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Bishop of Rome executed

Iesus Christi
15-05-2004, 04:53
In the name of God.
By the order of Bridgette Iesus..Our noble Lord high Inquisitor
Bishop John Drew was executed at 6am this morning for his crimes against the nation and God.

May the Lord God have mercy on his soul.
ministry of social order public announcement.

The news shocked Cardinal Patrick...his best friend had been murdered fo preaching the truth...
Opening the letter that John had given him all those weeks ago, Patrick prepared to have it read and published at every church in the nation....

Dear friends in Christi
The day is close, and it seems it could even be today, that I am to be a victim of the terrorism that seems to be engulfing all living in Iesus Christi. I would like my nation, my church and my family to remember that I have dedicated my life to God and Iesus Christi.

My life is not worth more than any other...not less..not more..nor am I a innocent child. I have lived long enough to know that I too am an accomplice of the evil that seems to prevail in the world around.

I pray now that I shall have the presence of mind and the time to ask for Gods pardon for not only myself but also for those who are to carry out my death.
I do not welcome this martyrs death, the price is too high for this grace of the martyrs.... not because I fear death but simply I cannot rejoice when the people whom I love dearest countrymen...will be blamed indiscrimantly for my death.

I know the contempt that some people have for Iesus Christians, It is too easy for people to dismiss our nation and our religion because of the violent extremists and hatred in our government, but for me, Iesus Christi and Christianity are quite different from the commonly held external views....the people here are innocent...beautiful Christians who love the gospels deeply. I thank God for the time he has given me among such a people. May they all soon understand all are created equal.

Obviously , my death will justify the opinion of all who have dismissed myself and Cardinal Patrick as naive and idealistic. But such people should know my death will satisfy my most burning curiosity, at last , I will be able (if God pleases) to see the Children of Iesus and the metahumans as God sees them...illuminated in the glory of Christ, sharing in the gift of God's passion equally!

I give thanks to God for this life, completely mine but also completely belonging to God and all his children..from elf to human.
I thank you all and bide you friends past and present, and those who will be at my mother and fathers side at this time. I pray God you continue the struggle for what is righteous .
And to you too, my friend who will take my life, I wish you too farewell and extend my blessings to you in Christ.... may we meet in heaven, like happy thieves if it pleases God our common father. AMEN AMEN!
Bishop John Drew
Servant of Christ
Josh Dollins
15-05-2004, 04:59
My nation denounces this execution/assasination on the grounds the man was simply preaching but not unfairly forcing his teaching upon people correct? he was simply executed/assasinated for preaching to willing listeners etc? If so we denounce this act
15-05-2004, 07:39
So a bishop was murdered? By whom and for what reasons? Have you any suspects or leads? Do you require help? We detest senseless murder and vow to help you should you requre our services. :evil:
15-05-2004, 07:47
The Government is interested to know exactly what crimes that the Bishop committed that were so horrible to merit execution?
15-05-2004, 07:53
Our flags shall fly at half-mast for the unjustly executed Bishop today, and the government officially condmens the Iesus Chrsit government.

We'd do more, but we have our own problems right now.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
Iesus Christi
15-05-2004, 08:07
reasons for the death sentance...kinda :P
15-05-2004, 09:16
"In response the flags of mourning will fly outside the Senate House and all national flags will be lowered to half mast to express our deepest sorrow at the death of a Godly man"

Senator Charles Wheeler
Minister for Foreign Affairs
15-05-2004, 09:25
The antique, old-fashioned room was large and nostalgic, covered in old, decaying paintings and heavy leather-bound books, bookshelves lining the walls. Two of the most important men in the country sat, drinking expensive Scotch Whiskey, talking just as the day was drawing to an end.

"So what do you think, Norm? Do you think that it's even worth condemning this execution?" the Prime Minister asked his Secretary of State.

Norman Fleming shook his head. "No, I don't see any point in pointing out the obvious. It could draw some unwanted attention to us... something highly undesirable right now. They're fanatical, John, and we can't really expect anything logical to come from their regime. They won't listen to anyone, I assure you, least of all us," he explained.

"Do you really feel that way? I don't think that they will change their policies, no matter what someone might dare to say, but they need to know that the world does not accept this sort of behaviour... It may be hard to believe, but I don't think they know just how warped that sort of action really is," Senator John Baxter offered, truly considering what he had just said.

The Secretary of State immediately shook his head, "Oh, trust me, they know. And that's what makes them do it... Sadists, they are a bunch of Christian sadists. Now I don't mean to offend your faith, which is one reason why I think that you have responded so strongly to this, but Christianity isn't the most pacific religion one could follow. Most Christians are actually very kind, good people, but sometimes you will see an extreme, devout Christian - and you know what I mean. They are, to put in plainly, wackos! Hell, these bastards just murdered a Bishop! What would drive a Christian to do that? Insanity? Perhaps, but it's not something to worry about at the moment. I think we should keep quiet, and simply decline to comment,"

The Prime Minister looked at his whiskey glass, his eyes glazed over in deep though... tossing ideas around in his head... He took a deep breath and a quick sip of whiskey as he nodded.

"You're probably right, and I can't argue with what you've said. Christianity isn't a violent religion... but some people are able to make it look that way. Anyway, would you agree that we should simply offer our condolences to the church and the man's family, and leave it at that?" he asked.

Norm nodded, "That sounds perfect. I'll get right on it," he promised, as he stood up, exchanged goodbyes and left.

Official Statement from the Federation of Gmeistaville

We send our condolences to the family of Bishop Drew, and hope that they are able to cope with his untimely, yet possibly deserved death.

We also send our condolences to the Church and hope that they are able to find a replacement for the Bishop and that they too are able to cope with the death of one of their most influential preachers.

Finally, while we regret that Bishop Drew's life was taken away, we fully respect the decision of the Lord High Inquisitor, and we pray that God be with every Iesus Christian.
Kevin Tracy the Great
15-05-2004, 11:10
Q: Sir, what is your feelings on the Bishop Drew's assassination?

KEVIN TRACY: The Bishop of Rome lead a good life. I don't fully understand the reason for his execution, I'm too lazy to read into it that much. 8)

(Laughter in the Press Room) :lol:

But seriously, I am a Roman Catholic and I believe in the power of forgiveness for sin. As I said, I'm not too sure what Bishop Drew said or did that justified his death. I doubt it called for death though and I do condemn the actions taken by Bridget Iesus.

Q: Will you enforce sanctions of any type on the country for this?

KEVIN TRACY: I will have to talk to my staff further about this and I would need to know more about what Bishop Drew's crimes were before I make an official decision. I should say this though, it has never been, nor will it ever be the policy of My Great and Holy Empire to associate with Religious Fanatics. It appears to me that the Lord high Inquisitor, at first glance, is a criminal. Again, that's my opinion based only on what little I know. Bishop Drew might have had this coming, but I doubt it.
15-05-2004, 12:25
The Thelasi government condems these actions, and continue to pressure the Catholic Church for the excomunication of Iesus Christi, we have no doubt that this incident has finally shown the true face of the Iesus Christi government.

~Thelasi Spokesperson
15-05-2004, 12:34
All wings of the Imperial Government have come together to declare that sanctions may be considered against Iesus Christi. Leader of Her Imperial Highness's Loyal Opposition (The National Socialist Imperial Worker's Party), Grigori Hans Kroenen, said "This just shows that the Iesus Cristi Government, which calls itself Christian and claims to be Aryan, is in reality a puppet of the global Islamo-Bolshevik conspiracy."

Prime Minister Harold Cartwright (Central Democratic Party) said, "I don't know about a 'Islamo-Bolshevik Conspiracy', that's the job of those lunatics in the NSIWP. I do know barbarism when I see it, though. The nations of the world demand to see the evidence, and know exactly what it was this man was tried for."

Her Imperial Highness, Kaiserin Malissa Black, has not expressed a view on the subject, but sources in the Stronghold say that she is very disappointed by this cruel demonstration of arbitary power.

The only dissenting voice was from the leader of the Imperial Party, Igor Yaansky, who applauded these measures as just and correct for the maintenance of control within Iesus Christi.
15-05-2004, 12:57
ICly: Metahumans? Equal?

"And the metahumans shall burn for their wickedness...and all those who support them shall indeed see God..."
~Random Haruvian citizen

Further comments when I'm more awake.
15-05-2004, 13:14
This re-confirms our opinion about Iesus Christi.
The Hiio
15-05-2004, 16:48
the Federation of the Hiio denounces this execution of a spiritual leader
Tanah Burung
15-05-2004, 16:56
The Thelasi government condems these actions, and continue to pressure the Catholic Church for the excomunication of Iesus Christi, we have no doubt that this incident has finally shown the true face of the Iesus Christi government.

~Thelasi Spokesperson

The actions of the criminal organization in control of the nation of Iesus Christi are, as always, barbaric and inhuman. However, the universal church must approach the issue with compassion and careful consideration. There are millions of good and faithful Catholics in Iesus Christi, and their church is the victim in this situation. Any move to excommmunicate the church in Iesus Christi would be to further punish the victim. The Catholic popualtion of Iesus Christi deserves our solidarity at this time. If the act of excommuncaition is being considered, it must be against only the criminal regime ruling Iesus Christi.

A novena will be said for the soul of Bishop John Drew, unjustly murdered for bearing true witness to his faith and ours.

F.X. Mangunvijaya
Bishop of BYMD
15-05-2004, 16:57
As there appear to be no more questions for the moment, Galadriël clears her voice. "Finally, I would like to tell you that Lady Bryce and I both discussed the worrying developments in Iesus Christi. We both strongly condemn the Iesus regime and its recent arrests of Church officials. I would also like to plead for their immediate release."

*more of the same condemning stuff*
15-05-2004, 17:41
"...Once more it is clear to everyone, Mr. Speaker, that Iesus Christi has resorted to murder to accomplish its goals of perverted quasi-religious lunacy. Bridgette Iesus has underlined her talent for terrorism and fear-mongering.

"I also fear for the life of Cardinal Patrick, who has so bravely spoken out against the tyranny and hatred that pervades almost everything the Iesus Christi 'government', if you can call it that, attempts to do.

"I have appraised Governor Bryce through our Embassy in Rome of the situation. She will release an official statement when possible..."

~Foriegn Minister, Public Broadcast in Parliament
North Star
15-05-2004, 21:27
At last action has been taken against the heretics inside Iesus Christi
a great day
a victory for the reich
honor to the reich

~Sultan Omar

o.o.c: more latter
Five Civilized Nations
15-05-2004, 21:53
(OOC: Isn't the Bishop of Rome, the Pope?)
Iesus Christi
16-05-2004, 02:17
OOC:yes BUT in my part of the real world. Bishops get called "bishops of Rome" so not to confuse them with say...anglican bishops etc... simple eh?

We either believe in a God of life or we serve the idols of death ....the death of my friend..and a bishop of Rome..only goes to show us we cannot remain silent any longer.
I ask my fellow priests NOT to sign the 'oath of loyalty' to the government...I ask this is the name of our fallen brother in Christ..
and to those in the government I say.....When you hear the voice of the man commanding you to kill, remember instead the voice of God. Thou Shalt Not Kill!

Cardinal Patrick McCullum
The Island of Rose
16-05-2004, 05:31
In the President's office:

The Media Adviser walks in. "Wanna hear something funny?" The President sipping his coffee "Sure why not?" "A Catholic Bishop was killed." The President spits out his coffee. "What the hell?! Who killed him?"
"The Government of Iesus Christi." The President sighs sadly. "What has the world gone to." He sighs. "Get the New Corp ready."

Five Minutes later...

The News Corp room is filled with excitement, people are gossiping on what it's about, then the President arrives.

"Today, a great travesty occured. A Bishop was killed by the government of Iesus Christi." Gasps go around the room, some people even sobbing. "This is an injustice! Even if he commited a crime, God said to forgive!" His voice is with more passion. "I say to all countries that have a soul, that if you think this is wrong you will go by my viewpoint!" Applauses go throughout the room. "I will first ask for the reason of death, I just pray it does not lead to war. May God bless that man." The room clears with gossip spreading.

One hour later...

The General walks in. "Do you want me to prepare the Rosktai?" The President shakes his head. "No, I want a peaceful solution to this." The General does a military solute and leaves.

President Sergei Ilyanov of the Commonwealth of Rose.
UN Delegate of the New Roman Empire.

OOC Any problem with my post?
16-05-2004, 05:36
Reichskamphen and the Triune Kingdom support Iesus Christi in this action. The state must be defended.

His Imperial Highness,
Viktor Leipzig I
Emperor of Greater Prussia and All The Greater Prussians
16-05-2004, 05:43
We must condem the actions of the Iesus Christi for there are few crimes more vile than killing an priest. I pray that the madness and the devils who have seized control of the leadership of Iesus Christi are soon banished so they know what an vile dead they have done and seek pentance.

King Doran Tor Asha
16-05-2004, 05:50
The Czar supports Iesus Christi in the execution of the Bishop. National Security is top priority in anything.

General [ret.] Franz von Papen
Foreign Minister
Holy Vatican See
16-05-2004, 08:29
Cardinal Johannes Meisner stood in the main Press Conference room in the Office of Apostolic Communications. His face was grave.

All the usual suspects in the way of reporters were assembled there, with cameras operational and notebooks ready. Copies of the prepared statement the Cardinal was reading were ready on a table near the door.

“Today, the Apostolic See was deeply grieved to learn of the political execution of Bishop John Drew in Iesus Christi.

Bishop Drew, who had been fearlessly and tirelessly working to restore the Church of Iesus Christi to conformity with valid Catholic Doctrine, was apparently executed for the content of his preaching in this context.

Repeated requests by the Apostolic See to receive documentation of an evidentiary character for the alleged “crimes” of which the Bishop was accused, were in vain. Therefore, we have no choice but to regard Bishop Drew’s execution as a martyrdom for the Faith, and request all of the Church’s faithful to pray for Bishop Drew, and to rejoice in his achievement of the crown of martyrdom, even while we grieve and pray for the misguided souls who contrived his death.

The situation in Iesus Christi is of deep concern to the Church. We implore the clergy of Iesus Christi to avoid further martyrdoms, while doing all that they can to keep alive the flame of the church’s true doctrine, and spreading the Good News of Christ’s love and redemptive sacrifice for all. We pray that the faithful of Iesus Christi may be illumined with the Light of Faith, that they may hearken to Christ’s exhortation in Matthew, Chapter 20: verses 3-4, ‘You go into the vineyard too,’ to keep the true Faith alive in Iesus Christi.

To the nations of the world who have expressed horror and outrage at the martyrdom of Bishop Drew, we ask for resolute tranquility in your responses to the government of Iesus Christi. We pray that the abuses of Iesus Christi’s leaders will not be further visited upon the people of Iesus Christi in the form of violence or repression excited by international actions. The prayers of all the faithful throughout the world are solicited for the Church and the Faithful of Iesus Christi.

Meisner looked up, and there was a resolute set to his jaw, though his eyes were dark with sorrow. “Questions?”
16-05-2004, 09:59
**CCBC News Report**

...And as the news of the murder of Bishop John Andrew gained headlines in most media outlets, a wave of anger has swept through the Commonwealth, in particular amongst the Catholic followers. The Chimaean Catholic Church has issued a statement supporting that released by the Vatican with an additional prayer for peace during this time.

However, such peaceful voices may be few and far between. In all the capital cities of Chimaea there have been mass protests against Iesus Christi; candle-light vigils have been held throughout the country in support of the Iesus Christi Catholic Church and its clergy. The strongest calls for firm action against Iesus Christi have been made since the destruction of the Syskeyian Embassy in St. Dominic and the following murder of Thelasi lawyers and the imprisonment of the Chimaean defence team.

Following the Foreign Minister's angriest rebuke of the actions taken by Iesus Christi, the Opposition Leader has called for the Governor to encourage Vatican foreign policy to take a harder line against the 'Iesus Inquisition'. This may have become the second test of leadership for Lady Bryce since the ending of autonomy in Street Island...


Office of Apostolic Communications

A smartly dressed woman with a poised notebook said, "Sarah Besslin of the New Sydney Times; how does the Church answer to the numerous calls to excommunicate the Iesus Christi leadership from the Catholic Church?"
16-05-2004, 10:13
Prompted by calls from Meulmania's biggest religious sects and prominent figures, Meulmania has officially condemned the murder of the Bishop.

Meulmanian Constitution
34 iii)Death should only be dealt by others when no other probable or concievable way is seen past avoiding ones own death or severe bodily harm such as Self Defence.
CLAUSES: Under Meulmania Defence Force ammendment 105
45) a) Military personnel, Special forces and Royal Bodyguards are entitled to shoot to kill when a shot to incapitate is not an option. Also under directives dispatched from at least two out of the following a killing can be ordered such as in War time etc:
i)A senior member of the Royal family (defined as King, Queen, Crown Prince or Crown Princess)
ii) The Prime Minister, Opposition leader and a majority of cabinet.
iii) A 4/5 majority of parliament.
iv) Commander in Chief of the Defence force.
Kevin Tracy the Great
16-05-2004, 10:48
Kevin Tracy the Great has called for military actions to be taken against Iesus Christi. This comes almost 24 hours after a press confrence when his Greatness openly poked jokes at the situation and admitted he didn't know enough about the situation to make a decision. However, due to the military of his Great and Holy Republic being used for excessive defense of the homeland, it is expected by experts that Kevin Tracy the Great will not deploy troops. However, members of the Staff have hinted to the press that Holy Republic may be used for the launching of an international coalition to oust the Government of Iesus Christi.
Kevin Tracy the Great had this to say:

KEVIN TRACY: "In addition to the economic sanctions in place on Iesus Christi, I call for all able governments to send their militaries to deal with this horrible and low-life evil government that has crossed the line in their oppostion to Catholics. "

This has been Judi Foster reporting for KBC Radio!
16-05-2004, 12:30
The wonderful nation of Vegana congratulates the wisdom in Iesus Christi to weed out the Heretics. There can NEVER be a place with god for the abominations, even the forgiving god sometimes must act and punish blasphemers and critters that are against his law. Too long has the false so called pope been allowed to spread his lies about meta-humans having a soul and being equals to gods own. Too long has the puppet that calls himself pope been allowed to twist the words of God to suit his elven masters. Sometimes when a gangrene spreads in a body it is not enough to cut away just the infested part, sometimes you have to cut to the bone. I once more congratulate our brothers and sisters in Iesus Christi for starting to get rid of the disease before it goes to long.

I also would like to point out that The Reich stands by their brothers and Sisters in Iesus Christi and ANY attempts to intrude on Reich Soil will be met by extreme force by the Entire Reich and the lands of the invader will be scorched and left dead to the world.

The streets will flow with blood of the unbeliever!

~The most Benevolent Jaar
Holy Vatican See
16-05-2004, 15:10
Meisner’s answer to the question from the Chimaean journalist had something of the flavor of his prepared statement; it was clear that the matter had already received much consideration and discussion. His expression lightened slightly, from the grave to the rueful.

“It is entirely possible, Ms Besselin, that those leaders to whom you refer are already excommunicate.”

His manner turned slightly pedantic, “There is a great deal of misunderstanding about excommunication and its nature. In fact, there are only seven canonical offenses that justify the penalty of excommunication; and three of them apply only to clergy. Of the remaining four, only one is likely to apply in the case of Iesian leaders: The willful and knowledgeable embrace of apostasy, heresy, or schism.”

“Please note, the canon requires that in order to be excommunicable, such acts must be undertaken with full knowledge that the actions are in fact apostate, heretical, or schismatic; with full intention to commit heresy, foment schism, or embrace apostasy, and with the full consent of the will. In such cases, an excommunication a jure, by canon law, is in fact considered to have already taken place—the precise term is latae sententiae. Such excommunications, while remaining occult—that is, known only to the person who committed the offense—carry all of the full spiritual penalty of public excommunication.”

“The public, ‘official’ excommunication to which you doubtless refer is excommunication ferendae sententiae, and may be imposed only after full juridical review.”

“Once such a public, juridical excommunication is declared, it is required of Catholic clergy that they deny the sacraments, ritual, and benefits of the Church to the excommunicate, or themselves be subject to canonical penalty. The Church is gravely reluctant to impose such requirements upon Iesian clergy who remain faithful to the magisterium, and will consider doing so only after all other canonical remedies and expedients have been exhausted, and only after full judicial review.”

“However, it is not impossible that an intermediate sanction of interdiction may be considered in the case of those who contrived the murder of Bishop Drew. Such a sanction would technically deny those under interdict the spiritual benefits of the sacraments and request clergy to refuse them; without, however, imposing the same canonical penalties upon those clergy who, through extreme fear or loss of liberty, ignore the interdict.”
16-05-2004, 15:26
A Thelasi journalist stands, “Does the church know of the numerous additions to the ‘Reich Bible’ including many antimeta-human verses, including that changing to “Thou shalt no suffer a witch to live” to “Thou shalt no suffer a witch or an elf to live”? And is this considered hereticaly in reference to Revelations where it is said “Thou shall not add not subtract”? And is the ‘Reich Bible’ and the beliefs under it heretical?
Holy Vatican See
16-05-2004, 15:44
Meisner nodded to the Thelasi reporter.

“The Church is well aware of the “Reich Bible” which has received no Imprimatur of the Church in any way. However, while a document may espouse heretical or schismatic ideas, the designation of the crime of heresy is reserved for individual persons. If and when the Church can confirm the actual authorship of such a document, and determine through appropriate judicial process that the document was created with full intent and knowledge to perpetrate heresy, that individual or those individuals may be sanctioned.”
16-05-2004, 17:12
[i] Sometimes when a gangrene spreads in a body it is not enough to cut away just the infested part, sometimes you have to cut to the bone.

OOC: Thats why their was a protestant reformation.

IC: I welcome any voice raised against Rome and the Pope. But I am saddened to see that it is because the Pope is not apostate enough for you! Even Anti-Christ is not anti-Christian enough for you Papists.

God will strike you down with the sword of his mouth. Men will not be suffered to live under your evil. I am whole heartedly against the Iesus inquisition and regard it as a crime against Christ and against Humanity.

At this juncture, I am not for a regime change in Iesus Christi or any other forceful action...but if things get much worse, my stance my change.

God Bless and Save his own elect people!

His Imperial Highness,
Viktor Leipzig I
Emperor of Greater Prussia and All The Greater Prussians
16-05-2004, 17:43
OCC:If we want to talk about true reglious reform, the changes that could place within the catholic church after the protestant reformation and later the two vatican councils, now thats reform.

IC: .Its funny how some of the worst so examples of christanity are often fundimentalists, but fundimentalists always warp the true faith, what ever branch of the christian faith they belong to. I pity hate mongelors. May good have mercy on emperor Viktor Leipzig I as well and show him the errors of his hate.

Arcbishop Vorn
16-05-2004, 18:18
Executing people is just rude.

Oh, and immoral. Yes.

~ Junior Ambassador Elexi Exi-Exi-Ptang-Nim-Wah

* * *

"The Empire would like to categorically deny that any 'Junior Ambassador Elexi Exi-Exi-Ptang-Nim-Wah' is employed at the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, and disavow all responsibility for the previous message."

~ 23rd Ambassador El-Menjda
16-05-2004, 18:47
Derscon Meeeting of the General Staff
Kremlin Palace, Rekjyavich Andropov Military City

"Well," the Czar said. "Already a nation declared military action against Iesus. I wouldn't mind seeing it, the traitors."

"We could use this situation," Field Marshal Otto von Bismarck, Supreme Commander of the General Staff, said.

"How?" Field Marshall Frederick von Hindenburg asked.

"Simple," Bismarck continued. "Should military action come against Iesus, which I'm sure we can arrange," he said, looking at Heidrich Andropov, Chairman of the KGB. "We defend Iesus at all costs. When this happens, he take this oppertunity to strike at the Head of the Beast -- The Vatican."

"That wouldn't be too hard to arrange," General Ramius Arostlavich, Commander-in-Chief of the Derscon Luftewaffe/Space. "Once the Papacy condones the war against Iesus, I send in a squadron of Lancers and spirits, and drop a couple 2K pound bombs right on top of Saint Peter's Basilica."

"There is one problem," Archduke Franz Rekjyavich said. "Once that happened, EVERY SINGLE Catholic nation in the world would turn against us."

"In that case," Sith Lord Adolf Hitler said, "We get ALL of Greater Prussia to side with the Reich, and I'm sure we will be able to convince the rest of Metus to come with us. We can take them, with the combined efforts of all of us."

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" the Czar boomed. "If Metus got involved, that would give that bastard Siri a chance to strike at Melkor. The results would be catastrophic. A world war. But with so many people......." The Czar looked over at the symbol of the Eye of Providence behind his seat. "The result would be something bordering Armageddon. He turned back to look at his Staff to see the looks on their face. "I don't know about you, but taking out the Papcy, although a juicy, tempting target, is not worth the concequences of fucking the whole world over."

"Then just take out the Pope," Hitler said. "Bombing the Basilica would get so many people who shouldn't be involved get involved. It's a church, after all. We have the new SPARTANs out, the better ones than the first. Better armor, too. We uise them. The armor turns them a nice shade of invisible for a little, too. That way, we can sneak up to the Basilica, then storm it until the rest of the Marines get there. It would have to be a combined effort fron Greater Prussia, but I'm sure Viktor will enjoy the wonderful bounty of taking out the Pope."

"That is a good idea," Heidrich said, speaking for the first time. "Also, you should probably restart the Camps again. I know for a fact that the Aucshwitz Program still has some reminants left over. We can refurbish them and throw everyone in there. Clean up the Derscon population, too."

The Czar spoke. "Excellent idea. I will consult the Emperor of Reichkamphen, and then we shall go on with our plans. This meeting is ajourned." Everyone left, including the Czar.

The Czar left and turned in to his throne room. The Throne Room was a massive five stories high, with a two and a half story sized Eye of Providence begind the Great Throne. "I never get to sit there anymore," he said. "Well," he remarked to himself, looking at the Eye. "I will soon return to that Seat, ruling over the masses. One day. Maybe not me, maybe not my son, but one day, it will happen." He turned and left, and went to the vault where the Dimensional Gateway was kept. He departed the Physical and went to his state of Pure Light, and just hovered there, and went on to see his deceased father.

(((OOC: No, he didn't die. You'll have to see the Derscon/Corneliu Confrence to understand)))
16-05-2004, 19:06
OOC:Someone feels like starting the next worldwar do they?

IC:This killing of an priest is outragious but we need calm ratinal action, even with people as crazed as those in Iesus Christi. The Crazed fundimentalists with their Quisi-Christian beliefs would love to use this as an way to attack the holy mother church and the true faith. Iesus Christi and the members of the reich are still an major defenders of the church even if their leadership is rather wacked in the head at times. Prehaps only other power Orginized group of catholic nations ready defend the church are the Defenders of the Faith.

~Queen Seria Threpes
16-05-2004, 20:05
OOC:Someone feels like starting the next worldwar do they?


No. If you read carefully, I'm trying NOT to.
17-05-2004, 08:45
Meisner nodded to the Thelasi reporter.

“The Church is well aware of the “Reich Bible” which has received no Imprimatur of the Church in any way. However, while a document may espouse heretical or schismatic ideas, the designation of the crime of heresy is reserved for individual persons. If and when the Church can confirm the actual authorship of such a document, and determine through appropriate judicial process that the document was created with full intent and knowledge to perpetrate heresy, that individual or those individuals may be sanctioned.”

The spokesman from the Veganian Information ministry laughed when he show the statement on the big screen, broadcasted over the whole Reich and shown at the great square in Vegana City.

"See how the puppet once again shows his heresy and his loyalty to the nephilim. Who is the author of the bible? Now he tries to put GOD on trial! Who gives ANY man the right to do that? What is next? He's going to to try to punish the author of the Quran? The holy Reich bible has been along longer than anyone can remember, it speaks the word of god, a good god, an allknowing and loving god. When the elves speak about it they soil it. When the false pope speaks about it I'm amazed that he doesn't speak elvish. Show your true face abomination!" A picture of the pope slowly altered to a picture of an elf and then slowly metamorphosed back was shown on the big screens in the square.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the square screamed their rage and hatred against the false pope.
17-05-2004, 13:07
In Calis and some of the smaller surrounding towns, prayer vigils were being held for the Holy Mother Church. Oridanry people, good catholics, sat in circles sometimes numbering in the hundreds saying prayers and chanting the Rosary.

Suddenly a bunch of college age kids stormed the crowd outside The Church of the Good Shepard. "God is Great !!! God is Great!!!," they chanted as they set upon the crowd. Fists smashed into the faces of those leading the prayer vigil. Cries and shrieks came from the crowd as they fell to the ground from the blows and kicks administered by those who set upon them... The ones wearing black outfits with the white cross arm bands... The "college kids".

"The Church is pure," the leader of the prayer vigil said as he fell to the ground clutching his head where a large bruise had started to swell and bleed.

"God is Great!!! Your false Pope in Rome is a heathen!!!, " shouted the leader dressed in black.

"God have mercy on you..."

"Shut up elf lover!!!"

More kicks and blows. Those who tried to run were severly beaten.

The bloody spectacle continued on into the night...
Dyelli Beybi
17-05-2004, 13:19
Dyelli Beybi wishes to applaud the vigour shown by Iesus Christi in rooting out heresy.
18-05-2004, 14:05
OOC: Promising thread but I am too tired to write now...damn allergies!!!
19-05-2004, 04:14
Mary was up early today. Actually, she got up early every day; being the mother of four and an assembly line technician at the local factory required that she rise just before the dawn. She stretched and yawned; her husband Patrick was still asleep. She gave him a disapproving glance out of the corner of her large brown eyes then got out the double size bed. It was Sunday and she didn't want to be late for mass.

She went into the medium sized kitchen. The faded wallpaper told the story of a family that ate a lot of fried foods. Grease stained the wall above the stove. The smell of grease from last night's fish and chips still hovered in the damp air. The smell never seemed to go was there ever since she could remember.

Mary tied a kerchief around her shoulder length greying hair. She sighed and began rummaging in the fridge. Eggs and bacon. If they didn't like it they could just go hungry...God knew (and so did her family) that the streets of Calis were filled with starving people. As the eggs began to sizzle in the pan a thump was heard outside the door. " Newspaper's here. Wonder what's going on in the wonderful world of HARU today?" . Not that she had time to wonder and anyway and she knew she knew she should be grateful; God was good. There was a time, two years back, when she didn't think such thoughts. She had strayed from her God, The all Loving and Mighty God of the Catholics.

Mary paused in her cooking and remembered with a shudder the day that the Ministry had come for her. She had been going on two months pregnant and was trying to hide it...she was afraid that they couldn't afford another child. Only Patrick knew about it. Or so she thought. One day she had come to work and found a dog-eared pamphlet stuffed inside her locker. On the front was a picture of a woman holding her fist triumphantly in the air. The letters NOW were printed in large bold letters over the picture of the woman. Mary had no idea what the letters stood for but they gave her a bad feeling. Woman power didn't bode well with her; she was a good catholic, a very good catholic. Didn't her unborn baby proclaim that truth? All her instincts told her to throw that pamphlet away. But she hadn't. Instead, she folded the piece of paper and stuffed it down in the corner of her locker. She didn't want to be seen holding it. She'd burn it later after her shift was over. And a smaller voice, a voice that sounded nasty but somehow reasonable, spoke up from inside her. "You might need that information... what if you can't have the baby? " "Yeah," Mary half thought, "just in case," and closed the door of her locker giving the matter no more thought until they came for her during her lunch break. In the end she did have her baby. Her little miracle baby that she had named Michael after the Archangel.

As if on cue, Michael began wailing from the children's bedroom. She started from her reverie, muttered "God is Good" turned off the flame on the stove and headed upstairs.

The others were awake now. Patrick, Jr., ten years old, was rubbing his eyes. "Shut up, Michael," he called in a groggy voice.

"Yeah," Elisabethe, eight years old, chimed in, "quit's enough to raise the dead."

"Hush now all of yee or I'll send you off to Church with no breakfast," Mary said as she picked up Michael and began to rock him gently.

"Patrick, wake up Maggie," she gave her sleeping six year old a perfunctionary glance," and get dressed. Breakfast is ready. We're not going to be late for church. God doesn't wait for us, we wait on Him."

"Yes, Mam," Patrick replied. Elisabethe turned in her bed towards her still sleeping sister and shook Maggie awake. "C'mon slow poke. Time for Mass."

"Again?" Maggie sighed. She stood up and began putting on her Sunday best: Elisabethe's old spring dress.

Downstairs Patrick sat at the kitchen table, his head barely visible above the top of The HARU Telegraph. The children dressed and ready to go sat quietly while their father read the paper. Mary, sat feeding Michael.

"Patrick...," Mary said.

"Hush woman, this is important."

"But we don't want to be late..."

The children squirmed in their seats. They knew better than to leave the table without permission from their father. They looked pleadingly at their mother who looked away from their imploring eyes.

"Mam, won't we be late?," Patrick said.

"Pat," Mary said, "your father...,"

Patrick,Sr interrupted her, "Your father says we are going to Church today. We'll leave now. But I don't want you...any of you...talking to anyone. You see this?," he held up the newspaper. "Riots at the Church of The Good Shepherd. Over 100 killed. And what's this about a Reich-Rome? We keep it quiet until all this is sorted out. God is Good. God is Great! He will lead us in the paths of righteousness."

He seemed genuinely shaken by the thought of a Reich-Rome as he led his family out the door. And why shouldn't he be? The Bishop of Rome in Iesus Christi had been executed not long ago. He had been a true Roman Catholic his whole life. But he also held a job at the Ministry of Information, a low level position as a security guard, and things got around. Rumors. He had heard of the riots against Roman Catholics under the command of some terrorist group...The Christian Liberty Army or something like that but dismissed them under the category of Rumors just like the rumor that Maire Haru was pregnant with President Matthew's second child. And they weren't even married...that harlot...but it was just rumors and besides the thought police were a rumor too...

What if he was made to choose between a Reich-Rome and the Holy Roman Empire? The thought made him shudder. He quickened his pace, not looking up from the pavement except to check on his family. Rumors, he told himself, just rumors...
19-05-2004, 05:28
The government of Iesus Christi has repeatedly demonstrated its lack of regard for both human rights and the Catholic faith which it claims to hold and protect. With the unlawful execution of Bishop Drew, we can no longer turn a blind eye to such deplorable behaviour, and hereby command our government to pronounce sanctions against the rogue state of Iesus Christi. All Iesus Christi goods and holdings in the Empire or in its waters will be detained forthwith, and no citizen of Iesus Christi will be allowed to enter the Empire except as refugees fleeing political or religious persecution.

Given by our hand on this day in the twenty-first year of our reign,

19-05-2004, 06:07
In the chamber of the Imperial Parliament of Pantocratoria...

"At this time, the chair recognises Her Imperial Highness the Imperial Chancellor the Most Pious Princess Princess Irene." says the speaker, the chamber falling silent as the speaker bangs his gavel. Princess Irene stands and walks to the podium before the speaker.

"Thank you, my Lord Speaker." she says. "My Lord Speaker, His Most Catholic and Imperial Majesty commands that this house pronounce sanctions against the Empire of Iesus Christi..."

The Chancellor is interrupted by a unanimous "Hear, hear!" from the house.

" response to the repeated and deplorable abuses committed by that nation's government. I therefore place the motion before the house, my Lord Speaker, to pronounce sanctions against the Empire of Iesus Christi."

"So noted." says the speaker as the Chancellor returns to her seat. Across the floor of the chamber from his sister, Prince Basil rises.

"The chair recognises His Imperial Highness the Prince Basil, the Leader of the Opposition." says the speaker. Prince Basil approaches the podium.

"My Lord Speaker, my question is for Her Imperial Highness the Chancellor." Basil starts. "Does Her Imperial Highness recall that on many previous occassions, she has been quick to condone, congratulate, and endorse many of the actions, some would say abuses, my Lord Speaker, of the..."

The half of the chamber behind Princess Irene erupts into shouts and jeers of indignation.

"Order!" shouts the speaker.

"...of the present government of the Empire of Iesus Christi? Do you recall a time, Chancellor, when in your role as Minister for..." Prince Basil is this time interrupted by the speaker.

"The Leader of the Opposition will address his remarks to the chair." says the speaker.

"I apologise, my Lord Speaker. Does Her Imperial Highness recall a time when in her role as Minister for Cultural Development, she made an Iesus Christi propaganda film, entitled The Eternal Elf, compulsory viewing..." the Prince raises his voice to be heard over the shouts of the government's side of the chamber as the speaker shouts for order. "...compulsory viewing, my Lord Speaker, for all Imperial citizens? Does the Chancellor..."

The speaker bangs his gavel, and Prince Basil sits down.

"The time for the question has elapsed. The chair calls on Her Imperial Highness the Chancellor to answer the Leader of the Opposition's question." says the speaker.

Princess Irene stands, her gaze directed towards her brother Basil, with a touch of icy anger to it.

"My Lord Speaker, it has never been the policy of this government to endorse any such behaviour as the execution without just cause of a bishop or of any person." answers Irene, as the opposition makes its doubts known very loudly. "Need the chair remind the Leader of the Opposition that the... policy... to which he referred in his question..."


"...the policy to which he referred was a policy undertaken by the previous Imperial Government, of which, my Lord Speaker, he was the head. Or has he forgotten?" she snaps, before returning to her seat.

The speaker bangs his gavel.

"Order! Order! The house will now vote on the motion brought by the Chancellor at the command of the Emperor!" says the speaker. "All those who vote in favour, rise."

Everyone in the chamber rises.

"The ayes have it." says the speaker without even looking. He bangs his gavel. "The motion is hereby passed. At this time, the chair recognises the Member for Isakiosopolis."

"Thankyou, my Lord Speaker." says the backbencher, as he stands to speak in an attempt to deflect discussion from the Chancellor's previous political flirtations with Iesus Christi. "My question is for the Minister for Public Safety. Would the minister explain to the house how the Imperial Government's initiative to introduce compulsory electronic speeding detectors has lead to Pantocratorians enjoying safer roads than ever before? Would the minister elaborate on the issue, and would the minister explain how the Opposition's irresponsible policy on the issue would do untold harm to all Imperial citizens driving on His Majesty's highways?"

The members of the opposition rolls their eyes and issue a collective groan as the house moves on.
19-05-2004, 06:56
Ascensia cheers this execution and the removal of a corrupted element from the church. Sub-humans have no place with God.
19-05-2004, 11:33
OOC: HARU, check your Telegrams. Nice Parliamentary scene, Pantocratoria! :)
Holy Vatican See
19-05-2004, 14:53
(OOC to Vegana, HARU, Derscon, etc.:

Please note that we (HVS) participated in this RP thread under the impression that Iesus Christi was interested in RPing the whole thing as an internal Church issue, and wanted to handle it the way it would be handled in a contemporary (similar to RW) Church context.

We are not a medievalist Church, that is not our multiverse. We are a contemporary/real world-oriented Church. In such a context, serious differences about doctrine are handled internally within the Church, involving things like Synod meetings, Consistories, maneuverings within the Curia and wangling things in the Ecclesiastical Courts, manipulating the Dicasteries and jockeying for key positions within them, etc.

Perhaps we are under a misimpression of what Iesus Christi's initial intentions were. If so, we apologize for participating, please ignore all Iesus Christi-related posts by us. We have plenty of other threads in hand in the multiverse where doctrinal matters are handled via more machiavellian and subtle methods of conflict.

IOW, we're not going to get involved in any OMG bigass religious WARS!! The RL Church has some very serious internal doctrinal differences about key issues that do have real political implications. But they are not being handled by maneuvering the political leaderships of nations into violent conflict. There is an inevitable interplay between religion and politics; we have no intention of avoiding it. We simply want to limit our particular multiverse to handling such things as they are actually handled in the real world today.

If anyone has a serious issue with this or wants to discuss it further, please take it to TGs, we have apparently already messed up Iesus Christi's thread sufficiently already and don't want to inhibit the rest of you from having your fun. :) )
19-05-2004, 15:35
this is better put in public. The Reich do NOT, i repeat DO NOT want a military conflict out of this. That is not what this is all about. If anyone thinks of joining a war between Holy Rome and Reich Rome or whatever it will be without Reich participation.

What is happening is the following:

When an institution such as the papacy in this case, makes something that is fundamentally against 50-60 billion (ie The Reich) of its members, things will happen, it's called reformation. No Reich nation (except fascist elves, but they're just humans with pointy ears, or so i've been told :wink: ) could stand the thoughts of Nephilim cardinals or nephilim bishops in THEIR church.

This is thought to be just a machiavellian roleplay, the bloodbaths that will occur in some Reich nations is just to create the right mood. There will be NO big military projects against HVS to oust the pope or something the like, that thought has never come to mind. So kids, play nice, I think we might have a good thing going. :P
19-05-2004, 23:48
19-05-2004, 23:48
OOC: Darn! :D

I thought up a great Illuminati plot.
20-05-2004, 04:27
this is better put in public. The Reich do NOT, i repeat DO NOT want a military conflict out of this. That is not what this is all about. If anyone thinks of joining a war between Holy Rome and Reich Rome or whatever it will be without Reich participation.

What is happening is the following:

When an institution such as the papacy in this case, makes something that is fundamentally against 50-60 billion (ie The Reich) of its members, things will happen, it's called reformation. No Reich nation (except fascist elves, but they're just humans with pointy ears, or so i've been told :wink: ) could stand the thoughts of Nephilim cardinals or nephilim bishops in THEIR church.

This is thought to be just a machiavellian roleplay, the bloodbaths that will occur in some Reich nations is just to create the right mood. There will be NO big military projects against HVS to oust the pope or something the like, that thought has never come to mind. So kids, play nice, I think we might have a good thing going. :P

OOC: Couldn't have said it better myself, Vegana. This is just a nice RP; if anyone can find a way to join in and NOT create a war ( which we don't want) then please join in.

Hmmm...Reformation...I like that term.
Tanah Burung
20-05-2004, 05:01
(ooc: if only i had a parliament! :wink: )

Bishop Mangunvijaya was walking through the streets of the old city when he heard the news of John Drew's execution, and the swift Pantocratorian response, from a reporter. He went ashen-faced and crossed himself. And delivered an impromptu comment more rash than his usual tone.

"God rest his soul. I completely support the call by the Pantocratorian parliament for the international isolation of Iesus Christi, and i only wish we had trade ties so that we could impose sanctions. It needs a complete embargo. There's very little we can do to help the people and the church suffering behind the Steel Curtain. You know, representatives from Iesus Christi came to this country once. It is to our everlasting shame that we let those fascists in, and it will never happen again if i have anything to do with it. I think we should turn the building they polluted with their presence into a shrine to the memory of Bishop Drew."
Iesus Christi
21-05-2004, 03:43
BBC World News
The Iesus government, due to what it claims is continued sedition within the ranks of the "clerics and religious" has restricted the issuing of passports only to religious and priests whom have signed the new oath of allegiance. . .
Therefore, over 50% of the national body of Priests and religious are currently unable to travel abroad and only 6 of the national bishops conference are eligible to travel over-seas.
As the deadline for signing the "oath" looms, many wonder if the government will carry out its plan of arresting any Priest or religious who have not signed the oath....

The solemn congregation prayed at "Our lady of sorrow" for the happy repose of the soul of Bishop John, while outside the church Ministry of social order , Brown shirts took note of every small movement.
Already that week, cardinal Patrick had asked three times for release of the body of bishop John to church authorities, and three times been bluntly turned down by the Ministry.
Turning his attention from this matter for the time being, Cardinal Patrick McCullum penned his open letter to his superiors in the Church and to the Iesus Church in general....

.....Of Matters Iesus......
My fellow brothers and Sisters in Christ.....

Events in this land Of Iesus Christi have come to a horrific point...Our brother In Christ Bishop john drew Lies dead for preaching the gospel...he died for speaking the truth....

Those who do not understand transcendence cannot understand our cause....When we speak of injustice here below and denounce it....they think we are playing politics or betraying our humanity...BUT It is in the name of God's just reign that we denounce the injustices of the earth, and therefore I beg in the name of our risen God of our roman fathers in faith for their understanding for what I must say next ....For I see it now as my solemn duty under God to disobey a civil law, I cannot reconcile the gospel of life with the laws of hate that dwell in our nation...we cannot let our silence be consent.....

I therefore shall not sign the new oath of obedience to the government, and I ask that my fellow religious and clergy of Iesus do not sign it either....

God knows how many trials and horrors we will experience for this act...God knows martyrdom may fall upon us, I only hope to Christ that those who win the martyrs grace will be remembered by the world.

Yet do not think we seek death. No we seek life for all Gods' children but in doing so we understand the price we may have to pay....

But let it be remembered...A church that suffers no persecution but enjoys the privileges and support of the things of the earth ... beware! -this is not the true church of Jesus Christ. A preaching that does not point out sin is not the preaching of the gospel. A preaching that makes sinners feel good, so that they are secured in their sinful state, betrays the gospel's call....and that Not just purgatory but hell awaits those who could have done good and did not do it.

Pray for me and my brothers in Christ, as we pray for you also...
And let us remember those who have fallen...not just our recent honoured Dead Bishop john but all whom have suffered under this regime and dissappeared without a trace or a word of concern.

God of justice, we repent the sin of our church when it fails to denounce injustice in our world and to call its people to repentance and conversion.
God of the prophets, we pray for ourselves and our church that we might become prophets of justice and life to our world
Christo Duce.
Cardinal Patrick McCullum

The new oath
I (the under signed) shall...
Only celebrate the Roman catholic tradition. I vow my spiritual loyalty to Rome and no other faith.
I shall with a deep humble and filial bond of charity remain loyal to the holy father and the government of Iesus Christi with exemplary docility.
I shall with fidelity uphold the blood and honour laws of Iesus Christi, and all other such national laws of Iesus Christi. I shall be faithful to these laws the by word,action and deed.
Serve the people of my nation by faithful service to our national leader Matthew Iesus , and his appointed officials.
I vow this under God the most high and through the intercession of his blessed Mother
21-05-2004, 04:43
Hmmm...Reformation...I like that term.

Couldn't have said it better myself...but I was under the Impression you were Catholic.

By the way...I have an interesting RP idea...Protestant Missionaries being sent to Iesus Christi or Haru or war...just interesting RP.

What do you think?
Iesus Christi
22-05-2004, 03:26
By the way...I have an interesting RP idea...Protestant Missionaries being sent to Iesus Christi or Haru or war...just interesting RP.

What do you think?

OOC: Iesus doesnt allow Prody missionaries....

IC: Many Priests were signing the new 'oath'...but much to patricks joy...many werent...and certainly among the humble seminarians there was a general feeling in support of the Cardinal...
Holy Vatican See
22-05-2004, 06:09
To explain our reluctance to be involved in this type of RP scenario, we need to refer to the whole concept behind this version of the Holy Vatican See—which is to play a “Catholic Church” that as closely as possible mirrors the real life Catholic Church as it is known today, including the theology and doctrine that have evolved over the last two centuries—theology that reconciles the physical and scientific realities of the temporal world with the spiritual and transcendental realities of the eternal world as it is revealed through ongoing study of the Word of God and His example on earth.

Having postulated a Vatican that diverged from the real world timeline in 1998, with all of the implications of Vatican II and the Canon Law revisions of 1986, we cannot see either John Paul II or Sixtus VI ordaining bishops who would seriously refer to any race as "nephilim." (!) Not to mention the whole biblical-literalist trend of the Reich varieties of "Catholics."

We have deliberately kept the whole issue of nonhuman sentients and their status in regards to Christian salvation open, in hopes of someday pulling together a quality RP to really wade through it.

We did this by creating the backstory referred to several times in our various threads: The Papal Commission on Nonhuman Sentience under Sixtus VI, and the followup Encyclical "In Apostolatum Eldari."

As usual with most such deliberations, the results of the Commission were somewhat ambiguous, although they did firmly nail down one theological point:

Only God, not Satan, can create life--Satan can only twist and mar what has already been created, but cannot "create." Therefore, no nonhuman race is entirely *inherently* evil or "creatures of Satan," although just as with the human race, the issue of corruption and evil influence is wide open. ("Original sin," was put on hold for later debate, on the assumption that since other nonhuman sentient races are demonstrably not perfectly good, some form of sin is clearly part of their natures--but not necessarily any more so than with human beings.)

Therefore, individual members of all nonhuman races are capable of both good and evil, just as humans are.

That's the only firm conclusion that the Commission reached, everything else was left up to future Synod discussions, perhaps another Commission, or even a Council. As usual with these things in the Church, it raised more questions than it answered.

Based on that one firm conclusion, Sixtus issued "In Apostolatum Eldari," which, in effect, states that since you never know, the balance of the doubt should for now be in the direction of issuing the Sacraments to believing and professing eldarin (it spoke only to eldar, BTW, not to neko or kzin or any other nonhuman sentient race.)

The Encyclical (as so many are) was a masterpeice of flexibility in language, with plenty of quiddities and perhapsities. In essence, it was a "better safe than sorry," statement, with some reservations, and in conclusion admitted that future re-examination and enlightenment could result in clearer doctrine upon this matter.

Our backstory postulates that while a number of eldarin priests (a few dozen, perhaps) have been ordained (mostly in Thelas,) and a few eldarin bishops (four or five--only ONE of which has been made Cardinal,)most eldarin Catholics are served by human priests and bishops. Outside of Thelas there only a couple of million eldar Catholics, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the NS population of billions of human Catholics.

There is also still considerable (and sometimes strenuous) theological disagreement within the Church about the whole issue of whether or not there are "separate salvations," planned by God for other nonhuman races, and, if so, what are the implications for the Church and its eldar Catholics.

And the Church has the usual contingent of bigots, although since the "official" policy is love, tolerance, and equality, they cloak their bigotry in *polite* doctrinal arguments and pseudo-apartheid rationalizations.

So that is where the whole nonhuman issue stands, from our POV. It's still open, but the official Church policy at this point is "included with reservations subject to future examination."

Now, historically, the effect of strident, bigoted, extremist argument within the Church is generally a backlash that results in progress toward the opposite of whatever is proposed. In a Church full of carefully educated prelates, this kind of debate is extremely rare. Usually disagreement takes other forms. While there are always some of those "damn the torpedos, God wants me to tell you you're wrong," types, it is really HIGHLY unlikely that many of them reached the level of bishop and above in the last few decades.

Not to mention that real Catholic theology in regard to human rights, respect for life, etc., has been a paramount teaching of the Church under both JP II and Sixtus VI.

We can deal with one anomalous facist aberration like IC, but a whole phalange of "Catholic" nations that have more or less never heard of doctrines on human rights, respect for life, the responsibility of individual conscience, and even "love thy neighbor" is a bit beyond us.

So we are going to ask anyone who wants to RP with us on this whole issue to give us some clear backstory that fingers the key players on both sides of the debate within their nation and why they have taken the stands they've taken. Also we're going to ask that anyone who wants to RP on this commit to a finite (and reasonable) number of Catholic bishops within your nation, MOST OF WHICH are not violent rabid eldarophobes. (IOW, it's perfectly reasonable to have a nation that hates elves, but the ringleaders are probably largely secular leaders with a FEW anti-eldar bishops. And it is highly likely that within every nation that has lots of Catholics in it--even violently elf-hating nations--there is a core of Catholics who have absorbed real Catholic doctrine and want their Church to be a voice for tolerance, respect for life, and love thy neighbor stuff.)

Nor is this likely to be a "fast" RP. Synods happen only every three years, and given the cost of running special Commissions, etc., it's going to be a tough sell to the current tightwad Pope to do any extraordinary meetings (and they take months or even years to arrange.) The other inside-the-Church stuff that can be done mostly involves writing, trying to get one's adherents appointments in the bureaucracy (tough if you're a foaming-at-the-mouth opponent of current Church doctrine,) and other low-key strategies.

Anyone who's comfortable with that kind of RP, we're happy to string along. But if you want High Drama and lots of bloodshed and martyrdom and horror and religious ranting and so on, you're probably better off with the Protestants or some other "Vatican" than with us, unless you're willing to set it up carefully over a long time with a good knowledge of the Church--as Iesus Christi has already done.

(OOC: Also please note—due to an unfortunate confluence of travel plans and a bug-infested network being taken offline for some days, it is unlikely that the muns of the Holy Vatican See will be doing much posting for the next week. We apologize for the inconvenience; please feel free to move events along and we will try to catch up.)
North Star
22-05-2004, 21:38
o.o.c: thats makes total sense-it would be a nice change to see people who actually understand to roleplay a event that doesnt end up in threats of a world war.
still we in the reich will always be vocal about our support for whatever our brothers and sisters in the region do.
now i hope you'll two will continue with this topic because i'm personally finding it a interesting read.

i.c: the sultan has little comment in matters of the honorless christian rebels.
23-05-2004, 00:20
o.o.c: thats makes total sense-it would be a nice change to see people who actually understand to roleplay a event that doesnt end up in threats of a world war.

Well, if you read my one post carefully, as it seems you are referring to ME, it is simply expressing my dislike for the Catholic Church, but my desire NOT to start a World War.
23-05-2004, 05:59
OOC: Perhaps it doesn't allow them, but therein lies the fun, they renounce citizenship to GP and everyone else preventing possible war, and slip into IC covertly to preach the gospel.

Also, there is no correct way to read the bible other than literally. Jesus wasn't joking. There is no part of God's word that is any more or less important than any other part. There is no way you can say, ignore this, but not this. The only interpretation of the truth is no interpretation because the truth is just that...the truth.
23-05-2004, 19:24
Kids, play along nice now. Not too much of the OOC. I stand by my point that the church in this case has overlooked the case of Nephilim as much as if the Real catholicchurch would admit female cardinals or popes or vote for contraceptives...

But, this is about to get bumped, I will post some more when I get back again, am at Heathrow now about to catch a plane. Lets call this a BUMP until I get back
Iesus Christi
25-05-2004, 04:51
The Iesus government has promised to take a "harsh line" on any and all who disobey the law of the land...even if they are priests following their 'conscience'.

Iesus government offical

OOC: Busy but will continue by friday....and yes...lets leave OOC stuff OOC.....
26-05-2004, 17:53
The room was full of upset priests.

"God is Great! Death to the false Pope!"

"But the holy father is sitting on the holy throne, we cant just overthrow him?"

"He's brought in devilspawn into our holy church and he calls our holy book heretic, Death unto him!"

The voices were hundreds of not thousands that murmured or outright shouted in the big dome of The St. Jeremiah cathedral. The priests looked like ants from where the great benevolent Jaar stood, watching down on the priests on the floor, hearing thousands of voices and making sense of them one by one. Generally they were all in unison about the herecy of bringing the evil nephilim into the church. He stepped forward when he felt the cameras turn towards him and begun to speak:

Brothers and Sisters! God is Great! There has been grievious news within the church. What is sitting on the holy throne? A mere puppet of the Nephilim? Someone that tries to bring reformation of the church by inviting the Devil into it? A pope that says that only God can create and therefore all are gods children? How naive is that? Does this so called pope not acknowledge evil in the World? Is the right way to fight evil by inviting it into the church, by saying that elves are gods children, as are vampires and other evil beings. He claims that his belief is that all should be included into the church, I say that is a new trick by the devil. This time there is no burning bush, this time there is a beautiful pointyeared harlot trying to lure the good faith into the depthsw of hell. The false pope may still believe in God but God no longer believes in him!
Antarctic Base 211
26-05-2004, 18:49
(TAG. And as a minor sidenote, Reich nations might be interested in this: Sorry to plug my own thread. I'm just interested in getting into NS RP in earnest now that I'm here, perhaps even this one..)
26-05-2004, 18:59
Official statement from President Wells and the Ruling Council of Hotengovia.
Read by Azaria Bayola, Ruling Council Spokeswoman.

We, the ruling council of Hotengovia, condemn this unwarrented execution of a man who was only following what he believed to be the right path. While we do not share your religious beliefs we can recognise in Bishop Drew a man who only intended to do good. We offer our sincerest condolances to his family and those who followed and believed in him. Further more we extend an offer of sanctuary and safety to any others who feel that they may be under threat of unjust punishment, you shall be welcome within our borders for as long as you wish to stay.
Iesus Christi
29-05-2004, 04:09
Outside the ministry, a growing crowd prayed and waited for the body of bishop John to be handed over....Cardinal Patrick lead the prayers...

"we pray for peace...we pray for justice..."

Meanwhile the loudspeakers over the nation boomed
"Loyalty is life...Schism is death..."
and the deadline to sign the 'oath' drew closer for the clergy of Iesus Christi
31-05-2004, 11:30
Jonathan Gervais, Bishop of Centreville, looked smugly at the papers that had been laid in front of him. The papers described all sorts of vile crimes that the holy throne had committed. He could not believe this of the holy father, he knew the faith must be kept pure and true. He had had some correspondence with the clergy from other places in the Reich and right now he was glad that his mind couldn’t be read. The people of Vegana seemed to have developed an extremely good way to block the leaders attempts to read their minds, the benevolent Jaar had of course created an enormous net of surveillance cameras to make up for that weakness. He could see one of the cameras outside his house right now, but it wasn’t aimed into this room and he picked up a paper and started to write:

Dear brothers in Faith, in times of need we have to turn to the holy father for guidance and support…
Iesus Christi
03-06-2004, 05:06
Cardinal patrick finished the mass with words of faith...
"let me quote catechism to you...authority does not derive its moral legitimacy from itself!(cat 1902) In the end only the authority of God counts...."

Mass ended and the cardinal took his place in the these times of trial it was even more important than ever to help people come to peace with God...

Patrick heard someone enter the confessional ...and then there was sound of even movement came from the other side of the thin partition.
Fear grabbed patrick and visions of his own death flashed before his eyes....
"Cardinal patrick?"
The Cardinal thought for a moment of lying
"errrrr yes? are you here for confession?"
"no father"
The mans voice sent chills through Patricks body
"so what are you here for?" Patrick half expected bullets to answer his question....
"to give you something Father...not all of us are against you...there are still patriotic officers inside Iesus...under the first pew on the right you'll find confirmation of many of your fears..."
Kay Son
03-06-2004, 05:12
PM Yun Ren;

I am saddened by such an affair and hope for your country to ease such suffering quicky.