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OOC: Rome and the Reich

19-05-2004, 16:52
[Split from another thread]

OOC: Don't break with Rome! It's the One True Faith, and besides its the biggest trump card we've got against you. ;) Personally, I'd love to see the Reich defeated and Matty etc. put on trial (oh, what an RP that would be).

On that note, is their any more specific information about the Reich edition of the Bible. I'd love to have an IC discussion of the controversial issue just so I can tear the Reich's additions to the Bible to shreds (Metaphroically, of course.)

Yes, I do want to destroy the fascism of the Reich (kind of like an end of Nazi Germany kind of thing.) Their distortion of Christianity personally disgusts me. Not that the scattered remnants of terrorist groups can't be around places, causing a small bit of havoc. ;)

On another note, why is it always conservative Christian facism? Why not gay-rights goosesteppers? Or New Age Nazis! "Heil Mother Earth!" :D

On one last note, Matty and Haru aren't married? I KNEW IT!!!

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
GMC Military Arms
19-05-2004, 17:05
Syskeyia...Seriously, find a new horse to flog. This one's well and truly dead.

And stop barging into other people's threads posting long, off-topic OOC rants while you're at it.