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Motives of the Ancients.

The Ctan
19-05-2004, 16:30
Sentinel Two, Mars.

The Shuttle came down, slowly, without being harassed by Sentinel II`s security. After all, they were waiting for them. Quickly, they found the area that had been sort of... Well, cleansed from the insanely high radiation in sentinel II, and eventually, they landed. In the middle of the wide, open plain of igneous rock, very few stones, and entirely plants, a man, clearly Italian or Hispanic from his background sat at a table, with two chairs. Waiting.

The pilot stayed inside the shuttle, it was certainly safer. However, one other man was stepping out, of Indiastani Origin, brown skin, black hair. Actually, a fairly handsome man. If one would have played with light wavelengths, one could see two more... things standing on his left and right side, though they would have vanished without moments. He approached the table, quickly. "Ah... Anything has been prepared, i see... Abhi my name." He extended his hand in greeting. "There was some... Pressing matter you needed to discuss, regarding some... special things, to put it lightly, yes?"

The man behind the table rose, and smiled, briefly glancing to either side Abhi, staring directly at his... companions for a moment, before looking back at him, shaking his hand. "You could say that, matters of belief if you will, and then some more practical things. John Artego," he added, for a name, "please, take a seat."

Abhi nodded. "Thanks." He sat down, still smiling. "Well, I`m intrigued, since the information you gave us beforehand was not all- to detailed."

He nodded back, "Well, we have been... examining certain records, regarding your... associates," he said, "and we have come to some, interesting, conclusions about their methods, and motives. Perhaps you could confirm these for us?"

Abhi chuckled. "Certainly. I`m sure you have a report... regarding your examinations? Though I might need to add that propaganda by the... wrong sides tends to be annoying..." He hesitated, and a faint whisper, a strange sound could be heard. "I guess you suffered the same fate with the Yvressi."

"I'm afraid I don't have such a document with me at the moment," he said, this was at least true, it was more in him, and it would be easier to hear it from their side independently anyway. "Yes, propaganda. We are familiar with the problem, and did find some evidence of it, though the source of it has proven remarkably hard to locate."

Abhi nodded. "Yes, we... My associates having certain... troubles with it, too... Surprisingly. Anyway..." He hesitated. "So... In all detail... What do you need... confirmed, or... I`m sure I can just lay out the basics of... our believes for you."

"Indeed, the basics would be desirable," he said, noting that this representative probably didn't know the nuances of it anyway, but there was no reason to insult him by saying that to his face.

"Well... My associates tend to act in a rather benevolent manner... It is our intend to... to nurture the younger ones... Kinda like what you do with the Elves. Though our ways are... different, since my associates believe that strength can only come from conflict. Thusly, we have occasionally..." he hesitates again. Again, a whisper can be heard. "My associates have occasionally acted to... make sure that the younger races develop into the right direction, rather than becoming weak, just to be destroyed by a threat."

He nods a little, "To ensure strength, and other such characteristics necessary for survival, no?"

Abhi smiles. "Yes. Though occasionally, one has to destroy living cells... to ensure the survival of the body. Kinda like fighting cancer." He nods yet again,
"And to cause the others to progress?" Abhi, who was more referring to some of the more... devastating actions his allies had undergone in the past, nods, though only slightly. "Yes. Though in this particular case, Not necessarily progress, but to prevent them to be touched by wrong believes, spreading from... worlds lost to the disease."

"I see..." he says, curiously, "this disease... would it be hard to locate these days?"
"Yes." Abhi chuckles. "It seems to have... vanished." Another whisper. "Unfortunately."
"Much of this does seem to corroborate what we previously believed," he said, "when the evidence was consulted in an, objective manner. It seems that in some ways we have very similar policies..."

Abhi blinks slightly. "Well... With your... present policies, this might not be wrong..."

He nodded a little, "The current 'administration' pursues an agenda rather different from that of the previous ones, and does like to distance itself from their actions."

"Well... So we noticed, yes." Abhi nods. "So I would assume that yes... Cooperation should be manageable. Now... For the details..." He looks at Artego, a neutral smile suiting his face.

The suited Mediterranean man took a small object from his pocket, and laid it on the table, and waved his hand over it. A large hologram shimmered into view, "This," he said, gesturing at the hologram of a world locked in the embrace of what appeared to be a very high altitude dust cloud, "is something we learnt of in several reports. It seems to be a novel concept for a strategic weapon... Designed largely for psychological effect and long term blockades, no?" After he says this, he glances to either side of the Indiastani man again.

For a moment, Abhi says nothing, instead, whispers can heard. Quite a few of them, to be correct. "Yes. Though it has a couple other advantages, too. It is interesting that you were able to retrieve the data, though..." He hesitates. "In any case. Cooperation... You want to... lend it?"

He seemed to find this whispering rather amusing, it appeared that this item was one of their better kept secrets, "Yes, to study the implementation of the concept, and possibly to deal with an annoying group that seem to be becoming progressively more foolish in their actions, despite, where... conventional wisdom would suggest that they should either perish due to their current status, or at least behave in a more intelligent manner..."

Abhi nods. "Yes... We have watched... them for quite a while... They were promising, but apparently, they are not suited to fulfil this promises... You want to... end them?"

"Yes, or at least remove their capability to interfere with other projects..." he said, casually playing with the now deactivated holoprojector, "for the moment."

Another whisper, and Abhi chuckles. "Well... I guess this is possible... Though of course... we would like to get something of... similar value from you... as some sort of guarantee."
"Of course," he said, putting the device back again, and reactivating it, to show a pair of the necron warships occasionally glimpsed, these versions, showed - highlighted - several modifications to the usual design, "These each perform a similar function, though they are less flexible in their application," he says, "I assume they would qualify as adequate insurance?"

Abhi smiled. "Yes, certainly. I think..." He takes out a notepad, again, whispering can be heard. "Here are the coordinates. The notes also include a basic description of its functions, how to command it, and other such things."

"It will be there within 24 hours. I hope I can expect comparable data/ timeframes from you?"

Having already been planning something similar, Artego reached into his jacket pocket, and passed Abhi a book containing similar instructions, "Excellent, we shall be there."

After some more discussion, the shuttle left again, and the meeting in the slagged wastelands of Mars was over… Recorded only in secret. The exchange went well, and the ’Storm Class,’ a poor translation of its real name, Planet Killer arrived in orbit of the hellworld Netu, even as two necron ships, refitted with weapons of similar power and scope (though using a non necrontyr technological base, these were the designs of another race) departed into shadow space.
Five Civilized Nations
19-05-2004, 16:37
Z ha dum
21-05-2004, 10:06
It was, of course, quite intriguing, though unusual, for them to act in such ways...

It didn´t matter, though, this were other times... New, yet old times.

And they went with it.

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