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Ziarinth, Shadow Lord of Death and Chaos, descends on Arda

Melkor Unchained
07-04-2004, 07:23
It was a quiet night over Ussuriala, and the stars shone bravely through thinning clouds. In the northern reaches of Dor Daedoloth, THngorodrim glowed in the night sky like a twisted beacon; no stars were to be seen under that land, for the ash from the forges blackened the sky for miles and miles around.

One by one, the stars' light died out. Eventually, nary a pinpoint of light could be seen as a low rumble filled the air, echoing off the rocks and shaking the branches of what few trees remained in the realm of the Dark Lord. Across the region orcs and humans alikel turned their heads to the sky in awe as Morgoth's newest servant descended upon their realm.

He was Ziarinth, the Shadow Lord of Death and Chaos, and Azarkhel was his realm. Ussuriala the land was still called, and was populated mostly by the nomadic Easterlings. The realm was soon to be gifted to Ziarinth by the Dark Lord, as the two were ancient allies.

He would bring despair and chaos to a world which had for too long been enjoying a relatively stable status quo.

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
The Brotherhood of Nod
07-04-2004, 10:12
Welcome, I say :)
07-04-2004, 10:21
Query; Shadow Lord.
Is Ziarinth therefore lacking physical form?

Query; Status Quo.
How can the universe be in a status quo if it is constantly changing?

Motives as to Subject:Melkor's actions are erratic; continuing to monitor communications to draw adequate conclusions.

Cyborean Consciousness
Main Computer Unit
The Cyborean Empire
The Brotherhood of Nod
07-04-2004, 10:36
It could also mean that he controls light & shadow :wink:
High Orcs
07-04-2004, 21:26
"The land has suffered," said the First among Earth. within the Golden Grove, the natural haven for the Clan of the Golden Sky. As the Warlock stood up, the ground rumbled for an instant as a 50 foot creature made mostly of red rock and covered with grass and foliage rose from the ground. The First Among Earth turned toward his loyal Earth Elemental, and nodded, "Seek it out." The massive giant descended directly into the ground, and ripped through the crust of the land at a ludicrous speed, heading directly towards the East, where the Great Evil Lie. "It falls towards the sands, to the untouched deserts in the land of Fire."

The Warlock looked around the Grove. "The Air shall inform us," said the First Among Air, "We shall know of this creature." It was just that quick of a response. Any immediate threat from the sky would warrant the clouds to be ripped from the region as Air Elementals would travel up to Mach 5 to inform the Grove.

The First Among Beasts kneeled down, "The Animals will fear this being, I shall not trust it's aims. That which cannot make peace with Nature only makes War."
08-04-2004, 04:14
The disturbance had been detected by nearby Wretchengard, of course, and it was not long before an aide was sent before the black basalt throne of Overlord Bradley Steelblood to deliver the news.

"Your majesty," the aide said, bowing low. "A disturbance has been detected, in the far norther reaches of Lord Melkor's realm. We are not certain of the cause yet, but are contacting the Imperium for further information."

The Overlord was not overly surprised. He had sensed the coming of a powerful being; this merely confirmed what he had already known. He thought it very unlikely that such a being would come to Arda against Melkor's will, however, and was not concerned.

"I think that everything is under control," he replied. "Contact the Imperium as planned."

The aide bowed low again, and walked out of the throne room, leaving the Overlord of Wretchengard to think further upon this new arrival, and what effects it could have upon the Arda Alliance...
08-04-2004, 04:41
09-04-2004, 05:51
Elves Security Forces
09-04-2004, 05:56
The Resi Corporation
09-04-2004, 06:03
[tag for chaos interest]
09-04-2004, 14:35
As the rumbling crescendo begins to fade, a pinpoint of darkness begins to whisp up from the ground and grow into a boiling mass of shadows. Screams of countless lost souls echo into the night warning of the evil that has befallen the lands of Arda. The shadows coalesce to the form of a humanoid figure wearing dark robes that gently ripple in a nonexistant wind.
"Melkor... I have long waited for this opportunity." Ziarinth turns and waves his hand in the air, making arcane symbols that begin to shreik with dispair for the coming disasters. "Our dark vision cannot be stopped this time. The fires of war will consume all that dare to oppose us!"
09-04-2004, 15:19
In Thelas, a lone elf stood at the top of a dark tower, the tower was seemingly cloaked in perpetual shadow, it rose fromt the mountain top like a black spire,

"Interesting... most interesting"
Elves Security Forces
09-04-2004, 17:50
The elves small fortress in nuetral terriotary saw smoke rise and they knew that an evil force had come at last. These troubling days were going to test the elves valor and strenth but CeleKorn was very confident that they would either succeed in thier mission or at the worst, stay alive.
09-04-2004, 20:22
Guten TAG
09-04-2004, 22:24
Baron Ssuckal al Majrcie sat back in his satin-cushioned chair, luxuriating in the radiant warmth flowing from his hearth, and the cool evening breeze caressed his face, whispering in through the tower window. As he relaxed, the doorways of his mind fell open, and he fell through them, his awareness sinking below the material world of flesh and blood and stone, and expanding into the realm of mind. He felt the steady pulse, powerful and ancient, of his dragon as it slept upon its roost atop the tower. Below, he sensed the many creatures scuttling through the forest, their life-forces weak and uncomplex - almost ordered in their simplicity, while off to the easy, the minds of sleeping peasants stuttered and flickered uncontrollably in their troubled fear-filled dreams. Then, a bright flare of pure chaos, tinged with searing anger and smouldering hatred, burst into existance at the edge of the Baron's perception, disrupting the fragile network of life for miles on every side.

How intriguing.