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Behold! New Genoa, A Tourist's Dream

New Genoa
10-05-2004, 01:23
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I give you: New Genoa!
Welcome to New Genoa, the illustrious capital of New Genoa! You'll find yourself in Paradise the minute you enter the city! Bright lights, magnificient casinos and resorts. Did we mention the amazing historical sites available also? How 'bout visiting New Genoa Stadium and watching the Greyhounds duke it out from our luxurious sky-box seats?

Well, enough boasting and rambling! I believe these pictures will greatly impress you!

Our capital city, New Genoa

One of many casinos in the capital

And inside of a casino

New Genoa Stadium

President's home

Photo of the famous NG Land, just outside of the capital

-New Genoa Capital Travels-


Why overwhelm yourself with the bustling life of the city? How 'bout a relaxing vacation? Well, the Northern Mountains Retreat is a perfect fit!
Haven't you always dreamed of a serene get-away? To have the cool summer winds blow gently against hair? Do you enjoy skiing? Or mountain-climbing? Well, the Northern Mountains Retreat offers all this and much more.

Firstly, if it's skiing you want: visit the West Side Skiing Resort portion of our 500-acre resort. A few comments before we continue:
West Side Skiing is just all-out fun for the entire family. We skiied for hours and hours and topped the day off by relaxing in WSSR's top-quality jacuzzis and feasting on the most delicious and elegant meals I've eaten in years. It's worth it!

I love WSSR!

Supper was fabulous. So was the skiing. I encourage everyone to pay a visit at least for one week per year!

You hear that? Nothing but praise. But anyway, if skiing isn't your "thing", then take a shot at climbing Mt. Caesar, a towering six-mile climb to the top! Reward yourself and get into shape at the same time!

So you just wanna relax and "chill out?" Well, we've got acres of open fields with the softest and greenest grass you'll EVER see or touch. Have a picnic with the family and enjoy the views. You won't regret it.

-North New Genoa Travels-


Hmmm... how about seeing and absorbing some authentic history? Ever marveled the Romans? Well, you'll be glad to visit to New Rome.
We'll be blunt. New Roman Resorts were ranked #1 in Customer Service last year. A nice asset, eh? Friendly staff and interesting places to visit. Well, first we have the 2nd Colosseum. Yes, 2nd. It was built by Roman colonists in 188 A.D. as the exact replica of the one in Rome. Hell, New Rome basically IS Rome... with a few exclusive New Genoese additions, of course.

Now, the 2nd Colosseum. You can either take a historical tour of the it.... OR you can actually ATTEND a simulated gladiator fight and watch 'em duke it out like it would've been done back two-thousand years ago. We incorporate top-notch artificial AI to accomplish this feat. Oh, and you can wear the same apparel a Roman noble would've. Throughout the day you'll learn neat and educational facts about gladiatorial fights, while you enjoy the action.

So, that's the Colosseum. What else is there to visit? How about a Roman theater play? Perhaps a chariot race to watch. That's JUST the historical essence of New Rome. The nightlife here is absolutely wonderful, with lively clubs and bars.

New Rome is located on Lake Genoa, the largest fresh-water lake in The Allied Powers, loaded with fish to catch for one of those quiet summer days. Don't miss out.

New Rome

Lake Genoa

-Legionary Travels-