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PSA # 1 from the Empire of Silan

11-05-2004, 00:14
From the desk of:
-Rebecca Dynes Cheif of Administration and dissemination.
-Master Jarod Cain's assurances of Silan's current policies to nearby nations.

Greetings Nations of the World,
His Lord and Master Jarod Cain would like for us to dispell some nasty rumors that have been going on over the wires over the past while since Silan's power base and economic strength has continued to grow in recent times allowing us to trancend through that magical barrier where we can truly be considered a 1st world country.
-First of all, we would like to inform everyone that we are NOT increasing funding into our space program.
-We are also NOT laying the foundations for our government controlled, multi corporational mining projects within the asteroid belt.
-We would also like to inform everyone that despite the changes occouring on the surface, we are NOT building a mass driver on the moon so that way we can safely launch said mined minerals down to the soon to be constructed orbital elevator.
-We are also NOT hording a massive arsenal of raw materials on the dark side of the moon for the tactical use of our Mass Driver against our neighbors.
-We would also like to dispell all thoughts about the rumors concerning plans to construct an armored dyson sphere with an average thickness of two hundered thousand miles with the eventual goal of galactic conquest. We are most definately NOT planning that, that would be silly.
Thank you for your time.
R Dynes
Silan Buearu of Dissemination