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EOTED Unveils New High Performance Fighter

16-05-2004, 01:27
NENYA, SATURDAY - Never has a military project been shielded so thoroughly from public eyes in the Empire - the eXon Project funding did not appear on any public release of IDF RDD accounts last year, and, surprisingly, the existance of the project was not leaked to the public shortly before the unveiling of the new fightercraft.

When the M# was launched, it was done so publically; not so the eXon MRSF (Multirole Superiority Fighter). It is indeed true that the last twelve months or more have seen unprecendented levels of UFO reports - attributed to testing of new role-specific versions of the X# and G# series of aircraft - but eXon has been kept from the masses with incredible vigilance.

But today, the Imperial Ministry for IDF Public Relations released video footage of the second-generation MI superiority aircraft.

The new aircraft incorporates all of the strengths of the first three first-generation MI aircraft with the nimbleness of the wingless structure of the X# (generally referred to as a G1.5 MI aircraft), with almost equivalent stealth capacity of that aircraft mass-for-mass due to RCS-limiting near-flawless smooth profiling of the skin of the bird. In addition, the perfluorocarbon cockpit system has been overhauled, delivering higher-g tolerance for the pilot and therefore greater reaction times at greater speed in combat scenarios.

The aircraft is larger than the M#, weighing in at nearly a ton, and is designed to operate solely in atmospheric combat theatres.

New software is also a big factor in the upgrades of the bird, with the old laser projection HUD systems now replaced with state-of-the-art liquid projection trimensional 'visors, giving full wrap-around vision to the pilot with an interactive display.

Targeting systems are also upgraded, with increased capacity for aircraft-to-orbit communications, allowing faster target acquisition and quicker intercept times during patrol-style engagements.

It is also believed that the aircraft is fitted with a small PGFG - psuedo-gravitational field generator - but these rumours have been neither confirmed nor denied by the Ministry or the IDF AF. PGFG is a relatively new development, designed as a stepping-stone to a true AG system - but that AG system is believed to be years away without outside aid.

So for now, PGFG is the Empire's only near-AG technology. Whether or not the eXon MRSF possesses the PGFG, one thing is clear: EOTED air superiority looks secure for some years to come.

~ Excerpted from Nenya Today