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Silence(Final Posts)

New York and Jersey
12-05-2004, 22:51
It was as quick as it was sudden and unexpected. The radios fell silent. Transmissions outward ceased all together, and messages coming toward the Monarchy were ignored enmasse.It didnt matter what nation it was, no one from the Monarchy was talking anymore. Ships which attempted to approach assets which belonged to NYNJ Assets were shot upon by the FSN which appeared to still be around. Planes which tried to get close to NYNJ airspace were chased away,and boats were intercepted.

The Kingdom was quiet...there was no longer any formal communications, and many in the top levels of government doubted if it would ever be open once more. The reasons were unknown though to everyone. Close allies would be catch as off guard as anyone else. Gregory himself had gone reclusive and refused to speak to anyone outside of the inner workings of the government. Nothing but complete silence.
New York and Jersey
13-05-2004, 18:37
The silence was only the beginning, the inner system space lanes which used to see a steady traffic of Merchant Vessels slowly began to register nothing as well, except for the occassional escorted group heading for the edge of the system to resupply the Charon Defense Fleet. Rumblings inside of the government had expected the Nomand Moon Research Facility and the two bases on Charon to be closed rather shortly. Gregory had made his intentions clear, something was in the works. And it required the fleet be pulled back to either Earth, Mars, or the Chimera Star Yards. Charon was just an inconvient spot to part a fleet which was needed.

Gregory rubbed his hands together, some questioned his mentality and wondered if his long lived life had finally caused him to snap. It must have been hard not to have any humans as long lived as he. However his mentality though Gregory retained absolute power of the nation with such a shrewed nature that some questioned just how insane was Greg. Maybe this was all a phase, or better yet maybe this was actually a good idea. Few people knew exact details of the project and others only knew of its cost. It had drained every last penny not used by each government department for its own, and had even caused the country into a breif recession a few years back as the economy felt the brunt of a lack of flowing cash from the government.

The project itself was housed underground, in several massive dug up cities which once served as refuge for the government and other top level officals to be evacuated to in the event of nuclear war. Now they served as manufacturing and development centers. Protected heavily by government and local police agencies, the air space, and even the area above them in space was heavily patrolled. Two bunkers in Jersey, three in Pennsylvannia, and two in New York. Each one of them was linked by a high speed maglev for passengers and a slower freight line for the transportation of equipment of food. Few could guess as to what the project entailed, however careful guesses could be made. Months ago NYNJ began to buy metals by the thousands of tons. So much scrap steel that one could wonder if entire cities were being constructed underground.

The truth wasnt very far away. Although one would have to seriously dig around to find out the complete truth.
New York and Jersey
13-05-2004, 19:23
The moon of Charon had been used extensively by the Federal Stellar Navy and the Federal Army for nearly 200 years. First as an out of the way research station it slowly grew to include other jobs. Listening post, military support facility for the defense of the Sol system against incoming threats, and finally a waystation for ships heading out of the Sol system for parts known and unknown. The last of it was a rather recent addition and had yet to be fully utilized by many, and it appeared as if it wouldnt be used at all now. Rumors spread quick and soon after it became offical. NYNJ was packing up on Charon and pulling forces back home to Earth and Mars respectively. The Fifth Army Group as a whole was being broken up and their units returned to their respective home planets.

It was an uneventful occassion. Flags which hung up nearly perfect due to the near weightless nature of the small planetiod were removed and folded up. Merchant ships which carried supplies to the fleet in orbit returned stocked full of troops. However the process was definately slow. The moon was home to 502,000 personnel of the FSN and the FA. Of that number nearly 500,000 of them were ground pounders assigned to Charon to deal with the potential threat of the Snel. A threat which never materlized and cost the nations billions in keeping the deployment active, and well supplied. Now they would return home though, and leave behind them scattered abandoned outposts, military posts, and Surface to Orbit missiles.

The government had made contact with several powers over the status of the bases as a whole, and things remained rather private. Soon the facilities on Charon would belong to a whole new power all together. It seemed as if New York and New Jersey was dismantling stop was Mars.
New York and Jersey
14-05-2004, 00:47
OOC:Yea this is one thing I wont miss...RPing by myself.


THe public had yet to be informed of the communications black out, however it was only a matter of time before rumor spread. The government had to act fast as the people began to murmur sgns of dissent against the going ons of the current government. On the street the average person read in newspapers how the cut off of diplomatic relations with other countries would harm the NYNJ economy threating millions of jobs across the working blue and white collar sectors. If it was one thing that the people actually cared about when it came to government, it was the status and the stability of their jobs. It was still early though and people were still employed enmasse. The crowd was passive but the majority had been stirred from its slumber.

"Your highness...many people are beginning to wonder. Was this truely the best course of action?" One minister called up during a private meeting which took place in a secure room below the capital building.

"The world is full of uncertainty...we live in a world where people would rather be lethargic and allow evil to happen instead of standing up against it. We live in a world where we cant depend on most of our allies. And let us not forget we can not trust any alliances." Gregory made a passing reference to the old SATO and current world events. For someone who stopped aging nearly four centuries ago he never appeared older than he had in the past few days and weeks.

The meeting was over simple policy reform, something which used to take twenty minutes now took at least an hour as ministers began to second guess Gregorys choices. Even if they were good ones. When the meeting was over and Gregory was out of the room onto his next Kingly duty the ministers got together to plot. Of the ten ministers two distinct camps formed, and neither one was completely loyal to the King anymore. However both sides hotly debated just what should be done about the King.

"We've got to do something about the King...."

"What do you mean by 'something'? You realize this is a dangerous conversation we're having..."

"The King has gone mad. We've got to do something to stop him before he leads the country to ruin."

"Talking to the King, and attempting to get the people on our side will be the best bet...not any radical solutions."

"We can keep talking all we want until we are old and grey and dead. Gregory will still be King and will just lead the country to being a third world power..."

"I can not and will not believe that the country will go down the path of complete darkness...besides the King still has the support of the military..."

"If we can get these people on our side...most of them armed with weapons.."

"Are you suggesting a popular uprising?"

"We'll see...." The two leaders of the factions just looked at each other for a few more moments before they parted going in seperate directions. No agreements had been made. Everything was just in the starting stages. A dominio just starting to fall in part of a chain. It was true Gregory had the support of the military, but how much support did he have left amongst the general populace itself? This was the question one of the ministers was willing to gamble everything on. Both sides would have to proceed cautiously though. Gregory was not one to be the forgiving type when it came to betrayl he considered to be especially harmful.

Both sides were no where near the brink. But they approached it none the less. Only time would tell though if the project would be done before, anything major happened. If anything major happened.
14-05-2004, 03:56
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IC: Aula Consuli Syskeyiapolis

"Nothing from NYNJ?"

The official residence of the President and First Consul of Syskeyia, like the rest of the Republic, was abuzz with activity in preparation for the expected war with Metus. So it came as a surprise to all when Benedict Michael Sukothai inquired as to communications with Syskeyia's former SATO ally.

"Not a blip,' replied an aide.

"Hmmm..." Sukothai then checked with intelligence. Greg's fleet had recently evacuated Charon and was moving towards Mars.

"OK, someone get the consulate in New Huntington- try to see if he can contact the NYNJ colony's governor there, and call our Ambassador in New York and see if he can meet with His Majesty.

Just what the heck do you think you're doin', Greg, Sukothai thought to himself. What the heck do you thing you're doing?

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia