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The coming of the Slyeari. (Invite/Closed)

The Ctan
15-05-2004, 23:00
The Reaper of Light – Part the Second coasted casually into orbit above Tareldanore transmitting a volley of friendship messages to the Menelmacari as it crossed their space, weapons powered down yet alert, sensors probing for any possible danger to the vast crescent-moon shaped vessel. The time had come at long last to act upon one of the many plans in Mephet’ran’s labyrinthine mind, this ambition coming to fruition.

Now, with his powers once again at what he considered an acceptable level of power, he foresaw few difficulties in this. He – or rather she, she had taken on a female form for this, a particularly great form of gold, austere yet beautiful, faintly surrounded by a simmering golden corona of light. Her eyes were pits of the brightest light, near blinding to look into for more than the briefest of seconds.

This figure left the vast bulk of the battleship as a glowing speck, descending into the atmosphere, somehow avoiding the image spoiling effects of friction against her. As she reached a few kilometres above the ground, she casually extended a hand, pointing regally toward her destination, the capital of a land known as Seck’Sapeel, the capital shared its name, Seck’Sapeelche’el.

Though she had no need to, she felt like making a melodramatic entrance, and twitched her hand, unleashing a bolt of strange darkness, which widened out to become large enough to obscure her form. As it hit the ground, it began to make things… disappear, carving a direct tunnel down into the ‘underdark’ ending its rampage a moment after it chewed its way into the area beyond. With another casual gesture, all other lights, barring those that were magical, in the city died, flames snuffed out, and the more common electrical kind fading after a moment, light from above only coming from that one place.

After a moment longer, this figure entered, a light breeze preceding her, and cast her gaze around to see what lay beyond…
Seck Sapeel
16-05-2004, 10:17
The police forces were quick to respond to the appearance of this... entity. Looking at her made their bare eyes burn, so they lowered their helmet visors. The visors were simply there if they needed protection from strong light sources. Seeing the power of this woman, the first units that appeared on the scene started firing their sub machine guns. Like ants guarding their nest, they were attacking first and asking questions later.

At Shinduagoche’el, the Ilythiiri surface city, it took almost no time at all before their Valsharess received word of this disruption.

“Vel’bol lil vith?!” the dark skinned empress shouted over her cell phone, making everyone around her stop what they were doing, and turn their heads to her. She was supposed to be making a public appearance at the ‘Obsul’ and was eating at one of the best restaurants on the surface world. The anger in her voice commanded the fear of those around her, who started to back away or act defensively. “Ust Maynda shar’tlegen qua’laen ussa, t’yin nindol? Tesso l’vzahaz mir chath, jhal sslig’ne l’che’el ka ssrig’luinus. Dorn tlu gaer ulnin.” With that, she stood up, pocketing her phone, and proceeded to the undercity with her guards.

Her warning was too late. The police were already opening fire on the newcomer. As the message was relayed to the police troops, they disregarded it, as they had already engaged in combat.
The Ctan
16-05-2004, 17:02
The figure gazed around as they fired at her – as each bullet came within a few feet of her, it disappeared into a wisp of vapour. She opened her mouth in a soundless shriek, and the light from her became brighter than ever, and as it touched the insolent males making up the police force, it quickly melted through their clothing, burning them. With thousands upon thousands of agonised screams, she casually shattered their bones, which ploughed through their bodies until they were outside the bloody ilythiiri corpses.

That point at least, seemed to be made.
Seck Sapeel
16-05-2004, 22:22
Again just like ants, when one wave is obliterated, another takes it’s place. But now as the threat begins to prove to be more than just a slight threat, the bigger guns come out to stop this figure. These troops seemed to not learn from the previous wave.

However, again they were swatted away by the power of this being of light. The cycle continued for a few minutes before everything died down suddenly.

“Hold your fire,” a new figure said, just to keep the others from going trigger-happy. It came from a male, but with a great position of authority over the others. Two of them could be seen walking down the middle of the street, with the others hiding from alleyways to rooftops. One of the males was dressed in well bulked-out black armour, a black helmet, and carried a sub machinegun in his hands. His finger was resting on the trigger guard. It was none other than Teblyn. The other male was dressed in a dark red trench coat. This one wore many rings on his fingers, each of which gave off a different coloured glow. This one was evidently well versed in magic.

“What in the hells do you think you are doing here?” Teblyn asked in the common surfacer tongue, lacking any emotion despite the phrasing. The spellcaster remained silent. His eyes vacant.
The Ctan
17-05-2004, 15:59
The figure turned, brilliant against the background. She regarded Teblyn in the way one would regard a particularly large and obnoxious bluebottle sitting on a turd. She spoke with a voice of awesome beauty, surprising in its melodious qualities, almost choral, “I do believe I am claiming you for my own,” she said, “I find your current Quar’valsharess to be… lacking. Therefore, consider her replaced for… weakness.”

She waited for the reaction to that little insult…
17-05-2004, 16:50
OOC: Hope you don't mind another body, or this little twist!

Derrian Filomina Steele was having a lousy day. First, he woke up in his dingy rooming-house, alone and down $600 credits, stolen by the sleazy but easy woman who had shared his bed last night. Work was particularly stressful as his intended target begged, pleaded and whined until the very end. Oh, they always begged, but this one stood out for his complete patheticness. In the end, a swift pull of his razor-sharp Shirka across the victim’s jugular was enough to quell his sad pleading. Once he had washed up and returned to his office, a new hit was waiting for him.

The contract was long, elaborate and filled with the incomprehensible language that the lawyers loved to use to validate the exorbitant prices they charged. It was a simple hit: take out a being who had unlimited God-like powers. Sure, easy enough. Just walk up to this “Mephet’ran “, and smile as you blow his brains out…or hers, depending on what form the being chose to be wearing on that particular day. Derrian felt the beginning of another massive migraine coming on.

Swallowing a handful of aspirins, washed down by his first bourbon of the day, Derrian logged onto his company intranet, and sent notice that the contract had been received, and accepted. Of course he accepted, as he had no other choice: do the hit, or die. Talk about your job security. His next step was to begin researching the movements and history of this being who was slated to die, and choosing the weapons to accomplish the task: what EXACTLY do you use to kill a God?
Seck Sapeel
17-05-2004, 17:17
Teblyn remained calm. Although he frowned, it wasn’t visible from behind his visor. It was a little shocking to hear words like these coming from a female that wasn’t Vailphi. He had spent too much time with her, and has softened a little in this respect. The reply instantly struck the spellcaster, who started chanting silently.

“Really now? How do you suppose you’re going to do that?” Teblyn asked calmly. This was the same show of courage he showed many times before – the reason he’s managed to climb up the social ranks to become one of the most well recognised males of the empire. He was stalling for time, however. The Drow male knew that his mistress was going to be arriving soon.
The Ctan
17-05-2004, 18:00
((OOC: Gawdly, I’m afraid we do… As for assassinating Mephet’ran, well, there would be numerous reasons to want to do it… Blowing his brains out is difficult, and most likely you’d head for the C’tan Empire to try… through the Imperial Outpost of Sentinel Two on Mars. As for blowing his brains out… that’s going to be hard… very, very, very hard indeed.

If you want to try, feel free to start a new thread and TG me the link. I don't hold out much hope for his chances though...))

The star-goddess looked at the spellcaster, amusement showing through on her features. After a moment, he gargled for a second, chant breaking down into howls of agony as his vocal cords were burnt away. After a moment he slumped to the ground, mute. She looked back to Teblyn with a grin, “Simple enough… male,” she stressed the word, knowing of drow matriarchy, and not really intending to change that quickly, “with power… overwhelming power, and you would be wise to not stand in my way…”
Seck Sapeel
17-05-2004, 18:33
Teblyn turned to his fallen comrade and stepped away quickly. Behind his visor, his eyes were wide with panic. He knew that this would trigger the spellcaster’s contingency spell. As he backed off, he pulled his SMG up to aim, slipped his index finger over the trigger, and started firing bursts into the mage.

The mage shuddered as he was hit repeatedly by Teblyn’s fire. There were no exit wounds, as each round tumbled. If the mysterious woman hadn’t triggered the contingency, then Teblyn’s gunfire would have. His body started to glow like embers for a moment, and then exploded, sending out a huge shockwave of blue, pent up magical energy. Teblyn stood no chance of avoiding the blast, and was knocked over onto his back. The surrounding buildings also shook as they took the blast. Several of the police officers also took the blast, knocking them back as well. The blast went through almost half a block.

“TEBLYN!” the Valsharess shouted at a TV screen. The encounter was being broadcasted on public television, live. She frowned, and started strapping on a pair of exquisitely crafted bracers. A spine of blades ran down the forearm of each one, and there were many jewels of different types set into them. She was still in her transport vehicle, preparing to meet this… thing. “Step on it!” the Dark Queen shouted at the driver, who complied with her wish, despite the traffic. The result was a civilian vehicle swiftly being shunted into a streetlight.

Teblyn was still alive, groaning, and writhing on the floor as the car skidded to a halt on the scene. Vailphi jumped out, and ran up to meet this figure in person. She held one arm out in front of her, energy surging from her bracers, forming a shell of protective magic around the Valsharess.

“What in the hells makes you think you can come in here, and start all this!?” Vailphi demanded. Her voice was certainly commanding, and had a tint of magical persuasion in it. She was extremely angry, and wasn’t holding back.
The Ctan
17-05-2004, 19:19
The blast did something, the light dimmed for a moment, the entire figure became metallic, the colour of iorn for a moment, before once more the painfully brilliant light began to shine forth from its surface.

“Good, at last we’re getting somewhere…” she said, cocking her head to one side with a nasty little smirk, “Simple enough my dear Valsharess Vailphi,” she said, having discovered the identity of this individual long ago, “The power to do so allows me to do it, you should know this well enough…” she let that hang for a moment, then smiled a little, “And yet, this needn’t be something for you to resist…”

She smiled beatifically, though there was still a stern cruelty about her eyes. Of any persuasion directed at her, there was little effect apparent thus far, indeed, her will was vast, and she barely noticed it. “It would indeed, be suicidal for you to do so…”
Seck Sapeel
17-05-2004, 20:15
“I find it interesting that someone like yourself comes here, wastes a portion of my police force, possibly kill my companion, behave as if you have any authority here, and then say we should simply lay down our weapons. You’ll be a fool if you think I can go for something like this,” Vailphi replied defiantly after she came to a complete stop. Her arm remained up defensively.

Teblyn slowly stopped agonised moaning, and slowly got back up onto his feet. He felt his body aching all over, and also felt quite dizzy.

“I would like it if you explained yourself. Properly. And cut the show… I don’t need or want it,” Vailphi continued as Teblyn walked up beside her; injured, but willing to fight if needed.
18-05-2004, 12:29
OOC: My apologies then, and good luck with this RP...I am reading it with great pleasure!

Derrian had had enough: killing people for a living had taken its toll on him, and now he was tasked with killing a being with extraordinary powers. "Screw that" he thought.

Crumpling the contract into a tight ball, Derrian decided that today would be a great day to take his long-awaited retirement. Without looking back, he left the office for the last time, looking towards the new adventure that would await him...ideally involving bourbon and loose women. He smiled for the first time in a long while...
The Ctan
19-05-2004, 07:27
The figure dropped to the ground an instant later, seeming at least partially satisfied by this, she cut the light to reveal dark, ilythiiriesque skin and long black hair, she maintained her excessive beauty, and an aura of primordial power. After another moment, the ground around her twisted up into a plain black cloak She had now reduced her height to a more manageable. “Well, as for your companion… I didn’t know your mages exploded when wounded now did I? I hope you keep them from stubbing their toes or getting paper-cuts.”

“Anyway, yes, an explanation appears to be in order, though you really ought to put your arm down. If I wanted to harm you, I’d have done it by now.”
Seck Sapeel
19-05-2004, 09:11
Vailphi’s shield blinked brightly before deactivating. She lowered her arm to her side. She didn’t like being in this situation much, but what else could she do? Teblyn looked down to one side for one moment, nodding every now and then and talking softly. He was receiving a message, something that would only make Vailphi’s day worse.

“Now talk,” Vailphi said, clearly irritated by what’s going on. She wondered what Teblyn was receiving.
The Ctan
27-05-2004, 10:45
The figure smiled a little, "Talk, yes, but I imagine that your friend's message may be of more interest to you right now. I believe it concerns your little traitor and her friends. Mayanda isn't it?"

She smiled quietly and looked from Vailphi to Telbyn, and then back.