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RP Invite - Riots Out Of Control!

13-05-2004, 11:49
OOC: This is my first major RP attempt so please accept my appologies in advance if I screw up. And I should add that I'm Swedish so I might make some grammar misstakes from time to time but I hope that doesn't stop anyone from joining this rp. I'm new to this game, but have RP experience from previous games.

This is the idea of the plot:

The Liquid Lava Corporation has shut down it's factory, leaving 450 people without a job. A huge rally takes place to demonstrate against the downsizes outside the Mayors Office on 321 Garyville Boulevard. At first the demonstration is non violent but some activists manage to brake through the police barrier and storm the Mayors Office.
The crowd outside the office gets wilder and wilder... The Police are trying to get things under control... the CEO get's involved in this whole thing and... well, I don't want to ruin everything yet...

Once you apply for a specific roll, and I'll give it to you, you will recieve a PM with important information regarding your character(s). That will only be a GUIDE and not something you must obey 100%. Hopefully you'll develop the characters better then me. Please don't apply for a roll unles your a decent RP'er.

I will play the Mayor, Maxwell McKenzie, of Aroura the capitol of The United Socialist States of Diefenbaker.

These are the characters/groups you may apply for:

* CEO of the Liquid Lava Corporation - Shane Nash
* Police Captain - Linda Willows
* Riot Squad - Special Armed Units (you'll run the entire squad of 5 people)
* Activists - Jesse Taylor, Anna White & Justin Huges
(note: you'll only play one part)
* A group of rightwing nuts. (you'll run the group)

Once these parts are taken the RP will begin.


Ps. Don't hesitate to ask me questions here. :D
Final Fantasy XX
13-05-2004, 14:15
I wish to be a part of this RP i wish to send my best 2 men

Seth Saffire
Assult captan
Age 19
Hight 1m78cm

Tidus Saffire
Assult comander
Age 19
Hight 1m72cm

telagram me when this is starting up and im am in.

See Ya!!
Kindom Hearts
13-05-2004, 14:27
My Brother nation has applyd so i would like to apply (confused look at our history) i will send my 2 assult solidgers.

Riku emrald
Assult lutenit
Age 19
Hight 1m80cm

Sora Sun
Assult lutenit
Age 17
Hight 1m69cm

accept me and my brother nation!!
13-05-2004, 14:36
i am i new nation with a dream to concer all my emeryies but i can't do this alone i need help.

i will do a deal with you i do your RP and you join my cause
13-05-2004, 15:06
I forgot... If you have participated in any previous Roleplays please include a link so I can see what your Roleplays are.

Best regards,

Final Fantasy XX
13-05-2004, 16:26
If Kirkwall was still around i would show you but this is my first as my nashion has been reseretid.