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Yurkan Rebellion

09-05-2004, 14:44
Time: 2 AM
Location: District 34, Yurka City

A light flickers on and off in one of the gray, rubbish filled corridor below the citie's surface, a homeless man struggles to keep warm as other dwellers of the underground pass him. On the otherside of the wall was an advertisement for vat-grown meat and bodyparts, "Bah... New Yurka is going to hell... What I wouldn't give for the old days..." before his mind could wander further the sound of a large group of spiderlike fuchikomas rushing forward down the tunnel along with the boots of soldiers arise his curiosity and he peaks over... What he sees immediately stuns him almost as much as the immediate bullet which flies down the tunnel into his skull.

"KEEP MOVING!!! Only two more districts to the imperial palace! Those bastards never would have guessed of a full scale assault right under their seat of power!!!" The rebels cheered as they continued marching quickly towards the tunnel, the large military controlled checkpoint up ahead would need to be completely annialated or else the plan was sure to fail, luckily the rebellions leader had already though ahead...


Officer Thompson stood guard near the two large entrances to the checkpoint along with his fellows. It was a boring job but at least he didn't have to do much, "Hey Greg see the news last night about that cell of the rebelliong being wiped out?"

"Yeah, sure as hell makes me sleep easier knowing that they're not gonna come around here and bother us..."

They grew silent when a shady looking character walked forward in an ugly black trenchcoat, an addict of some sort from the looks of it, with large sunken eyes, "Hey lemme through..."

Greg marches over to him smiling under his mask, "Do you have any ID?" He stared down at the small man, the beady eyes twitching as sweat fell from his forehead, "If you need to go get so-" the officer fell to the floor as the addict aimed the uzzi at Thompson, hitting him in the shoulder with some kind of auto-magnum.

"Sh-shhhiiiit!!!" Thompson fell back against the cement wall as police rushed forward, firing at the small man as he rushed forward, taking large chunks out of him before what was left jumped through the checkpoint and immediately exploded in a huge explosion, enveloping most of the officers in flames, "What the hell???..." Thompson's question was soon to be answered...


"FIRE!!!" The rebel leader quickly begins shouting as GS units march forward firing, tearing through large section of the remaining building and killling those inside, "Hurry up and make a path!!!" The leader leaps back into his fuchikoma as the top seals shut.

Officer Thompson can just look on in horror before a large piece of the ceiling collapses on him. In only 20 minutes the entire checkpoint was completely collapsed and the charges were set to allow the rebel army to march up to street level.


"Emperor!!!" Prime advisor Asra rushes over to Drake Yurka's desk panting, "The checkpoint from 34 to 35 is completely gone, we think it was a terrorist attack, police and medical crews are rushing there..." Asra held his ear piece closer to his face and looked pale.

"What is it?!" Drake got up from his desk, Asra had only looked that way during the mass nuking of Yurka, "Tell me!"

Asra cleared his throat, "Its the rebels..." the advisor's teeth clenched as he pounded a fist into the desk, "There almost no time... We need to evacuate you now..."

"I understand Asra... God how could this have happened?! The military advisor is already imprisoned, whos the leak?!" Drake quickly grabs some of his papers and follows Asra to the elevator. They were already on floor B10 but would need to get lower if they were ever going to use the escape tunnels.

((Note: Yurkan police are essentially elite infantry))

The police captain stood in the middle of the blockade, his bulky armor would protect him from most small arms fire as he crouched down and aimed his mini-cannon forward as he spotted the first of the rebels coming from a street corner, "Begin fire!!!"

The sound of firing and pavement cracking filled the air as the civilians that didn't immediately take cover were now just fleshy piles falling to the floor. The medics behind the wall barricade were especially edgy as the fire seemed to be coming from every direction. Suddenly it became eerily apparent to everyone involved that the police forces were not going to win and a few of them quickly tried to run or hide, few of them making it without getting shot in the back by their own allies.

"Captain!!! They're in the office buildings! They have fuchikomas!" The cop quickly ducked down as a bullet grazed his helmet.

"DAMN!!! Fall back men!!!" The police quickly dispersed as a news helicopter from above exploded in flames, crashing into the base of an office. Over 80% of the police were killed in the aftermath, with only 38% of the rebels killed. District 36 laid ahead of the rebel army, a large island where the imperial palace was, a large black citadel so huge that it seemed to mock the rebels entire effort...
09-05-2004, 15:17
As the rebels swept towards the bridge, killing anyone in front of them they finally met up with the other large cell, whose job it was to make sure the bridge was left intact. The entire area under the bridge was already full of compromised military subs which battled in the canals around the district, explosions below rocking the shores. All districts nearby were quickly plunged into code red so that the military could make its way through the streets towards district 36. The entire rebellion effort was in full swing as the rebels fired at police and soldiers from every street and corner, collapsing underground tunnels with huge amounts of TNT and essentially disrupting the military from marching forward.

Time: 3:10AM
Location: District: 36
(The Rebelion's leader)

The battle quickly reached a stalemate as the two armied clashed withing district 36, where the palace and large corporate buildings were. The Yurkan military would be there within 30 minutes unless something was done, luckily for the reblellions their fuchikomas mowed through the side streets and through corporation windows, untill eventually fighting rocked the entire district, no air units able to approach due to the fuchikoma's missiles.

After mowing through corporate executives and armed personel the rebel leader along with a dozen fuchikoma's made it to the roof and began firing a large series of explosives at the buildings and soldiers below, then launching a large bright flare into the sky to signal the rebel forces within the empire, though exceptionally small due to hiring practices, to quickly turn on the allies around them. Not knowing who to fire at the Yurkan military, royally confused as some of the GS turned and began firing at them, were quickly brought down to a sufficient degree to allow a large section of the rebels to invade the palace...


Time: 4:10AM
Location: Within the palace

"Whats that?!" Drake Yurka grit his teeth, looking at the ceiling, "Damn... The rebels are already inside..." Forced to use the ladders, Drake and his advisor were extremely tired but had finally reached B40, with the generators upstairs completely offline the backup generator was the only thing keeping oxygen pumped so low underground.

"My emperor..." Asra taps him on the shoulder before being knocked to the ground from behind.

"Gah!!! You swine..." Drake looked over at the Yurkan elite soldiers, then at his head of chief, "How dare you betray the Yurka dynasty..."

"I-I appologise emperor... But you have forgotten honor and now you must accept the consequences!" The soldier quickly whacked Drake in the back of the head, thus ending a rebellion which took less than a day. Thus signifying the end of the Yurkan dynasty.