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The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:34

1. All authorized by NZ.
2. Someone who knows a good server for pics is welcome to suggest.
3. The Secular Resistance = DSRO.
4. Nezz Ziona's military = NZAF/NAF.
5. Ness Ziona's intelligence agency = IIST.

Background info - The DSRO.
DSRO website (

Background info - The Kelares-Islands.
3 Months after the establishment of Ness Ziona, 16,000 troops and about 300 tanks of the NAF were sent to the islands, shortly after taken by Nessic settlers.
Coal, lead, uranium and platinum can be found in masses all around the islands, and the mines are secured by the NAF.
The southern islands are the home of many local miners and workers, among them many anti-atheists, members fanatic-religious groups (CRO, RKB) that attack Nessic targets.
The south-eastern islands are the base camp of over 5,500,000 DSRO members, sending their equipment to the rest of the world's terrorists, and planning more attacks.

Background info - The Christian Renegades (CRO) and the Kelaros Brigados (RKB).
Those 2 anti-atheist Guerilla groups started as small organizations against the Nessic settlers of the Kelares-islands, but today they're not afraid to attack even the NAF.
They're about 3,400,000 guerilla fighters working mostly in the southern islands. They also fight against the DSRO (which creates a nice story of terrorists against terrorists).
As a result of their attacks, the NAF occupied the southern islands, and now the DSRO work also against the NAF.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:34
A new, very big supply-and-transport ship, was one of the things the DSRO could affort now. The DSRO was clearly one of the richest organizations in the world, and it had enough war materials to equip an entire army. After the problems with Ness Ziona, most of the members moved to the Kelares Islands - a place controlled mostly by the NAF and the Nessic authorities for mining purposes, but still a good place and big enough for camps (and underground facilities, and weapon warehouses, and so on).

Pier 9, 'EastPort', the Kelares-Islands, Southeast Asia.

The ship was just leaving the port. It was full of rifles, machine-guns, high quality explosives, even easy-to-activate chemical bombs - All sent to other organizations around the world, to help those who have less.
"You have a long way to go!" a man at the pier shouted to some on the ship, "Remember what to do when you see a green chopper!".
Some of those NAF choppers did pass over the port, but everything was well concealed and camouflaged.
The ship sailed away, and the man left the port.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 12:35
It seemed as a usual day for those who serve/work in the Islands -
The usual bombing alerts, the usual mining troubles, everything was usual.
But in a small closed operation-room under the ground, IIST operatives worked for hours trying to locate some of the DSRO commanders walking around free all over the southern islands.
In the past few days, the IIST was warned by some DSRO officials that an attack might occur in a certain nation, therefore, they decided to assassinate a top commander of the DSRO, as a 'message' to future attackers.
Finally, a bit after 0600, they found something - the exact location of the famous William "The Butcher" Estman, the DSRO third commander, and a man responsible for almost any murderous attack against the religious population of the southern Islands.
He was just leaving the DSRO controlled piers of 'EastPort', and it seemed like he and his convoy were heading west to their villages or camps.
2 Apache helicopters were immediately 'lifted-up' for the job, it was a great opportunity to assassinate one of the most cruel murderers.
The choppers were expected to get the site about 10 min later.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:36
At the same time "The Butcher" drove through the forests of the south islands, 3 men in 3 vans made their way into Kelaret-city, the islands' capital, and the location of the main harbor and NAF airbase.
each of the men knew exactly where his target is, and fortunately for them, it wasn't rush hour, and the security wasn't so tight.
but still, they had to pass at least one checkpoint.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 12:38
For the 6 soldeirs at the checkpoint, it was usual to see vans like these on work-days. farmers make their way from the big city to the fields almost daily.
As the vans approached, the soldiers walked forward to the road and stopped it.
"Stop here!" one of them called and marked with his hand to the driver.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:39
The driver stopped the vehicles and opened the back door so the soldier could check it.
The back of the van was filled with crates of what seemed like vegetables from the fields.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 12:40
The soldier wasn't surprised to see the crates. "oh well" he thought, "another Eyrewood-field farmer".
He checked the 2 other vans. The drivers all wore the same clothes, of the Eyrewood-fields company. He was sure they won't cause trouble.
"You may pass!" he shouted to all drivers, and then he went back to the side of the road.

Meanwhile, the Apache's were almost above thier targets, and their orders were clear - make sure "The Butcher" is dead before you leave the area. Other people are not important enough to waste time for.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:42
All 3 drivers sighed... They've passed the checkpoint, and now the way was open for them, straight to the capital's center.
Thay all drove to the area of the main harbor and NAF base.
The base itself wasn't the target, but an important building close enough to the base was just fine - the Kelares central police station, an old 9 floor building. 1,500kg of explosives altogether will surely do the job.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 12:43
The Apache's were just above their target. After marked by the IIST, one of the choppers fired Hellfire missiles at the vehicle convoy, and immediately turned back and left the area. The second chopper did the same, and they both came and disappered in a matter of seconds.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:44
The choppers hit the convoy and destroyed a black van, with "The Butcher" in it. Most other members were still in shock because of the surprise attack, and some ran out of their van to the black object, which now didn't seem like a van anymore. They couldn't even find bodies, everything was burned.

Meanwhile in the city, the 3 drivers parked very close to the target building. The building wasn't far from the road at all, the western wall of the building was about half a meter from the road itself, and the men knew that.
They all jumped out of the vans almost at the same time and walked quickly to a meeting place.
Once they were all out of the expected bomb radius, one of them activated the bombs.
1,500kg of high quality explosives went-off 'beautifully'.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 12:45
At the same time the people in the operation-room recieved the pilots' message about the successful assassination, they recievced the news about the terrorist attack in the big city.
The explosions rocked downtown Kelarent-city, the central police station building collapsed, the street across looked like after artillery bombardment, and windows were broken in a radius of hundreds of meters. Deathtoll expected to surpass 400.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:48
Looking back to their target's remainings, the 3 men walked slowly to a small house near by, where they'll stay untill they're told to leave.

In the southern islands, the other vans of the convoy drove quickly through the forest, carrying the remainings of what they believe is the body of their 3rd commander.
One of the men in the convoy picked-up a phone and called a contact-man.
"We're in a very serious problem here, execute plan 'wedding', do it now." And he closed the phone.

Capital Port, NZCity, Ness Ziona.

The big tanker-ship approached Capital Port, the Ness Ziona capital main port. In one of the tankers, 2 DSRO members waited, not where they're seen, but inside a side-wall of the tanker, they had about 1m of space.
They also had a small light fixture, some food, 2 AK's, and many bags full of explosives.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 12:50
As cranes un-loaded the tankers, some tankers were chosen for search. NAF soldiers stationed at the port checked the tankers, opened some crates inside the tankers, but nothing was found.
One of the tankers was taken to a special warehouse where the soldiers checked it all, and again, nothing important was found inside.
The rest of the tankers were sent to their destinations around the nation.

Meanwhile, search-and-rescue teams are working all around the blast site. 78 bodies were found up to now, and 204 people got to the hospitals around the city.
Police units began searching the city center for any other explosives.
Some eye-witnesses told the police that 3 men were seen running out of the explosive vans seconds before the blast, details are unknown yet, but it appears that the police knows who are the terrorists, and where they are going.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 12:52
The 2 men inside the tanker felt its movements.
The tanker's destination was a small private yard in the capital, rented by a Nessic DSRO supporter a long time ago (OOC: accepted oocly).
As they heard the signal, they jumped out of the tanker, and took their explosive bags with them.
The man helped them to put the bags into a white van, gave them a map of the city, some general tips, and went away. His part of the job was done.
The 2 drove into the city center and found their target building - The 'supernova' shopping center. A big mall, pretty close to Embassy Rd., where Euroslavia's embassy is located. The men knew that.
They parked the van right infront of the main entrance to the mall, ran out of it, waited for about a minute, and pressed the red button.
They watched as the 2,000kg of explosives went off.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 13:14
The people in the operations room thought the worst has already happened in the Kelares Islands, and then they heard about the terrorist attack back home, in the heart of their nation's capital.
It was rush-hour in NZ, whole families were inside the 3 floor mall, and noone knew what was going to happen.
the 2 upper floors collapsed on the 1st floor, and people were buried under the rubble.

"We will bury our sons today, those who serve us far away, and those who live here in our capital..."

Meanwhile in the islands, police has found irrefutable proof that the bombers were in a certain building in the city, and large forces are already on their way to the area. They'll search the building, and they'll arrest those who are involved.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 13:16
Like clockwork, everything was arranged and ready to be activated.
The DSRO released a pre-recorded video to '4N', the Nessic National News Network, claiming responsibility for the attacks:

The DSRO well-known symbol appears on a black screen. exactly 5 seconds later, a tall, blond, uniformed man with a black cap, appears, and speaks with his heavy Irish accent.
"good day, Gut dan, guten tag, I am Tommas William Scott, the DSRO 2nd commander, and the only top commader alive today. Your media knows me as 'Tommy-gun'.
For too long, we've suffered the attacks of the NAF on our soil, in the Southern Kelares-Islands, although we have never attacked your troops, people or land there. We have helped the NAF in the fighting against the CRO and the RKB groups, and today we feel betrayed.
I, here and now, as the top commander of the DSRO, claim responsibility for the 2 attacks today against targets in the NZ itself and against Nessic targets in the islands.
We feel sorry for your losses, but it is very important that you understand that we WILL fight for these lands you've taken from us, and we WILL retaliate against you as long as the NAF attacks us.
This message will repeat itself in Greender, English, and German.
Thank you."

The screen changes again to the DSRO symbol, this time with the words "WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER!", DSRO's motto, as a part of the symbol.
5 seconds later, the screen turns black again.
The Secular Resistance
15-05-2004, 13:21
Back in the Islands, the men realized the police is all around them.
One of them decided to take this matter to his hands - He swiched to 'ON' a small device, and in 3 seconds, a 300kg bomb went-off in their room, destroying the entire floor.
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 13:24
The police force was still outside the building when the bomb went-off.
Some were hurt, but no serious hurts at all.
Special units came to the site to investigate, and to clear the area of more possible bombs.
DSRO members may sometimes go to missions with small chances of success, but they've never killed themselfs like that...
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 13:54
OOC: no longer closed...
Ness ziona
15-05-2004, 14:05
"Ness Ziona will never surrender to terrorists" was the official usual answer to the DSRO.
"Terrorism will never manage to change our way of life or our decisions, it will be hunted untill it's destroyed.
You stood in our way, even if you once fought the religious groups.
Your leaders will be dead one-by-one, as a retaliation.
No one of you is safe now."
The Secular Resistance
16-05-2004, 15:57
Tommy-gun, in his small 'office', actually a warehouse in one of the Kelares-Islands' camps, knew that after these actions, Ness Ziona will never again let the DSRO walk on a soil it can destroy easily.
Now, those 16,000 troops in the islands will probably join another 60,000, better equipment, more aircrafts, and more presence of the IIST.
This time, they'll stop only when his and his friends' heads will be inside a small plastic box with no holes... Like his partner, the 3rd commander, ended up. Well... Just about like that.
He started looking for a man to replace him in case (or more likely - when), he's killed, and he wants that man to be out of the islands, away from the hands of the IIST, althought their hands get quite far, especially after DSRO terrorists.

Equipment warehouse #3, DSRO "Avaysith' camp, South-Kelares-Islands.
Tommy-gun was there on his old wood chair, marking points on a map of the islands, possibily a plan for another attack, still wearing his black cap.
"So... Assuming we don't have the man-power to capture this hill, what do you think we should do, huh?"
Another man, believed to be the one to replace Tommas in the future, was also there. This one was smart enough to stay in low profile, away of the IIST's agents. But you never know... perhaps he's even one of them... They got very deep into the organization.
"Well, sir, road 451 seems good enough, and it's not blocked by any towns. Although you may rather road 467, it's coming down right to the area north of the hill." And they kept talking about a plan.
"You're a clever young boy, did you know that?" 43 year-old Tommas said to the 28 year-old 'boy'... That was actually his nickname - 'The Boy'.
"So tell me" Tommas asked him, "What do you think we should do?"
"Well, we should strike there with the artillery we saved... Finally, we could start taking territories. The new NZAF troops won't have enough experience in guerilla warfare..."
Ness ziona
16-05-2004, 16:12
North of the DSRO controlled territory, South-Kelares-Islands.
"Good day general Braicher... Yes... Of course we did... Why would we do that?... Oh yes... Yes we will... Yes I'll remember that... Ok thank you... over n' out."
"Well that was a short one..." Commander Lehrer said to his co-workers, "We'll start this even today. Give the order!"
With the signal given, 4 F-16I's, armed with bunker-penetrating bombs, lifted-off southwards to the area of the camps.
"Make sure nothing is left of that specific camp" the commanders said before they left. They meant a smaller camp than 'Avaysith', one that would use as an example.
The AA resistance should be minimal, and this is the first aerial attack against the guerillas of the south... Lets hope they get the message.
The F-16I's released their loads in the right time, height, and place, all they have to do now is to wait for the results...
The Secular Resistance
16-05-2004, 19:12
DSRO's 'Sherton' camp, South-Kelares-Islands.
Eric Stevenson, the commander of the camp, had just finished his lunch.
He went out of the wood building he was in, and he began walking towards another building nearby, where he should, everyday, report to Tommy-gun the news, if there are such, or just to make sure eveything is still working with the network across the camps, deployed all across the southern islands.
He met one of his friends on the way, going to the same building. He was armed with a fully loaded AK-47.
"What's with the rifle you've got there?"
"Oh that's nothing, I'm gonna scout in a few minutes"
"That's good... Not many are willing to go scouting these days, with the problems in the border"
"In any case, I should inform the commander first"
Not many DSRO members called the separation line 'a border', only those who think it will be a border in the future.
"Ok, come with me, I'll..." an explosion right behind them threw them into the air. They both fell and hit the wall of the building they were on their way to.
8 large explosions ripped through the building Eric left, and two other buildings. Another 2 bombs hit the underground bunker, and completely destroyed it.
The estimated number of DSRO activists inside the buildings and the bunkerwas ~50, the expected number of casualties...
Eric himself was slightly wounded, and he probably won't be able to hear anyone ever again, same as his friend.
The message passed quickly, and 3 minutes later, the first convoy of supplies arrived from the closest camp.
Ness ziona
16-05-2004, 20:50
"One, command... one, command... Target destroyed. Repeat - Target destroyed."
Getting these reports, IIST agents and NZAF commanders on the ground opened champagne bottles, celebrating the success of the first bombing raid against the DSRO in the islands.
The pilots, who landed a few minutes later, came right into a small party set-up for them near the runway, with drinks and music.
Not even a single AA gun fired at them, it was pure marksmanship, and the enemy wasn't prepared at all. 3 buildings and a large bunker were reduced to dust in the camp.
Next time, if the DSRO retaliates, it'll be against 'Avaysith' camp, although it'll be a little bit harder, because now they can expect more raids after retaliations... In any case, they pilots didn't think about that.
In other rooms, the NZAF commander for the 'border' sector, said they must capture the entire southern islands, before the DSRO tries something dangerous.
"Now I'm sure there'll be some kind of an attrition war between the NZAF and the DSRO... Guerilla organization against an organized army... it could last for years. We must prevent that!" he claimed, but nobody cared.
The Secular Resistance
17-05-2004, 14:04
DSRO's 'Sherton' camp, after bombardment.
Only big black open holes left where the equipment buildings and the main underground bunker were, and black smoke filled the air all around.
About 15 minutes after the attack, 21 bodies were taken out of these holes outside, and put into body-bags.
All of the euipment that was on the ground was taken in a single convoy (because that's the only thing that left), to another camp nearby.
The camp was titled Destroyed by DSRO commanders on the site.
News were sent to the top commanders in other camps across the southern islands.

DSRO's 'Avaysith' camp, about the same time.
"This can't be happening!" Tommas got pissed off by the message he recieved. "Why didn't the AA guns worked?"
"These were some of the best aircarfts of the NZAF, with the best equipment and armed with the best missiles... They had no chance, sir." his friend said calmly, while moving some boxes around.
"And what are you doing now with the boxed?" Tommas wondered.
"Well moving them to safer places than this building of course."
"Trust me, boy, no need to... They won't bomb another camp if they've already left the entire area. They did it only to make us angry, to make us retaliate. They want us to blow something up, so they can react by taking over the entire area and bombing innocent civilians of the southern islands." Tommas was calm again suddenly. He sat down on his chair again, and nodded "so put those boxes back there, will you? We'll wait..."
The Secular Resistance
17-05-2004, 15:41
OOC: Map of the Islands.
1. 'Sherton' camp is the most eastern camp, easy to find.
2. 'Avaysith' camp is located right under the 'D' in 'DRSO controlled areas".
Ness ziona
18-05-2004, 14:51
NZAF artillery and equipment base, south of Eyrewood fields.
"Move it all! Don't let anything fall out!" a young commander shouted at the equipment loaders all around him, while they were loading tons of shells and rockets onto trucks.
The trucks, according to the plan, will drive to NZAF base 3-19, a base located in an area of several DSRO camps (the southest camp on the map, in the lower left corner). The camp is built right on the eastern top of a mountain, and has a view of a forest on one side, and a view of the sea on the other.
From this base, the NZAF plans to bomb DSRO camps, to raid them if needed.
Driving from the equipment base to base 3-19 shouldn't take a lot of time, but with the recent events, an order was given not to move across the southern islands without proper military escort, especially if you're carrying explosives and such.
Beside the loaded trucks, the convoy consisted of a few tanks, APC's, armoured jeeps, and will be watched by Apaches... It's a very important cargo.

The convoy left the base, and a few minutes later, it was already in a forest, and it has a long way to drive through it.
18-05-2004, 16:02
Transmission to Ness Ziona:

We've dealt with attacks from the famed DSRO before, and we know how devastating it can be. We are offering you any sort of aid that you may need, whether it be through military, or just financially.
Ness ziona
18-05-2004, 17:32
Transmission to Ness Ziona:

We've dealt with attacks from the famed DSRO before, and we know how devastating it can be. We are offering you any sort of aid that you may need, whether it be through military, or just financially.

RE: Transmission to Ness Ziona:
We thank you for your offer.
Currently, aid through military won't change much, but we'd gladly accept any financial help.
The Secular Resistance
18-05-2004, 19:29
Somewhere in the forest north of the Nessic military base.
The 50 DSRO activists moved quietly through the bushes, between the trees, that they know so well. This is 'their' territory, it's the usual view for them, and they're specialists in what they do - guerilla warfare.
The thought was, that since there are only 2 roads to the base, and the equipment base is more to the north, the NZAF would have to use the forest road in order to get as quickly as possible.
About 50 AK-47 assault rifles were hidden in the ground, somewhere close to the road. The AK-47 is maybe no mach to the Nessic-made ICY-III, but it would be fine, because AK is the only thing they have...
8 of the men brought with them large bags with TNT explosives, not the highest quality, but again, that is what they have in masses.
6 others came with RPG's, and 2 came with LAW missiles they found in one of their warehouses. All others had grenades on them.
As they came closer and closer to the road, the activists went lower and lower, quickly but quietly, probably un-noticed by the troops in the armoured jeeps. The 'covering' sound of the apache's and the heavy vehicles was good for these activists.
"Go! Go! Go!"... In a well-planned assault, out of the bushes, grenades were thrown against the convoy, and RPG's and LAW's were fired against it. within a few seconds, almost all of the men jumped out of the bushes to the road and shot at the troops in the jeeps, some climbed on the tanks and dropped grenades inside.
The 8 men with the explosives, while the others are shooting, quickly put the TNT in the right places.
They ran back to the bushes and detonated the explosives.
Ness ziona
18-05-2004, 20:11
The troops in the jeeps, some standing behind heavy MAG's, should've been aware that such a thing might happen, but they were new to the islands, just finished their service back home, and sent to the 'warzone', and they didn't think any guerilla force will try to attack a convoy with Apache's above it... Turns out that the DSRO will.
Some of the grenades thrown exploded right close to, or even inside the vehicles, and the first jeeps blocked the road to the others.
Those who weren't hit by the grenade attack, began firing with their MAG's at the attacking DSRO members, without much success.
In a matter of seconds, the Apache's began firing into the bushes, killing anything that may be in there.
Then, while there are still shootings around, the TNT went-off, lifting two of the tanks in the air. A few seconds later, 3 jeeps were hit by more explosives.
One of the trucks loaded with shells was hit by a grenade. The explosion it created was huge, and lucky the other trucks weren't a little bit closer...
The attack left 36 troops dead, 6 captured, 3 tanks damaged, 6 trucks with heavy equipment. The Apache's left the area after reciving orders to return to the closest airfield.
The mission was a disaster.
The field commanders estimated the amount of equipment, ability, and will of the DSRO to attack such targets, simply wrong.
Absolutely no one thought the DSRO will even try to hit a convoy like this, because of a retaliation by the NZAF.
Following the event, the IIST is expected to take control of the area.
The NZAF and the massive forces will be pushed out of the outhern island, instead, undercover IIST forces will do the fighting in the forests.

OOC: The equipment on the trucks was:
mostly 120mm shells for artillery pieces, 360mm medium range rockets for launchers, tons of C-4 explosives, several bunker-penetrating bombs.
22-05-2004, 05:53
We will immediately send you $20 billion in aid for the cost of deploying troops, and arming them, along with humanitarian aid costs in case of more attacks. We wish you the best of luck with everything, and in case of military need in a desperate situation, ours will be on stand-by.