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Corporate takeover? (open debate)

15-05-2004, 12:36
After months of thinking, are corporate takeovers of countries and regions really bad? After all:

Taxes become illegal (this is because instead of governments, which are funded by taxes from the residetns, you have profits. So with a corporate government you pay no taxes.

Jobs for everyone! (this is because the growth of buisnesses is stronger and more people have jobs. Since demand from Human work ((which can NEVER be replaced by machines which makes us unigue in a more special way))

Booming econemy! This is because with international conglamorate and a strong and heathly competition can do more than high taxes and gold or oil trades.

Less recension and government tax raises! Since taxes are outlawed and buisness's ((and this is very true!)) are way more efficent with money than conservative or liberal governments. Heavy government spending can mean large and lengthy recessions or depressions even.

As a proud capitalist, I beilieve that everyone should have a vote and a job. As a capitlist I see that communism is wrong (it is just my opinion. Where does the money come from? And how much value is education if the government says "ok, you get to work in a factory for the rest of your life and get payed this meagre salary with everyone else, oh and I get paid most money since I am the president of this corrupt morrass!)

But here are the cons (bad sides) of such takeovers:

Police force is mainly traded security firms, corporations probably divert this Poilce force to protect themselves against sabateurs and not use it to protect people of the nation.

Cheating companys and illiegal sabatages. All because of the above happens because corporations are above the law.

Destructive competition: THis includes using the police force to arrest competitors ect. and other things such as killing of buisnesmen so that the competitor has the fear factor set on him.

This is an open debate between corporate takeovers and other topic such as how should corporations be regulated. Remeber to keep it polite and keep on subject!