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Beauty kills (may contain adult situations and language)

19-05-2004, 06:57
Monday started much like any other day for Felicity. She rolled out of bed, giving a quick look back to see who was in it (today it was Amanda), and then headed to the shower.

(A short pause will be taken at this time for the author to provide you with a physical description of Felicity, you can allow your personal fancy or fantasy to provide one for Amanda.
Felicity is every inch a beautiful 20 year old, though she will tell you that her soul is much older than that. Her flame red hair was tamed into spiral dreadlocks and harnessed to her by a flower patterned scarf.
Her athletic build was lovingly placed on a 5'7" frame, that was built to be admired, loved and pleasured. All of these things happened on a regular basis. Her customery uniform were sheer broomstick skirts and peasant blowses. She wore sandels if foot wear was required.
Her eyes seemed to be singing a song that would scream to the top of the charts if emerald green and happy were lyrics enough for the world. Her movements were graceful and unplanned as a summer storm.
We now return to the story at hand.)

After the shower, Felicity stopped by the market and picked up a few picnic items, she always got extras incase she found a new friend along the way.
A short time later she was sitting on a hill top (a park and nature preserve just outside of Silver City, Celeborne) Eating strawberrys and smoking an unusally large amout of opium.
She relaxed and danced, she drummed and thought, she created and solved all of the world problems in that afternoon.
It was shortly after making love with her new friend John (or was that Mary...) that she discovered the real problem with the world, everything had lost it's natural purpose. People had metal inside thier bodies, animals had medicines inside thier meat, why even something as pure and free as magic had laws and rules applied to it.....
There was only one thing to do about it, she had to kill the man responsable : One Doctor Devon Niven.
She wistled on the way home an ancient love song of a long lost tribe of cannable natives in the southern Celeborne jungles. She met a new friend on the way home "I bet Amanda will like you".......
19-05-2004, 07:01
Wha.. wha.. wha.. what???

Er... tag.
19-05-2004, 07:26
Tuesday morning snuck up behind Felicity like a long lost lover. She rolled out of bed (or futon in this case) to find a half empty bottle of vodka, an airline ticket to Larkinia, a passport, an airline employee and two members of the Celeborne travel bureau.
She showered, entered a short trance to speak with her dead relatives, smoked some herbal mix (what was that anyway) and read the tea leaves.
After dressing she walked down to the airport. After a long conversation with an extremely effeminate male flight attendant on the nature of footware, and how it related to ancient customs, the imprisonment of the soul and the sole, and the nature of airline clothing requirements, she was enjoying a small drink, a slightly larger flight attendant, and a flight to Larkinia.....
19-05-2004, 08:19
Upon landing she found her way to the Larkinian underworld, where she filled her shopping list with all of the comfort items that she either had to leave behind, had confiscated, or used on the way over. In addition to these neccesities she purchased a slim line large caliber hand gun and the rounds for it.
(The author will digress for just a moment here, with the kind endulgence of the readers. It has been said that guns kill people, it has also been put forth that guns do not kill people, people do. Those with a comedic bend have been heard to express that gun do not kill people , bullets do. Felicity knew that all of these suppositions were incorrect, none of these things kill, it is speed and desire that kill.
Thank you for your endulgence)
Felicity used her finest currency to procure a room and passes to the celebration then she slipped into something more comfortable...
A drug induced, ecstatic, trance like sleep.
19-05-2004, 08:44
(Damn, where can I land some of that stuff!)
19-05-2004, 09:26
((What do ya'll think so far ?))
19-05-2004, 09:31
(Oh I love it dude! This is nice, setting up another nemesis with a new reason to dislike Niven, an alleged destruction of the natural balance of things.)
19-05-2004, 09:35
(thanks I am going to work on it for a bit. Not sure when I will post on it again)
19-05-2004, 09:38
((Cool dude, I'll be looking forward to reading it!))
Der Angst
19-05-2004, 09:54
Reminds me of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'


]This has been a disguised tag of doom
19-05-2004, 10:01
Felicity fell into wakefullness and flew down the stairs to a breakfast of toast, coffee and mushrooms (she donated a portion of them to the wait staff to have them prepared for her).
After dineing she found a car that was not currently in use ( personal property is an over rated idea in the world of the modern gypsie) and after digging in her purse (which contained narcotics, a butterfly underglass, a curious creature in amber, several forgotten dreams, more phone numbers than the Celeborne phone book, and the hopes of a forgotten tribe) she located a CD and placed in the player. Soon she was chasing clouds over the landscape of Larkinia and considering a perfect thought, killing Dr. Niven.
Her melodic voice rose above the rantings of freedom hungry anarchists that blared from the cars sterio "Soon I will free you from the bondage of this life of evil that your karma has crafted into a golden cage, and all things will be posible to you. Celeborne will then be able to return to the natural order of things."
Glorious Humanity
19-05-2004, 10:08
OOC: *almost laughing too hard to tag this*
19-05-2004, 10:09
Sean McAfee walked out of the hotel and looked around. Swear to god, he'd just left his car right here. Where in the hell was it?

"Hey, someone stole my car!" he shouted, trying to be heard over the din of the approaching bus that he didn't notice was behind him closing in, tires screeching in a vain attempt to stop...

(Keep the car as long as you need to Cele :P )
19-05-2004, 10:11
((Thanks Lark.))
19-05-2004, 10:38
Felicity reigned the car in on a hilltop where she could steal a few quick gulps of air and freedom.
A man in ragged clothing approached her. He had two straight objects in his hands, one a knife and the other was a blunt object provided to all members of his sex upon birth.
"Well, I see you are prepared for almost any situation being so armed."
The man looked at her in a confused manner. In the past his prey had been kind enough to at least scream or run. His professional pride was almost injured, and one of his weapons began to lose interest and take a nap.
"That seems most unfortunate." said Falicity with a smile "perhaps I could do something to assist you with that." She began to search her purse agan , looking for a scrap of paper that had a fertility and stamina spell scrawled on it by a medicine man of the upper silver mountain wild elf tribes. The large gun fell out of the purse.
The ragged man dropped everything he was holding (fortunatly for him part of it was already attached), scream and run off.
Felicity smiled a sweet smile " Poor fellow, he must have been embarassed."
She replaced the firearm in her purse, between a random thought and a lonesome memorie, and began her yoga exercises .
Five Civilized Nations
20-05-2004, 04:45
"To be unhappy is only half the misfortune—to be pitied—is misery complete.—Arthur Schnitzler

This has been an official tag by the Five Civilized Nations.
20-05-2004, 05:21
... smoking an unusally large amout of opium.

((no doubt the best Gallagan stuff! Provided, you can be sure, by your friends in the Honorable Company - purveyors of the finest opiates the world has ever known!))

((this has been something of an advertisement, but mostly a tag ;)))
20-05-2004, 05:42
((Hrm...interesting. Taggishness.))
20-05-2004, 06:33
Felicity was relaxing her soul on the velvet carpet of the hill side and realigning her chakras, a thin mist of aphrodesia sweat coating her body.
She had been watching the sun and consulting the maps of the Magi to know when to return.
She stood suddenly and skipped down to the car. After putting some highly potent (not to mention euphoric and hallocinoginic) eyedrops in, she pulled the car out onto her highway of freedom and lined up for Dr. Nivens demise.....
California and Alaska
20-05-2004, 06:34
Erhm... Tag.
20-05-2004, 07:58
Felicity parked the car back where she found it, just in case anyone else needed to use it, payed the parking lot attendant in butterfly kisses and good karma and strolled slowly back up to her room.
"Now what would a magi and assassin wear to release the soul of a wicked man into the universe ?" She pondered the question for a while, consulted the i-ching and then realized that she had only brought one outfit " How fortunate ". She began getting ready for the party.
20-05-2004, 09:18
Felicity's internal clock had once again led here astray, she was in the lobby a day early for the festivities. But also once again it was right. Stars and gods be praised, she spyed her prey enter the hotel and take a seat at the bar...Oh my, he was a tasty looking treat....
20-05-2004, 09:39

Looks like Damien won't be bored...
20-05-2004, 09:43
Felicity turned on her best come hither smile and adjusted her internal workings and spiritual mind set, she approached the table with death in one eye and sex in the other, a cocktail (pardon the pun) that most men could not resist.

Niven looked up and smiled "Hello, can I be of service to you ?"

" I am sure that is a proposition that can work both ways."

Niven looked a bit confused.

"Don't worry, our karma will blend as our bodies and whatever is meant to be shall occur as planned from a time before our creation"

"Umm....Alright, can I buy you a drink ?"

"I am sure you could, along with several small nations and a panda bear."

So, she knows who I am.

"What will you have then ? "

"All you care to offer and just a bit more. Do you know of the Great Wheel and Dharma ?"

"Yes, I studied religions a bit when I was younger."

"But did they ever study you ?"

"I am not sure what you mean."

"I am sure that you are sure you do not, but you do." Felicity realized that she had left her gun in the room, now she must decide if she should bring the mountain to mohammad or mohammad to the mounting.....
20-05-2004, 09:46
mohammad to the mounting.....

(( Freudian slip? :lol: ))
20-05-2004, 09:46
mohammad to the mounting.....

(( Freudian slip? :lol: ))

(( Nope, done on purpose. I am glad you caught it.))
20-05-2004, 09:48

Looks like Damien won't be bored...

((Feel free to jump in if you like))
20-05-2004, 09:49
mohammad to the mounting.....

(( Freudian slip? :lol: ))

(( Nope, done on purpose. I am glad you caught it.))

(( I thought it was a great line, I'll need to remember it))
20-05-2004, 09:51

Looks like Damien won't be bored...

((Feel free to jump in if you like))

((I might... but if Damien interferes, Felicity might be scattered across portions of an innercity block. He has a very pointed way of dealing with boredom.))
20-05-2004, 09:56
Felicity assualted Niven with a priceless smile.
"Would you like to come up to my room ?"

Having just met the girl, he was unsure how to react. He then remembered that he was Niven....

"Perhaps we should have dinner first ?"

"First, second, not at all it makes no difference so long as all hungers are satisfied."

Did I mail order this girl ,or did one of the boys send her over ??

"Then it is settled we shall dine first."

"a last meal of double meaning, la petite mort doth quickly approach us."

20-05-2004, 09:59
"Yes sir," the waiter said walking back over, "Are you and the lady ready to order?"
20-05-2004, 10:05
"Please, bring me another drink and a steak." He turns to Felicity
"I will have a little truth smothered in happyness...If you don't have that I will take a bottle of anything and a plate of mushrooms."

"Please bring her whatever she wants."

After the waiter leaves

Niven "So tell me, who are you ?"

"I am a dancing ray of sunshine, a faerie queen, a shameless woman, and a follower of ancient wisdom. Mortals call me Felicity."

"That is quite a resume. Where are you from ?"

"O, you are taking your sanity in your won hands asking that, dear prince of steel and steal. I am from just west of creation, but I sometimes hail from Celeborne."

That is how she knows me, she is from home. I wonder if she is chasing my fortune, or if this is jsut an accident...

"Well it is good to see someone from back home. What brings you here ?"

"I was brought on metal wings, but I came to kill you. I am sure that I will seduce you first, but my end goal is your end."
20-05-2004, 10:12
Damien walked into the bar, his mood foul. He gave the girl a quick once-over, found her repugnant, and then ignored her, gesturing for a bottle of wine. It was brought to him, and he shrank into the corner.
20-05-2004, 10:19
Niven looked at the girl with a certain amount of curiosity. At least they were making the assassins more atractive, and considerably wierder these days. He studied her body language and deduced that she was not going for a gun. Just for safetys sake however...

There was a click from his right arm.

"So why is it that you wish to kill me ?"

"Oh for numerous reasons. Shall I name them ?"

"Why else would I ask ?"

"Of course, you are responsable for metal being put in people's bodies."


"You have made a fortune from implanting steel into flesh."


"You established the college of magic to apply rules to magic ."


"So you see, for these crimes against the natural order of things, I must end your life. Then everything will go back to normal."
20-05-2004, 10:41
(( Ok, so I am insecure. I am pausing the story for a bit to collect comments and suggestions.))
20-05-2004, 10:45
((I'm waiting to see what she does next. She tipped her hand early telling Niven she was going to kill him. Unless Niven's dead and doesn't realize it yet.. ;) Roania, TG me with Damien's prejudices, I can bring a character in who would be at the ceremony, but he looks like Wesley Snipes, if Damien's prejudices run that way, I don't want to cause any incidents.))
20-05-2004, 10:57
((I'm waiting to see what she does next. She tipped her hand early telling Niven she was going to kill him. Unless Niven's dead and doesn't realize it yet.. ;) Roania, TG me with Damien's prejudices, I can bring a character in who would be at the ceremony, but he looks like Wesley Snipes, if Damien's prejudices run that way, I don't want to cause any incidents.))

((Check your tms. Damien isn't really going to do anything nasty. Too much riding on this back in the Imperium.

I'm waiting, too, Celeborne... Damien really is interested in only one thing, and she might not like it.))
21-05-2004, 06:42
Niven sipped his drink and considered this.
"Well are you not concearned about your own karma. Taking a life must leave a negitive stain upon your own soul."

"Oh, you could not be more wrong. You see I am an agent of karma and only persuing it's will. It is time for you to reenter the great wheel and absolve yourself and renew your karma."

"That would be fine assuming that my karma was all bad. But, my darling it is not. I can counter every evil you accuse me of, with a good of equal value." Thinking for a moment " you see, you have not been let in on the full TRUTH of Dr. Niven." He spoke the word truth to make sure that she knew it was capitalized....
21-05-2004, 06:54
Niven lit a cigar and leaned back. "shall we begin. You name an offence and I shall counter with a good deed." gods I hope this works.

"Alrighty, god of greed and lord of metal." she leaned closer, Niven could smell her perfume it was a mix of summer, sex , and danger. She smelled like the day before Mardi Grais.
"You are responsable for turning people into robots, by introducing your cybernetic to the bodies of the people."

"I am also responsable for saving the lives of millions of people by the use of cybernetics. Artifical hearts and such for those that would have entered the wheel to soon. I have been the helper of fate, by repairing strings not yet meant to be snipped. Those same things have allowed people to see sunsets, run in the woods, hold thier lovers, hell, have lovers."
21-05-2004, 07:44
Felicity considered this for a moment..
"How about the fortune that you made from your humanitarian efforts ?"

Niven almost laughed, this was to easy. She seemed to only be aware of the last 20 years. He stopped sweating at that point.
"I have made a very good living. I have also given away a space station and a fortune to assist refugees. I have established two free colleges, not scholorships, but colleges. Every orphanage in Celeborne has state of the art medical and education equipment that I purchased for them, and I am responsable for employing over a million people. I think thatI have given back to my country."
21-05-2004, 07:56
Felicity adjusts her dress and gives the good doctor a very nice view of comming attractions.
"Shall we place the final charge before the celestial court ?"

"I am at your leisure."

"I am sure that you are."

"You took the last free power of the universe and stuck it in your narrow little white bread boxes and wrapped it in celphane and sold it to the masses." She seemed quite pleased with herself, he could not wiggle out of this one.

"No I didn't"
21-05-2004, 07:58
Damien idly played with the bottle in front of him, listening carefully. Come on, girl...make a move...
21-05-2004, 07:58
(( Ok, so I am insecure. I am pausing the story for a bit to collect comments and suggestions.))

((Comments? I'm loving it! Can't wait to find out what happens next.))

...Niven could smell her perfume it was a mix of summer, sex , and danger. She smelled like the day before Mardi Grais.

= my favorite quote!
21-05-2004, 08:11
(( Ok, so I am insecure. I am pausing the story for a bit to collect comments and suggestions.))

((Comments? I'm loving it! Can't wait to find out what happens next.))

...Niven could smell her perfume it was a mix of summer, sex , and danger. She smelled like the day before Mardi Grais.

= my favorite quote!

Thanks I-man !!
21-05-2004, 08:15
Felicity seemed confused for a moment. Like a bee caught between two perfect flowers..
"What do you mean. Your name is all over the magic institute."

"Well, love, my name is all over it because I provided the original funding."

"Ah ha." It was almost and orgasmic expresion of delight, she had him.

"However the monies that I provided was for research to determine if magic was possible. I funded gurus, new age thinkers, witches, voodo hoodos, medicine men, magi, and others from around the world. Once they had proven that it was a posibility my funding ended. The college was started by and financed by the Celeborne education commitee."

Felicity was confused, she did not know if she should end him or not, but she did know that she wanted him.
21-05-2004, 08:19
Now Damien did look up, semi-interested. Hmm... the great Dr. Niven had doubts magic existed? Heh. I wonder if he's sorted out any ways to cancel it?
21-05-2004, 08:46
Felicity struggled with the new information like it was a 500 pound sumo wrestler.

Niven tapped the growing ash off his cigar."Are there any other questions, or alligations you would like to mention ?"

"Why have you not tryed to stop me ? I am sure that you could have me arrested or dissolve me with your voodoo eyes." She was close to tears.

"I do not make a habit of destroying things of beauty."

Something seemed to snap inside Felicity, this was not the Niven she hunted, he was a giant creature of metal and doom. He was midnight in the grave yard, he should have smelled of grave dirt and cold steel. The man before was more sunsets and sunrises. He was a creature of balance....Why am I here, not in the metaphorical sense that normally went along with that question ( it was also generally accompanied by several ounces of Galaga's finest and at least 3 bottles of wine and a few playmates.)
Where had the idea to kill Niven come from anyway, a few days ago she was side stepping bugs on the sidewalk, and now she was considering killing a human. She had fallin through the looking glass, and shredded her soul on the way.....

"Are you alright ?"
"I am afraid that I am all left at the moment. Something has gone wrong in my energy field."
21-05-2004, 09:50
"I am afraid that I am all left at the moment. Something has gone wrong in my energy field."

((Don'tcha hate it when that happens? She should use Duracells. *ducks thrown watermelon by I-man* Ok, ok, *back to reading* ))
21-05-2004, 10:51
To be continueed tomorrow......
25-05-2004, 06:14
Felicity stood without comment or commentary. She flew like a monarch headed for fresh nector up the stairs to her room.

When she stood, Niven caught a reflection off her left eye. Odd that, he had seen it before. Who would have figured that the anti-cyber girl would have an optical cammera implant.
In a basment in Silver City, Celeborne.
A young man with greasy curly hair sat in a basement, stairing into a black and white monitor, which showed a picture of Dr. Niven sipping his drink and calmly talking, it then showed a stairwell and then a room.
Perched on his greasy head was a headset. It was transmitting the conversation in the bar.
"Damn it, she has failed."
And then a new voice from the shadows.
"What are you going to do now, Jimmy ?" The voice belonged to a fellow who looked like football player in a hippy suit. He was large and muscular with a smile like a banana split. His face was framed by long sandy blonde hair and matching sideburns.
"Never call me Jimmy ! My name is..."
"Yeah, yeah, I know, Lord Danger." There was obvious sarcasm in his voice.
"Yes, I am lord danger future ruler of Celeborne.." He continued with a list of titles for several minutes while our secound speaker rolled a cigerette (of unknow substance).
"You done ?"
"Yes, I think I am"
"So what are you going to do ?"
"Don't worry, I have a back up plan."
"Another unsuspecting chip head ?" mean Lord Danger Snarled his answer "Yes. The chip works."
"Super, dude. I am going to head over and make sure everything else is ready."
"You have my leave to go."
"Umm, thanks."
Plan B was sitting on the edge of his bed in Larkinia. He had taken up residence in a hotel that suited his soul. It was dark and dusty, and had been sold to new owners. He was cleaning a pair of automatic pistols with the alarm in his brain went off.
He stood , placing the pistols in the back of his cammo jeans and walked out.
26-05-2004, 08:25
Plan B walked down the hall to Felicity's room.
The Killer awoke before dawn
He stopped infront of her door
He put his boots on
There was no answer
And he walked on down the hall

Felicity floated out of the stair well to stare well into the flat dead eyes of Plan B.
She shot her best smile, put her hands on her hips and spread her legs slightly
Yes, son
He pulled out his pistols
I wanna.......

Niven saw the security team head for the elevators...
And he walked on down the hall
26-05-2004, 08:36
((Note to self: I have so got to improve security in Larkinia.. :P *On the edge of my seat!* ))
26-05-2004, 09:42
Niven's curiosity (and not knowing exactly where Jeff was at the moment) caused him to follow the security team.
When he exited the elevator he saw a huge pool of blood and a body covered with a sheet.
"Let me through I am a doctor."
"We don't need a doctor, we need a coroner." The security officer looked up and saw Niven...."Oh, sorry sir."
"Not a problem, do you mind if I inspect the body ?"
"That is most unusual."
"So am I."
Niven lifted the sheet.
26-05-2004, 09:42
((Note to self: I have so got to improve security in Larkinia.. :P *On the edge of my seat!* ))

((I hope you do not mind me taking some liberties with the number of firearms in the Pyramid.....))
26-05-2004, 09:57
(( Oh not at all dude! I love it! It's just something Jeff'll need to take care of... :D ))
26-05-2004, 10:23
Niven saw the face of a man he had never seen before. He was riddled with bullet holes. Niven checked his pulse and breath. The man was dead.
Niven saw foot prints in the thick carpet...they were barefoot.

People are strange, when your a stranger.....

Back in the basment in Celeboren.

"Damnit Jimmy, I told you this would not work."
"Sorry, Lord Danger"
"Go to Larkinia and take care of this."
"What is my cut ?"
"Your cut ? YOUR CUT ?"
"yeah, How much am I going to make out of this ?"
"This is not about money, this is about you serving your liege lord."
"No, I am pretty sure it is about money."
"Not anymore".

The gun in the giant's hand erupted 3 times transforming Jimmy "lord Danger" into another murder statistic.
26-05-2004, 10:27
"No, I am pretty sure it is about money."

((Line of the night, right there!))
26-05-2004, 10:29
"No, I am pretty sure it is about money."

((Line of the night, right there!))

((Thank you, thank , and thank you. :) ))
26-05-2004, 10:32
((You're welcome dude, that was a great line!))
26-05-2004, 11:10
The end part 1.
Niven walked away from the body and stepped back on the elevator, it had already been a long day, and he was sure that it was not over yet. He checked the display that showed on the right side of his vision full clip, fully charged.
He opened his room's door to find Felicity standing infront of the bed, she was armed with a large pistol and a dangerous sexuality.
"So, are you going to kill me..."
Sh lowered the guns
Niven approached her, and took the guns from her hands.
She pleaded with him "Tell me something true."
"You have at least one cybernetic implant."
"That is not possible"
"Oh but it is." He set the pistols down and pulled a scanner out of his medical bag. "Do you mind ?"
"Not very well..."
Niven laughed and then ran the scanner over her body, he followed it closely with his hand, she moaned lightly.
"Look here, you have three implants. One eye, one in your inner ear, and one in your ear lobe."
"take them out. Just love me for tonight. Act like I am something you care about, and take them out."
"As you wish." His comment ended when she pressed her lips and body against his.....
'Give me a moment to make the arraingments."
Niven pulled a small laptop out of his bag and began typing.

Please forgive me, but I have something to attend to. I shall return tomorrow.Do not fear for my safety, this is a mission of love.

They were standing on the balcony when the aerodyne swung in to pick them up. They flew over Larkinia, and Felicity marvelled at how the landscape looked like fire flys dancing, they flew over the bays of Iansisle and he showed her the beauty of the great ships as the bobbed on the sea waves. He took her....well he took her (we shall allow the lovers a few moments of privacy)

When Felicity woke up, it was in a bed of softest down. There was a patch over her left eye, that also covered her ear. "'ere now lovey, there is no need for worry. You are safe as a babe in 'er mothers arms you are." It was a beautiful plump woman who smelled of breakfast, hugs, fresh towels and cheek kisses. "The good docter 'as seen it fit to fix you up darlin'. 'e also left you this note, and a few gifts."
She rolled over and read the note.

My Darling,
My love for you lasted longer than one night, and the only gifts that I could think to give you were these. I replaced your eye with a natural one, I am sorry that I could not find your original (and I did search) but I found you one that was vat grown (excuse the crudeness of that) and matched your other eye perfectly, at least you will be able to see many things for the first time, through one eye atleast. I removed the subliminal implant that was repeating a meesage of death over and over again in your ear, I do not know how you managed not to go insane. I also removed a send/recieve implant in your ear. I do not know who did this, but I will find out. There are a few other gifts for you, I have left a lsum of money for you to restart your life where ever you want (though I know you do not care for money, this could help you). If you will look at your arms you will see the other gift I made for you, I thought it best that you have a little beauty out of this ordeal." She looked quickly at her arms, they were covered with beautiful butterfly tattoos."And finally I have written my personal phone number on the back of a poem for you. Use either one whenever you need to.
A smile erupted accross her face accompanied by a single tear.
" 'ere now, lovely, back to sleep with you. You need your strength" as she slipped of to sleep she thought I have found my strength

26-05-2004, 11:16
The End Part 2
Mrs. Pridemore walked into her husbands office. She was bringing him his morning tea. She noticed two odd things, first the window was broken, and second there was a giant hippy on the floor, and he was dead a door nail (shouldn't that be coffin nail...).
" 'ere now !!! "
"Calm your self darling, I have handled it."
"Wot 'appened ???"
"He somehow made it past the guards (a note had been made to have them sent to retraining) and broke in through the window. He seemed to think that I was Master Niven and demanded an obscene amount of money in exchange for my life." Taking a breath.
"Well, I told him that I was not worth a tenth of that. He became upset and started waving his firearm about." Pridemore then imitates the actions of his attacker (He was a thesbian in university) " So I shot him in the head. I seemed to calm him down quite a bit."
Mrs. Pridemore tenderly hugged and kissed her husband. He seemed a little embarassed, even though they were alone (well, except for the dead hippy).
"I'm so glad you were not 'urt. Why I don't know how I would go on with out you.."
"There, there dear heart, I am alright."
With a tearin her eye "Well I guess you expect me to clean up this mess"
26-05-2004, 11:18
With a tearin her eye "Well I guess you expect me to clean up this mess"

((LOL, always the pragmatist, gotta love mrs. P ))
26-05-2004, 11:19
The end part 3
Niven returned to his room late the nex morning. He typed a quick message to Jeff.

My dear son,
I will be in attendance at your inaguration, but I had some business come up. Please forgive me if I am late, I could use a shower and a nap. Surgery always wears me out, and the tattooing afterwards did me in. Cryptic enough for you lad ? I am well, and will be at your side anon.
Your loving (if not dotting) Father.
26-05-2004, 11:31
the end part four
Your author would like to thank you all for kindly endulging him while he released this story form his brain, where it had been chained for some time.

Thank you all, and please let me know what you think.
26-05-2004, 11:35
My dear son,
I will be in attendance at your inaguration, but I had some business come up. Please forgive me if I am late, I could use a shower and a nap. Surgery always wears me out, and the tattooing afterwards did me in. Cryptic enough for you lad ? I am well, and will be at your side anon.
Your loving (if not dotting) Father.

Jeff read the message as it came in, after getting the first one the night before he'd been on the phone with as many security officers as he could get a hold of to find out what had happened... as it stood he figured he probably demoted about a couple hundred for incompetence since they didn't have a clue. Between that and the phone call about Christin and James he'd had a long night.

He rubbed his eyes as he read the email. "Well at least he's not dead," Jeff said.

"No, that's your job dear," Katherine said from the bed, still half asleep. "Are you going to get any sleep before the ceremony tomorrow.. or today?"

"Probably not, get some sleep sweetheart."

OOC: No worries man, this is great!
27-05-2004, 05:09
((Great story, very amusing, lots of good jokes in there. Favorite one:

" So I shot him in the head. I seemed to calm him down quite a bit."

:lol: Very good indeed.))