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The Formation of an Empire (alliance makin' RP)

06-04-2004, 13:51
The Grand Hall of Trixia was a vast and overwhelming sight; a true testament to Imperial Greatness, well Lord Imperial Trix thought so at least. To say he was nervous would be an understatement, the thought of talking to a lot of people about this New Empire idea was making him uneasy, but he believed it would all be worth it in the end. He walked out onto the central podium, its grey structure decorated with the Imperial Blue banners of Trixia, and silence fell...

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I both welcome and thank you for coming her today to hear what i have to say. I hope you will find what I say here today both insightful and of interest to you all"

*Applause* (:wink:)

"Please, no applause yet, I need to earn that!"

"Now as you all know, in the past Empires have risen and fallen, been both great and disastrous, good and bad. But today in the present, empires are not as common as they once were. We of Trixia feel this is a shame, as Empire is exactly what this world needs. At present nations squabble and attack one another with little regard for others, even supposedly 'diplomatic' nations are choked with bureaucracy and red tape that make 'fair' decision making both long and tedious. But Trixia believes it has come up with an answer to all this. The formation of a new Empire."

"Now to most, Empires come across as evil, annexing nations with little to no regard for other nations. But you'd be wrong, it is only the actions of few 'bad' empires that has made this stereotype. We think that the making of a new empire would not only protect all it's members, allow through trade the member nations economies to prosper and make LEDC's better by upgrading them to make our Empire a better place for all. It would become a central point for the running of our world and as such regulating law, order, defence and education so our world can become a better and more equal place"

"I would very much like you views on this fellow nations, and all applications will be considered..."