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Alliance of Imperials - Kramerica - Evility: Sign CDi Treaty

CDI Representative
11-05-2004, 22:53
The Alliance of Imperials, Evility and Kramerica have signed a new treaty designed to counter the major defence networks (mainly the ADN).

This treaty is called the Counter Defence Initiative.

The CDI is looking for more member regions. The CDI is currently in talks with the region Autocracy State of Kophensir about signing the treaty. You can contact CDI Representative about membership.
The CDI is hoped to be adopted by many invader regions across Nationstates.

Information as well as the complete treaty can be found at the CDi Secretariat:

The CDI is a system allowing invaders to alert other invader regions of the efforts by defence networks. If any invasion effort by a member region is seriously threatened by the military efforts of a defence network, the member region may use the CDI to warrant contacting other member regions for voluntary help.

Essentially, the CDI is an organization managing a treaty that allows posting of alerts for help against defence networks within the boards of all member regions, or through telegrams. The nations of regions that are part of the CDi will be more obliged to help in an Alert.

Nations that respond to CDI Alerts are collectively considered "CDI Forces" while helping.
CDI Representative
12-05-2004, 03:18
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