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FOX line up!

20th Century FOX
10-05-2004, 01:08
FOX Broadcasting line up (I will try to keep up with this)

Monday: War Stories with Oliver South (The real guy's name is copywrite, and with all the things I already steal from FOX I think I've infringed enough!). Oliver recounts NationStates Wars (If you'd like to submit a war for coverage, please TG us!)

Wednesday: Fox Factor with Millie Trinity, George Alamanam, and Juan Martinez. A general News review of NS Events.

Friday: Up Close with Katherine Love. Interviews with top NS Generals, Presidents, Monarchs, and Dictators! (If your nation's characters wished to be interviewed TG us and you must have access to the chat, AIM, YIM, or MSN)

Saturday: Infomercials. A full program of our Sponsor's!

Sunday: NationStates National Profile with Mike Martindale. A profile of a Nation in NS (TG us if you want us to profile you!) These will probably not happen every Sunday because it will be hard and lengthy to do!

The FOX lineup will begin Wednesday with FOX Factor, since I can't write out a War Stories in time for tomorrow! Also, if we do not respond to TG, E-mail