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The Storm Looms.

11-04-2004, 04:44
Agent Delta, still wearing the face hiding hat, stands with Agent 283, Minister of Intelligence and another agent. These two are the voices of the Black Staff. They are the voices of the Empire.

Delta addresses the camera. "Imperial citizens... You have known that I plan to continue Lord Tian's plans for conquest of Eastern Europe. That has been postponed due to a much bigger oppertunity being opened to us. A new force is coming. A new power is about to emerge. A new era is about to be forged."

He turns and takes a paper from 283. "The first era was that of civil war in the wake of the Nazi defeat in the 1940s. The Soviet's were bought off in exchange for us, the Crims, making sure that Poland never posed a threat to them. Little did they know that we would win that war. It took fourty years. But we won.

"The second era was that of peace. Peace and prosperity. Then came the Midnight wars. We had to forge the third era. ANd after those wars, that era was forged.

"The military took power. And let us on warmongering binge to end all binges. We grew to be the fastest growing GDODAD member nation. We were up for a COMA seat. Then the GDODAD was racked with problems that could not be solved easily. So we left.

"Then came the fourth era. Lord Tian. He led us through wars and peace. A peace which I took advantage of. Soon that peace became too long run. So we removed him at the first sign of weakness.

"Now we enter the fifth era of the Empire. The era of the Black Staff. The era of one of the most important alliances the Empire will ever be a part of. The new era is being forged. We will not be removed from power for a very, very long time. Everything is transitory and we will fall one day... but that day is very far off. Now... we forge the future." He steps back and walks off, agents in tow.
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