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Allanean President disappears![ATTN:Melkor, UNAPS, Menelmar]

27-04-2004, 01:44

Kazansky's room is empty. His bed is clean. His laptop remains. The hard drive has been formatted, and only a single file remains.

Dear Mentor,

You have always told me that everything has a price. Being President-for-Life of a great nation such as Allanea has it's price too: I cannot, as I wish I could, stay and continue my education. It is with great sorrow that I leave you know, yet my presence is required in Haven. I will have the honour of leading my forces into battle in your glory and testing my skills in the martial arts, the noble art of magic, and the art of rulership. I will return, Mentor, and I hope you forgive me my insolence of leaving you without warning. I used the few skills I already learned from you to leave unnoticed. You have always called me one of the best pupils you ever had. It is my sincere hope, Mentor, that you are prove to be right.
If you're reading this, Mentor, I have already left the Imperium. My Anne Coulter MK-II is a stealthy plane, and whatever magic I learned will make it even stealthier, so, if I am half a good as you think, you need not fear the evil elves shooting me down. If I'm not, I'd rather die than live knowing I disappointed you.
You might have noticed I was doing some research of my own in my free time. Here are my few suggestions about security routines in Angband. I find that they could be slightly improved. Please don't find those suggestions insolent of me, for you know I am your apprentice and wish only to do the best, even if, due to my own lack of ability, I sometimed do screw up.

Your faithful Apprentice,

However, intelligence reports prove that Kazansky has never arrived in Haven and is nowhere to be found.

His Coulter Mark II is found still in the hangar.

Within hours, an Allanean tabloid publishes a headlie claiming "PRESIDENT MURDERED BY ELVES".
No real details are known to anybody, however.
27-04-2004, 01:48
Hmm, big loss...

Do you mind if I say I took him out or something?
Iron Blood
27-04-2004, 02:04
Following the recent reenactment of Tolkien in AliStaan, President Oladsky will be departing by way of his KR-860 airliner.
Melkor Unchained
27-04-2004, 02:45
An aide rushed to the Imperial Marshals, who had arrayed themselves in a lounge just outside the main foyer of the Ali'Staan Executive Complex.

Marius and Janos Hasek sat at a table playing cards, Dash Hattori was occupying himself with some sort of book, and Suharto was looking out a window with his hands clasped behind him. Marshals Yousef Rabani and Khaled Sudani were conversing quietly in a corner, the latter lying on the couch, as Yousef paced behind it.

The door flew oen and at once the six men turned their gaze to the black-and-yellow clad runner. "It's Kazanksy," he panted, gesturing out the door. "We've lost him."

Suharto set his jaw. Marius dropped his cards and plucked the cigarette from his mouth as he stood. Sudani and Hattori followed suit a moment later, and Janos looked up at his brother, then to Narotama, then back to the aide.

Narotama strode towards the exit, followed presently by Sudani and the Hasek brothers. "How long?"

The aide turned and rushed out of the room with the Marshals, heading towards the lift that would take them out of the building and over to the hotel where Kazansky was staying. "About half an hour. He's left nearly everything in his room; we haven't touched it yet."

Sudani cleared his throat. "Good. Anything we should know before we go in?"

The aide sighed. "He left some letter open on his laptop. It doesn't make much sense, to be honest. he makes some wild claim as being "Melkor sgfavorite disciple" despite the fact that.. well, he's never met him."

The Marshals snickered at that. The seven men stepped into the lift, and it began to ascend. Narotama turned to his men. "Marius, Janos: I want you two to stick around here and deal with the situation regarding this conference. I'm sure the attendees will be most displeased with the fact that their "host" has attempted to flee Ali'Staan. Also, be sure to interveiw every guard in the area. I want their schedule roations noted, and I want one of you two to contact the squad leaders to get their shift reports. I want to know when Kazansky was last in this building."

The Haseks nodded. Janos spoke up. "You got it."

Narotama turned to the two Haradrim. "Yousef, Khaled; you two are coming with me to track down this bastard, so stay with me." The Southrons nodded in acknowledgement. "Dash, you will split off from us once we investigate Kazansky's room and you'll go inform Lord Alkanphel of this matter. He's staying in the next building over, entertaining Aliria as I'm sure you know."

The door hissed and the aide stepped out onto the catwalk. "I think you all have this pretty well under control. I've got to go notify the rest of the guardsmen so they know to keep the building locked down. We'll be doing a sweep of the structure while you're going over his room. There's some ICG agents there already; they should be able to help you out a bit. They're just waiting for you.

Narotama nodded as he led the Marshals around a corner, where a number of Imperial Police [known by their acronym, the ICG or 'Imperial Civic Guard'] had cordoned off the area around Kazansky's quarterd. "Very well. Be on your way," said the Captain, dismissing the aide.

And so the search began. Kazansky's room was searched meticulously by the Marshals who found, among other things, Kazansky's laptop, which was forwarded to the Intelligence Bureau for further analysis. They found maps of the Axackal front, which seemed to have plans drawn on it. Also in the room were a myriad of electronic devices and a number of CD and DVD devices, containing just about everything under the sun. Needless to say, the media would be reviewed.
Iron Blood
27-04-2004, 02:53
Allanea can rp my guards and oladsky...
27-04-2004, 03:03
Lord Goobergunch woke up wearily. "Stop poking me," he groaned.

"But Mr. President!" exclaimed Foreign Minister Clayton. "The Allanean President-for-Life is missing, believed assassinated!"

Goobergunch put his head in his hands. "Oh joy, " he grimly stated. "Well, Goobergunchia is not going to get involved in any war over this if I can help it, and I doubt the public would back anything either. Let's try to remain as neutral as possible while offering public support to Allanea - after all, they are our Delegate, even if we often disagree with them."

"Okay, " said Clayton. "I'll issue an official statement with condolences, etc."

A few hours later, the Foreign Ministry issued the following statement:

We are greatly concerned about the disappearence of Allanean President Alex Kazansky. We hope that he has not fallen victim to any harm and if he has, that the perpetrators be discovered quickly and brought to justice. However, we also call on all governments to remain rational in this matter, and not to rush to war on the basis of faulty or hurried analysis. Goobergunchia will not be a party to military action.

Official Statement
Goobergunchian Foreign Ministry
27-04-2004, 03:09
Official Statement from the Prime Minister

Hattia, of course, views this as no great loss. We would have rather captured and tried him, though. We deny any involvement in this matter.
Melkor Unchained
27-04-2004, 03:13
Marius Hasek pounded the door open with his foot and strode into the control room angrily. A number of frightened operators looked up at him, most freezing mid-action as the dominating Marshal strode in, flanked by his brother Janos. He extended his hand tot he nearest switchboard operator. "Phone. Now."

The operator stared at the Dunlader dumbly and haded him a receiver. Hasek nodded at the man. "Give me AXA [Ali'Staan's airport call letters]," he commanded.

Moments later, a man answered on the other line. Marius put his hand over the receiver and turned to his brother. "I've got this handled. Go make sure that Sweep goes smoothly."

Janos nodded and was gone. Marius turned back to the operator and waited for AXA to pick up.

"Hello?" came the voice over the phone; it sounded almost anemic.

"This is Imperial Marshal Marius Hasek, calling from teh Ali'Staan Executive Complex. We've got a problem."

"Oh?" The voice took on an interested tone. "And how does this concern me?"

"I need you to ground all flights leaving AXA for the next 24 hours. Expect a lot of Southron Guardsmen on your grounds inside the hour. We've lost someone of importance, and he may be attempting to leave the country. I can say no more."

All flights? That will be quite a hassle, but it will be done. I'll get on the line to stop the departures now."

Hasek nodded. "Good. I'll be in touch with the ITA shortly to coordinate tunnel and road lockdown."

"Sounds like a plan."

Marius hung up the receiver and picked it up again, dialing another number. Soon, every road and tunnelway leading out of Ali'Staan would be blocked and heavily monitored. Squad cars and SWAT units all over the city rolled out of their subterranean lairs, taking to the streets in force. The ICG was watching Ali'Staan like a hawk.
27-04-2004, 03:21
27-04-2004, 03:36
OOC: Do we know about the note on the laptop?
Melkor Unchained
27-04-2004, 03:42
OOC: Do we know about the note on the laptop?

[ooc: you probably don't. only I've seen it thus far, unless I'm mistaken.]
27-04-2004, 04:00
OOC: Okay. I'll proceed on that assumption.

Also, if Allanea has no one particular in mind (namely Menelmacar, as his tabloid said), I'll make a post with DOECO (our intel service) agents pulling it off.

IC: "The Democratic Arcologies will mourn the death of the sorely misguided, yet still democratically elected, leader of our former ally and current enemy. President Kazansky was the quintessential (sp?) Allanean, and he will be sorely missed from the world stage."- Official government statement.
27-04-2004, 10:40
Ali'Staan Airbort

President Oladsky's Volga speeds out on the airway and towards the plane. The doors were kicked opend as Oladsky and his guard rushed out towards the KR-860.

Kazansky is with them. The Ainu literally jumps over the roof of the Volga, getting to the plane slightly before Oladsky, when the alarm is sounded.

All Flights, this is Security, I repeat, this is the security. You are not cleared. to fly. I repeat, all flights has been suspended.

Alexander lifts an eyebrow, as he sees guards run towards them from the terminal.
27-04-2004, 14:54
OOC: My compliments, Allanea!
Melkor Unchained
03-05-2004, 11:20
Dozens of guards charged out of the airport with their weapons, the drumming of their jackboots filling the air. Sirens blared and several humvees converged on the waiting aricraft. They had him. The slodiers formed a ring around the aircraft, their weapons drawn. A tall Haradrim strode out from the ranks and seized a bullhorn from a Taskmaster.

"This is Imperial Marshal Khaled Sudani, speaking on behalf of Lord Melkor and his Grand Imperium. Alexander Kazansky is to report at once to this assembled force, or we will shove this party loose the mortal coil. If you want to see your homes again you will comply."

He handed the bullhorn back to the Taskmaster and clapped him on the shoulder. He pointed to the trucks. "Get out the fifties on the roof and get the word out to the other Marshals and Lord Alkanphel that Kazansky has been found. And for the love of god, make sure those patrols stay in the air," he finished, turning back to the plane. His cloak caught the wind as he folded his arms over his chest. A moment later, Yousef Rabani appeared at his side.

The air was rife with tension. Snipers marched hurreidly to their positions on the airport rooftop some distance away, and fighters loomed ever present in the skies. The Marshals and their men waited. Would Kazansky own up to his destiny, or was more blood yet to be spilled on his account?

Time would tell. But for now, courage.
04-05-2004, 05:18
Kazansky lifts an eyebrow in surprise as he looks at the rows of sniper rifles aimed at him. He knows that with his powers and skill, he can kill many, many of those troops. But... why?

"I do not understand why my Mentor sent all of this army. If he wants me to come back, I will."
Melkor Unchained
07-05-2004, 12:27
The Two Marshals, along with a contingent of half a dozen Southron Guardsmen broke ranks and strode angrily towards the waiting craft, weapons at the level. Sudani and Rabani appeared to remain unarmed, as was the custom for men of their standing. Taskmasters turned and shouted commands at their men in the Southron tounge, and the men loaded up and checked their weapons.

As the Marshals neared the plane, Kahled raised a quieting hand and glared sternly at the Allanean president. "You. You're coming with us." He gestured vaguely to the others on board the plane. "The rest of you are free to go."

The other Haradrim Marshal peered warily at Kazansky's entourage and scowled, his eyes keen with a burning flame. He fingered the hem of his sable cloak and watched carefully, saying nothing.

"Come on, I haven't got all day," Sudani declared impatiently, jerking his head backwards to indicate the need for their departure. "If you're so willing to come back, why did you leave in the first place?"
07-05-2004, 17:06
"I am needed in my nation, Sudani, and I didn't think my Mentor would mind me leaving. I do think I could bring him glory, and I wanted to snatch the moment for that."
Melkor Unchained
10-05-2004, 04:28
"I am needed in my nation, Sudani, and I didn't think my Mentor would mind me leaving. I do think I could bring him glory, and I wanted to snatch the moment for that."

The imposing Southron set his jaw and scowled. "you thought wrong." He snapped his fingers, and the men around him [save Rabani, who remained at his side] broke ranks, and two of them grabbed Kazansky and jostled him down the ramp to where the Marshals were waiting.

Rabani stepped forward and gestured broadly to the others on the plane. "You all are free to go. Our business is with Kazansky and Kazansky alone. You'll do well to leave this place now, but it would of course be prudent to wait until I inform the necessary parties of Mr. Kazansky's apprehension. If you should attempt to depart Ali'Staan before then, you'll be met with anti-aircraft fire. My suggestion would be to wait for clearance."

With that, the marshals and their men turned and dispersed, as one of the large Haradrim marines clasped Kazansky's wrists in a set of unusually large irons.
14-05-2004, 18:34
Kazansky rips the chain apart as if it were tin foil. His face turns red.

"There's is no need of that, Sudani " - he spits out the Marshal's name with contempt - "If my Mentor needs me, he need only call. I have taken an oath, Sudani, and I will live up to it.

If it is my Mentor's will to punish me. I have sworn so."

And Kazansky continues, quoting the Oath Of The Disciple

."In the heat of battle, in the cold of winter, in the deepest cavern, I will follow my Mentor."

"My mentor seeks to punish me. That is his will, and I will follow it. No cuffs are needed, oh you leash-dog of my Mentor, unworthy to wear His uniform and to follow his simplest order.

Only one thing is needed: I wish to know what I am being punished for. A fool like you cannot know it, so I will follow you to those who do - and will tell me"
Melkor Unchained
16-05-2004, 04:42
[OC: Disclaimer: this post takes some liberties with Kazansky, and the situation in general. Since I cannot talk to Allanea's player right now, I can't of course be sure if any of this is alright, but we've been over the situation before, OCly, and I think we both have a pretty good idea as to how it is going to end. That said, I'd like to point out that Allanea's last post takes some rather large liberties with my circumstances as well: namely the fact that if he busted out of the chains, there is no way on either side of hell he'd have gotten to spout off that oath nonsense on account of the fact that there are a few hundred angry Haradrim on hand ordered to slay the miscreant should he act out of line. Which he is. So this post is written [as I'm sure you'll be able to tell after the first few lines] under the assumption that Kazansky, instead of speaking the oath on two feet, is in fact angrily reciting it as he's clutching his wounds. Under normal circumstances, anyone acting thusly on the business end of three dozen Southron Guard sniper rifles would be dead before he hit the ground, but, alas, I've agreed not to kill Alex.]

Within a half a second of Kazansky's outburst, it would appear that, somehow, a 7.62mm round had lodged itself into each of Kazansky's shoulders: a present from the snipers some distance away. Two more bullets tore through his kneecaps, and one blazed across the top of his head as he fell to the ground: just a friendly reminder that he was being kept alive, for a reason.

Casually, Sudani strode towards the injured man and leaned down a bit. "Well, allow me to retort!" exclaimed the angry Haradrim, thrusting a boot into the injured Ainur's abdomen, sending him sprawling. "Listen and listen good you sniveling ingrate: insulting an Imperial Marshal is no different than insulting Lord Melkor himself. If 'he need only call,' then why the fuck did you leave that pretty little note in your bedroom, eh?"

Sudani shook his head, obviously not interested in Kazansky's answer. Instead, he ordered his deputies to hoist Kazansky to his feet, where he was carted off to a waiting gravcar and re-shackled. As the door was slammed shut, Sudani sneered. "Get fucked."
16-05-2004, 04:46
Slowly, Kazansky begins to understand that something is amiss. This is not the farewell he expected. As his wounds regenerate - slowly, but far faster than what might be thought possible, he scans his guards for an indication of what they are intending.

OOC: Nothing much I can do here, really. Just a short post to let Melkor proceed.
16-05-2004, 04:46
Slowly, Kazansky begins to understand that something is amiss. This is not the farewell he expected. As his wounds regenerate - slowly, but far faster than what might be thought possible, he scans his guards for an indication of what they are intending.

OOC: Nothing much I can do here, really. Just a short post to let Melkor proceed.
Melkor Unchained
16-05-2004, 04:59
The gravcar makes its way into the tunnels below Ali'Staan: a military network of transportation infrastructure only dreamed about by civillian engineers, this masterwork of subterranean roads was something that could only be put together to strengthen to potence of Lord Melkor's war machine. It became apparent to Kazansky after a brief while that he was not, in fact, returning to Ali'Staan as he might has suspected. He had no wy of knowing just where he was going, but the destination was likely either Angband or Utumno, Lord Melkor's mightiest strongholds on the face of the planet.

Out the narrow window, the tunnel rolled by, with exit ramps snaking off into darkness periodically, and, sometimes, the car would travel over massive orc pits and labor camps where forgotten Elves labored endlessly.

After a time, ths craft came to a stop and a dozen Military Police descended on the car as it touched down on a tarmac, still below the earth. The door was flung open an an angry Easterling peered in, snorted, then grabbed Kazansky by his shoulder, hoisting him out of the car with almost inhuman strength. He looked the Allanean over with contempt, and prodded him towards a large compound some distance away.

It was quite clearly a prison.
16-05-2004, 20:42
Kazansky smiles as he senses that his wounds have stopped to hurt already, only several hours after the shots. It is a scary smile: the knowing smile of a madman.
16-05-2004, 21:26
tag, looks like a good read