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ESUS approached for membership (Closed combat RP)

16-05-2004, 02:41
Direct Beam Transmission: The Grand Atheist Empire of The Mindset
Transmission Origin: The Colony of SR-2091

To the founders of the Extra-Solar Union of Systems, I bring a message of greetings. In case you are unaware, we are a system cast off from the Galaxy. Founded decades ago by the once great Klonor, we are now a tiny nation that is barely able to support ourselves.The Great Mother (referring to Sol) is some 1,576,800 light-years from our home and out of easy reach. So, we need your help.

Though there are sufficient materials present to support our civilisation, materials are not all that is required. We need a connection to civilisation, to the rest of Humanity. Essentially: We need your help.

Klonor was once a member of your esteemed organisation, and Klonor profited from it. Yet Klonor has fallen, and those profits are long since gone. We seek to reclaim what was lost, and so we seek your allowance. Will you accept us into your brotherhood? Will you accept us as one of your own?
The Mindset
16-05-2004, 02:58
Re: The Colony of SR-2091
Org:The Grand Atheist Empire of The Mindset

Greetings from The Empire. We sympathise with your plight, and aknowledge your request for admission to the great alliance known as ESUS. Unfortunately, we alone are not able to grant this request. The leaders of several ESUS members must meet, along with your asteemed leader, on neutral ground to neogotiate initiation.

Naturally, if you are admitted, you will be awarded favourable trade rights to ESUS member systems, as well as financial aid from an emergency fund, to help rebuild the once great empire of Klonor.

We suggest a meeting on the development planet of Lelon, 780 lightyears from Sol. If our convoy dispatches now, at maximum speed we can reach your location in a little over two months. We hope you have a better method.

Hopefully, we will be able to convince other members to attend. May your admittance be swift.

~ Del Delcine, Minister for Foreign Affairs.
16-05-2004, 03:02
16-05-2004, 03:19
Direct Beam Transmission: The Grand Atheist Empire of The Mindset
Transmission Origin: The Colony of SR-2091

We do, indeed, posess methods of quickly crossing the Great Expanse. The mythical Nexus Flight, developed mere months before the founding if this colony, allows us to cross the distance to Sol in just over 30 minutes. I'm sure we could meet you at Lelon whenever you wish. When do you wish this meeting to take place?

Incidentally, is there anything we should bring to said meeting? We shall be embarking abord a Mercury class Corvette with a small infantry escort, these are turbulent times, and do not wish to cause any discomfort to our hosts. Is anything required?
The Mindset
16-05-2004, 03:24
Re: The Colony of SR-2091
Org:The Grand Atheist Empire of The Mindset

Lelon is a rough world - we advise bringing a small, well armed security team. The Prime will be accompanied by ten of the best marines, carrying enough firepower to easily subdue any foe. Not that we expect any problems, of course. Lelon is so early in development that even pirates are not interested in the system.
The Mindset
16-05-2004, 14:06
Durringham, capital of Lelon...

The warehouses of Durringham docks wouldn't at first glance appear to be of any importance. Certainly, it never let on that it was the top secret Navy Intelligence base of operations for the entire local sector of space. Durringham itself didn't live up to the delusions of grandeur that many civillians carried when speaking of the Intelligence agency. Durringham didn't have perfect roads, well-nourished people, secret weapon caches, or any other modern convenience. Rather, the roads were mud, compacted by years of use, sludgey for days after the heavy downpours of Lelon. Yes, Lelon, the jungle planet. The damned jungle planet.

"Darcye, we've got a merchant wanting ten thousand tonnes of Mayope wood for planet Norfolk. Want to neogotiate the price, or should I?"

Darcye, a woman in her mid-sixties, was one of the best Navy Secret Service agents in the Empire. She was tall, around six foot five, and lightly built. Sadly for those who thought it a good idea to oppose her in combat, her genetically enhanced senses and muscles allowed her to snap spines at will, and break through solid steel without much damage to herself. Even if she did become injured, her biological implants provided her with painkillers and adrenaline boosts, restricting nerve impulses from the damaged area. She was the latest Mindsettian invention, a true guinea pig. And she hated it.

"Tell him we're closed. You know I'll be too busy this week to deal with offworld shit like him."

"Uhh.. okay. Are you okay Darcye?"

"Yes." He didn't pry further.

Formed inside her mind, Darcye was overviewing her mission parameters. Contact had been lost with the sherrifs upriver, and satellite imagery was hazy over the areas in question.

"Doesn't anything ever work on this damn planet?"


Juan was Darcyes male counterpart. Taller still, and with broader shoulders, even without the implants he could take out most men. He was dressed in a one-piece suit, a dull-grey colour, with several gadgets and weaponry hanging from a loose belt. He accessed the report that Darcye had been overviewing.

"You've got to be shitting me."
The Mindset
16-05-2004, 14:37
Durringham, Government Outpost...

The government offices of Durringham were the only air-conditioned buildings on the planet. They were the only escape from the suffocating heat and moisture of the Lelon jungle atmosphere. Inside, most walls were made from solid polpy, a very strong semi-organic plastic which could be manufactured from most raw materials. Everything was a milky translucent white. This uniformity was only broken by the arrival of The Prime, and his entourage of ten Navy Marines.

The previous day, the Durringham spaceport had been restricted. All cargo ships had been left in orbit, as a [i]Grange[/i ] Class Frigate had landed. On board was The Prime of the Mindset, and enough ammo to ensure that he stayed that way. Precautions were always a good thing, he said.

Marque Ducas was a Navy Marine of fourteen years experience. At this very moment, he felt great. He was assigned to personal protection of the most important person in the entire Empire! He told himself, 'I mustn't fuck this up.'

Dressed in all black, with personal shields making low humming and whistling noises as they brushed against each others gravity fields, the Marines were a strange sight on the semi-backward planet of Lelon. Thet planet where agriculture was the primary industry. Lelon had been discovered in 4211AD, and colonisation was initiated only a year later. An asteroid was knocked into orbit, and from its ores an orbital spacedock and spaceport were built, along with mandatory voidholes. Only fifteen years into its settlement, the population was ten million strong, but most of the planet was still in phase one of development. Perhaps in ninety years or so, the planet would begin showing some return. So far, all it had done is cost the Empire over eleven trillion commercial credits in investment. Naturally none of the colonists saw any of this money.

The Prime himself was a very regal figure. Several hundred years of genetic alterations had given him a body that looked twenty five for its expected 65 year duration, at which point he was cloned and all his memories are transferred to his new body.

"Ahhh.... Governor Ryce. It's good to finally meet you. I assume you have made accomodations for the talks that will be taking place this week?"

The governor let out a slight squeak before coughing loudly.

"Of course! Please, follow me."
The Mindset
16-05-2004, 15:04
This RP is CLOSED only. Those participating (thus far) are: SR-2091, The Mindset and Indra Prime.
Indra Prime
16-05-2004, 21:44
In orbit around Lelon

Everything around the still primitive planet of Lelon appeared to be normal as usual. The normalcy was disturbed as a bright flash heralded the arrival of the Indra Prime Pocket Cruiser Dauntless. This ship class was a relatively new introduction into the Indra Prime Fleet but had been in operation in the Temporal Incursion Fleet as a high level transport. As with all other TIF vessels, the ship was darker than the void between the stars and had no running lights nor markings that would allow enemy ships to detect the identity of the vessel. The vessel quickly decelerated from exiting hyperspace and arced into a polar orbit which would make detection just that much harder.

On the compact bridge of the Dauntless, the crew went about its duties while preparing for the captian's depart for the conference. The captian in question was, once thought dead, Senior Director Jonathan Harding. While he was presumed dead by virtually everyone, he had led the Omega project, which had fruited into multiple things most notably the Temporal Incursion Fleet and the technological advancements that made it unique.

Director Harding broke from his concentration on the holopad he was holding in his hand to look at the forward holoscreen to watch their flawless arrival into the Lelon system. As soon as the vessel was parked in a stationary polar orbit he half turned to the communications officer off to his right.

"Lieutenant Desadi, open a secure channel with the Durringham spaceport."

"Channel open and secured, Director."

"This is the Indra Prime Cruiser Dauntless requesting landing procedures. We are here to participate in the negotiations. Dauntless standing by."
The Mindset
16-05-2004, 23:25
Durringham Spaceport

The spaceport was the most technologically competent building on Lelon. It sprawled like a virus across the planet for a full thousand square kilometers.

"Dauntless, you are cleared to dock with the orbital port. Send down a spaceplane, we're rather full down here."


Durringham Intelligence Base of Operations

Juan looked at his feet. The images projected directly into his mind by his implants had shocked even him. Bodies. Hundreds of thousands of bodies, lying upriver. Fires: most villages were on fire, totally razed to the ground. And the strange phenomena - the satellite images went fuzzy every time the passed over an area affected.

More worryingly, there was no villagers in the fields. At this time of year, every villager was desperatly trying to get their crops in before the rains destroyed them. It was distinctly unnerving.

"Well then. I guess that settles it," he said.

"Naturally. We know what we have to do. Mission protocol tells us to scout the area, find out the cause of the disturbance, and isolate it. We're going upriver. Get your gear ready."

He zipped up his body suit. "I'm always ready."
Indra Prime
17-05-2004, 07:10
"Durringham Spaceport. This is the Dauntless. We acknowledge your instructions and are complying. A transport will be leaving momentarily from our hangar with eleven persons on board. Thank you for your assistance Durringham. Dauntless out."

The Dauntless began adjusting her orbit until she was in position to dock with the orbital port which was little more than an orbiting satellite. As soon as the Dauntless docked with the orbiting space dock, a small transport separated from the underbelly of the Dauntless and two nacelles extended down and out from the top of the transport and the exhaust grilles glowed green with the energy of the microcore that powered the entire vessel. The Dauntless shuttle, named the Tothoga glided down through the atmosphere and identified the landing site in the proximity of the warehouses where the conference was supposed to take place.

The Togotha settled down at the landing field and powered down. The hatch cracked open and yawned wider until a flight of steps touched the tarmac. Two soldiers wearing the black battlegear of the elite Spectre Force, stepped out of the transport and stepped to either side of the doorway to act as an honor guard to the Senior Director. These soldiers were the most ruthless and the most feared among the entire Indran Army. After the soldiers were in position, four more soldiers with the same battlegear stepped out of the transport, and positioned themselves ahead of the door by about two meters giving the remaining five people room to exit. next person to exit the craft was the man long thought dead, Senior Director Jonathan Harding. He was dressed in his battle dress uniform, which was of the Temporal Incursion branch of the military. The dark gray uniform, complete with black trim and black gloves looked really sharp with the heavily armed entourage that surrounded the Director, who was responsible for the creation of the Temporal Incursion Fleet and the elite Spectre Force. As soon as he stepped out the door the four remaining soldiers exited from the landing craft and finished the enclosure around their leader. The two soldiers guarding the entrance to the vessel simultaneously touched a control panel on their arm and the doorway wavered for a second and dissapeared completely leaving an unmarred surface where the door once was.
18-05-2004, 03:20
With the typical, slightly distorted flash of blue and ripple of space, the SRCv Illium flashed out of Nexus Flight above the planet Lelon.

Broad Beam Transmission: All in-system receivers
Transmission Origin: SRCv Illium

Attention Mindsettian vessels, this is Captain Hiram aboard the SRCv Illium outbound from the system of SR-2091. We have been dispatched to this system to begin negotiations for membership in the Extra-Solar Union of Systems.

Please transmit the co-ordinates for the conference so that we may dispatch a shuttle with the necessary diplomats. We hope to get under way as soon as possible.
21-05-2004, 00:21
21-05-2004, 12:28
Cpt. McMannus stood on his warp pad with 8 subordinates. The hornet class reconsince vehicle stood behind him. His palms were balmy he hated to g through the warp. 3.. 2.. 1.. then the familiar pull wrenched him out of this plane of existence. Then suddenly he and his troops were in a grass field. Their Sensors detected Mindsettian and Indra Primian forces...
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21-05-2004, 13:35
OOC: Sorry dude, but this is a private RP
21-05-2004, 17:15
OOC: I was invited by Mindset yesterday
IC: Cpt. McMannus turned to Sgt. Anderson and said "Where are we?". Sgt. Anderson pulled out of a pouch a palm pilot sized instrument. He pressed his fingers on a few of the touch sensitive displays on the bright plasma screen. "Sir, the scanner is not working, it's almost as if their is some jamming frequency around here." said Anderson. "Well, do a sweep for all known jamming frequencies allies and enemies." said Cpt. McMannus. A few moments later Anderson informed him that there was no jamming going on. "I see, well search the area for any kinds of enrgy emmissions." said the Captain. A minute or so later well we do detect 2 distinct enrgy patterns consistant with Indran and Mindsettian Technology sir.". Any reading on the ditance? said McMannus, "About 600 km from here." replied Anderson. "Okay, can we get a lock on their radio frequencies?" asked McMannus. "No sir, although we could just put out an all points broadcast." said Sgt. Anderson while touching his radio to tune it. "frequency open sir" said Anderson. "To all Mindsettian or Indran forces Present, the is Captain McMannus of the People's Republic of Metallinauts, my squad and I were going through a warp transport and a malfunction dropped us here. We would be much abbligied if you can even tell us hwere here even is. Also, can you provide us with transport to the nearest Metallinauts outpost? Sorry to be a pain. Over."
21-05-2004, 22:19
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22-05-2004, 00:12
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The Mindset
22-05-2004, 00:17
OOC:NP Dude Aren't you in the ESUS?

No, he isn't.
22-05-2004, 15:20
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IC: "Cpt. McMannus! We have a problem!" said 1stPvt Xian. "What?" said McMannus exasperatedly, as if he didn't have enough problems. "It's the Hornet, her aouto pilot and auto tracker is not working. I'm also having some sluggish reaction to the digital steering." Xian said while testing it's other systems. "Could it have something to do with the Warp malfunction?" said McMannus bewilderd. "No sir, if it was a Warp malfunction all the circuits and all the digitals would be fried. I think it has something to do with the "interference" the Anderson is having with the radio and sensors." Xian trailed off at the end. "Anderson! Have we tried contacting any Metallinauts anywhere on an all points?" yelled McMannus to Anderson who was on a hill surveying the landscape. "Yes Sir! With no kind of fruition! All long ditance communication is down!" screamed Anderson back. "I GOT IT!!" Xian screamed as the hornets' anti-gravametric engines kicked on. "Well, let's go find the Indran and Mindsettians." Said Cpt. Maxwell as he and his team got in to the hornet and flew off...
23-05-2004, 17:05
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23-05-2004, 17:06
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The Mindset
23-05-2004, 17:24
SR-2091 vessel, this is Durringham spaceport, we are experiencing multiple cascading equipment failures. We do not recommend landing your ship, there seems to be some form of interference causing electronic systems to malfuction. Please decend in a small craft, lock into Durringhams spaceport systems to obtain coordinates.

200km Upriver...

White snowlillies secrete sappy, sticky fluid into the river, as the huge reiverboat pushes against the gentle current. On board, Juan and Darcye ride with the captain and her husband, Gerald and Marie Skibbow.

"You had better make sure we get the full one million credits for doing this. Damn, woman, haven't you heard about the riots upriver? Risking OUR life and limb for some lame ass government agency. Don't tell me you don't have fancy spacecraft that can beamerise you down there in a blink of an eye? No? Eh? Well, just make sure I get.."

"Shut up Marie. Leave the poor agents alone." Gerald Skibbows appearance was one of a wise traveller - long white hair held back by a solid platinum clip in a ponytail that reached his ankles, one piece riversuit to keep out the humidity of Lelons climate, and thick, vallency bonded liquid silicon shoes that shaped to his feet and the terrain automatically. "We'll get our money, let's just get these people upriver. Thye ight be able to calm things down."

Darcy tried her best not to glance at Juan. Mechanical telepathic communication could often be given away by facial expressions, and genetic telepathy caused by geneering was no exception. Except, of course, that it couldn't be intercepted by normal means.

She seems like a total bitch, Darcye spoke directly into Juans mind.

She is.

Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the boat, followed by a thundering roar of water at very high pressure.

"Shit! What was that? There's nothing on the scope... damn.."

The boat veered sharply to the left, a loud crunching of metal scraping against something very hard splitting the calm, heavy air. More booms were heard. Marie screamed orders at her husband, instructing him to inspect the damage. He ran the two hundred meter length of the deck in forty seconds, his genetically enhanced balance mechanisms and muscles allowing him to balance perfectly on the widely rocking deck. He made his way to a large hatch in the deck flooring, and twisted the seals, pulling up as he did so.

"I've got multiple processor failures here! Shit, we're in some kind of electronic jamming field."

The agents stood by, attempting to see where the enemy could be hiding. Switching their optical implants to infrared didn't help any. Noone visible was nearby.

More booms. A scream. Gerald was standing over the hatch one minute, the next he was seven hundred meters in the air, propelled upwards by the force of a huge jet of water.

Move. Now. Darcye and Juan jumped overboard, just as the jet began ripping the solid vallency bonded silicon boat to pieces. As the water rushed through the tiny hole in the teck, it slowly made its way towards to ship fusion generator. Once it reached it, the ship exploded, followed by an implosion as the air rushed to fill the vaccum created when every atom within a hundred meters of the boat was converted to pure energy.

The agents suits detected the blast, and their vallency bonded silicon suits hardened in response.

Yeah, no kidding.
23-05-2004, 17:39
"Roger that. Transport Omega shall depart at once."

With a nod the to side the Captain gives the command for the diplomat, with marine escort, to move towards the docking bay. A few brief minutes later and the Elysium transport smoothly sails out of the docking bay, heading down towards the planets surface.

"Pilot, what time do you expect to land?"

"ETA is approximately 17 minutes, sir. You should probably strap in."

The ambassador sits down, fumbling with the seat straps and (finally) managing to buckle everything up.

"We're about to land, hold on."

The diplomat grabs the armrests in fear, the marines barely even twitch.

"Everyone, welcome to Lelon."

The side door opens, the diplomat and entourage stepping onto the planets surface.
The Mindset
23-05-2004, 17:46
Durringham Govcentral

"Sir, the latest satellite imagery is worse then it was ten hours ago. According to this, nearly eighty vilalges upriver have buildings on fire, and the images are still fuzzy from the electronic warefare field. I think we may have some kind of major problem going on up there."

Landing site

The landing site is a barely functional bonded concrete slap, fifty meters a side, lying some two hundred meters from the main spaceport. An entourage of forty stand around as the SR-2091 ship lands neatly upon the giant X bonded to the concrete floor.

As the craft doors open, one of the members of the ground crew activates a program within his neural nanonics. The concrete directly under the craft door flickers, and changes colour to a bright crimson, leading away from the craft and up the pathway towards the main spaceport building.

"Welcome to Lelon, gentlemen."
25-05-2004, 23:58
As the ghost squad moved rather quickly towards the last known co-ordinates of the Mindsettian. "SIR!!" screamed Xian "Multiple explosions bearing 987.8, 714.99! Orders Sir?!" yelled Xian. "Well, we have to protect innocents, intercept course. full speed." said McMannus. "Yes Sir!" said Xian with a smile he loved driving fast. Soon they were doing 700 km per hour and haulted at the seen of the wreck... The hull of the vessel was torn to shreds. "What could do such a thing? What has that kind of fire power?" said Anderson. "Buck Up!(which in Metallinauts army slang means arm yourself)" They all exited their guns all heavy weapons latest and most cutting edgde snipers, machine guns, flame throwers and rocket launcher, they were an army unto themselves. "Activate Universal Translators and Thermal/Biological scanners" said Maxwell. In a minute the two Mindsettian agents were found. They were beaten but still in remarkable shape. "Need a lift?" asked McMannus to the 2 Mindsettians.
The Mindset
26-05-2004, 14:21
As the ghost squad moved rather quickly towards the last known co-ordinates of the Mindsettian and Indran forces. "SIR!!" screamed Xian "Multiple explosions bearing 987.8, 714.99! Orders Sir?!" yelled Xian. "Well, we have to protect innocents, intercept course. full speed." said McMannus. "Yes Sir!" said Xian with a smile he loved driving fast. Soon they were doing 700 km per hour and haulted at the seen of the wreck... The hull of the vessel was torn to shreds. "What could do such a thing? What has that kind of fire power?" said Anderson. "Buck Up!(which in Metallinauts army slang means arm yourself)" They all exited their guns all heavy weapons latest and most cutting edgde snipers, machine guns, flame throwers and rocket launcher, they were an army unto themselves. "Activate Universal Translators and Thermal/Biological scanners" said Maxwell. In a minute the two Mindsettian agents were found. They were beaten but still in remarkable shape. "Need a lift?" asked McMannus to the 2 Mindsettians.

I don't know what you mean by moving to the last knows coords, Indra's forces are still at the spaceport, and my two agents are not detectable by you.
26-05-2004, 16:46
OOC: My bad I thought Indra was on the planet I shall promptly edit it. Last known coordinates means that my scanners lost track of you due to the distance and the jamming. Even if my scanners could not detect you they would have detected your vessel as well as the explosion So either way I would have known you were there.
Indra Prime
28-05-2004, 06:26
OOC: I did land my delegation at a landing field not far from the meeting place. I was waiting until a representative met with the director and his entourage to escort them to the conference.
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