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A meeting of Four Men (Closed diplomatic RP)

14-05-2004, 14:36
An Oneth-class cruiser glides silently to an assigned meeting place, bearing a delegation of V.I.P.s to a meeting between, specifically, four men, The Emperor of Jitano, The Chancellor of the Klingon high council, The First Praetor of the Romulen senate, and the Grand Admiral of Starfleet-, each would arrive in his own way and according to his own traditions, Taria smiled to himself, looking out over the foreboding stars of the galaxy at large,
" Sir may I ask why you felt you neede to attend this conference in an Oneth-class vessel? Certainly you would command more respect in the Jitano?" The Captain asked, refering to the Imperial flag vessel, the Eclipse-class Jitano, " If it be not to presumptuous that is." he added quickly
"Of course Captain, I needed to get here with all possible speed, and these are the fastest vessels in the fleet, and I do not wish to intimidate the other representatives by showing overwhelming force, captain, drop cloak and stand the ship down from yellow alert cloak, we will run on green alert for now." he said sweeping his gaze over the bridge of the Oneth, the captain bowed and turned, barking out the orders to his crew, who scurried about to carry out the orders of the Imperial head...
14-05-2004, 14:47
The High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire sat in the command chair of the Vor'Cha vessel, Bortas, brooding over the summons he ahd received, his ally, Jitano wished to negotiate something with him, something, he surmised regarding the war with the Romulens, he grumbled to himslef about it at first, but finally, gave in to the Emperor's request, after all, a meeting with the Romulens wouldn't really hurt anything, unless he was forced to kill one of them, and that might be unfortunate, he brooded at the screen further
" Captain, what are the reactors at?" he demanded, his voice on edge, he hated diplomatic functions of any kind, so many pleasentries to be observed, and then there were formalities and it irritated him to no end
" The reactor is at 75%, Chancellor" replied the captain, Furgeth turned and regarded the captain with an icy look,
" Captain, we are required to be at this meeting with all possible haste, push the reactor to 105%, we want to be there before the Romulens." he said, the captain nodded and passed the orders along,

For hours it seemed he had to wait, before he would meet his friend, suddenly, the Captain cried out
" My lord, we have arrived." as the lines of lightspeed blurred and the ship shuddered back into regular space, he saw a strange looking ship before them
" Hail them, send the Emperor my regards." the Chancellor said shortly, standing to move back to his quarters to prepare himself for the meeting at hand.
14-05-2004, 14:56
Admiral Grier looked over the bridge of the Sovereign, his flag ship, the lines of stars slipped by the viewscreen as the ship glided seamlessly through space,
" Captain, what's our ETA?" he asked, looking forward at the screen, he heard the muffled sound of footsteps passing over the deck as the captain made his way to a readout
" approximatly 12 minutes sir." replied the captain, grier's eyebrows shot up and fraction of an inch, much faster than he had expected, he waited aboard the bridge, his dress uniform glowed with the radiance he had put into it, yes indeed, he would look his best for this meeting, though still he wondered what it was about, the Emperor had not been very specific, merely saying that there was to be a conference between the leaders of the respective countries, he speculated, he wanted to ask the praetor about surrendering the errant crew of the Reliant to him, not much had been heard of them for some time, they had supposedly been plotting to attack the Romulen homeworld, but once they had been foudn by the Romulens, nothing had been heard of them, he still wondered after them from time to time...
14-05-2004, 15:03
The First Praetor of the Romulen peoples senate. Jo'nath walked through the corridors of his ship, the Norexan, his feet made almost no noise, as a member of the Tal 'Shiar he had learned to be quiet werever he went, he made his way to the bridge of the new vessel, and looked at the captain, who promptly stood and saluted,
" Sir, we are approximatly five minutes away from the assigned meeting place, we have received a welcome call from the Emperor of Jitano, and have replied in like fashion, what are your orders?" asked the captain of the vessel crisply
" Prepare to drop out of warp, and make ready the transporters, I have a feeling Taria will want to host this function himself." commanded the Praetor, a young officer turned to face his superiors
" Sirs, we have dropped out of warp and received a signal to transport aboard the Jitanese Ship."
" Very good, do so, and convey my greetings to the other representatives." the Praetor said walking briskly to the transporter room, he nodded to the officer on duty and stepped onto the pad, and felt the waves of the transporter engulf him, when it stopped he was aboard the Oneth (OOC:Name?) were he was met by several ceremonially garbed officials
"Welcome aboard Prate Jo'Nath, the Emperor awaits you in the conference room, please follow me."
14-05-2004, 15:11
the Emperor regarded the assembled notables gravely, pausing to look at each face as he passed them by
"Gentlemen please, take a seat, I have asked you here to discuss the various differences that we have had between our nations, I realize that my forthcoming proposal may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, given past relations, I also wish to use this time to discuss various matters which have concerned us, my proposal is twofold, firstly, the accords which Myself, the Praetor and the Chancellor made at Romules should be either abolished or renegotiated, to allow the Romulen people greater freedom in their own teritory, and the second, which is much larger, that we four nations should band togeter in a new region, combine our spaces and our military forces to face the rest of the galaxy as best we can" he paused for a moment to give them time to murmur about how outrageous this might be, then continued " Surely we can find a course of action which will allow us to present an alliance to the rest of the universe which shall be strong as no other, my friends, if we band together, forgetting past differences, then no force in this universe can stop us!" he said, gesturing empahtically, waiting for them to voice opinions...
14-05-2004, 15:17
Admiral Grier looked up at the youngish man before him, regarding him with a mixture of respect and confusion
" Certainly, your majesty we could come to an agreement on the accords of Romules, and we of the Fleet would be more than willing to enter into a region blessed with the likes of yourself and the Klingons and the Romulens, but what of them, your proposal is grand enough certainly, is it prudent? Both these peoples are very proud, but they two people have been fighting one another since the very first time they met, I don't think that so many years of enmity can be put aside so quickly, if you'll pardon my saying so." he said, judging silently the Emperors reaction
14-05-2004, 15:21
the Praetor looked up at the other diplomats gravely,
" My lord, I fear the admiral speaks truly, we cannot sully ourselves by joing into a region with those brutes, I am afraid that we cannot agree to this, though we are open to any question that either govenrm,ent may have, and a renegotiation of the accords of Romules would be most welcome indeed, the people have expressed their discomfort with the Klingons garrisoned in our borders."
14-05-2004, 15:23
The chancellor comes to his feet in anger
" Brutes are we? you miserable P'takh! I should cut out your heart, I will neither renegotiate he accords nor will I enter into a region with them!" he say pointing at the Praetor, " The Klingon Empire will not submit to those miserable dogs!"
14-05-2004, 15:26
Taria looked at the angry Klingon
" Gentlemen please! Have some order, now surely past differences can be set aside, in as much as you sit here together at this table, you show that you are ready for peace between you, think of the rewards of such peace, who would dare confront us as a united whole? There would be none to oppose us! I say to you, sit now, and hear out the benefits of such an alliance, please, I would regard it as a personal favor to me, gentlemen!"
14-05-2004, 15:36
" Gladly would we enter such an alliance, you have my word on this, at the very least the Fleet shall enter this region, but unless the territories of the Romulens and klingons are vastly separated, they would still be fighting, an idea presents itself. What say you Chancellro and Praetor, if your space and the Klingons space are separated by both the Fleets space and the Empires space, surely such distances would be vast enough that neither of you would even have to see each other but a fe time in diplomatic conferences, surely this might quell the fighting, with both of you on the flanks, such a fierce fighting force on either side would scare off any opponent to our region, what say you?"
14-05-2004, 15:37
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14-05-2004, 17:15
"Your proposal is acceptable, Admiral, but I do not see who would be afraid of the romulens." he added with a grin, " But to the accords of romules, what would you change?" he asked quizzically, looking at the Emperor
" I realize that our troops in Romulen territory are a nuisance, but they are relativly few, only a quarter million, but I take it you wish to negotiate the ship restrictons, well, if we are to be a fully functionaly alliance, then I suppose we must all be able to defend ourselves, very well, I will consent to the lifting of that restriction."
14-05-2004, 17:20
"I think that not just one or two restrictions should be lifted, all of them, I propose the accords be abolished forthwith, unequivically, what say you? I have here the accords

The Accords of Romules

Article 1: the Romulen Empire will unconditionally surrender all heretofore unknown technolgies to joint Jitanese/Klingon science group, including but not limited to phase cloaking and disruptor technology

Article 2: The Jitanese and Klingon empires will relinquish all land claims inside the Romulen Empire, all those Romulen citizens who were under Jitanese or Klingon law, depending on who first took the ground will be reintegrated into Romulen society

Article 3: Each of the governments involved will deliver a formal apology to the government they offended

Article 4: The Romulen Empire will deliver a fromal apology to the families of the Khitimer dead, as well as an amount of enough to sustain that family without their bread winner

Article 5: the Jitanese and Klingon empires will closely monitor Romulen armed forces and weapons production, which shall not exceed a set limit agreed upon by both empires,

Article 6: the Romulen Empire will be entered back into a three way defensive and trading alliance with the Jitanese and Klingon Empires

the damages have been repaired, and the Romulens no longer pose a grave threat to the empire, I vote for abolishment, but of the people here I would say that unanimity should rule the council, what are your votes?"
14-05-2004, 17:25
" I agree to it."
14-05-2004, 17:27
The Praetor rejoiced inwardly, the one reason he had come was about to be fulfilled
" The Romulen Empire accepts this proposal." he said evenly, trying not to let his voice betray any emotion of what he tuly felt at that moment
14-05-2004, 17:29
" I must then, by reason of overwhelming support for this proposal, accept it cautiously, the accords are abolished, but now we move back to the matter of the region, and the good admirals lost ship and crew, what has been done with them I wonder, hm?" asked the Chancellor, leanign ever so slightly across the table
14-05-2004, 17:32
The Praetor groaned inwardly, this topic was rather, touchy, he surmised, with the -Starfleet- admiral
" I am afraid that once their plot to attack the homeworld was discovered they were summarily put to death, I am truly sorry admiral." he said and paused for a moment to allow a slight claering of the air
" In relation to the region, I will accept the admiral's terms, so long as the romulen and klingon empires are vastly separated then we shall join this alliance."
14-05-2004, 17:37
"I am saddened by this news, but it is not unexpected, veryu well, at the least worrying families may rest at night, very well then, the admiralty agrees to the region proposal."

OOC: what region? name i mean?
14-05-2004, 17:39
after securing the agreements of the other heads of state, Taria went back to his contemplation of the galaxy at large, as he looked out the viewport, he saw the curiousness of three ships close by, the romulen, klingon and -starfleet- ships sitting so close, once mortal enemies, now allies,
"A good day" he thought to himself turning and walking back along the corridor to his chambers...

OOC: the allied star cluster