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"Under Tersanctan Sky, and by Templar Sword..."

09-04-2004, 13:11
"Leaders of the World. All Tersanctan Citizens, or those left who would call themselves that.

Eighteen years ago, my father Edmund Dantes passed away, leaving this land in chaos. We have spent our time, killing ourselves, killing our brothers, I say now, that the Civil Wars must end. I say unto thee, as Son of Dantes, I claim the Executorship as my birthright. I too, am of the bloodline of Kungshao, I carry by the Divine right, too lead this land."

"And I say unto all, let unity heal our wounds, and let the nation be under one flag, one sword. The sword of Dantes."

"Under Tersanctan Sky, and by Templar Sword, shall the enemies of the Imperial Republic fall. Once more shall we Rule the Waves, Rule the Skies, and Rule the Lands."
Christopher Dantes
Executor of the Imperial Republic
Lord of Tersanctus
Drakonian Imperium
21-04-2004, 07:51
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21-04-2004, 07:55
(Dante... as in.... Dante's devastation or whatever? Hm. Wierd. Meh.)
21-04-2004, 07:58
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07-05-2004, 21:04
Many months had passed, wars and battles raged on, though there was a different purpose now.


Together with those still loyal to the Kungshaoists, Christopher Dantes has lead many battles, and those whom followed him, called themsleves, the "Sword of Dantes".

And today they presented a new gift too there executor. In a command center Chris sat as he did for many days pouring over intelligence reports and battleplans.

Three Generals, in Black Officer Dress with Beige Dress shirt underneath, and many Medals adorned to the Chest approached their Executor, these men had served under Edmund Dantes, Chris' Father, but even they could see that this one had much more of a mind for strategy and warfare, as in a mere six months, they had reclaimed nearly 60% of Tersanctus, and the next battle would claim another 27%, or so they hoped.

"Executor Dantes....we present too you a gift." Said one of the Generals.

"What do you bring?" Chris asked. Looking up inquisitively and aloof.

"Once a great flag flew over this entire land....we have remade it in our image...may I present: The New Tersanctan Flag!"

Chris looked at it stunned, the Dragon on it was, of course, Kungshao, the Dragon-God of War....he was also Kungshao, the last of his bloodline, and his incarnate.

He smiled to his loyal men.

"Gentleman,....this day, let it be known...that this flag shall wave over our final Victory, and Tersanctus, shall once united!"
07-05-2004, 21:14
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10-05-2004, 10:03
The Battle had been successful.

Sanctus, the capitol, had been reclaimed. Hundreds had died, and thousands injured.

But it still seemed that something else bothered Christopher Dantes.

He was now the Executor of all Tersanctus, and yet for days and weeks, he brooded in the halls of The Ruling House, newly built for he.

But little be known too any, that these days began the path too a Dark Destiny.