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Power of Teritoran Inquisition increases

09-05-2004, 04:52
TSNN New Flash: In the lastest breakin news of today, Archbishop Vorn, Spirital adviser to King Doran, Archbishop of Castle Dora and leader of the Teritoran rite of the Catholic church annouced today that the Teritoran Inquistion also known as the Order of St. Hern an monstasic order, will given specal policing powers for dealing concerning unusal and unnatural creatures such as genetically created creatures, AIs, so called EIs and other such beings. Supernatural beings will still be dealt with by the knights of the Holy Order of St. Vernsi and the Holy Order of Undead slayers of St. Adius. The move has been cheered by many Teritorans as the Teritoran church is concidered among the most level headed in their apprach in dealing with such beings. The Teritoran Inquisition is most known for its hunting down of witches and their cults and saving their victims, keeping the church pure of corruption and with their progressive ways of dealing with Heresy. The Teritoran government has yet to coment on these events but it is expected they will surport the move by the church. We will bring further news as it arrives.
09-05-2004, 17:10
Grand Inquisitor Misha read an intresting report handed to him about the Teritoran Inquisition. Very intresting, he would have never though of such an things of the Teritorans but still it was likely that they would be moderate and sicking benivlent about dealing with any Genetic abominations, AIs, EIs and various unnatural creatures. Misha shock his head, the only things that truely got the Teritoran riled up and hard lining was the undead, doppergangers, fetches and demons and their worshipers. What surpised him was the nobody had gotten even riled up over the announcement. Well he would just have to make his statement about it.

Later an statement was broadcasted with the Grand Inquisitior making an statement about the devolopments in Teritora. "This latest devlopment is most intresting we in the Tordoran Inquisition will be watching closely to see how this works out and maybe follow though with some improvements that our more moderate breathern would not have though of doing."
09-05-2004, 19:00
Emperor Mishami let lose an curse as he read an report about what the Teritoran Inquisition would soon be doing. The bloody catholic inquisitions of various countries were cutting into many of his over sea business ventures in those countries, well some would call them illegal actitifies but nearly everything was legal in Zerni. Not that he had much so called illegal actitities in Teritora. Yorin guild, the ancient criminal Organization that controled the entire underworld of Teritora as well as numerious other countries and had at least operations many countries was prehaps the most ruthless, evil criminal organization in existance. Still it irratated him to no end that his operations. First Tordor and that tordoran protectorate, now in Teritora. The catholic church was becoming an thorn in his side. He had alright set into motion, plans to deal with the catholics in Tordor, now it was time to deal with the catholic leadership in Teritora. He would stop their interference if he had to kill the pope to do it.
09-05-2004, 19:28
The Lietuv government, after watching dozens of nations, apparently allied, start Inquisitions within their own nations, would like to take advantage of this opportunity to announce our official position upon such actions.

The Lietuv government wishes to oficially renounce inquisitions as a means of indoctrination, mind control, and a form of terrorism. Inquisitions, which started a little more than 500 years ago, have long limited freedom of people to believe as they wish. Christian Inquisitions have halted, blocked, and destroyed the ideals of freedom, peace, and most of all, love. What has happened to the teachings that Jesus of Nazareth so gallantly expressed? If these nations claim to be truly Christian, they are hypocrites and liars.

The Jesus that mankind knows taught that love was prime, and that we should love our neighbors. The Lietuv government insists that Teritora explain its hypocrisy.
09-05-2004, 20:00
King Doran made an short response to the ranting of the barbarans of Lietuveska. "One the Teritoran Inquisition was founded in the 13th century, two it is part of the church not the government, three you don't even know anything about the Teritoran Inquisition. It has saved the lives of countless people over hundreds of years, it has keep the church pure of corruption and has taken an progressive way to deal with heresy. Don't condum what you don't know about. If you really want find out more the Teritoran Catholic church."
10-05-2004, 01:11
I see that geting after in contact with Rome I am going to have to sent people from the inquistion to see how things are done these days by inquisitions.

~High Abbot Thrapes.
14-05-2004, 21:47
Hmm I though the Tirah church was an offshoot of the Tordoran church and still connected to them. I don't think such an action would go well.

~Archbishop Vorn