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AFRP Breaks One Billion! (Mandatory CO-Party)

A Few Rich People
12-05-2004, 22:10
Miksolf Corporation World News, a subsidiary of Miksolf Corporation, located in scenic Miksolf City within AFRP.

"This is Myesha Colee reportign for MCWN, bringing you more news faster than ever before wether you like it or not!

The biggest buzz today is the birth of the one billionth employee, this bouncing baby boy, Jeffry Ker, has been the talk of the town. Born to Margret and John Key, Jeffry is their fifth child to "help make ends meet". But beyond the emotions the Corperation generouly gave the family several thousand dollars and a plaque commerating the event, the
Chairman was recorded saying, "Hard to believe we made it to this mark and have still left parts of the ecosystem intact, we need to work harder."

Yes, its a joyios day here in Mikosolf and to further Celebrate the event an open invitation to friendly nations has been released, more on that later, next we turn to Chance Malys for sports..."

Yes, its true, Mikosolf is hosting a party with,thought with great debate, no charge to the participents! So come one come all (or at least anyone who doesn't hate us come). So please send your leader or other high ranking official to enjoy our hospitallity!

We only ask that you state your name; number of guards (please keep arms to pistols or concelable SMGs); dietary requirements; Miscellanious needs.

After that lets get this party started!
A Few Rich People
13-05-2004, 01:33
13-05-2004, 01:34
(Wow, up to one billion rich people, that's what I like to hear! ;) Congrats!)
A Few Rich People
14-05-2004, 04:15
14-05-2004, 04:45
I will attend your event. I will have no gaurds, as I am one of the top assasians of the Black Staff and has an unofficial kill count in the hight fourties. I will be carrying at least one handgun and I have no dietary or special needs.
Administrator Delta
Leader of the Crimmond Combine
Lord of the Crimmond Province
Overseer of The Seaside Empire of Quarell
Overseer of The Jingoistic States of Survivalist Legions
A Few Rich People
15-05-2004, 17:35
Interns were rushing about in a mad dash of final preperations. For save a few details everything was ready for arrival.

(Hidden BUMP)
15-05-2004, 17:46
I just hit 2 Billion just a few days ago.

I was founded Feb. 14th 2003
The Apr. Date is when I was brought back after being inactive killed my nation!