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The Great Renouncement (RP)

15-05-2004, 10:37
A sight to behold; a great line, a queue, stretching far through the streets of Rationalist Towers. The line of people bore artifacts, predominantly Christian.
The queue led to a great fire in the middle of the city.
In front of this fire, the Philosopher King himself stood their, speaking through a microphone with words that echoed into the night sky as the sound was fed to many loudspeakers across the city.

"My esteemed colleagues, my intellectual cousins, my intelligent people. Listen to my words!
We as a nation, a city state, a great Republic that has sought intellectual freedom and rational perfection must make a great leap to the next level. The actions that you may next take are purely voluntary through membership of the line is compulsory. Here is what you must do. You must carry what religious iconography, artifacts and idols you possess during your march across the line and you will either dump them on the fire willingly to show your commitment to rational and philosophical thought away from the prejudices and ignorances of religeous ideas that have plagued science and development since the dawn of time, or you may pass me and keep your religion; no malice will be born to you. It is quite possible that you could attain rational perfection even with a spiritual side. I ask you, the people, choose your destinies!"

The line progressed, many dumped their symbolic art on the fire, a minority kept theirs. Some 4 million people destroyed their religion that night in Neo Rationalism. A dedication, such a discipline to the path of rational thought had not been seen before on this Earth willingly.
15-05-2004, 18:24
Slutbum Wallah
15-05-2004, 18:43
Very well done, I must say. We thought of the idea first of course but you see, any government action in Slutbum Wallah has to be carefully watched and maintained. We attempted a trial run back in the 1950's but every piece of Iconography had to be logged, signed for, verified, queried, replied, sent back, logged for a final time as certifiably religion then sorted into sub-groups dependant of religion, level of fire-resistance, wealth of religion, size of religion, size of artifact, intrinsic value of artifact, ect. Each artifact then had to be re-quieried one final time in accordance with M.G.G Guidlines before being cast into the flames. The flames of course had to be regulation size, and regulation heat. They were fed with regulation fuel and attended at all times by teams of Regious Freedom Firemen who had to be qualified, logged, checked, tested, queried, verified...

The trial run is still going today.

Minister Pogrofom
Minister for Religious Freedom