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Dominican Naval Vessel Sunk!

10-05-2004, 22:57
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"Sir, I suggest you put KNN on, now." came his secretary's voice over the speakerphone

"Will do," said the President (Unelected) Jean-Pierre D'Aquitane of Kan-eh-duh in his nation's capital building, the Leaf House. He flicked a switch and a large plasma-screen television slid down from the ceiling and tuned itself to Kan-eh-Duh's News Network

<..investigation into the bombing of the EAS Clinton and I have found the cause of it. At 3 p.m, this afternoon, two hours before the incident, a Kan-eh-Duhian submarine rimmed the international borderline between Dominican waters and open sea. During that time, it lay dormant until the naval vessel entered it's range and it released a volley of GH12 long range torpedoes at the Minesweeper. Within two hours, the EAS Clinton was sunk and all hands on deck have been lost. The lives of twenty men lost, in an unprecendented, cowardly attack...>

"Quel de merde!" Jean-Pierre was dumbfounded, "G... Get the Dominican Ambassador in here now." His tone brooked no arguement from his staff.

"Marcel, I want a press statement, full denial, we did not do this." The President paused. "Did we, Defence?"

The Secretary of Defence looked over from his seat, the room had become cold as he mulled over the question.

"Not a chance in hell. There is no way any of our COs would attack a Dominican vessel, unless it was being attacked itself."

President D'Aquitane of The North American Lands of Kan-Eh-Duh completely denies any involvment in this incident where Dominican sailors appear to have tragically lost their lives. The KeD Navy has taken no offensive action whatsoever and has not under any circumstances fired upon Dominican Vessels. We pray that the noble Emperor of Diminix will see the truth of this situation and act in all good conscience to find the true cause for this terrible incident that Kan-eh-Duh had no involvement in at all
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Grays Hill
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::This has been a post funded in part by Pepsi;hello misplaced agression.::
11-05-2004, 12:54
<...and a note to all passengers, in the ship's lounge tonight we will be hosting a gala shrimp night and jazz dance evening. We hope you enjoy your stay on the KCS Laverne.>

"Ooh, shrimp night, Billy, we've got to go to that."

"You know what shrimp does to me, Nora, but the Jazz..." Billy was cut off by what sounded like thunder, thunder rising up on a creshendo of noise, getting closer and not stopping. "What the hell is that?" he asked, pointing to the sky. Fiery objects riding on columns of smoke streaked towards them through the sky.

They spread out in a line, a dozen instruments of death headed towards the ECS Laverne while silently below the waves four killers were heading towards the keel of the ship.


"They didn't stand a chance, Monsieur President."

He was looking over the satellite photos and reports from various ships and planes that had seen the debris. Now the Kan-eh-Duhian Cruise Ship Laverne was just bits of material floating on the water in the cold North Sea, it and its passengers had never made it to Amsterdam.

"Their Lieutenant Commander... Malfleur, he used to be in the KeD Navy and was manning the bridge at the time," the Secretary of Defence elaborated, "His transmissions talked of being under attack, "mulitple big missiles", probably Tomahawks, at least half a dozen. Cruise missiles for a Cruise liner. We have our suspicions on who it was."

"I'll take Psychotic Dominican Reactions for 500, please Alex" D'Aquitane said.

There was no doubting who it was. KeD didnt have any real enemies until a few days before, when that damn EAS Clinton had gone down. Their X-ray class sub would soon be docking back in it's home port and they'd have the full story, he hoped. Now this. Practically within sight of the Domincan homeland, a KeD ship had been destroyed by Cruise Missles. And they all knew who, in that region, rained down storms of Tomahawks as the first move. Emperor Ses'uh.

"He's realy got a hard-on for killing people, hasn't he sir?"

President Jean-Pierre D'Aquitane actually managed a half-smile at that.

"We need to raise our alert levels, Monsieur Secretary, all across the board. Defend all our assets: air, ground and sea. Operation..." he though for a moment, "Operation Chastity Belt."

It happened almost immediately all across Kan-eh-Duh. F-14, -15 and -16 Fighters lit up their engines and patrolled the skies, Aegis Destroyers were pressed into service and Carrier groups were pulled from their operations to create a huge protective bubble around KeD and its interests. The increase in Alert Status from 'Green' to 'Yellow' was noted around the world by poeple at computers that monitored such things.
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11-05-2004, 23:02
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Predisdent of Kan-eh-Duh, Monsieur Jean-Pierre D'Aquitane!"

The ripple of applause from the assembled journalists fell away almost as soon as it had started. The statement from the Dominican Emperor had been screened live just minutes ago. D'Aquitane was totally unprepared and speaking off the cuff, something the Leafhouse staff always hated, particularly the speech-writers.

"Good Morning," he said, "I know there's only one subject you want me to talk about today, so I'll get right to it. Kan-eh-Duh has not attacked Diminix in any way, shape or form. None of our Armed forces have been engaged by the Domincan Military, and our fighters have not been shot down over Dominican territory."

"Sir," said a reporter, jumping to his feet and interrupting, "Are you saying Emperor Ses'uh is lying?"

"I'm not accusing his Imperial Majesty of lying, in fact, let me say this to him. I have a degree in history, and I know plenty about Diminix and its wars," he said, his neck flushing red with anger, "the people of KeD have no interest in Central Europe for anything other than business and cultural tourism. We will not stand for these accusations of agression by Diminix as we have committed no such acts against you."

"But is it true," that damn reporter again, "that the KeD military is now on Orange alert?"

"Yes, that is true, as we have information that the Dominican Armed Forces are mobilising, we feel that a state of readiness must be maintained should any conflict arise."

"But," Goddamnit, where were the Security men to take him away? "If our alert is any higher, won't that be the final straw before war?"

"Listen here you," the President was seriously losing his temper with the young, idealistic, soon-to-be kneecapped reporter, "the people and administration of KeD do not take threats likely and will make sure that any agression will be reciprocated. We do not wish for war with Diminix, but if our hand is forced that may be the only option!"