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Skeelzania reveals new tank (godmod check)!

13-05-2004, 20:01
OCC: While I doubt the tank itself is particularly uber, I would like to know if the stats look legit. I.E., can a 34 ton vehicle propel itself at 34kph on a 750HP engine?

Although my nation is future-tech, my army isn't particularly advanced. I would like to hear from some Modern-RPers on whether they would accept this tank in a RP (say someone bought it from me and invaded you with it).

As part of the on-going rearmament, Skeelzanian engineers have unveiled a new MBT for the Principality: The ST-24 Heulenkuh. Sporting a powerful main gun and several machineguns, the Heulenkuh was designed with street battles in mind.

ST-24 Heulenkuh
Type: Main Battle Tank
Length: 7.5 meters
Height: 4 meters
Beam: 5 meters
Combat Weight: 34 metric tons
Engine: 745 HP engine.
Maximum Speed: 34 KPH
Armament: 175mm cannon x1; 1 turret mounted 7.62mm MG x1; 1 coaxial 7.62mm MGx1; Grenade launchers(various ammo) x8
Effective Main Gun Range: 3 Km
Armor: 85mm steel armor
Crew: 3