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New Socialist Allies

09-05-2004, 05:21
Hello, I am a relatively medium nation and Vida Buena(ME!) is creating a group of Like-minded socialist allies, in case of an incursion of the evil capitalists, who seek to destroy our way of life. Please contact me ASAP if you wish to join me in a defensive pact.
09-05-2004, 20:33
09-05-2004, 20:34
Who is trying to destroy you?
I can't see them.
Swedish Dominions
09-05-2004, 20:37
Join my alliance, The Global Communist Alliance.

It's a communist defence alliance.

But if you're creating your own alliance that's fine 8)
10-05-2004, 14:10
Given that the Global Communist Alliance is run by a self proclaimed Stalinist whose nation retains private industry, they can hardly qualify as socialist. One might consider the Coalition of Anti Capitalist Economies (, the oldest and most respected non-capitalist alliance.

MFA Frontdesk