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Austar Union
14-05-2004, 00:30

NBC News: Austar Union to host International Conference

On the screen, a well dressed man stands in front of the main Presidential Building. The wind is blowing at a medium strength, and his hair is blowing around.

"Hello, and welcome to Anatoba LIVE. Im just recieving word that the President has announced that an international confererence is to be held in Anatoba. Now as you may know, Anatoba has been the center of many international events. Some of you may already be wondering, "What is this Conference about?"

Well my friends, I tell you that the one major problem that causes conflict and disruption to peace today, is the problem of Unchecked, and Unwarrented Aggression. Such a problem causes only fear, and intimidation. Its victims, are usually inncocent of its accusiations.

It is exactly this aggression, which we plan on talking about erradicating. Such aggression is a plauge to this earth, and must be keeped in order from running loose. That my friends, is what this conference is for.

We are now officially opening the planning list, and inviting nations and entire alliances from around the globe to this conference. The conference on Unchecked and Unwarrented Aggression will be held on May 18th 2004. We hope you can all attend."

OOC: Please post below if you wish to attend

Official List of Nations Attending can be found here:
Austar Union
14-05-2004, 07:41