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Kingship of Egotistical Famers Plotting to Take Control

Egotistical Farmers
21-05-2004, 01:47
Ah yes...the infamous "I am better than you so hail me" thread. Well...I'm going to change that a little bit. I'm not...ALL HAIL ME! you can see, I'm a bit new, and I have no idea what I'm doing, but soon...very soon, I say...this pitiful world will fall to ME.

Ah yes...and before I crush you with my army of invincible farmers..I'd thought I'd pressure you into telling me some answers to questions that might make my quick rise to power all the more painful and bloody. it is. (And I have read the FAQ)

1. How can a latecomer *coughs* surpass a nation-state that "came" to power early on?

2. It doesn't really say what the overall goal of the game is. What should I be aiming for?

3. Should I join the United Nations? What if I want to declare war against them and their members?

4. How do I declare war, other than writing I declare war on you.

5. How many of you are ready to polish your new dictator's shoes?

6. Umm....will someone make an alliance with the Egotistical Famers in their quest to turn the useless world into mincemeat?
21-05-2004, 01:52
1. Ummm, that info is classified... :D

Actually, get allies, a lot of allies. Most of the power on this game comes from alliances, not individual nations, much like early 20th century Europe.

2. There isn't really a set goal, it can be anything you want.

Like perhaps becoming the delegate of your region

Or the more common one of becoming a military superpower...

3. You can join if you wish, you shouldn't try to declare war on it or its members though. A large chunk of NS is a member...

4. That's basically how it goes, of course, you should put thought into it and have a reason beyond wanting to fight...

5. The last dictator in Hattia is currently hanging above Red Square, well, what's left of him...

6. An alliance would be fine, though I have no intentions of trying to conquer the world.
Cauthu Arn
21-05-2004, 02:30

OOC: well, you're welcome to try to take over the world, but with the very martial arts oriented population I have + the unique 'technologies' you may find yourself hard pressed to not be taken over by my nation. :)

I recommend you build up economy and military first :)