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Shelbattanu Rovers Claim Title For Second Time

14-05-2004, 21:44
SHELBATTANU, EOTED - With the second Iluvauromeni Lárminya (First League) season facing a tight finish again this year, following a scintillating first season, Shelbattanu Rovers were far from favourites as they sat in third spot after a somewhat dismal few games. Having lead the league for much of the year, Shelbattanu seemed to have fallen at the last hurdle when they lost a twelve point lead and fell three points behind deadlocked second-placed Rhea City and top Turath Wanderers.

But today Shelbattanu Rovers lifted the Lárminya title for the second time in two years after defeating bitter rivals Shelbattanu County 3 - 0 at Christmas Park, while the surprising Tek United beat a stunned Turath Wanderers 4-1 away at the fortress that is Dwindle Road.

Deliriously happy Rovers fans mobbed the players as the referee blew the final whistle, and IPC officers on hand were powerless to prevent the activity - indeed, for safety reasons, they did not attempt to do so. But IFA spokesperson Delir Rihad said, "The reaction of the fans was utterly understandable, and we don't feel that the pitch invasion merits any response from the IFA at this time."

However, the incident does bring into sharp focus accusations from the Ministry of Sport that the IFA is "too soft" on safety issues; but whatever occurs off-the-pitch, Shelbattanu Rovers manager Scott Eldridge - a foreigner - is absolutely delighted with his teams performance this year.

"The boys went out and played their best all year long. We're thrilled with it, and the taste of victory tastes all the sweeter the second time around."

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