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Your Nation's TV & Radio Stations?

14-05-2004, 08:19
There are so many TV/Radio stations out there, presenting each Nation's news and points of view- so list yours here, so we'll all know what to look out for when the shooting starts! :D

Roycelandia has a couple of Broadcasters, the major one being:

Roycelandian Broadcasting Corporation

The State-Owned RBC covers both TV and Radio, with the major channels being:

Channel One (TV)

The State TV Channel, broadcasting News, Politics, Documentaries, Period Dramas, and so on. Very well regarded but not terribly interesting, at least in the opinion of most Roycelandians.

Special Broadcasting Service (TV)

The "Minority" Channel, SBS broadcasts current affairs, soccer, soft-core porn, news in foreign languages, and other "special interest" programming. Nicknamed "Sex Before Soccer", it is nonetheless a very popular and interesting channel.

TV 2 (TV)

The most popular TV channel in the Roycelandian Empire, TV 2 runs Sitcoms, Animation, Drama, Comedy, and most of the other shows you find on a regular TV channel.

AO 69 (TV)

X-Rated Hardcore Porn, all day, every day. Most TVs in Roycelandia have a channel lock out facility to prevent kids seeing this channel. It is the most profitable channel the Roycelandian Government owns, and enormously popular- 2nd only to TV 2.

World Service (Radio and TV)

The Roycelandian Broadcasting Corporation World Service is the best-known of Roycelandia's Radio Stations, broadcasting News, Current Affairs, and Light Entertainment around the world, around the clock.

Sport FM/SporTV (Radio and TV(

By Imperial Edict, all Sports Broadcasting must be confined to these channels. (Limited Soccer coverage is permitted on SBS, however) Sponsorship and advertising on these channels is very lucrative, as you can imagine, but they broadcast all the major sports, with an emphasis on Cricket and other "civilised" sports. Rugby does get some airtime though, but it is not an encouraged sport in Roycelandia.


There are numerous commercial Radio Stations and Satellite TV channels in Roycelandia, all free from Censorship for the most part, broadcasting everything from News to Comedy to Sports to Classic TV to Foreign Language Movies.

All Reality TV and Hip-Hop/RnB/Rap music has been outlawed in the Roycelandian Empire, but asides from that broadcasters are free to do whatever they like- some self censorship does take place, especially with regards to criticising the Government too much (Fair Comment is encouraged, however).