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The Mindsettian government opens its public web portal.

The Mindset
24-04-2004, 02:16
As the title of this topic claims, I have created a website for The Mindsettian government. It will carry news reports from within the empire, including interviews from worried civilians all the way up to military officials.

Territorial maps, history, political disputes and more will all be documented as they happen on The Mindset's public portal.

You can access it at - Please bear in mind, however, that it is largely incomplete, and many sections do not have any articles in them yet. This will hopefully change over the next few weeks as I ease myself and my nation back into the routines of Nationstates.

It's been a long time :P
24-04-2004, 10:20
Looks nice!
24-04-2004, 12:39
24-04-2004, 13:17
Impressive. Most Impressive.
The Mindset
24-04-2004, 14:48
Thank you all for the compliments. :D
24-04-2004, 14:56

Nice passport, what writing is that? Indecipherable to me.
The Mindset
24-04-2004, 15:19

Nice passport, what writing is that? Indecipherable to me.

The writing is Mindsettian, which I have a true type font of somewhere.
The Mindset
24-04-2004, 17:17
The site has been updated with the first "Illustrated History" article - which explores the history of leadership behind The Empire.
The Mindset
25-04-2004, 03:41
Again, updated with some information about the latest Mindsettian technology.