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The Lesser Nations Unite!!!!

11-05-2004, 21:50
I am a new player, and I am taking it upon myself to make a "People's United Nations". It will be smaller and easier to discuss the issues of our people with eachother. But to become somewhat powerfull we need some people. If you wish to join the People's U.N. contact me... Chubbybunny. Don't laugh at that name. J/k. Thats what it is for. I also need help to organize meetings, and a way to discuss our issues and what not. I'm farely new at this game so I need some advisors to help me learn. If anyone would like this job, apply here and then I will telegraph you some questions. If I feel you arequalified, I will gladly allow you to help me and my allies run this region smoothly.

Go Team!
12-05-2004, 01:31
Many people have questioned me as anti-united nations. Trust me, I do not wish to be "against" the U.N. Instead I wish to make people who feel there are too many people in their region, that their voice can be heard. After a region has time to grow, it sometimes grows too large to where some nations of the region is lost and their voice does not stand out. I hope to make this LESS of a problem. Of coarse this will never be completely solved, but I can help.

So my idea is for a selected group of people to move to the region that has been created to house this new Union. There we set up our over-all form of government where we help eachother grow and prosper. As the region grows larger, some one our cabinet will feel is qualified will move to a new region to create a sub-division of the P.U.N (People's United Nations). All issues discussed there will be eventually brought up to the main region of the P.U.N. for discussion. A decision on any discussion will be finalized with an answer there. All issues will be solved with the other nations well-being in mind. If your voice matters to you, please do yourself a favor and give it a chance. I wish to give everyone a voice... It's all about peace and equality! If this truely does interest you, send me a message and I will get ahold of you.

I need help to organize this and make it work. I need co-leaders to help put everything together. Let your voice be heard! Go Team!


Don't be fooled by the name, I have vision up the butt! lol. :lol:
12-05-2004, 18:52
P.U.N. has the support and friendship of the A.I.S.

R.N.I. Supreme Chancellor