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To kill an Archbishop

26-04-2004, 00:59
For some time Emperor Mishami had been waging an secret war against the Tordorans since the last Tordoran-Zerni ended by seeking to undermine their society and the Tordoran catholic church, one of the major pillars of Tordoran life. The attempts however were not succceding inspite of all the money that could needed for such operations and the best agents money and clan allegences could bring and he knew why all his efferts were failing.

It was all the fault of the Archbishop of New Tordor City and that blasted Grand Inquisitor of his. They were proving much more effective than the counter forces of the Tordoran government in stopping his plans cold arresting his agents left and right and burning them at the stakes as either heretics or making them dispear permently. He had lost 200 hundred agents that had been sent, hired or otherwise aquired and he was not going to have his plans foiled by half breeded degerates. He wrote up orders to be sent to his best assassins. If the Tordoran church wanted to interfire with his plans then they needed an lesson or two. It was time for the Archbishop and his Grand Inquisitor to go to what ever rewards awaited them in the afterlife. No upstart clerics were going to get away with messing with his well laid plans.
26-04-2004, 02:17
New Tordor City Catheral, located on the opposing shore from the Tordoran Royal Palace, it looked like it belonged in an Gothic horror movie and on three sides massive buildings right out of an gothic futurisic movie towered well into the clouds casting shadows over the catheral that were only dispelled when the sun was at its high. Inside the huge church Archbishop Mishani read reports given to him by the Grand Inquisitor and wondered why the Inquistion was ending arresting so many people with connections to Zerni agents or were working for them to cause trouble. It was rather known the Zerni hated the Tordoran race as an whole, the feeling was mutual on both sides. But why in the names of all the saints were they trying to undermine the church. It didn't make sense, it would more sense for them to try to cause problems for the government not the church no matter how powerful it was in Tordor. Picking up an note pad, he wrote out an order to the Grand Inquisitor. Find out why the Zerni government was attacking the catholic church in Tordor and to take measures to counter them.
26-04-2004, 03:39
In an ruined temple in an misty valley deep in Zerni, two figures meet Hashi and Ranka two of the Emperor's best assassins, they had been delgated the task of eliminating some christian priests that were causing trouble for the emperor's plans. They would have to plan this carefully, it wouldn't get caught and the Tordoran church while not having an open army like the Teritoran church with relgious orders of elite soldiers and knights or miltarly organized like the Roanian Inquisition, were highly dangerious. The entire clergy of that branch of the catholic church belonged to an miltant order so they all had an miltary training and it was rumored that the reason why people sometimes dispeared in Tordor was that the Tordoran Inqustion were ninjas or something like that. In any case this would an somewhat dangerious assignment, they didn't want to leave an trail going back to the emperor. They would have to hire an nonZerni assassin to do the dirty work then kill him afterwards. It would quicker and leave no hard or creditable evidence of who was behind the assassinations and would get the emperor's message across to the church. Coming to their conclusions, they made their plans and then left to look for some assassins not connected to the Zerni government.
30-04-2004, 22:28
Grand Inquisitor Misha read an announcement, so the holy office of the Inquistion was calling for an meeting of Inquisitions, then he would have go. He wrote out an message informing the archbishop and made arrangements for his duties to be carried out while he was gone.
02-05-2004, 22:03
Teritoran Cruise ship HMS King Ashagar entering the Miosha strait the only water route to the inland sea known as the Waters of Tranquility.

Hashi and Ranka watched from the deck of the Teritoran Cruise ship as it entered the strait. Things were not going well, they had been unable to find anyone who was willing to take the assignment. The main Tordoran prision was concidered hell on earth, an nightmarish place that nobody left alive or sane and Tordoran excution and torture methods were creatively fiendish. The assassin if cought would be luckly if they were impaled on rounded stakes and left to die from slowly exposure. This mean that unless they could find someone in Tordor to be the assassin, they would have to do it themselves. Something which didn't appeal to them.