goal he will play Smith along with Price, Alsaw, Asquet and Angus all in defence. In midfield he will be playing Handly, John Pindle, Mic Glenndig and Harris. Taking the 2 forward positions will be Thomas Whiting and Maddist.
04-06-2004, 17:38

Vilita ( 2 - 0 NEWI Cefn Druids

The Vilita Jungle Cats finished up the group stage with a 2-0 victory over NEWI Cefn Druids in front of a packed stadium in the Vilita ( capitol, seeing Callum Banda and Jonathon Baledrokadroka sealing victory for the hosts.

It was the hour mark which saw an otherwise strong NEWI Cefn Druids side lose their heads.
Earlier the Jungle Cats had just gotten through a well matched first half after going close with a series of chances, but eventually Banda ended the Druid' resistance after steering home a 77th minute header from a corner.

With the visitors chasing the game, Reg Garth astonishingly headed upfield for a final minute free kick, but was left red faced after the Jungle Cats' Massimo Corsi swept the ball out to Jonathon Baledrokadroka who headed into the opposition half before passing the ball 40 yards into an unguarded net.

As expected the Jungle Cats began the game with Santo Kecker assuming the captaincy, and lined up in a familiar 3-5-2 formation, with veteran Enzo Ahat returning at the back alongside Giacomo Adika and Danilo Liguori.

The Jungle Cats were dominating the opening exchanges, and after Stott had caused problems for the backtracking Druid defence, Salomón again went close inside the first ten minutes, finding room to drag a shot wide from the edge of the area.

NEWI Cefn Druids responded with a rising shot beyond the angle of Corsi's post and bar after the opportunity opened up for him, whilst at the other end Ahat tested the keeper with a looping header that threatened to fall under the Druid crossbar.

The half was developing into an evenly contested affair with defences dominating and neither side able to find the precision to unlock their opponents, although Baledrokadroka stole in to head at Reg Garth from a Dogbé cross, whilst Stott forced the NEWI Cefn Druids stopper to save well at his near post.

Minutes later the Jungle Cats created their best chance of the half after Baledrokadroka got a rare opportunity to run at the visitors defence, sweeping a cross into the middle which Banda was almost on hand to turn home at close range.

But the interval arrived with Helmut Vilkaus's men marginally on top, although lacking the invention and cutting edge. Attacking towards their own supporters after the break however, the Jungle Cats gave hope of better to come, and Banda's well weighted pass minutes after the re-start put Salomón clean through on goal, the NEWI keeper somehow smothering the ball however after the striker had attempted to prod home.

Encouraged by their fans backing, the hosts were enjoying more possession in their opponents half, and were causing problems with their forrays on the right, midfielder Ramzi skipping into the area on one occasion before testing keeper Garth with a firm effort.

Defender Liguori was a feature of the home side's new found superiority, teaming up with Baledrokadroka on a busy right-wing, and at one point set up by the his colleague to drive a low shot in on goal which keeper Garth just pushed round the near post to safety.

By now it was all Vilita (, and there was an air of innevitability before the Jungle Cats men took the lead with less than quarter of an hour remaining, the decisive goal arriving as Dogbé's right wing corner was met by a glancing header from Banda which diverted the ball beyond the keeper and into the far corner.

Banda almost doubled the lead minutes later with a shot on goal, whilst Baledrokadroka found room on the edge of the area to shoot but saw his effort rebound upfield after a last gasp block - the Jungle Cats piling on the pressure in search of a second with which to seal the match.

Teenager Umberto Melli replaced Stott for the closing stages, which saw both Dogbé and Salomón fire in on goal, and Banda fail to control when presented with a perfect chance after a ball over the top left him with just the keeper to beat.

In the final minutes 19 year old Serge DuPont replaced Salomón following his impressive performances in the U21, getting his first senior appearance, and it wasn't long before the young debutant was celebrating his side's second and confirmation of their victory.

NEWI Cefn Druids keeper Garth surprisingly raced upfield for a last gasp free kick, but was left stranded as Corsi sent Baledrokadroka sprinting away on the right, the the Jungle Cats winger breaking into the opposition half before sweeping a 40 yard ball into the empty net.

The Jungle Cats now face Turnia in the Quarter Finals and look to improve their KPB Ranking in the build up to the World Cup 15 with a victory there.
04-06-2004, 20:05
and now...finally...
Next Game
vs. The Weegies (Vilita)

Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is gooing to be a googly-snorcher! Melmond and The Weegies have faced each other twice before in World Cup 14 Qualifying, with Melmond getting the upper hand so far with a 1-0 win in Melmond and a 1-1 tie in The Weegies. However, The Weegies have been playing well as of late. Melmond has suffered two shellackings already at the hands of Vilita and the NEWI Cefn Druids and will not get their prior success to their heads.

The Oopsie Daisie Departement
We erroneously reported the score of the Vilita-NEWI Cefn Druids match as 2-1 in favor of Vilita. However, it was a 2-nil Vilita victory. Sorry for the error peeps!
04-06-2004, 23:31
Turnia City Tribune

Associated Press

Cup of Harmony Quarter Final Report

Vilita 1 - 0 Turnia

After just easing their way into the Quarters, the Dragons faced well-seasoned Vilita, ending their longshot hope of a CoH championship. Vilita perfomed a defensive gem blanking Turnia 1-0. "Even with this loss, I am very proud of my players. We had a team-only meeting last night and I stressed the importance of leaving the past in the past. I feel 3/4 of this game is mental. If you go into a game thinking about a past loss or that you have no chance, the game is lost before you begin" said the suprisingly upbeat head coach Paul Odle.

The offense continues to be a lingering problem, "I am doing as much as I can to make sure the players understand my offense. It is tough to do on the fly and something we will devote a lot of time to as WCXV approaches" stated offensive coach Cantilliere.

The Dragons have gained valuable experience during the WCXIV qualifiers and the CoH, which hopefully will translate over to WCXV. Next matter of business to finish out the CoH as high as possible to move up in the all important power rankings.

The Weegies
05-06-2004, 00:37
Weegies Face Melmond in Quarter-Final

The draw for the Quarter-Finals of the Cup of Harmony has taken place, and the Weegies face a side from their disasterous World Cup XIV campaign - Melmond. The Fearless Farmers did well against the Weegie side, and must be relishing another chance to show up the Weegie side. Manager Lyle remained optimistic when he heard he was facing the Melmond side. "The lads are in great form, y'know? We did well against the Belmorians, and the lads are just really switched on. Whatever Ferguson is being taught over in Giant Zucchini, it's working - I've never seen him as skillful as he was in the matches we've played in the Cup of Harmony. He's now using his head in more ways than one; he's got better vision of the field, and is able to command the side with great maturity and experience. I couldn't compare him to anyone else in the Weegie side past or present - he's an unknown commodity. Anyway, the Melmond side don't scare us - we aren't afraid of anyone, no matter how impressive their record, and the Fearless Farmers aren't a world away from our own players. I think if we keep up the good form, there's no reason why we shouldn't beat Melmond in Vilita."

When asked whether he thought the Weegies could carry off the Cup of Harmony, taking international silverware for the first time in its history, Lyle was cautious. "Well, I don't like to be too optimistic, that always leads to disappointment, but I think we have as good a chance as any side of winning the cup. The money is on Squornshelous to take it, but they aren't invincible, and if they stumble against Jerusalem, who are a good side, after all, the competition is wide open. It's very exciting."
05-06-2004, 14:50
Jeruselem Government News

Jeruselem semi-final bound again

It was a match-up which was expected to be one-sided in a Cup of Harmony XIV quarter final. Squornshelous topped Group A while Jeruselem scraped in 4th for Group B to make the quarters. God must have been on the Jeruselem's side when Jeruselem won 2-1 in overtime to meet The Belmore Family in a semi-final.

It was 0-0 after full-time with both teams unable to break down determine defenses. Abdulla Mohammed again starred with many saves and an inspired performance. Squornshelous shocked the Jeruselem faithful by scoring first with a powerful header from <Someone>. However with most of the Squornshelous team forward, Mimi Goldstein flew down the left flank to pass to Harry Kewell who dodged some tired defenders to equalise. The Jeruselem winner came from an own goal when Becks fired in a free kick only for a Squornshelous to accidentally deflect it into his own net when he wasn't expecting the ball to head in his direction.

Squornshelous 0 - 0 Jeruselem [ S (1-2) J ] AET
Vilita 1 - 0 Turnia
The Belmore Family
05-06-2004, 15:07
Belmorians advance to Semis

The Belmore Family has reached the Semi-Finals of the Cup of Harmony, making it their best appearence in a WCC sanction cup. This is mainly due to the talent of our keeper, Jack Smith and our star striker Thomas Whiting.

However, we did not get things all our own way. The Dtruids took the lead early on when Trevor Belmore managed to stay narrowly onside when he recieved a gem of a pass from Simpson. He easily out classed Smith in a one-on-one dual,placing the ball through his legs and into the back of the net as the Druids took the lead.

But the lead did not last for long. Only 3 minutes later, on the 29th minute, Leyghton was dispossed by Pindle who played the ball down the wing to Harris. Harris collected the ball and played it to Glenndig who nutmegged a defender and was through on goal. As the keeper ran out he played it back to Pindle on the edge of the box who blasted it down the centre of the goal to bring the scores level.

The game then continued very equally with neither side able to threaten infront of goal. The best oppertunity presented itself to the druids after some fabulous play they had won a free kick on the right side of the pitch paralell with the goal. Simpson flew the free kick in and Greaves was unlucky to see his header just skimm the top of the post.

In the Second half however, TBF looked more determined. St. Alan Belmore had evidently given them an inspiring team talk. They were much more aggressive and managed to push through the Druids back line several times. However this did lead to several yellow cards for Smith, Angus and Glenndig.

But the aggression payed off. Only 12 minutes into the second half Maddist was through on goal. One-on-one he attempted to take the ball round the keeper but was tripped. A penalty was given straight away. Masdist kept a cool head and blasted the ball into the corner of the net to give the Belmorians a 1 goal lead.

And from there on in the Druids looked defeated. There heads went down and insult was added to injury when Whiting got his 5th goal of the tournament and sealed a 3-1 win for the Belmorians.


The Belmore Family
05-06-2004, 16:52
Alan Belmore - "We can go all the way!"

Alan Belmroe has given the Belmorian fans something to hope for as he announced that he was expecting the Belmorians to "go all the way". He announced in the nightly Belmorian press conference.

The most awkward moment of the night was when the Kingsford reported asked "Aren't you dead in Oglethorpia?" Alan Belmore chuckled and replied, "No, I haven't been in Ogle since World Cup 10". The Kingsfordian reported sat down rather bemused.

Upon the morale camp Alan Belmroe commented: "The team are really happy to get this far, the win against NEWI has really lifted spirits and with talk of chance to play Kingsford, Turori and the Kingsford Under 21 the team are very desperate to lift the cup on Wednesday.

Next to Alan sat King Harris, the captain and the Daily Belmorian asked him what it was like to lead the team to our first football semi-final appearence he replied "It's truely awsome, the home crowd, especially against NEWI are very uplifting and really give us the spirit to go as far as we can in this cup.

When aked whether he thought, if they got that far, playing the final in Vilita would hurt our chances he replied: "Certainly not! My team has managed to push out all opponents insults and jeering in a very proffessional mannor and we have managed to channel our aggression of anything we do here into scoring goals, and the quarter fial has really shown that.

And the conference moved back to Alan Belmore the Daily Belmorian asked "Now your main threats in Squornshelous have been eliminated, do you think it will be an easy ride to the final". Alan was adamant in replying "Of course not. My players must not underestimate our next 2 opponents. They will have both made to the semi finals and proved themselves to be the top 4 teams in this competition and in no way should we think the door is open for us, we will have to work for everything we aim for."

And with that he announced the semi final team will stay the same as the team that beat NEWI and left the room.
NEWI Cefn Druids
05-06-2004, 20:14
Cuttings from...

The Daily Druid

By Wayne Ottgunn-Irwin

Lallania 0 NEWI Cefn Druids 2

NEWI Cefn Druids made it through to the Cup of Harmony quarter finals yesterday with a convincing 2-0 victory over Lallania. A goal apiece for Trevor Belmore and Liam Gessemschmitthaagen-Po meant that the Druids did their nation, and the Druids who lost their lives in such tragic circumstances at the last match against Melmond, proud.

After the match, Tim Welsh told reporters "That's the kind of performance I like to see, one where, despite teh tragic circumstances, the boys have come together and produced a victory. Hopefully they can do the same against Vilita, so we can have an easier game in the quarters."

Vilita 2 NEWI Cefn Druids 0

Despite having already qualified for the next stage, the Druids were expected to give Vilita a close game to give themselves an easier game in the next stage. However, there was only going to be one winner, especially after Tim Welsh decided to take off Liam Gessemschmitthaagen-Po, Trevor Belmore and Amos Hinton with half an hour left. Goals from Banda and Corsi meant that the Druids went into the next round on a loss, infuriating Welsh.

Afterwards, he told us, "That was disappointing out there. I know we're already through, but we don't want to be playing any of the top three in their group, because they are all much better teams than the bottom three. It also means we will go on to play the Belmorians in our next match on a low note, and it will take more now for us to get up again in time for them."

The Belmore Family 3 NEWI Cefn Druids 1

The Druids disappointingly bowed out of the Cup of Harmony to The Belmore Family, despite leading through an early Trevor Belmore goal. Pindle, Maddist and Whiting all got goals for the Belmorians, though, cancelling out the effort by the man who was never quite good enough to make the TBF team.

Trevor Belmore told us afterwards, "It was fantastic to score against my father's homeland, and if I wasn't half Druid, they might've picked me by now. But I am, and that's been a bonus to me, because they called me up long before the Belmorians had even heard of me, and now I'm scoring against them! OK, so my dad'll be pleased they won, but he won't be best pleased next time I visit."

Despite a bit of happiness in Belmore's tone of voice, Tim Welsh had nothing but harsh words to say about his team. "We were terrible today, we must do better, and we will. No more shall we be the laughing stock of international football! The Druids have landed! Get ready, everyone! World Cup 15, here we come!!!"
05-06-2004, 20:38
Closer Than the Score Indicates
Many Bad Breaks for The Weegies Make For 3-nil Melmond Victory
By Henry Kalangalangalang of the Melmond City Herald

VILITA—Yes, as a semi-biased sports reporter, I am very happy that the Melmond National Team has won this game. Melmond’s victory guarantees them 4th place at the very least. However, The Weegies didn’t deserve such a thrashing. The Weegies actually played the best football we have seen them play against us. All the fundamentals were done quite well by The Weegies side and they were capable of making the big plays. But every attempt seemed to be halted by some freak happening or close call.
The crowd in this unnamed Vilita stadium in an unspecified Vilita city were split three ways evenly: Melmond supporters, The Weegies supporters, and native Vilitans who wanted to check out their national team’s competition. The Melmond Football Association, which has been on a roll business wise recently using capitalizt know how, decided to give all their profits in the match to the victims of the Gorilla/Eviscertomato Resistance salsification of a Vilitan stadium.
The Weegies put the heat on the Melmond defence early on. The Weegies strikers Robert Hardie and Martin Dunn were a constant presence and seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough. Melmond goalkeeper Snhp Xtfuinxm was taken by surprise by some of the unorthodox approaches The Weegies made in their attempt to score, being caught out of position for the first two shots on goal. However, Xtfuinxm was able to make immaculate saves which hints even more to his emerging greatness. The Weegies seemed to be making an excellent counterstrike as Melmond, overcommitted on offence, had a ball intercepted by a very alert The Weegies midfielder Colin Ferguson. Ferguson makes a fast dash to gain any ground on the closing in Melmond defence. He makes the pass to the wide open Martin Dunn. However, the offside flag went up and the great play was annulled. In replay, it appeared that he was offside by merely a foot!
Despite the good play by The Weegies, this doesn’t mean that the Fearless Farmers didn’t have their moments of brilliance. Take for example the captain of the Melmond National Team, Martin Goodwin. This veteran midfielder is well-known for his ability to lead as well as his super accurate crosses. He took advantage of his reputation as he appeared to see the streaking Chris Owen and looked toward him as if he was going to make the cross. He makes the cross movement in his legs, but then he stops. The Weegies goalkeeper Tony Britton was ready for Owen’s header as he knows the reputations of both players, but he was certainly not ready for Goodwin’s shot which easily made it into the net. Melmond takes the lead at the 20th minute 1-nil.
The Weegies seemed to have a prime chance of scoring as the first half was in injury time. The Weegies midfielder Peter Ogilvie makes a quick pass to Robert Hardie. As Hardie was running toward the advanced ball, Melmond defender Sergio Ortiz tackles Hardie before he gets to the ball. Ortiz gets a yellow card for his early tackle and since the infraction was made in the goalkeeper’s box, Robert Hardie will get a penalty kick. Hardie takes his penalty kick, and Xtfuinxm guess wrong! However, Hardie’s shot was over the bar. All Hardie could do this bend over and hang his head as the whistle for half time sounded.
During halftime, Vilita was hit with a sudden monsoon that just seemed to come and go. Other areas of Vilita were getting on and off heavy showers as well. The players saw that the pitch was rather damp once they returned to the field. The wetness certainly didn’t deter the Fearless Farmers flowing football. They seemed to naturally adjust their game for the new conditions as the midfield made up for the long slides and got out of the way of The Weegies’ tackles. Melmond midfielder Camui Arai didn’t adjust quite well enough as he was trying to weave through The Weegies’ defence, he slips on the wet pitch. However, Melmond midfielder Critandi Unne was the first player to get the loose ball and only had the goalkeeper in hir way. S/he rips out a rocket in the upper-right corner of the net. Melmond gets their second goal at the 58th minute.
Melmond’s final goal was mainly attributed to The Weegies’ bad luck. As a pass by Martin Goodwin was well long of striker Mornakh the Bloody Handed, The Weegies goalkeeper Tony Britton was ready to throw the ball to an open defender. However, the wet ball slips from his hands and heads right to Mornakh the Bloody Handed who was able to kick the ball into the virtually empty net. Melmond obtains the big 3-nil advantage at the 59th minute.
The Weegies made very good adjustments after that and went for broke for the rest of the match. However, the Melmond defence and goalkeeper were up to the challenge and kept The Weegies at bay. The biggest frustration to cap it off for The Weegies was that midfielder Colin Ferguson was given a yellow card at the 85th minute for diving after a borderline looking tackle from Melmond defender Jonsi Torrini. That ruined all momentum for The Weegies. Melmond will get their rematch against Vilita in the semi-final.

Goodwin, MEL 20th
C. Unne, MEL 58th
Bloody Handed, MEL 59th

Ortiz, MEL 45th
Ferguson, TWG 85th


Other Quarterfinal Results
Vilita 1 – Turnia 0
Squornshelous 0 – Jeruselem 0 (2-1 JER after end time)
NEWI Cefn Druids 1 – The Belmore Family 3

Semifinal Matchups
Vilita v. Melmond
The Belmore Family v. Jeruselem

Melmond Team Stats
Goals: Critandi Unne (2), Diallo Unne (1), Scott Cheney (1), Martin Goodwin (1), Mornakh the Bloody Handed (1)
Cards: Paul “Edgy” Shields (1), Jonsi Torrini (1), Diallo Unne (1), Sergio Ortiz (1)

Melmond National Team Cup of Harmony Schedule

v Lallania (Vilita) T 1-1
@ Vilita (Vilita) L 3-0
v NEWI Cefn Druids (Vilita) L 3-0
v Crystilakere (Vilita) W 2-1
v Jeruselem (Vilita) W 1-0
v The Weegies (Vilita) W 3-0
@ Vilita (Vilita)

Next Game
at Vilita (Vilita)

The Melmond National Team continues its quest to defend the Golden Keg in their rematch against co-host Vilita. Vilita played terrifically in the first matchup between the two sides during group stages and thrashed Melmond 3-nil. However, Melmond has been on quite a roll recently and should match up much better this time with the Vilitans. This will certainly me a closer affair than the last meeting. Manager Felix Coostatlwak keeps the winning starting lineup. But don’t be surprised if you see Paul “Edgy” Shields when the defence needs to be more physical or Diallo Unne when a clutch goal is needed.

GK- Snhp Xtfuinxm
D- Jonsi Torrini
D- Sergio Ortiz
D- Scott Cheney
D- Nina Steen
M- Martin Goodwin
M- Critandi Unne
M- Camui Arai
M- Cristina Antunez
F- Mornakh the Bloody Handed
F- Chris Owen

For tickets to Vilita and the match, call the Therewegoes Travel Agency at 3-18-357-9009. Make sure to get many vaccinations before you get to Vilita. However, the environmental sights as well as the bustling mid-size city make this a rather pleasant place to be. Enjoy the life and the matches!
07-06-2004, 13:42

Remaining games ... BUMP

Semifinal Matchups
Vilita v. Melmond
The Belmore Family v. Jeruselem
08-06-2004, 04:58
Vilita 1 - 1 Jeruselem

Vilita 4 - 2 Jeruselem (AET)

Vilita Scorers...
Callum Banda
Santo Kecker
Jonathon Stott

Jeruselem Scorers...
Joe Hapsgold
Christian Hemma
08-06-2004, 14:36
08-06-2004, 17:27

We've been in three NS footy finals, and we bump into Vilita twice ... one each now.
08-06-2004, 17:29

We've been in three NS footy finals, and we bump into Vilita twice ... one each now.

Hey i've got you on goal difference .... +1 (7-6 ) :) :) :)
10-06-2004, 05:09
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The Ketchup Frieds
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A Hearbreaker and a Snoozer
The rematch in Vilita between the Melmond National Team and Vilita was much closer this time around. The match came down to penalty kicks. Both sides made 4 kicks during the first five. Both teams make the sixth and miss the seventh. Vilita makes the eigth, but the Melmond player kicked his over the bar. Vilita wins and goes on to win the entire Cup of Harmony, the second host nation in a row to do so.
The performance in the third place match at The Belmore Family against the Belmorians was far from inspiring as Melmond loses 2-0. It is fourth place for our Fearless Farmers. We're number 36!