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SOF Wargames underway (closed RP)

Daistallia 2104
10-05-2004, 05:43
OOC: This RP is limited to those who have signed up here Thank you for not interferring. :D

A warning: the map is a very large file.

The team leaders have been gathered in the briefing room.
Colonel Saes of the DSOF steps to the podium.
"Welcome aboard gentlemen. In a moment you will be recieving your breifing package. First, I would like to give a brief overview of the situation. The nation of Xam has invaded Teloiv, an allied nation. We have been asked to provide Special Operations units to support the defenders.
Xam has 3 divisions in country, as well as suspected WMD capabilities and Theater Ballistic Missiles may be used. Additionally, FTA (Free Teloiv Army) guerrillas are supporting the Xam forces. There have been reports of war crimes commited by FTA guerrillas.
I will now turn this briefing over to Captain Haek. Thank you, and good hunting!"

Captain Haek steps up and begins the briefing.
"In the briefing package on the table in front of you, you will find an overview of the OA, a map, the first set of OpOrds, and any attatchments you may need for the first mission. Please look over them now."

Overview (
Map (
OpOrd 1 (
Attatchments (

After the team leaders finish looking over the documents, Captain Haek opens the floor to questions.
Daistallia 2104
10-05-2004, 05:48
OOC: If anyone has any questions, have the team leader now. I will give about 24 hours before we actually start. Then you will have about 48 hours to post your mission. Then another 24 hours for the AAR and next briefing.
10-05-2004, 05:55
{Specter steps up}

Specter: Can we use our own intel sources...survaillence and other intel?
Five Civilized Nations
10-05-2004, 16:31
Captain Zhu Xiang, Call Sign "Prime," grunted when he heard the man, the commanding officer of the -Noir- special forces detachment speak. Shaking his head with mirth, Zhu Xiang motioned for his XO, Commander Jack Wesson to stand up and respond.

Jack Wesson stood and addressed the man, saying, "Of course, we can't use our own intelligence... We've gotta use what's given to us... And even if you could, you would never trust it, until its proven accurate."

Zhu Xiang smirked when he heard his XO speak. When Jack sat down, Zhu Xiang himself stood up and said, "5CN's Combined JadeOps and ObsidianOps teams will like to have the honor of going first..."
Daistallia 2104
10-05-2004, 17:17
{Specter steps up}

Specter: Can we use our own intel sources...survaillence and other intel?

Captain Haek nods in agreement. "The commander has it. Thank you. Any more questions?"

OOC: Seeing as you have limited time, are in pre-mission isolation, and this is a set scenario, your own intel sources would be unavailable and not helpful . Sorry. :wink:
10-05-2004, 17:18
OOC: way to go all out man!
Daistallia 2104
10-05-2004, 17:22
OOC: way to go all out man!

Thanks. :) I*ve been thinking about and researching the ideas for a while...
10-05-2004, 23:57
Specter: And also...Will vehicles be provided? Or can we still call HQ for vehicles?
11-05-2004, 03:06
Kalan Hording arose from his seat simply asking. "when do we go?"
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 03:45
OCC: Did everyone read the OpOrd? And, for the third time transport is provided.

IC: Captain Haek points to the OpOrds. "Gentlemen transportation assets have already been allocated. As stated in the OpOrd." He turns to Hording "The Pave Hawks lift off at 2300. "
He looks around the room. "If there are no further questions..."
Seeing no more questions, he says "Very well then. You have 24 hours until go. Good hunting, gentlemen!"

OCC: If anyone has any questions, please TG them before posting your mission. Please read the OpOrd. You have lots of freedom in there. Feel free to include the prep and planning if you wish.
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 04:47
OOC: Noir just TGed me with an important question I forgot to address. This is not a live fire exercise! All participants must use MILES gear. Thank you.
11-05-2004, 04:49
OOC: Noir just TGed me with an important question I forgot to address. This is not a live fire exercise! All participants must use MILES gear. Thank you.

good...can we provide our own ATVs and such? or will it have to be OSP
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 04:55
OOC: Noir just TGed me with an important question I forgot to address. This is not a live fire exercise! All participants must use MILES gear. Thank you.

good...can we provide our own ATVs and such? or will it have to be OSP

OOC: TGed that part. But for everyone, small light ATV or motorcycle type vehicles are acceptable. But remember it has to fit in the helo.
11-05-2004, 05:00
OOC: Noir just TGed me with an important question I forgot to address. This is not a live fire exercise! All participants must use MILES gear. Thank you.

good...can we provide our own ATVs and such? or will it have to be OSP

OOC: TGed that part. But for everyone, small light ATV or motorcycle type vehicles are acceptable. But remember it has to fit in the helo.

is this a joint effort? or can we go against other Spec Ops groups? and you do know what OSP is?

OSP = On Site Procurement (This term was also used in MGS...I believe they actually use this term because MGS gameplay is very accurate and goes into great detail...)
11-05-2004, 05:01
and also what language are the "bad guys" speaking? english?

if not...i'll have to change my roster to include a linguist...
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 05:10
OOC: OSP of anything you can find is fine. Had not heard that term before, but would not be surprised if it were accurate.
As for going against other teams, no. Each team will have a fair go. (If you have not yet looked at the previous threads, please do so. They give good examples of how it should be done. Basically you write up your whole mission in one go.)
The locals speak a mix of English and local variant dialects of German and Mandarin. This of course includes the OPFOR.
11-05-2004, 05:15
OOC: OSP of anything you can find is fine. Had not head that term before, but would not be surprised if it were accurate.
As for going against other teams, no. Each team will have a fair go. (If you have not yet looked at the previous threads, please do so. They give good examples of how it should be done. Basically you write up your whole mission in one go.)
The locals speak a mix of English and local variant dialects of German and Mandarin. This of course includes the OPFOR.

so there are locals...a great time to test some PSYOPS tactics on them...and i think i'll change my roster to include someone who is a linguist...or i could just put a translator program in their connection gear...i dunno...well...i'd better think of writing up a mission...i have to study for school before that...

you spelled "heard" wrong
PRC China
11-05-2004, 05:26
OOC: Very good, very good.

Just one thing though. I can't see the map. Tried copy + paste into address bar, tried to "post" it as a link, etc. But still can't get the "true" image (it only displays a image telling you that the image is hosted by Angelfire). If the problem can be fixed, that'll definately help all of us, thanks.
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 05:27
so there are locals...a great time to test some PSYOPS tactics on them...and i think i'll change my roster to include someone who is a linguist...or i could just put a translator program in their connection gear...i dunno...well...i'd better think of writing up a mission...i have to study for school before that...

Try to stick to the mission outlined in the OpOrds.

you spelled "heard" wrong
11-05-2004, 05:30
so there are locals...a great time to test some PSYOPS tactics on them...and i think i'll change my roster to include someone who is a linguist...or i could just put a translator program in their connection gear...i dunno...well...i'd better think of writing up a mission...i have to study for school before that...

Try to stick to the mission outlined in the OpOrds.

you spelled "heard" wrong

which mission? there are like 4
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 05:53
OOC: Very good, very good.

Just one thing though. I can't see the map. Tried copy + paste into address bar, tried to "post" it as a link, etc. But still can't get the "true" image (it only displays a image telling you that the image is hosted by Angelfire). If the problem can be fixed, that'll definately help all of us, thanks.

Hmmm.... comes up fine for me. Anyone else having problems?
On my site:

The mission that was breifed in the OP.
Daistallia 2104
11-05-2004, 06:16
And, in case I was unclear before, you may begin posting the missions. 5CN wanted to go first...
Five Civilized Nations
11-05-2004, 14:24
Okay... *grins evilly as he thinks about the situation* Luckily, all of my men know at least three languages...
11-05-2004, 19:53
Mission 01.

The MH-60G flew effortlessly in the darkness that surrounded them. The pilots’ NVG equipment giving him an edge over nature.

In the back sat 10 soldiers, clothed in woodland camo from head to toe with Balaclava’s and NVG’s completing the look. One soldier had on a pair of ear phones, connected to the pilots. He made a movement with his hands to indicate they were thirty seconds out from their primary LZ (Co-Ords: 74-40).

No one saw the big helicopter drop down to treetop level above a small clearing, and no one saw the 10 soldiers that sped down the ropes to the ground and disappeared into the forest.

The soldiers lay down in a clock formation, each facing outward with his feet toward the centre, every fire angle was covered. The Commander keyed his mic, ‘Rite, you were all at the briefing so you know what we’re up to. As always I’ll re-iterate. We have to set up an OP of a suspected chem. Weapons facility. We will assess and then provide laser guidance for an Air Strike if the need arises. We’ll then make a BDA of the site and exfil quickly to the Exfil LZ South East of the plant.’
‘Roger that,’ came 9 replies.

‘Time to rock and roll ladies, I want radio silence maintained, only internal systems transmissions, standard stuff. Right, lets go.’ The soldiers moved catiously and silently toward their objective.

‘Everyone HALT! Mack, Villain listen in, the rest of you take up cover positions. Right now, I can see a fire about half a click up the hill, it looks to be on or near the crest of that hill. I can see two sentries, you got them?’
‘Roger,’ came the replies.
‘Ok, its simple, get your SOCOM’s, get your silencers and take them out.’
‘Consider it done.’
‘Roger sir.’

The two shapes moved off toward the hill with the two sentries. Top squeezed a button near the trigger of his M4 and immediately the display from his visor began to zoom in closer to the sentries. ‘Wait for my command guys.’
‘Yes sir, getting into position now.’
‘Same here sir.’
‘Ok, Mack, you got the one with the moustache on the left, Villain, you get the one with the helmet. Ok….fire!’
Through his visor display Top watched the two sentries as their Laser engagement systems lit up and emitted a whining, they looked stunned. They shrugged, sat down and began to talk.

‘Right, time to move on, the OP isn’t too far away.’

The teams OP was in the a forested area overlooking the side of the facility. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie with the bright floodlights and flurry of activity.
2 M1117 Security Vehicles patrolled the outer perimeter, the other 4 sat dormant in the nearby car park. The Air Strike was to be targeted on the main building, hopefully putting the entire facility on hiatus. Signs of chemical weaponry were clearly evident. A loading bay had crates, filled with Barrels labelled with various signs and words, the most noticeable of which were ‘VX’ and ‘SX’ (Smallpox).

‘Ok, Hawk, light up the main building, Sleepy get on the radio, make sure we get the flyover and then wait for the ‘Kill’ message from the HQ’ Two soldiers ,moved up close to where Top was.

‘I got it lit sir,’ Hawk radioed.
‘Aircraft is inbound and hot sir,’ replied Sleepy.
‘Tell the Aircraft that the laser is up and he is clear to engage.’
‘Roger…Aircraft is on course…ETA…30 seconds.’
‘Hawk, get your M134 up, once the ‘Kill’ comes through light up one of the M1117’s.’
‘Roger sir, toast is on the way.’
‘Lurch, you bring another M134?’
‘Yes sir,…I guess I’ll smoke the other M1117?’
‘Right on the money Lurch.’

The roar of the jet could be heard now, an alarm klaxon sounded at the base just as the jet passed overheard, unseen in the darkness.
‘Sir, we got confirmed, the kill is ours.’
‘Nice work Hawk, thanks Sleepy, get to cover, there might be some incoming.’
As Top had said incoming Lurch and Bear fired their M134’s, the two Armoured vehicles skidded to a halt on their patrol, obviously dead. The surrounding buildings of the base were now alive. Armed men were racing from the buildings in the direction of the 4 remaining M1117 Security Vehicles.

‘Ladies, its time to light em’ up…pick your targets, weapons free.’
The 10 men began firing into the squads running for the vehicles. The most noise and fire coming from Bears M60, drowning out the loud report of the M82.
The squads were in chaos now, running for cover, most didn’t make it, but even those that did couldn’t figure out where the fire was coming from.

One sniper however, made it to the M1117’s, he slid under the bonnet and scanned the trees. Through his NVG scope he saw faded muzzle flashes coming from a dense part of forest. He zoomed in and picked up a flash, the longest and biggest….and fired…

Bear’s laser engagement system flared up, he could hear it as he positioned a sound emitter close to his ears, he immediately stopped firing and lay down. The rest of the team stopped and moved into more cover.

‘Sniper in the open,’ Hawk called out. That same sniper began to fire wildly in the direction of the muzzle flashes that suddenly ceased. The shots were going overhead everyone and giving away the snipers position.

‘Got him…,’ Hawk said happily, a moment later he fired and there was silence.
‘Right, I’m about to do the BDA.’ Top had a laptop open and was busy plugging in what looked like a pair of hi-tech binoculars. In reality they were binoculars, NVG’s, Thermal vision and video camera. Top held them up and zoomed in to the main building, scanning on Thermal vision for life signs.

A few minutes later top had scanned the entire base. He unplugged the goggles and lap-top, replaced them into his patrol bag and slung it onto his back. He then looked at his watch, 0630. It would be light in another hour judging by the season and weather.

‘Mission accomplished, time to get the hell outta dodge.’
The now 9 men moved back into the forest catiously and began their tab to their exfil LZ (Co-ord’s:73-41).

At 0900 on the dot the MH-60G arrived and the time quickly jumped aboard.

KIA: Friendlies: 1. Enemy: (Est) 35-40
Vehicles: 2 M1117.
11-05-2004, 23:46
OOC: is this how it's supposed to be RPed?
Western Asia
12-05-2004, 01:01
OOC: is this how it's supposed to be RPed?

OOC: Pretty much. Some sample RPs are to be found here ( (at the "2nd Annual").
Daistallia 2104
12-05-2004, 19:10
OOC: Are we all just having server difficulties? Or is it RL interference? Or just dilly-dallying slowness? Whatever is fine. Just let me know so I can adjust the schedule. :D
13-05-2004, 00:08
server seems laggy this week...
Daistallia 2104
13-05-2004, 04:31
PRC China
13-05-2004, 06:00
The Chinese Forces

The cargo bay was filled with action itself, as the PLA troops got their weapons ready in a familiar cargo bay. As they checked their weapons and weapon modes under the darkness, they emotionally prepared themselves for the simulated battle. They knew that this wasn't necessarily a true combat mission, but by winning, they could gain reputation. As the helicopter skimmed over the forest and the small villages, they heard the pilot shoting in english, "Thirty Seconds!" As they all were trained to speak in fluent English, they repeated, "Thirty Seconds!"

Suddenly, the moment came as the helicopter quickly stopped its forward motion and came hovering above the LZ. "Ropes Away, Go!" they heard the English-speaking crew chief again as they grabbed onto them skillfully. As they landed, they were faced with a grassfield along with a few trees. Making it towards the forest nearby, they were sure that no one saw them so far, and as they already knew the location. They already got their NVG on. Although it was a very dark forest that they were walking across, they still clutched their weapons as they walked in the forest that sits beside the river at the east, and a village at the northwest. They can already sense the rest and peace as they walked in the moist.

The stealthy walking continued for another three minutes before a tent with an "enemy" M1117 appeared in their sights, the lamp on the table shining towards a reasonable distance, while revealing a total of 3 enemy Marines. This had been the credit of Lt. Xiang himself, as he whispered, "three ahead". It seemed that the enemy still hasn't detected them, as Lt. Xiang overlapped the red dot of the reflex sight onto one of the enemy. He fired, as the supressor got rid some of the noises of the blank cartridges. Others in the fireteam and some from the squad followed suit as Sec. Lt. Jiang also fired his Type 95 SAW. But that didn't mean the enemy hasn't detected them when he fired, especially when the sound of the SAW erupted out of the ground. As the loud "bang" sound escaped from the barrel of his filled the air, the bleeps of the MILES gear (which is abit unfamiliar to him) appeared with the distinct noises of the enemy M16 rifles. He has been hit multiple times at the chest, just before the last one "fell" down. It was a short relief for them -- at the moment. "I'm hit!," he called out without using his full voice. He had to sit down then with the moist grass and the buttlet casings from the gun, as he watched the others continuing forward. The others however, did continue, as Lt. Liang realized, and shot off a MILES training LAW rocket onto the enemy M1117.

The whole noise of the firefight also served another purpose however: that is, to attract the other enemy patrols. An additional three approached from the forward-left suddenly as another one approached from the forward-right at a short distance. They were almost being flanked. "We got three on the left... another on the right!", Lt. Cao yelled out as he realized that they were in the range of his grenades, and pulled the pin. "'Nade thrown!", he yelled out as he then saw an additional two enemies "falling" down. The other two however, who was shooting at him and causing light simulated wounds on him, was quickly "finished" off by a short burst of 5.8mm blank ammunition from Lt. Liang's and Cpt. Zhang's bullpup carbine. "Comrades, good job," the captain radioed as they advanced forward past the "enemy" forces.

But still, that is not all, as they travelled, they had encountered another group of a total of six patrols, although they had still kept their stealth to gain their advantage and got two behind their back with automatic fire from the carbines and SAWs. Lt. Liang's MILES gear beeped wildly as he saw a series of muzzle flashes and noises from the enemy M16 rifles firing back, and as he returned fire quickly with is carbine under light cover. But nevertheless, although he hit one, his gear quickly signaled him that he was hit too himself. "Fire from the right!", Second Lt. Deng announced over the radio as he was met by light fire, but responded by his sound-suppressed burst of 5.8mm rounds at the M16-equipped soldiers nearby, suprising them as another engaged from the enemy's flanks.

The others however, continued to return fire, while Sec. Lt. Yiao returned fire with a few MILES training 35mm launched grenades, which "killed" another three with a cranked-up sound of a bursting bubble. As Lt. Yiao then again looked through his reflex sight and fired, he saw more friendly men of his fireteam advancing forwards to finish off the enemy faster. The light firefight continued as the enemy almost fell, before finished by Cpt. Zhang and Lt. Wang -- again. Phew, Lt. Wang thought to himself as the scene suddenly became quiet again. It was once again the time for them to advance slowly in order, fireteam after fireteam and Lieutenants after the Captain. IOne patrol eliminated, Wang thought to himself again.

The inital firefight already got some of the "survivors" a tiny bit nervous in some way, but they managed to beat it. As they continued once again cautiously, they were informed that they were only under three kilometers way from the facility, having made past the patrols. But it wasn't quite the case, as they sneaked up to another group of four enemy troops on patrol, along with a M1117 of theirs by their side. The enemy didn't appear to be looking at their direction, although one turned his head. The friendly troops decided to stay prone and to sneak up on them with sound-suppressed, automatic fire. Just as one of the louder enemy soldiers spoke, the friendly forces quickly got up in a rush and fired their rounds onto the enemy soldiers, almost shocking them as they quickly returned with M16 fire but was quickly eliminated by combined SAW fire from Lt. Wang and the much silent carbine fire. As the "enemy" sat, Sec. Lt. Huang fired his MILES training LAW rocket onto the M1117, making sure that every possible vehicle are "destroyed".

As they advanced again, there seemed to be no resistance. It also seemed to them that the darkness are beginning to fade away for a bit, just as the lightened-up WMD depot appeared in their sights. Lt. Huang, with his superb eyes, quickly noticed them ahead of the others and made a note. They were coming from a forested area and already could identify thefacility, as Cpt. Zhang also started the photographing with his Xinyang XMK-2800 Pro digital camera, liked onto his Pocket PC. "We are here," he said quietly and cautiously, as he got a good view of the facility and scanned around it. Aside from the complex, he also spotted a guard tower and a parking lot beside it. As Cpt. Zhang mentioned that the first photograph of the facility has already been uploaded in a short phrase, Lt. Huang quickly informed the rest. "There are four vehicles... two are patrolling... and a guard tower with a search light."

As they went prone again and looked, the bright searchlight on the tower was almost blinding their eyes, as it shined on the concrete ground just on the left of them. Sec. Lt. Liu, the less-experienced of the PLA SOFs, quickly set up his bipod, looked through the scope, and had the crosshair on the head of the only soldier in that tower. He pressed the trigger, as it seemed that the soldier noticed that his gear was beeping, and climbed down from the tower after curiously looking around. The searchlight was still a distraction, and as Liu wanted live ammunition to shut them off, he realized that all he could fire are laser-triggering blank ammunition.

The infamous RPG gunner inside the third fireteam, Sec. Lt. Gao, looked through the scope on the RPG-7, which has a tube attached to the end to redirect the backblast. As he was cleared on his six, he targeted the group of two M1117s and fired his MILES RPG-7 rocket. As the rocket, which beared much improved 21th century Chinese quality, raced and "impacted" onto the two M1117s, he can see the total of 6 soldier within the 2 M1117s are already realizing that something was wrong. Luckily, no one was nearby to notice the smoke trail of the rocket, and he quickly raced to the right to join his comrades with his carbine. They didn't care about the other parked vehicles as they are going to be "bombed" anyways.

Finally, it was time to rush in. As they quickly got up, and rushed, they quickly noticed two enemy sentries, who were looking around for the one who "destroyed" the two Guardian vehicles, and whom also noticed them. The good news is however, they got the chance to get their first fire, especially from their flanks. As they fired, the two enemy soldiers desparately tried to fire but was unsuccessful. As the friendly troops continued ahead to clear the areas around the building (before they get in), they had fired on an additional three patrol soldiers with supprassed fire, although Sec. Lt. Gao himself (whom lacked flexability because of the weight of the RPG launcher) suffered light simulated injuries, but continued to fight. "Cleared," Lt. Huang announced as the entire area has been cleared, before marking the wall with a chalk of his.

As the area was cleared, the first fireteam broke off the rest (whom had more losses) and headed for the rear parking lot entrance, while the second and third fireteam went for the front door. For the first fireteam, they had relatively little difficulty to get in as they kicked open the backdoor and rushed into a small office, finding it empty and marking it. "Back office is secured," Lt. Huang announced as he led the rest. As they continued, they splitted off themselves after engaging in a short firefight at the second office, "killing" a lone soldier after a simulated flashbang. As they advanced to the stairwell, they quickly checked the areas below the stairs just to make sure, before going up to the second office. As they threw another flashbang into the second floor left office, they found a "blinded" enemy soldier walking towards the small window, and "shot" him. At the process, they also found an enemy PC along with a CD and two floppy disks, and Lt. Huang (who was a veteran of the PLA Information Warfare Unit) quickly disassembled it with his toolkit, and grabbed the small hard disk. The third fireteam, going to the other side, quickly scanned and marked all the rooms, while killing another two enemy soldiers (who had only little moment to engage). As they found a low opening for a vent, two friendly soldiers volunteered to check it. Although there were relative little things inside the vent, the rest of the fireteam then continued forward, and went into the loading bay. "Second floor right is clear, right is clear," they radioed to fireteams two and one before going down with the successful fireteam two, and met fireteam one at the loading bay.

For the first fireteam however, they were a bit less luckier. Finding the front door locked, they quickly kicked it without success, although Sec. Lt. Yiao forgot that his SPAS-12 shotgun was laden with MILES and blasted the lock. As they blasted open the door with some later efforts, they found two soldiers opening fire at them already, as all of them returned fire -- especially Yiao, who directly blasted them with his SPAS-12 shotgun. But as the last enemy soldier was eliminated by Cpt. Zhang's carbine, Yiao was still "shot", leaving him behind. As the fireteam advanced however, they quickly informed of the situation, and went into the WMD storage. As they found another lone enemy soldier and attacked on them silently with little difficulty, they found a large amount of barrels with various signs, words, and notes, in which the one attracted them the most was the two deadly letters of "VX". As they cleared the entire area and went into the loading bay, they encountered an additional three enemy soldiers and blasted them with 5.8mm and shotgun fire one-by-one with ease (although Cpt. Zhang received light simulated wound himself), before meeting the second and third fireteam and noticing the additional barrels with VX and Smallpox. They quickly teamed up, and Cpt. Zhang with Lt. Huang got their digital cameras and captured their photos, before having them uploaded automatically. "Building's clear. Team, split up. Three to North, two and one to south," Cpt. Zhang instructed, as the men went out and checked the area for a last time. No signs of hostile forces.

As they did it, they also noticed the rising sun, which shined on their faces and the now-empty building, and quickly noticed radio chatter. It was from the jets, as the friendly pilot from the pair of friendly F-16s coming radioed Cpt. Zhang. "Carbon One to Tiger Three, we are approaching. We are inbound within 50km of target. Make sure target is lased, ETA within 8 minutes. Over."

Cpt. Zhang had a smile appear on his face, as he spoke fluent English. "Copy. We've secured the objective adn are coming out. Target will be lased. Over."

"Roger," the distinct voice appeared over the radio. As this is done, the friendly soldiers quickly approached the forested area, lied prone, and handled the laser designator skillfully. As they stared at the building, they suddenly saw the jets flying overhead and releasing their two laser-guided 1000lb practice bombs, before the pilot radioed again. "Carbon One to Tiger Three, bomb released successfully. Over."

Cpt. Zhang radioed back almost instantly, "Copy. Impacted confirmed. BDA information will be transmitted. Over."

The pilot replied, "Roger that. We are heading out." As the word has been spoken, the soldiers quickly rushed in and captured the photos, showing the "damage", before uploading them for the others to see and use. A voice cracked from the radio set.

"This is Alpha One, we are approaching you, ETA in two minutes. Mission accomplished?", a man's deep voice appeared. The older Zhang replied, "Roger. Mission accomplished, awaiting extraction at destination. Over and out.."

As the MH-60Gs slowly hovered over their heads below the rising sun, Cpt. Zhang grinned at his soldiers, and said, "Our brothers, it looks like that our mission is finally finished. Good job."

Mission Successful
Friendly KIA: 3 KIA
Enemy KIA: 29+ KIA
Friendly Vehicles Destroyed: N/A
Enemy Vehicles Destroyed: 4 M1117 (ground action); 4 M1117 (air strike)
Captured: 1 CD-ROM, 2 floppy disks, 1 computer hard disk.
Rescued: N/A

OOC: Sorry for the relatively plain quality of this, quite busy and can't think of anything better for now.
Western Asia
13-05-2004, 09:58
Daistallia SOF Wargames: Mission 1 Report
OOC: I’m going to move up the strike and extraction times…because something with this much access doesn’t require that much time and aircraft coming in at 7am would be too exposed (after the 0545 sunrise)…and the extraction ops for such a mission would have to almost be on-call before the mission even was executed so I’m moving that up also…in at night, out at night (esp. if there are chembio weapons, in which case I don’t want my men breathing in the remnants of whatever may exist (in the real mission situation)).

TEAM: Full Sayeret Shaldag squad (6 men) and Shayetet 13 Team 4, Raids Palga (2 men).

Note: All primary weapons possible (not Negev Commandos) are silenced, as are all secondaries. All gear has been fitted with MILES simulators or MILES-compliant simulation systems. The Infiltration Team is wearing clothing and using equipment that simulates OPFOR as much as possible to allow for close observation of the target facility. High Frequency Burst Transmission radios are used to communicate between the groups and their delivery service. Hand signals and voice commands are used within each group.

Special Equipment:
2, MANTWSS units (MAN-Towed Wheel/Skid System)

Other Equipment (packed on MANTWSS units):
1, Advanced Laser Targeting System (ALATS) 4.4 km West of Target Zone[/u]
[i]2440 hours Zulu

The pair of MH-60G Pavehawks swoop into the DZ fast and low, the door gunners and some of the IDF SOF Operators can see the tree tops rushing by just barely (and sometimes not quite) below their feet. The fire team commanders begin to bark out orders as they approach the DZ in formation. The pilots have already conducted a pair of false-insertions farther away and they drop the birds down to the ground rapidly, giving their passengers a slight rush and a definite feeling of uneasiness as their entire bodies become much less weighty in the descent.

3.8 km West of Target Zone
2444 hours Zulu
The helicopters pull up just about three feet off of the ground only thirty feet apart and barely hover enough for their contents to drop out of the doors and land in the tall grasses of the agricultural fields they’re landing in. The men hit the ground and fall to prone fighting positions, dragging their packs and a pair of skids along with them. The helicopters rush off to other sites for another few false insertions before departing the area.

The sniper and DM scan the tree line for signs of enemy movement while Ron and Kitzhak deploy the wheels on their MANTWSS carts and prep the OCSW for emergency use. One of the Carl Gustaf rifles is unloaded and handed to Lt. Hal (who takes 3 extra HEDP rounds in his pack), in case any enemy armor appears, but the rest of the loads are secured and strapped down. To lighten their own loads, they sling their Negev LMGs at the side of the carts and depend on the CTARs for any immediate needs. A camouflage netting is draped over each cart before the heavy weapons specialists give the Major a thumbs-up.

Major Gal signals his and Captain Tov’s teams to move on. Tov’s team takes point for the burdened CFST and begins to move into the forest in a round-about path to the target zone. While Tov leads, his men scan the woods with their monocular helmet-mounted NVGs, the Major’s team looks to the nearby clearings for any sign of enemy activity.

3.2 km West of Target Zone
0110 hours Zulu

The team is brought to a sudden halt when Lt. Eyal signals for the men to drop to the ground. Yitzhak and Ron release the carts, which settle on rear supports, as they grab their Negevs and assume a defensive position near a large bundle of tree roots. Shem raises his rifle and scans the area that Eyal indicates.

A foot patrol of OPFOR personnel walk unassumingly through the forest. While they are not even 20 yards away, they do not seem to see the IDF team that is watching their passage. Abram and Shem check that sound suppressors are in place as they take aim at the men, whose path leads them slightly towards the marksmen. As they watch, two more OPFOR personnel appear from behind some trees and join the other men. When the two groups meet the soldiers exchange verbal security codes and then continue their watch. Shem signals to Eyal and Tov, who move up with their guns to join their teammates.

The four men watch their unwitting prey slowly pass by and, after a minute, turn slightly away. On this cue, the men all open fire. The muffled sound of the gunfire is met by soft beepings and a few flashes of light from each of the vests. The OPFOR ‘deadmen’ lay down their arms and sit down for a cigarette but, like all good dead men, say nothing. Eyal and Hal move forward to search the men, finding the enemy radio signals and collecting pass cards and OPFOR helmets and coats, which they bring back to the waiting unit.

The IDF team gathers again and moves on towards the target zone, not meeting any other patrols most of the way although they make many sudden stops. With the long time period left, the men don’t bother rushing and instead concentrate on their mission plans.

1.6 km West Southwest of Target Zone
0140 hours Zulu
The men begin to close on the outer perimeter of the target site and the teams prepare to split up. The Infiltration Team dons the jackets of the downed OPFOR patrolmen and checks its weapons one last time. The Command and Fire Support Group checks the satellite photos and maps of the area and identifies a slight rise in the land to the west of the compound (OOC: Just near the smaller of the two buildings, near the olive patch of clearing) where they could place the OCSW and also monitor the roads for incoming traffic.

The men move to the edge of the woods that they stand in and watch in the dark as a pair of M1117 ASVs pass by on patrol away from the facility. The men gather their equipment and dash across the empty road that separates them from the stands of trees nearest the target zone. The teams then split up and head for their target zones. A preprogrammed burst transmission is sent off to friendly forces signaling that the teams are about to be in place and to prepare for possibly immediate extraction requests.

Captain Tov leads his infiltration team directly for the smaller of two buildings shown on the provided satellite imagery while the CFST under the Major moves parallel to the road. Another convoy soon passes, this time only a HMMWV, but the Operators note the 5 minute spacing and make a mental note of the apparent schedule.

150m West Southwest of Central Target Building
0220 hours Zulu
Just on the outskirts of the facility, the men are all in place. The Infiltration team stows its NVDs, which might look out of place in the enemy base, and emerge from the woods behind a small building (OOC: bottom left most building). They walk over to a side door and swipe one of the captured keycards. Luckily, the card demands no additional passcode and the men are into the first building without incident.

They begin to search the building, which turns out to be little more than an auxiliary storage shed for the facility, but the real mission of the facility is revealed even in the mundane contents of the shed. Pressurized gas containers set in what appear to be dispensing trucks are marked toxic and deadly although the gages claim that they are empty of such deadly cargo. The men use small cameras to record the arrays for possible use in intelligence operations and analysis of more general enemy capabilities, but make quick work of it. Their investigation is cut short as the sound of an OPFOR foot patrol is observed near the doors. The men drop the carbines to the side and draw their silenced pistols in the near-dark of the storage room…and wait.

Meanwhile, about 100m to the north
The rest of the team is ready for action. The OCSW has been planted and is ready for use against any threats and is manned by 2nd Lt. Ron; Major Gal watches the progress of his men through binoculars with the Fly-K small diameter mortar at the ready to mark target areas for Ron and Midshipman Yitzhak (who mans his Negev LMG and who is using the ALATS to confirm the GPS locations of the main buildings for the incoming strike groups). 2nd Lt. Shem watches the road and area behind the CFST for OPFOR, with the MAAWS and his SR25 SWS at hand. Ron takes advantage of the IR scope on his OCSW to watch his comrades disappear into the first shed only to appear on the other side a few moments later.

In the Shed
After a minute of waiting as the sound of combat boots in the nearby rooms and hallway grows, the enemy guards finally appear. Two men, dressed in BDUs and armed with submachine guns and flashlights, walk from the short hallway into the main storage room. Eyal and Abram wait with their side arms drawn as the men search the dark with their flashlights…and as the beam of one settles on them they open fire. The suppressed ring sound of their pistols brings a quick flashing of lights and another quiet beep of the MILES units. The two ‘dead’ men are pulled into the shed and (stripped of their ID cards, passes, keys, and flashlights) are stashed behind one of the heavy trucks.

The team makes its way into the hall and enters an empty office (opened thanks to the guards’ keys), where several CDRs, 3 1/2in disks, and a few packets of documents are recovered. These items are stashed into a bag carried by Lt. Eyal and the team returns to the hallway as it prepares to make the move to the large hangar-like building nearby.

Doing their best to imitate the ‘dead’ guards, Tov and Eyal lead the way with their flashlights while the other two follow shortly behind. Aside from the MAAWS hanging off of Hal’s back, one might be hard pressed to tell that these men are not, indeed, those guards. To keep their fire support from mistaking them, an IR light is flashed twice to the Major’s detachment as the men pass outside.

0234 hours Zulu
The security is not hard to find. A pair of M1117s is parked in the clearing just south of building ‘B’ and a small group of armed soldiers sit in a sandbagged post next to them. Apparently, the disguise of the team is enough to avoid raising much suspicion from the group of security personnel as the team passes without incident to the next objective…but things are about to get crazy on the ground. As the men enter the second building (with the security patrol’s passcards), they are met by a second pair of OPFOR guards…but these men realize that the IDF team is not their friends.

The team, met in a well-lit hallway, immediately opens fire on the pair, but cannot keep the men from firing off a few shots from their SMGs. The sound of fighting brings more OPFOR guards into the hallway, which soon becomes a shooting gallery as the team switches from the pistols to their Micro Uzis. At least four more OPFOR soldiers are dropped before the team makes it back to the door under heavy enemy fire…the MILES systems fill the hall with a cacophony. Eyal tosses a grenade to the end of the hall as a few more OPFOR men emerge from a side door, only to find their MILES units all blinking and beeping uncontrollably.

Hal emerges from the door knowing that his M3 rifle will have to be employed carefully if he and his teammates are to escape from this gun battle ‘alive.’ He carefully aims the Carl Gustaf at the closest M1117, whose crew is only starting to move it forward towards the hangar, and pulls the trigger. A modified practice round conveys the news of the IDF’s infiltration to that lead vehicle a second or two later as it’s engine cuts out and the crew inside have their ears filled with the noise of their MILES vests. This serves as a sign to the fire support team many meters distant, which immediately opens fire on the sandbagged guard station and second M1117 with the OCSW and LMG fire (as Hal reloads his M3). Before long, the second M1117 and the pit have both been ‘neutralized’ and the infiltration team is out of the first building (leaving a grenade simulator waiting in the door jamb for anyone that wants to follow them). The team quickly withdraws northwards under the covering fire of their teammates. Hal drops to a knee at one point to fire the M3 at an M1117 that appears on the road between the ‘A’ and ‘B’ buildings (OOC: the largest and second largest buildings) while Abram takes out a pair of foot soldiers that are attempting to hide behind a nearby tree. Major Gal’s mortar hardly ceases marking targets for Ron with IR flares and HE-sim rounds (which ‘destroy’ several target in the process of marking them) as Midshipman Yitzhak lays down covering fire. The team see a flash and a group of flashing MILES units appear near the booby trapped exit just as it passes the first stand of trees and finds itself less than a 100 feet from the rest of the team. Behind the CFST, Shem sees a pair of M1117s rushing towards the camp and is quick to fire his MAAWS at the lead vehicle…which is hit and suddenly screeches to a halt, almost causing the second vehicle to crash into it (although it only careens off the side of the road, where two of its men are eliminated by Shem’s rifle shots as the other flees).

0238 hours Zulu
The Infiltration team makes it back to meet up with the rest of the unit just in time. The Infiltration Team provides cover as their comrades return the heavy systems to the MANTWSS units. As the OPFOR begins to respond to the initial gun battle, the IDF team is already beating a path back to safety. Before leaving their first firing position, however, they dropped three M86 PDMs—a little ‘gift’ for any OPFOR soldiers that check out the area.

The team makes its way across the road under the cover of the 2 MAAWS and Yitzhak’s Negev. A grenade is tossed into the abandoned M1117 to disable it. The towed carts give the machine gunners the free hands needed to negotiate the tough terrain of the Team’s retreat. The team is able to make it to the far corner of a nearby field where their second defensive position is set up as the ALATS is focused on the facility more than 2km away. Along the way, the rest of the PDMs are scattered for OPFOR patrols. The burst signal is sent to the strike aircraft, which are reported to be some 15 minutes distant, as well as to the Pavehawks, which are already inbound for a pick up near the Team’s current location.

2nd Lieutenant Shem and Midshipman Yitzhak laser designate the ‘A’ and ‘B’ buildings of the facility with the ALATS and SOFLAM systems and wait for the "Thunder Bearers" to bring in the pyrotechnics. The other team members, however, focus on the more immediate possibility of pyrotechnics as they set up the OCSW, the pair of MAAWS, and the LMGs to defend the new position from the possible incoming enemy assault.

0250 hours Zulu
The OPFOR patrols have failed to find the new fire position, although the flashes near the original fire position and by the road indicate that at least a few of the OPFOR soldiers have stumbled into the M86 PDMs.

The first warning that the jets have arrived is the tremendous group of explosions (OOC: sirens and bright line lights stand in) that emerge from the buildings at the weapons facility. Before the ‘rubble’ has even cooled, the spotters are using the high powered optics of their systems to confirm the ‘destruction’ of the buildings.

Ten minutes later, the helicopters land on the other side of the stand of trees to extract the IDF team from a mission well done.

Action Report
Friendly KIA: 0 KIA
Friendly Casualties: 0 Casualties

Enemy KIA: 31 confirmed KIA, total unknown
Enemy Vehicles Destroyed: 4 M1117 confirmed, total unknown

Intelligence Gathered: 4 CD-Rs, several floppy disks, assorted documents, photographic evidence, confirmed weapons production and deployment capabilities.
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Not really sure what to do Kalan had his people assembled in the helicopter. Soon it landed near a small road where they departed into a small forest. They moved along side the road for awhile until Kalan began to look at the map. They were close and men could be heard.

1900 Brovo.

It was a squad of security soldiers they walked right by the Squad who emerged from the bushes forcing the men to give up. They then tied the mens hands behind their backs and blindfolded them. This way the enemy HQ wouldnt know they were out of service.

200 Delta

The real move took place as Kalans grouped moved quietly through the woods. The enemy compound was in sight as they set up the laser pointer and called in the air raid.

"Thunderhawk this is 009 Delt we are in position and need air assistance."

The thunder hawk answerd. "Alright Delta Thunderhawk Commencing run targets marked over."

"Roger Thunderhawk target is marked for 1500 out."

The light show started and the bombing was intensly real. (though fake) Kalans tam moved through the compound securing hosiles and getting keycards and weapons. They also found large quanities of weapons manufacturing equipment. They then returned to the Pickup zone and left the prisoners still tied and blindfolded.

p.s. OOC: i figured Each team did one of these and since this is my first one and the site keeps messing up i am posting a shorter version.
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Western Asia
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(OOC: Following Western Asia’s Lead)

Daistallia SOF Wargames: Mission 1 Report

TEAM: Combined Jade/Obsidian Operations Unit

-All weapons have been suppressed, except full automatic machine guns
-Revolvers, pistols, and handguns are silenced

Additional Equipment:
-A lot of C-4 explosives
-Additional MG36 machine gun
-4 additional Glock 37 .45 GAP

Mission Organization:
Infiltration Team (IT):
Commanding Officers
-Captain Zhu Xiang--CO--Call Sign “Prime”—JadeOps Personnel
--MP5SFA2 submachine gun
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Springfield’s Sub-Compact XD
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

-Commander Jack Wesson--XO--Call Sign “Gunsmith”—JadeOps Personnel
--MP5A3 submachine gun
--Walther P22
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

-Lieutenant Commander Li Zhong--Radio Operator--Call Sign “Operator”—ObsidianOps Personnel
--UMP45 submachine gun
--Walther P22
--UHF Radio
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

Assault Personnel
-Lieutenant Adrian Finnigan--Call Sign “Raider”—ObsidianOps Personnel
--M4 Carbine
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

-Specialist Michael Rowal--Call Sign “Blaze”—ObsidianOps Personnel
--MP5K-PDW submachine gun with suppressor
--Walther P22
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

-Specialist Ling Zhen--Call Sign “Raptor”—JadeOps Personnel
--USC semi-automatic rifle
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...


-Specialist Bao Zhong--Call Sign “Oppressor”—JadeOps Personnel
--MG36 machine gun
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...


-Specialist Roger Marion--Call Sign “Bozo”—ObsidianOps Personnel
--RShG-1 Rocket Launcher
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, Mines, etc...

-Specialist Adam McHenry--Call Sign “SkyHammer”—ObsidianOps Personnel
--M252 81mm Medium Extended Range Mortar
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

-Specialist Erich von Hausen--Call Sign “Loader”—ObsidianOps Personnel
--M4 Carbine
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, Mortar Rounds, etc...

-Lieutenant Xiahou Xuan--Call Sign “Klick”—JadeOps Personnel
--Unique Alpine TPG-1
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...

-Specialist Ivan Petrovasich—Call Sign “The Russian”—JadeOps Personnel
--M40A1 Sniper Rifle
--Glock 37 .45 GAP
--Grenades, Flares, etc...


5 kilometers West from the Target Zone
2409 hours--Local Time

The three MH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters slowly flew through the night air, hugging the ground and avoiding the radars of any enemy installations. Aboard, the Combined Jade/Obsidian Operations soldiers checked their weapons for the last time as the helicopters swiftly approached the landing zone. In the lead helicopter, Prime sat quietly, going over the mission in his mind, while he watched the three special forces personnel with him. Something wasn’t right, Prime could feel it, but the veteran captain could not pinpoint the source of his uneasiness.

3.5 kilometers West from the Target Zone
2415 hours--Local Time

The three helicopters slowly descended to the ground, the pilots expertly keeping them hovering just two feet above the ground. The dozen special forces personnel quickly poured out of the helicopters, with little else besides their weapons, along with small packs with mines, grenades, and flares. But, from each helicopter, a man pulled additional packs, containing explosives and extra weaponry.

Two men of the Assault Team, “Blaze” and “Raptor” dragged another machine gun from their helicopters. Swiftly, the men of the unit disappeared into the ground.

As suddenly as they had arrived, the helicopters disappeared into the sky. The two crack snipers, “Klick” and “The Russian,” along with “Loader,” scanned the terrain with their weapons up, checking their surroundings.

When the helicopters had gone, Prime, signaled his men. Raider, took point, as he hefted M4 carbine and scanned the ground ahead of him. The dozen silent figures slowly moved away from the landing zone. Three minutes later, nobody remained at the landing zone.

2.5 kilometers West from the Target Zone
2445 hours--Local Time

The dozen soliders moved swiftly through the darkness, encountering no opposition. But that was about to change. Suddenly, Raider stopped and signaled for the unit to stop. The dozen men crouched down in the dark forest and waited silently, their guns at the ready.

A minute passed and it seemed that it was naught but a false alarm. Just as the men were relaxing, a clank occurred, followed by a curse. Stiffening, Prime waved his arms and signaled with his fingers. A second later, “Gunsmith” and “Blaze,” rose from the ground and detached themselves. Swiftly, the two men moved forward.

With “Gunsmith” in the lead, the two men moved forward by about 20 meters and stopped, crouching once more on the ground. Ahead of them, a soldier of the OPFOR sat atop a tree stump, massaging his foot, as five other soldiers looked on, barely concealing their mirth.

Quickly, the two special forces personnel raised their weapons, “Gunsmith,” his MP5A3 submachine gun, while “Blaze” raised MP5K-PDW submachine gun with suppressor. Suddenly, the two men opened fire, aiming first at the five soldiers standing. Beeps and clicks filled the air, as the devices on the vests of the soldiers came to life. The five men dropped to the ground, “dead.” The last soldier rose from the stump, about to run, but tripped over a root. He was “killed” by a “Blaze” who “poured” twenty bullets into his fallen body.

Swiftly, the two soldiers moved forward, with “Gunsmith” collecting the dogtags, passes, and various other objects, while “Blaze” kept his gun up and provided a small perimeter.

Twenty minutes after they started, the two men were back with their unit. The unit moved out once more...

.5 kilometers West from the Target Zone
0145 hours--Local Time

The dozen men stopped at a signal from Prime. With a brief signal the team split up, the snipers, mortar team, the suppressor, and “Gunsmith” moving north, intent upon attacking the target from the north and cause a diversion, allowing the main force to attack.

Meanwhile, the attack force under “Prime,” moved closer, their guns ready and eager for battle.

200m West of the target
0230 hours--Local Time

The six men of the Attack/Infiltration Force moved swiftly through the darkness, skirting away from an OPFOR patrol that nearly found them. Luckily, a howl in the darkness, convinced the patrol that it was only wolves. Although relieved, “Prime” knew that he had to complete the mission as soon as possible, so the men moved faster than they had before. Just at the outskirts of the compound, the six men stopped and waited. “Prime” activated his short-range comlink and sent a coded transmission to “Gunsmith,” with the message, “Nachenayte ataku.”

.6 kilometers Northwest from the Target Zone
0225 hours--Local Time

The six men of the diversion, crouched silently in the forest, eyeing the compound. Carefully, the mortar team, set up their mortar, while, the machine gunner set up his MG36 machine gun. The two snipers moved away from the main group and set up their sniper rifles to cover any movements towards the group. “Gunsmith” took up a position behind the massed firepower, providing a small perimeter behind the five men to attack the compound.

When the coded communication arrived, Nachenayte ataku, “Gunsmith” signaled his men. A second later, the snipers first opened fire, quickly taking out four guards guarding the compound. The other guards reacted to the sharp reports of the sniper rifles, dropping to the ground. Suddenly, a “mortar round” (really a dud) arched through the air and landed within the groups of huddled men, who were now “dead.” “Loader” saw at least five men “die.”

Within minutes, the compound erupted in a series of communication as guards attempted to find out what was happening. Confusion reined supreme, when the mortar began dropping “rounds” upon the far side of the compound.

But, “Gunsmith” knew this wouldn’t last...

140 meters West of the Target
0245 hours--Local Time

The men of the Assault/Infiltration group had moved easily through the compound. The diversion that the snipers, mortar, and machine gun had created had caused widespread confusion. The team had copied the confused looks and ran as if surprised and confused through the facility. None of the enemy soldiers reacted to the appearance of six confused men, albeit wearing dark uniforms.

Suddenly, the team stopped, allowing three APC to thunder by. “Prime” quickly identified the compound in the distance and waved his men forward...

Soon, the men reached the target building. “Raider” with his suppressed M4 Carbine “took out” the two guards guarding the door. When the guards had dropped, “Blaze” and “Raptor” opened the door and moved through, their weapons raised. “Raptor” “took out” two guards standing inside with a burst of his USC semi-automatic rifle, while “Blaze” “killed” another guard with his MP5K-PDW submachine gun.

Within a minute, all six men were in the building. “Bozo,” the anti-tank specialist and “Operator,” took up positions at the entrance, their weapons trained at the door, while, the four other men, led by “Prime” raced through the building. They ran into a pair of guards escorting a group of bespectacled scientists. “Raider” “killed” the guards with two well placed rounds of his M4 carbine. The scientists attempted to scatter, but warning rounds from “Blaze” and “Raptor,” kept them cornered.

“Prime” moved forward and said, “I want the information...” The lead scientists raised his middle finger and said, “Screw you!” “Prime” disgusted, raised his Glock 37 .45 GAP and “shot” the man in the middle of the forehead. The scientist dropped to the floor “dead,” while “Prime” said, “Wrong answer.”

Another of the scientist meekly stepped forth and volunteered his service. While “Blaze” and “Raider” kept an eye on the remaining scientists, “Prime” and “Raptor” swiftly followed the scientist. The petrified scientist led the two men to a relatively unmarked room. Opening the door with his keycard, the scientist took four CDs, seven USB flash memory plugs, and two large stacks of papers from a locked desk in the room. Swiftly, “Prime” stashed the things in his satchel. Raising his revolver, “Prime” shot and “killed” scientist. The two men quickly moved back to the main hallway where “Blaze” and “Raider” stood guard over the remaining scientists. The four men, swiftly herded the twenty or so scientists into a room and locked the door. Jamming the lock, the four special forces personnel swiftly spread out, each taking two handfuls of C4 explosives. Setting up the explosives throughout the building with various tripwires, the four men swiftly completed their task and returned to the entrance.

Meanwhile, over a dozen guards had entered through the doorway, but accurate fire from “Bozo” and “Operator” “killed” them all. When the six men had been reunited, the men quickly moved to exit the building. Luckily, none of the men were hurt and they swiftly moved to escape from the compound. “Prime” opened his comm and said into it, “The money is ours…”

“Operator” opened a channel with his UHF radio and said quickly into it, “We’ve intercepted the ball, now all we need is a touchdown.”

.6 kilometers Northwest from the Target Zone
0300 hours--Local Time

When “Gunsmith” heard the words, “The money is ours…” on the comm, he swiftly moved to the rest of his group. Swiftly, he signaled for them to retreat. As they were packing up to retreat, a burst came from the trees behind them, “killing” “SkyHammer.” Furious, “Gunsmith” dropped to the ground and opened fire with MP5A3 submachine gun, “killing” four of the six members of a patrol that had appeared out of nowhere.

Seeing that the patrol was retreating, “Gunsmith” signaled to leave behind the mortar equipment and with “The Russian” picked up the “dead” body and headed towards the landing zone.

0430 hours--Local Time

An hour and a half later, meeting no resistance, the diversion group returned to the landing zone. Quickly setting up a perimeter, “Gunsmith” waited anxiously for the assault unit.

Meanwhile, the assault/infiltration unit while escaping through the forest had run into a patrol of two dozen men. “Operator” had been killed, while “Raider” “took” a round in the shoulder. But “Prime” and “Raptor” managed to outflank the attacking soldiers and launched an assault at the rear of the patrol. Surprising it, the two men “killed” fourteen men and scattered the rest of the patrol into the forest. “Raider” staggered forward, while “Blaze” and “Bozo” carried the “dead” “Operator.”

0535 hours--Local Time

The exhausted men of the assault/infiltration unit staggered back to the landing zone and crouched down amidst the soldiers of the diversion group. Five minutes later, three MH-60 Pave Hawks arrived and the weary soldiers climbed aboard.

A minute later, the building that was targeted exploded, as the enemy soldiers tripped the tripwires, setting off the C4…


Action Report
Friendly KIA: 2 KIA
Friendly Casualties: 1 Wounded in Shoulder

Enemy KIA: 43 confirmed OPFOR soldier KIA, 2 confirmed OPFOR scientist KIA, total unknown
Enemy Vehicles Destroyed: None

Intelligence Gathered: 4 CD-Rs, 7 USB Flash Memory Disks, assorted documents
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After the breifing, the team consulted. Everyone was smiling, and considering the homefield advantage. Tink looked over the map, points to a spot, and said "You guys think this LZ we used last year in Operation Squid Ink is still good?"
Reaper smiled. "No way, Tink. Colonel Hu remeber how we dropped in there behind him and handed his boys their ass on a plate! They'd expect us to try there again."
"Right." said 30. "Over here would be better."
The mission planning continued for another few hours. Finally, Tink said "everybody on board?"
Everyone nodded.
"Ok, lets get ready to rumble."

At 2200, the team gathered at the pad and loaded in to the helo. At 2247, the helos were wheels up.
Two hours later, after the Pave Hawks had made several false insertions, the team is dropped off at the LZ (grid square 76-38). The team formed a perimeter around the LZ. Waiting silently, they listened, watch ed, and allowed their eyes and ears to adjust. After half an hour, Tink gave a hand signal, and the team split into three elements, and moved out slowly and cautiously.
The overwatch/security element, Tink, Ape and E, slowly patrolled towards their assigned OP at hill 831.7, in grid square 78-40. After reaching the OP, Ape and E set up the AMR-1, while Tink scaned the target.

The sniper/lasing element, consisting of 30, Cake, and Reaper, and the BDA/security element, Tik-Tak, 8K, Astro, and Wheely, slowly made their way to the secondary OP at the end of the bluff in grid square 74-40. The position was dangerous, but it was the only good cover with a straight LOS in range of the target. They were only 300 m from the road that would be most likely be used by any reaction forces.
Both teams set up their OPs quickly, quietly, and with an efficiency that comes only from years of practice together.
Shortly after the OPs were established, a covoy of two trucks and a small security element came up the road. The convoy, passed through the security element and into the depot, and a crew came out of the warehouse and began unloading pallets of shells from the trucks. Tink noted the distinctive yellow stripes on the shells, indicating chem shells. He signalled confirmation to the other members of his element, then he raised his militarized cell phone and sent a text message to the team at the lower OP. Then he sent a quick sitrep confirming the existance of the chemical weapons to HQ.

Target under observation. Presence of chem weap shells confirmed.

The team watched and waited. They noted the movements of the security force. A pair of M1117 Guardians slowly patrolled the perimeter clockwise, while two quad teams with dogs patrolled counter.

At 0600, the lasing team slowly set up the GLTD II (
Reaper signaled the designator was warm. He took a test read. All was well. A message was mailed up the hill to the overwatch OP, indicating readiness.

At 0640 the elements recieved the warning for the incoming strike.
Tink messaged all the members "It's a go!"
Astro steadied the designator. It was warmed up and ready to go. He looked at the time. 0659. He lit up the target as he heard the sound of the 2 F/A-18s coming in low.
The airstrike went in perfectly. The bombs hit right on target.
"I count 4 dead M1117s, 20 bodies, no movement." whispered 30.
After a few minutes, and no more movement observed, he BDA team began to move out.
Just as they did, 30 looked down at his chem strip. He was getting a reading.
"We got VX, guys!" he hissed. The team donned their chem suits, som a bit slower than others.
An observer stepped up. "You, you, and you." he said pointing to Cake, Reaper, and Tik-tak "You're dead."
He pointed to Wheely. "Imobilized gas casualty. The rest of you are safe."
The team members swore softly, but laid down.
Astro patrolled down to the site and counted bodies.
Meanwhile, 30 got on the cell. "Boss,we got big trouble! Cake, Reaper, and Tik-tak KIAs and Wheely, WIA from gas."
"Ok, moving up to assist."
Tink called up the helos.
"Guys, we need a medivac, stat! Gas casualties."
The observation team donned their chem suits, and patrolled down to help evac the team to a clean LZ. 30 minutes later, the helos arrived, and extracted the team.

Enemy: 4 M1117s, 20 KIAs
Freindly: 3 KIAs, 1 WIA
Depot destroyed, presence of gas confirmed.
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30-05-2004, 03:03
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