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13-05-2004, 13:34
Members of the Over The Hills and Far Away Defensive alliance should make suggestions here about how ODA should work. At the moment we're considering a constitution (what powers and terms the ODA should act with) a security council (work in progress) and a few other possibilities in Foreign Policy. Any suggestion for any of the above (or anything really) would be welcomed.

13-05-2004, 15:24
ODA? Does that stand for Over the hills and far away Defence Alliance?

Not the best abbreviation ever, but oh well :)
13-05-2004, 18:40
I think that ODA is slightly better than OTHAFADA

it looks better and rolls of the tounge better that OTHAFADA

plus no need to spend more traffic cones on printing on the side of defence craft

that is the reasoning for it
ODA States
14-05-2004, 14:17
start of consitutuion mainly dealing with security council

1. Members will donate 1% of there annual gross domestic product to fund the research and work of the ODA.

2. (1). A board of 5 members will sit on a Security Council. The Council will consist of 2 permanent members and three rotating members. The Two permanent members will consist of the UN delegate and the region’s creator.
2. (2). The three rotating members will consist of members who on a Monday are highest on the UN ratings at 0900 GMT. They will hold their seats for a set period of seven days. In a case of overlap with members the next highest member will be selected to sit on the council 2. (3). In the result of the inter-regionary conflict then the appointment of security council will be suspended until the conflict is resolved. This will have the ability of producing a united front against the aggressor with no indecision from new counsel members.

3. All ODA members are required to attend a monthly conference to discuss issues affecting the region. This meeting will be held on the forum in the ODA thread.

4. A research body is to be commissioned using top designers and scientists from the member nations to aid in defence efforts.

5. (1). In time of inner-region conflict if involving a member nation and a non member nation the security counsel will vote if the ODA will aid the member in the conflict, if it believes the regions safety is threatened.
5. (2) If the conflict is inter-regionary then all in - region conflict will be put on hold until inter-regionary conflict is resolved.

6. All member states are to remove all goats to the nation of exiled goats (for their own well being of course.)

7. Non council members may submit evidence concerning threats against the OTHAFA, at an appropriate time. This should be done on the ODA forum or by telegram when secrecy is needed.

if you have any other ideas for the constitution please feel free to submitt them