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Hostile Takeover (Freeform RP)

15-05-2004, 07:58
OOC: This RP will be very reminiscent of the Terminator movies, so modern/near-future tech will be okay. No magic though. Either RP as a resistance fighter, robot, a country sending in troops to help--whatever you want, as long as its within the logical boundaries of the prologue.

Professor Franklin Gephardt slumped himself over the couch with a shot of rum in one hand and the remote on the other, anxious to watch the drama unfold in the official unveiling of Ramadoon's CommAware Battlefield Assessment Network--the artificial intelligence software that would handle most, if not all, the tracking of and operations of the country's armed forces. Tonight, the military would activate CABAN on live TV to bolster nationalistic pride. Gephardt had been invited to the event, of course...Only to be kept under house arrest after he threatened to go to the media if they didn't allow him to put the finishing touches that would fix most of the systemic bugs currently plaguing CABAN. The top brass, however, thought that keeping to the schedule was much more important.

With a press of a button, his set flickered on to the Ramadoon News Service...

"...And that concludes tonight's editorial on why compulsory military service is beneficial to you and our nation." Thank God he missed the nightly propaganda segment...

"And now we go to Jill Lambert at the Crystal City air force base. Jill?"

Gephardt was surprised to see that they had spruced up the air base, draping almost everything in sight with the national flag. Even the old hangars were renovated and given the appearance of having some sort of purpose; the crates and cardboard boxes had been replaced by a Kiowa helicopter and Humvees. Oh, and the blonde bimbo adorning almost three-quarters of the screen looked nice too.

"I'm standing here in the famed Crystal City air force base where exactly ten years ago, Ramadoon's top scientists completed their work on the Valkyrie project--the five orbital satellites protecting our nation from foreign agressors. On this momentous night, the military will unveil and activate CABAN, which will not only link the all five branches of the armed forces, but guide them into battle as well. I've been told by an undisclosed source that it will be able to predict an opposing army's move beforehand and strike first, giving us unparalleled advantage over our opponents...Hold on...They're commencing activation now."

The camera panned to give a full view of Admiral Thomas Pratt who stood before a podium carrying some sort of handheld device in his hand. Gephardt surmised that it was probably just some sort of way to signal the techies to activate CABAN once he pressed the red button.

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to a new age of warfare--the CommAware Battlefield Assessment Network!"

The Admiral stabbed a finger at the button...and...nothing happened. Wasn't some automated tank supposed to roll out and give a five-gun salute? He let out a nervous chuckle as he glared at a scientist adjacent to him, who in turn responded with a shrug. Finally, a low rumbling was heard as the tank approached, getting louder as it clattered towards the stage. The problem was, it didn't stop, instead proceeding to turn everyone nearby into human pulp. There were only screams as the camera filmed the massacre, and it too became victim to the tank treads...

Gephardt shook his head as a bead of tear rolled down his cheek. Why didn't they listen to him...?


Within the confines of the military subsection located deep beneath the city, it was pure chaos. The automated gun turrets in each floor had gone haywire, picking off anything in sight--technicians, scientists, soldiers...even rats. What's worse was that the first batch of exoskeleton mechas had been set loose by CABAN, thinking that it was at war with its own country...