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OOC message to The Bourgeoisie Class

Foe Hammer
06-04-2004, 05:33
Here's the story summed up for those who (obviously) didn't see our telegram conversation. TBC decided to make an exclusive "Powerful Nation" region, and I posted in one of the three threads he made. My post cautioned him that it is incredibly ironic to form a Powerful Nations Only region with a nation of around 10 million in population. He then telegramed me with the following:
The Colony of The Bourgeoisie Class
Received: 10 hours ago
"do you honestly think that the Leaders of the Bourgeoisie Class havent been around the block a few times BEFORE starting a region. This may come as a suprise to you.... but any player can HAVE MORE THAN ONE NATION!!! would it be entirely shocking if an experienced player created a new nation for the purpose of creating a region?

Oh and another thing, i dont need "help" infact, im pretty sure that my newest nation, barely a week old is far surpassing the living standards of yours (oh, and your economy is on the brink of implosion... check the forums) have a nice day :-)"

I'll trust him to post my retort, unaltered.

And guess what he did after my response? Blocked me. Then, he sent another TG, the block still in effect, precluding my response to his second telegram.

The Colony of The Bourgeoisie Class
Received: 32 minutes ago
"Frightening = 15/15, All Consuming = 14/15

What happens when a nation has an economy that is overly inflated..........? implosion

its in the forum as proof

dont act cocky unless u can cover ur ass"
Heed your own warnings, bud.

Since the cowardly TBC is too scared to allow my responses to enter his Inbox, I will post them here so he will see them.
My response to telegram #2:
And you base this on what, exactly?
Some guy's post in a forum?
Lovely observation.
I've held Frightening status for a record amount of time, somewhere around HALF of my term at NationStates. I was founded April 19th, 2003, so I've had frightening status for 6 months now.
Kid, don't tease the dogs if you can't stand the bite.