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The Shadows [Currently Closed RP]

15-05-2004, 04:22
The Nanakan Highlands, 0100
Rob drove through the mountain pass on his way back from a vacation in another country in the region. It was getting late, but he was almost on his way to Nanakapolis, where he could spend the night. He barely noticed the flashes in the sky. There was supposed to be a meteor shower that night anyways. However, something did happen.

There was a brighter flash. At first Rob thought that that was lightning, but soon he saw it. The man managed to mutter out, "What the -" Then his car was lifted up into the sky. Another great flash came and Rob blacked out...
15-05-2004, 04:23
Nanakaland Proudly Presents
The Shadows
An RP of Conspiracies
Tom Carson reached over and picked up his phone. He said into the receiver, "Hello? Could you have called at a better time?"

"They have come," the person on the other end of the phone replied in a deep voice.

"Who has come?" asked Tom.

"They have," explained the man on the other end. "They have come for you!"

"What!?" exclaimed Carson. He thought for a moment. "Oh wait. This is a prank call, isn't it?" The person on the other end hung up. Very funny, thought Tom sarcastically. Some kids think it's okay to call up people in the middle of the night and - The phone rang again. I hope that they're calling to apologize for their rude call.

"Hello," Tom said into the receiver.

"Stay inside," the person warned. "They will come for you." Carson hung up this time and muttered, "Darn kids," to himself as he went back to sleep.
15-05-2004, 04:31
An hour later, Tom's doorbell rang. He sleepily went down the stairs to his front door. Opening it, he saw two men in heavy coats. "NIA," one of them said, holding out a badge.

"What do you want?" asked Tom.

"We're from the Nanakaland Intelligence Agency," the man explained. "We're here to talk to you about a... well... job offer."

"Yes," the other man said. "A job offer."

"What do you mean?" Tom Carson asked.

"Well, I think you're most qualified to head our new division," explained the first man.

"Yes," the second man added, "the most qualified in the country."

"What is the new division of the NIA?" Tom questioned.

"The Department of the Investigation of the Unexplained," the second man said.
15-05-2004, 16:46
"What do you want me for?" Tom asked. "I don't think I can help investigate the 'Unexplained.'"

"You know perfectly well what we're talking about," one of the NIA agents said.

"But I don't believe in the paranormal," replied Tom.

"Yes you do," the NIA agent said, "Your books are some of the most -"

"My books are books!" Tom exclaimed. "I write about that stuff, but I don't believe in it."

"Yes you do," said the other agent. "You believe in the paranormal, just subconciously."

"Ghosts, aliens, monsters," commented Tom, "all fictional! I get my stories from my imagination." The NIA agents laughed.

One said, "Imagination? You sure do have a vivid imagination. Or perhaps you have the psychic ability to view the events as they happen."

"Like what?" asked Tom. The agent walked over to his computer and started reading from the screen.

"The rain was pouring down on the mountain road," the NIA agent read aloud, "and the man was in his SUV on the way back from a vacation. At one o' clock in the morning, there was flashes in the sky. The man assumed it was a meteor shower, but the flashes got brighter and brighter. Soon the SUV vanished - vanished into space. The aliens had struck."

"Hey!" Tom shouted. "That's my story! Get away from the PC."

"That's your story?" the other NIA agent said. "It sounds a lot like case #01437 - a case of an alien abduction. A man named Robert Daniels was reported missing the day before yesterday. The NIA investigated and found traces of aliens."

"Coincidence," replied Tom. "I don't believe in aliens, anyways."

"The NIA has keep tabs on you for a while," the first agent explained. "Your stories seemed to parrallel many cases we had and your story had much more detail - accurate detail. You also have some 'stories' we never investigated."

"So?" Tom asked impatiently.

"You'd be a valuable asset to the NIA's Department of the Investigation of the Unexplained," replied one of the agents. "You could be helping citizens."

"You guys are crazy!" Tom shouted. "You're not NIA agents and there's no such thing as the paranormal! GET OUT NOW!" The two agents left disappointed and Tom slammed the door behind them.