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The Sky Is Falling(Story/Rp WW2 Open)

06-04-2004, 17:48
June 5th 1944 hundereds of American C-130 transports struggle through the ground to air defences over Occupyed France. Flack explodes on all sides,tracers fly through the air and Allied planes plumith towards the ground burning. On one of the planes Corporal Travis Doucette slids his trembling fingers over the Garrand on his lap:

"Hey Doucette,we got the Jerries on their toes now" Said Private Singer, his good friend who sat beside him:

"hah..yeah.." Travis stuttered

The Captian at the front of the plane signaled the men to stand:

"30 secounds!!! On your feet men!! everyone makes it to the ground!" He yelled over the roar of the planes engines.

After the Wepon cheak all the men attached their chutes to the Jump cord, the light on the wall turned green. The first few men hopped out the door,Doucette was the last. As he was about to jump the Captian put a hand on his shoulder:

"I'll see you on the ground the DZ(Drop Zone)"

Doucette replyed looking right in the Captians eyes:

"Yes Sir!" then hoped out of the plane,his chute jerked open and slowly he drifted towards fortress Europe.

Upon Touching ground he quickly rolled over feeling for his rifle, he lost it on the jump:

"s***! jesus CHRIST! im gonna get killed down here..why me.." he wisped

He got up off the ground and took out his Colt.45 moving prone across the wet grass of the feild. There was no one else in sight, just afew dead cows laying about. After a short time of creeping around Doucette saw 2 men with their back turned directly in front of him,they were laying down inside a crater. Doucette strained his eyes trying to tell who they were, it was too dark so he decided to take a chance at the call:


They both spun around and he got a flash! machine gun fire from a MG-42. He jumped up and started running through the bushes, the sound of chasing footsteps made him run faster. He dashed behind a tree fighting to get a breath, the footsteps jogged right past him! Doucette lunged out and pounced on his attacker with both hands around his neck.

The Man kicked and tryed to bite,screamed in German swinging his fists wildly,Doucette took both sides of the mans head then quickly jerked his head far to the side,there was a crack and the Kraut stopped screaming and kicking. Travis stood up and looked down at the dead man eyes wide open with a terrifyed expression that crossed his face,The cracking of twigs alerted him and back behind the tree he went.

The other Nazi soldier approached loudly:

"hans!! Hallo!!,Hans!!"

Doucette peeked around the tree, the German seen his dead commrade and rushed over looking all around holding a MP-40(submachine gun). Once again Doucette had the element of suprize and came right out of hiding:

"you f****** Kraut!!!" he screamed then opened fire with his Colt

The German started to rise then froze,3 bullets hit him in the back his SMG trigger went off a long burst , the Soldier fell on top of his commrade. Corporal Doucette slowly walked over still holding his wepon out, the German on top winced and started moaning,Travis said:

"hands up!! don't move Jerrie!!!"

The German layed his hands out in front of him slowly rolling over,Travis took the SMG off his arm and started to back away not taking his eyes off the man. The German shouted:

"Amerikan! DOc-tor! please! mee!"

Doucette looked at the mans face, he wasn't older than himself..22. He then replyed:

"you know english??"

The German looked at him and shook his head:

"only little..waa..was study..!please!" Doucette walked over and took the Germans helmet off,then his ammo Y straps and belt:

"you are going to HQ with me..i can't find my unit..but i do have a prisioner for innterigation!"

Travis braced the Kraut on his shoulders and headed for the DZ that he obveiously missed. The German was hanging in there for now, if he just died then it would be a waste of time. two good things came out of it..a new wepon,a Kraut less and one with him.
08-04-2004, 20:19
Doucette reached the outskits of a town by morning. He had stopped to rest only 3 or 4 times that night, the German was still alive but getting weaker. Travis braced the wounded German against a tree and looked him in the eyes then said:

"German troops in that town??don't lie because i will leave you here and head in a differnt direction.."

The German lifted his hand and pointed towards the town:

"Amerikan liberated...drop zone there!"

Doucette glared in the distance,American soldiers were all around. Travis hoisted the Soldier on his back and stumbled towards the town. When he got near soldiers looked him up and down,mosty stopped what they were doing and glared at the German:

"hey Paratrooper! shoulda killed it!" shouted another Airborne trooper, laughter echoed all around.

Doucette looked at the ground and contined along, then he seen a Leiutennet:

"Leiutennet! Leiutennet! where is the medical post!"

The Leiutennet strolled over and said in a low voice:

"right over there Corporal..then find your unit.." replyed the LT pointing towards one of the only building not damaged:

"yes sir, thank you sir"

Doucette took the German to the Medical post, a medic looked at him Immdeitly:

"he should pull through..why you bring him all this way..he's a Normandy MG man.."

Travis looked at the medic and said:

"he is a man an't he.."

The medic nodded and cut away the uniform from where the bullets entered. Travis picked up the Germans combat tunic and left the building, outside he went through the pockets, french money,Id documents,propaganda leaflet,then somthing hard on the inside of the coat. He reached in and withdrew a Lugar handgun, his jaw dropped.

"why didn't he shoot me last night...he knows where his unit is..or was..easily could have crawled there..." he thought.

The 4 Paratroopers from the Gate strolled over and looked down at him:

"you got a LUGAR?so soon? what kinda action you get last night?"

Travis looked up at them replying:

"i..i got it from that Kraut i brought in, when i searched him last night.." he lied..didn't want to look like a fool in front of the guys.

"wow...Kraut didn't notice that ither..." said another one of them. Travis looked at the shoulder boards on the coat. The first Paratrooper then wisped:

"im suprized you didn't bring the whole Kraut squad back..hah"

Travis stood up sticking the Lugar in his pocket:

"he's dead, it was a 2 man MG team, i ambushed them behind their own position!"

The Paratrooper nodded and then shrugged, a voice boomed out:

"Corporal! the one who drug in the Kraut! come here!" it was the Leiutennet. Doucette nodded then walked towards the Officer:

"yes sir?"

"thought i told you to find your unit.."

"i don't know where they are sorry"

The Leuitennet stopped his anger then said:

"alright..fall in with Leiutennet tell you the truth Corporal..i don't know where your company is ready to leave in 15 minutes..easys over there"

Travis strolled over and sat on the water fountian in the middle of the town square with the Easy company guys. One said to him:

"im shifty! nice of you to join us, we are heading towards Carentean today..i seen you bring that Kraut in..they wouldn't do it for us.."

travis shook his outreached hand then accepted a smoke:


All the men got to their feet and started the walk.
10-04-2004, 20:46
Easy company walked through marshlands covered with German/American casulties all around. It was getting dark, the sound of distant combat echoed through the air then Leiutennet Spears turned to Doucette:

"Corporal take Blithe and O'Connor into those trees..we lost F Company..incomitance of Officers shitting out on their training.."

Doucette replyed:

"yes sir" then signaled the 2 men to follow. In the woods it was dead quiet,Private Blithe was shaking in his boots:

"where these boys at?" wisped O'Connor, then out of the darkness came the word:


O'Connor yelled : "flash!!"

2 Men from F company emerged from the bushes then signaled the rest. There were 12 men in total comming out of the trees back to the main group, Spears approached and said loudly:

"orders are we move to Carentean! as you already know..but new Intel tells us there is a Regiment of German Fallschrimjagers holding the town,heavily armed..all caution will be taken..that is all"

The men continued togeather after Spears was finished addressing them, everyone knew they would be home by Christmas.