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New Russia opens space to immigrants and diplomats

The New Russia
07-05-2004, 23:19
OOC: For some reasons these posts never get any attention, so I'm shipping with shiny graphics. Also, the planet lost a lot of detail when I scaled it down from the original. the cities should be far more pronouced. Anyways, on with the thread

Sol Nova Sanctum, Sol Sanctum System

It had been nearly 400 years since the population of New Russia had any contact with the human race, or any other friendly species for that matter. New Russia had become a closed system, their location unknown for centuries. All because of the exodus that sent them from Earth to their new location in the Sol Nova Sanctum system. But this was about to change

New Russia finally began to open up. First with a message sent through all means of instataneous communication stating:

This is The Isolated Territories of The New Russia and we are sending a message of peace and goodwill to all nations. It has been many centuries since we have actively contacted another nation, and we feel it is now time for this to come to an end. We hope that this message can encourage foreign nations to send diplomats to better establish interplanetary relations.

We have attached to this message a series of coordinates detailing the location of our planet, approximately 350 lightyears from Earth. We hope this message is recieved well, and does not fall upon deaf ears.

The signal ended after three repeats, and the New Russia awaited replies.
The New Russia
08-05-2004, 00:06
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08-05-2004, 00:20
Text transmission
Origin: Aellis, the Xanthalian Triumvirate
Destination: Sol Nova Sanctum, the governing body of the Isolated Territories of The New Russia
Level 10 subspace carrier wave
Approximate delay time: 2.21 seconds
The Socialist Republic is gladdened to hear from an old friend. This government would be happy to open relations with the Isolated Territories. With luck, you won't be isolated for long. Please send any requirements or requests you have regarding a diplomatic team and specify the time of arrival that is best for you. We can be there in as little as five days, if you so wish.
With best hopes for a new lasting friendship,
-The Triumvirate of the Socialist Republic of Xanthal
Central Facehuggeria
08-05-2004, 01:08
Alexei Volkov, the information minister for the entire USSCF walked calmly into the Premier's chambers. Sitting in a chair was the Premier, and on the large waterbed were two of the man's mistresses, Kiki and Bylanna who were both panting from exhaustion. "The Premier's legendary stamina seems to have worn out another batch!" Volkov thought to himself before addressing the Premier;

"Premier, we have recieved a transmission from a nation called 'New Russia' who seems to be based inside a star system known as the 'Sol Nova Sanctum' system. What is more important is that they've been in isolation for over four hundred years. They wish for intrested nations to send diplomats and possibly establish embassies. This could be a very important oppertunity to establish relations with a powerful ascendant space nation. we may even be able to trade with them, stimulating both of our nations' economies." Volkov said, carefully considering what he was going to say before the words slipped out of his mouth. He knew the Premier, they were best friends during the Elf Campaigns and they had known each other for a long period of time. And Volkov knew that the Premier often found meaning in the most trivial of statements, and the results could be somewhat...unpredictable.

"Unfournately, our space forces are streched thin, what with the imminent deployment of the primary fleet. We could not ensure that the diplomatic transport remains safe from pirates or hostile nations. Send a message, have it say something to the effect of 'we'd like to establish relations with you, but we cannot currently send any actual ships to meet with you due to a peacekeeping mission that is keeping our ships tied up.' or something similar." The Premier said, carefully weighing the pros and cons of contacting the New Russians. At the moment, there were very few cons.

"Premier...If I may, we have a mothballed heavy cruiser, the CFV Danube, a Charisma class cruiser that we scrapped when the Decimator cruisers started rolling off the assembly lines. It would take us but a week to get her fixed up and ready to carry diplomats. Plus, it is a pretty big ship, so it can defend itself against most pirates, even if it is sixty years old." Alexei said, thinking quickly. He did not want to see this oppertunity go to waste merely because there weren't enough ships to properly escort a diplomatic mission.

"Very well. And send the message. We don't want to barge into their space with a warship without permission even if it is sixty years old." The Premier said, his mind thinking of new possibilities already.

"Yes Premier" And with that word, Volkov turned around and left the Premier's room.

Volkov then went to his room, and began filling out the necessary forms for the recommission of the Danube. That task done, he then sent the following message to the nation of New Russia:

To: The Glorious nation of New Russia
From: The United Socialist States of Central Facehuggeria
Subject: Diplomatic relations

Even here on Earth we have recieved your message. We're very intrested in opening diplomatic relations with your nation. Unfournately, all of our primary combat craft (most likely needed to defend the diplomats against pirates and such dangers) are occupied. If you can wait but twelve days, we can send the Ambassadors onboard a recomissioned heavy cruiser. (7 days refit, five days transit.) Is this acceptable?

We unfourtnately cannot send any other craft as an escort or honor guard, due to the demands of a peacekeeping operation we are gearing up for. We need every armed craft we can there, and I needed to do quite a bit of wrangling with my leader to get the use of even one obsolete cruiser.

Once again, we are very intrested in meeting your nation, and we hope our delays do not inconvience you.

Best Regards,
Alexei Volkov, Information minister of the USSCF.[/code:1:6efec421bf]

There, he had done it. But something was nagging in the back of Alexei's brain. He realized that he had misspelled words (due to the poor Macrosoft operating system on his personal computer no doubt), but this was something else. He felt that he was forgetting something important.

"Eh" he thought, brushing it aside.

"Everyone makes mistakes." He thought to himself.

OOC: The Charisma class cruiser:

Legnth: 650 Meters
Width: 300 Meters
Crew: 1,000
Elite Trooper Compliment (performs space marine functions): 100
Two Medium Plasma Beam Weapons
Two 200 Megaton Fusion Torpedo Racks
Two Standard Particle Beam Weapons
Twelve Point Defense laser turrets
One Medium railgun (The main weapon of the ship)
Shields: Medium 'Accumulator' Shields
Armor: 3 Meters Depleted Uranium/Carbon Nanotube sheath
08-05-2004, 01:48
Mosstania wishes for contact with the New Russia, but in our present state with government spending, such an immense undertaking in space travel is well out of our reach. Mosstania's leader, Grand Moss Barchov, has currently focused the budget on military funding and the creation of new weapons systems. Mosstania'a economy is too unstable at the time to attempt and reach Sol Nova Sanctum. This is rather unfortunate, and our nation is currently unhappy with the loss of this possible ally. Until we either receive some new technology from another government or we can collect the funds necessary to create such technology, Sol Nova Sanctum is out of the reach of Mosstania.

-Evgeni Kharzin
Director of Foreign Affairs
08-05-2004, 02:26
The Imperial Senate of the United Republic of Daekerius, has decided, to send an Ambassador to the Sol Nova Sanctum system. We are looking to improve relations with the newly reopened New Russia. We have called upon Ambassador Temkita Henatia, to represent the United Republic of Daekerius to New Russia. She will be arriving with her staff, on a Daekeriusan Centurion-Class Cruiser, its stats are as follows:

DSS Romatius Prime

Length: 550 Meters
Width: 350 Metres
Defense Systems:
25 Romatia Class Fighters
----Fighter Wing CO: Commander Renald Tokitio

10 Plasma Laser Turrets
175 Fission-Class Torpedoes
15 Fusion Beam Ports
25 Secondary Plasma Turrets
Moderate-Heavy Prototype Plasma Shielding
Moderate Standard Daekeriusan Shielding


350 Officers
600 Enlisted

Commanding Officer: Commander Tanatius Remitus

We are looking forward to reeaching out our hand, to New Russia, in friendship. This ship will serve as The United Republic of Daekerius's Embassy to New Russia. This ship is where the Ambassador, and her staff will reside, as will her guardians. This ship will arive in 3 RP weeks. (Or about 1 RL hour hehe)


Minister Henatio Jentisho
Foreign Minister for the United Republic of Daekerius
The Holy Saints
08-05-2004, 03:47
[Transmission Arriving From: HSIPN Carl Wilhelm]
{Content: Diplomatic Envoy/Trade Envoy.}
--{Speaker: Commanding Admiral R.O. Dan Pedersen}--
*HSIPN Carl Wilhelm attempting to open up diplomatic and economic treaties with the government of The New Russia. We request permission to scout the area and set up diplomatic and economic embassies on board our ship, and eventually, on New Russian land. Further enquiries to come, however more information on the system is needed, hence the request for reconoissance.
[End Of Transmission]

HSIPN Carl Wilhelm:
1,300 noncommisioned personell.
245 commisioned personell.
145 meters long.
25 meters wide.
2 railgun turrets.
14 assorted external weaponry systems(miniguns, missiles, etc).
250 HSIPMC (Holy Saints Inter-Planetary Marine Corps) personell.
15 diplomatic technical staff(would be ambassador, and small diplomatic aid corps).
25 economic technical staff(help for diplomatic staff for economy-related actions in relation with TNR).