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Assington Vampires 2 (Invite Only RP)

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05-04-2004, 07:04
OOC: You may only participate if you are on this list. Don't even bother asking to join, I had an application thread up for ages.

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Cousin Eddie

Hondur stood with his birthplace once again. It had been so many years since he was last here. 150 years since he was banished from the presence of Skadi and Maximus. Over the years Hondur had grown even more bitter and twisted, losing his humanity. He was now something quite different, he was cold. No longer posessing human emotions, he was an ideal creature of the night.

Assington had also changed. Although Emerald City didn't look too different, there were many major differences since his last occupation of the city. It hadn't taken the vampire long to discover the AVO was gone, but he could have gathered that after the battle 150 years ago. Upon further investigation, he soon discovered the VP had disbanded the AGVO with 'extreme force' and they too, no longer existed. Of course smaller factions from both sides of the fence existed, yet no centralised organisation at all. This would work to his advantage.

It had not taken long before Hondur had taken the attention of many small vampire covens within the city. The VP had destroyed anything close to an elder, so his age was uncommon. Sitting within a dark alley, feeding upon a homeless woman, Hondur was approached by two fledglings, fear and desperation within their eyes.

"Master Hondur sir. We were just wondering...... what are your intentions here in Assington?"

Dropping the body and focusing upon the two fledglings, the older vamp grinned.

"You shall find out soon enough young ones."

The pair looked at eachother in confusion. Upon returning their gaze, Hondur was gone.

Hondur's Image (

Skadi sighed as she awoke within the arms of Maximus. She had been disturbed by dreams of Hondur once again. Looking around the room, she realised she was in Tarlachia, not her home.

Slowly slipping out of bed and wrapping a trench coat around her, Skadi sat upon the balcony of the apartment. She needed to return home, she wasn't comfortable here, even with Maximus. The wind blew her dark hair across her face as she looked into the night sky, her face grown whiter with her 773 years of existence.

Skadi's Image (

Captain Garm sat within his office, examining the files upon his computer. Great grandson of the famous Garm that lead a victory over the AVO & AGVO, Garm II had quickly proven his worth within the VP as a skilled marksman and combatant.

The Captain had come across word that a new vamp was in town, an older vamp. The Vampire Registration Office had no word of such, so he assumed he had another underground blood sucker. Frantically searching through old files, the Captain continued, intent on identifying his target.
05-04-2004, 07:21
Maximus awoke to feel the night breeze blowing in from the open doorway. He peered out the doorway, only to see Skadi sitting upon the balcony, watching the nightlife below.

Maximus slipped silently out of bed, reaching to pull the onyx black trenchcoat from the chair nearby and slipped it on. Walking out to the balcony he reached out to massage Skadi's shoulders as the two remained silent for the next few minutes. Finally Maximus tired of the waiting for Skadi to speak.

"What's on your mind?"

Maximus looked past Skadi, following her gaze to a couple making their way down the street. Maximus could tell she was hungry, and so was he...

Maximus's Image (
05-04-2004, 07:28
Skadi spun around, her cold eyes bearing into his.

"I shall tell you after we feed."

Without another word, Skadi stepped back and rolled off the balcony and hit the footpath ever so lightly. She didn't seem to notice she was wearing naught but a trench coat as she pursued the couple. She could already smell the blood and hear the hearts pumpin from the other side of the street. Easily within leaping distance, she waited for Maximus to catch up.
05-04-2004, 07:33
Tag... I'll post when I'm more awake :wink:
05-04-2004, 07:43
Maximus grinned widely. Skadi had guts to go running about nude...well...almost nude. Nevertheless, he dove off the balcony, feeling the rush of air upon his skin as he flipped forward and landed upon his feet surely. Hardly a second later he was taking off after Skadi.

Moments after reaching her, both leapt for the humans and slammed them into the ground. The victims had no chance to cry out before being dragged quickly into a nearby alley. There, Maximus took the woman he held and with a snarl upon his face, plunged into her soft neck. Blood spilled from the wound as Maximus drank hungrily, drawing the blood out quickly. Blood splattered onto the woman's blonde hair, tainting it crimson red.

Finally, the body was drained of all blood and Maximus released it, watching as it fell to the ground. He ran his fingernail along his wrist, slicing it open and dripped some of his blood upon the wound on the corpse. It healed over, revealing nothing of a vampire bite, except for the blood. There was nothing he could do about that. He looked up to see Skadi finishing her meal as well, licking her lips clean.

Maximus grinned to her.

"Mighty fine meal..."
05-04-2004, 08:17
Skadi nodded as she too dripped some of her own blood upon her victim's wound, completely healing it. Now focused upon Maximus, Skadi looked deep into the eyes of her fledgling.

"I feel it is time for myself to return to Assington. It has been too long since I was last there."
05-04-2004, 08:30
Maximus thought back to the last time he had been in Assington, remembering the brutal fighting.

"Yes, I think it's time to return. Things probably have died down by now."

With that the two headed down the street, seemingly like a normal couple. A few humans walked past, glancing at them momentarily. Maximus instantly manipulated their minds to ignore the two vampires. They didn't need to deal with them.
The Golden Simatar
05-04-2004, 14:14
A man into the apartment complex where he had purchased a room. The landlady greeted him with a friendly smile.
“Ah, you must be John Anderson.” She said.
“Yes, is my stuff here?” ‘Anderson’ asked.
“Yes, it arrived yesterday. Here’s your room key, seventh floor.”
‘Anderson’ walked up the stairs to his room and looked at the three large black plastic briefcases. He opened them to reveal several movie cameras and lights. He took them out. He took off the Styrofoam and plastic back and looked in. Everything is here. ‘Anderson’ took a cold shower to help wake him up.

Kurt Malone felt better after his shower. He got dressed in a pair of brown jeans and a green tee shirt and went into one of the suitcases. Kurt thought and pulled out a custom modified Colt King Cobra. It had a heavier and sturdier frame than the normal K.C, but then again instead of firing the .44Mag his fired the .50 shell. He also pulled out a Carl Gustaf M45 submachine gun and the attachable silencer and combat knife

He walked outside and quickly smelled BBQ ribs. Kurt’ mouth watered at the thought of a whole rack dripping with sauce. With his hand resting on his pistol, the Gustaf inside his jacket with several spare magazines, and the combat knife, he walked towards the smell. As he walked he remembered how he got involved in mercenary work.
He had come home from school to find his house broken into and his mom beaten. Kurt took his father’s axe, located the attacker, and hacked off his limbs one by one. He had spent 13 months under psychiatric observation, and at 16 he had been taken under the wing of a named mercenary Alex Wolf, who recognized Kurt’s potential as a mercenary.

At 23 Kurt officially joined Wolf’s mercenary unit known as Wolf’s Wolves. Now at 30 thanks to Wolf he was one of the best mercenaries money could buy, he was also considered one of the last “Old Breed” mercs. Kurt knew the reason why Wolf had asked him to join his team; his total indifference to killing, men or women. He had heard of a possible job in Assington just a week before, so he gathered his gear and shipped it. Kurt tried to gather as much info as he could on political problems but there was remarkably little. He would have to do it later, after he got some dinner. He walked only a block before he pulled out a large cigar and his Zippo. He lit his cigar and continued on his way.
05-04-2004, 23:41
Maximus thought back to the last time he had been in Assington, remembering the brutal fighting.

"Yes, I think it's time to return. Things probably have died down by now."

With that the two headed down the street, seemingly like a normal couple. A few humans walked past, glancing at them momentarily. Maximus instantly manipulated their minds to ignore the two vampires. They didn't need to deal with them.

Skadi hardly noticed the humans as she passed down the street. Some stared at her semi exposed body, others chose to ignore her. It made little difference.

"We should leave tomorrow night."

Hondur stood within one of the ancient palaces of Emerald City. For some reason, it had been long abandoned by humans and left here to rot away. Holes plagued the wall all over the building and a few in the ceiling. The tiled floor posessed some major cracks, yet it was nothing he could not have fixed. Especially with his new.... followers.
06-04-2004, 00:43
The two continued their walk along the street, silence between both. Talking was not necessary, at least until Maximus had the thought cross his mind. Only then did he speak, and even then, he used telepathic means.

What makes you so anxious to return? You seem on edge, as if something were about to happen.

The two turned down another street, and came upon a mugging taking place. Three thugs were beating baseball bats and other weapons into a young man who lay prostrate on the ground.

They really need to learn to get along...well, I don't know about you, but I'm not going to sit by and watch this...

Maximus instantly went into action, swiping one of the men taking a break, off his feet, and disappearing with him into a nearby alley. None of the others noticed that their friend was missing, not until they heard a scream coming from the shadows of the alley. Maximus hung in the alley, keeping up on the wall, as he hung the man by his throat, slowly crushing him. The man's eyes bulged in pain as supernatural force crushed his windpipe. A quick snap of the wrist and the man was under the razor sharp incisors of Maximus, losing his blood quickly. Maximus healed the wound over and tossed the body back out of the alley, watching as it thumped to the ground next to the prostrate man. The man screamed in horror as he stared into the dead eyes of one of his attackers, locked in a facial contortion of horror.

Maximus licked his lips and began slinking along the wall closer to the group once again...
06-04-2004, 01:06
Alexander Kelsing kicked at the punching bag. Hard. He was in the training centre of the Hyraphore Guild Compound working off the stresses of the last couple of days.

In just the last few weeks, Driretlen had come back and staked his claim for retaking on the leadership of the Hyraphore.

Thwapp, kathump.

Only through his backing down, and agreeing to co-lead with the eldar had stopped the potential internal war in the Hyraphore.

Wham, wham, thamm.

But the fighting had also served to divide the ranks of the guild. Yes, all of the 2500 strong would follow his orders, but how far... and who? That was why he had to recruit...

"Alexander, I've got the information that you need about Assington..."

"Let's have it."

"You are correct that the AVO and the AGVO are no longer together. That, and many covens are leaderless and may be ripe for our... picking.

"However, one named Hondur is also actively taking over the smaller covens. Perhaps we should move now before he grows too strong."

Hondur. Madame Skadi's OTHER fledgling. The one she spurned to be with Maximus. He didn't seem to be much of a threat then, but then again, times changed.

"Anything else?"

"Yes... just to confirm, the human named Garm II alive and a highly-regarded leader in the VP."

Alexander nodded, and punched the bag one last time...


"Okay, we leave for Assington in 24 hours. Be ready with whatever you need, because I don't know what we're going to encounter...

"Agent Daniel Able..."
The Golden Simatar
06-04-2004, 02:05
Kurt kept walking down the block, the city seemed peaceful and appeared as nothing was wrong. Kurt knew better some of the most beautiful places could also become raging war zones. There was a small buzzing and Kurt pulled out his small satellite phone. He knew better not to say his real name so he used his false name.
“John Anderson.” Kurt said.
“Kurt, I know it’s you.” A deep booming voice said.
“Hello General. What’s up?”
“Just seeing how you were doing and to tell you I got a fax from your father.
“What’d he say?”
“You have a little brother.” (OOC: This is Stephen’s father.)
“Ah, sh*t. My mom is 47 and she has another kid? Okay General I know you wouldn’t call just to say hello, why did you really call?”
“I just want to see if we can be of assistance.”
“No thanks General.”
“Okay goodbye Kurt. Come home alive.”
Kurt hung up and drew heavily on the cigar, savoring the sweet flavor. Kurt’s mind drifted from being an older brother back to food. He sighed.
Kurt spun and brought the silenced Gustaf up and fired at his stalker. The man was caught trying to plunge a knife into Kurt’s back, the 9mm slugs ripped into him and tossed him backwards. The man whimpered with pain but Kurt didn’t pay attention as put another shell through the man’s head. He policed up all his brass before placing a fresh magazine into the gun. Kurt walked another two blocks to a small cruddy looking BBQ house called Hog Sweat. Kurt walked inside, greeted by the smell of cooked meat and tobacco smoke. His eyes took in every detail, soaking it all in making sure there was a way out, and possible entry points. Satisfied he closed the door and took a seat in a dark corner his back to the wall.
06-04-2004, 02:24
The woman ran down the street, screaming for help. She was being chased by
a group of twelve men. They finally cornered her against a wall. The
leader of the gang put his mouth up to her neck. "Go ahead scream, no one
cares." The vampire prepared to bite...
Suddenly a shot rang out . One of the vampire gang members screamed out in
pain and died. They all turned around to see a man in body armor carring
two Desert Eagles. The man grinned and said, "Bruno, how many times do we
have to go through this?"
Bruno growled, "Get the hell away."
William Jones smiled and replaced the pistols with two Uzis and said, "Ill
give you to the count of five."
The vampires looked to each other and then advanded towards Jones.
"One, two...FIVE!"
Jones fired bullet after bullet into the vampires. Finally only Bruno was left.
"Bruno Destoyarti, you are under arrest by the Mikatopian Royal Guard,
Paranormal division. You are charged with illiegal occupation of human
living area, and the murder of 3 citezens. I can either blow you away or
you come peacefully.."
Bruno closed his eyes. Suddenly he sprung at Jones, knocking the guns out
of his hands. Jones pulled out his Desert Eagle and shot Bruno in the chest.
All this time the woman had been watching. Jones looked to her and said,
"Have a nice night..."

Three hours later

Jones came home. He would have to pick up Katie from his moms tommorow.
Suddenly he spied an envalope on his counter. He picked it up and read it.
Apparently he was going to make a trip to Assington....

OOC:I was planning on having Jones turned into a vamp, Tarlachia or
Assington, would one of you mind doing the honors??
The Golden Simatar
06-04-2004, 02:32
OOC:Valient, is Daniel Able here the father or in some way related to Daniel Able from "Change of Blood"?
06-04-2004, 05:18
MIKATOPIA: I'll talk to Assington about it, however, do note that in "Change of Blood" Maximus clearly stated as siring his first't count on it happening that your guy becomes a vamp from me.

GOLDEN SIMATAR: Considering how COB takes place 85 years after this time in this thread (Maximus was 235 yrs old in COB, is 150 yrs old in this one), it's most likely that Daniel Able is going to be a grandfather of Daniel Able from COB, maybe a namesake? I'll talk to Valient about that to have him clarify. Maybe he'll just make it easier and rename his character...

EDIT: Also, GS, one more thing, your character can't be an older brother of Stephen...once again because of the timeline issue... (85 years between both threads...unless that's a hell of an old man Stephen lol)
06-04-2004, 06:13
OOC: I'll worry about the turning of your character in due time.

IC: Skadi watched as Maximus moved forth, quickly disposing of the violent muggers. She didn't care. As far as Skadi was concerned, the affairs of the human world remained the concerns of the humans.

Finally Maximus was done and Skadi hurried down the street with him, draggin him upward as she jumped back onto their apartment balcony.

"I'm not sure what it is, but something is going to change within Emerald City.........."

Hondur grinned, displayed his large fangs and perfectly whie teeth. His palace was complete. It had taken some time, but with the combined efforts of his newly formed coven, the palace was repaired and they all had a new location of residence.

"My brothers. Welcome to your new home. A haven from the public and the likes of the vampire police, a place where we can live comfortably. All children of darkness are welcom."

Chandeliers lit to a dull glow, Hondur looked down upon the masses of vampires within his new home. It had not taken long for his reputation to spread, calling fledglings to his feet.
06-04-2004, 08:11
Maximus hung up the phone and faced Skadi with a look of satisfaction upon his face. She had finally gotten dressed, and was now clad entirely in black.

"Last flight tonight, 11:15pm. Arrives in Assington in three hours. We'll still be under cover of the night. Let's get our stuff and get out of here. Flight's in an hour and a half at T.I.A. (Tarlachia International Airport)."

Skadi simply replied, "Good. Thank you."

Both quickly packed their weapons. Maximus his trusty sword, Glamdring, and his two Elven Daggers and Skadi her diamond tipped sword. Both also packed several guns of choice and extra clips into their bags. The larger weapons were slipped inside their trenchcoats. Minutes later, the two looked about their apartment, carefully making a mental check on their weapons.

"Good, let's get out of here." she said, leading Maximus out the apartment.

(Later on into the dark night...)

"Thank you for choosing Tarlachian Express Airlines, enjoy your flight."

Maximus simply nodded as he took the tickets held out. As Maximus and Skadi walked to their gate, the woman behind the counter suddenly collapsed. When she would wake up, she wouldn't remember either of them. All for the better, it would allow them to easily slip past security checkpoints.

Both Maximus and Skadi ignored the security line sectioning off the terminal from the main body of the airport, simply by suddenly moving quickly and leaping over the heads of the guards, not noticed by anyone as they slowed once they made sure they wouldn't be seen. As they arrived at the gate, they saw that passengers were already being boarded onto the flight. Minutes later the two were seated in the 747, and shielding their faces from the rest of the passengers as well as the attendants. Both leaned their heads back, feigning sleep, but in actuality, they were carefully observing their surroundings, listening, smelling, sensing everything that happened.

Soon, everything settled down, and the 747 took off into the night sky, bound for Assington...
The Golden Simatar
06-04-2004, 11:28
OOC: Tarlachia, Kurt is not Stephen's bro. The little brother that was born is KURT'S brother, and Kurt is Stephen's uncle. I know the age is a bit wack. I mentioned in COB that Stephen had one brother named Janni.

I reiterate KURT MALONE IS RELATED TO STEPHEN MALONE BUT HE IS NOT HIS BROTHER. I have a bit of a grammer prob so forgive me for any confusion.
The Golden Simatar
06-04-2004, 11:47
"Finished." Kurt said. He sat in his apartment finally finished assembling his weapons. "Okay:
M16w/M203- CHECK
SIG 551 w/sight- CHECK
2 1911s- CHECK
Colt King Cobra- CHECK

All here." Kurt had only a few M203 bombs and several magizines per gun. Derrick would have shiped the rest of the ammuntion. Should get it later today. Kurt put the rest of the ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, and fries in the small fridge. He balanced his "Wolf" combat knife on his finger. Kurt's combat knife looked like any other spare for the oynx black handle had two inerwoven bands of sliver and at the base a small silver wolf's head. Kurt always kept it's steel blade sharp, the decrotive, yet battlefield worthy knife, one of only six, was a gift from Alex Wolf when he joined the Wolves. It's five brother knifes were resting besides the other Wolves in Kalunga. Kurt was the last of the Wolves. Kurt put the knife back, lay on the old army cot, and fell asleep.
06-04-2004, 18:56
OOC: Where in the timeline is AV II and DF? I might be confused and thinking that AV II comes after DF, and therefore, Daniel Able is a vampire, after he was turned in that thread.

If not I can change this around, so no worries. Please clarify, anyone :D
06-04-2004, 19:20
OOC: Valient, AV2 is when Maximus is 150 yrs DF, he's 1297 yrs, Daniel Able is definitely not a vampire...
06-04-2004, 19:44
William kissed Katie on the head, "Okay kid, you gotta stay with your grandma for a while okay?"

The three year-old girl's eyes began to tear up, "Otay daddy."

Will looked at his mom. She gave him an angry glare. She had always been rather angry he had to have such a dangerous and secret life with the Royal Guard, but she was used to looking after Katie.

Will went to his car and waved good bye, not knowing it would be a long time before he saw his daughter again...


Sitting on the Mikatopian model 828 CharlestonWilliam relaxed . He looked at his laptop with his misson documents on it. Apparently, Assington was percived as a threat. Already it was full of vampires. Plus it was within close proximity to Mikatopia. Due to these factors and a few others, such as the influentual vampire Hondur returning to Assington, made Assington an intrest to the Mikatopian Royal Guard. It was a frightening to think of a possible country made up entirely of vampires attacking Mikatopia.

Will looked over his objectives...

Kill Hondur

Incite purge of vampires from Assington

"Damn. this won't be easy."Will muttered to himself. He had been chosen because of his exemplary vampire kill record. 121, more than any other agent.

He laid back and thought of Katie. He was a bad father, he knew that. He could have quit and got a normal job, but he was afraid. The Royal Guard wouldnt let him go easily.

She had his brown hair. But unlike his eyes, which were also brown, she had green eyes... like her mother...


Will shook out of it, the plane was landing soon...

OOC: sorry Assington, if you dont like what i said about Assington and Mikatopia being close, ill change it.
06-04-2004, 22:04
OOC: My bad :P That can be fixed. I'll have it be a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather :D

Garrien stepped on the gas as they neared the off-ramp for Assington. In the back, Alexander and Daniel rode in near silence.

Daniel stared out the window, and didn't like when he saw his reflection in it.

"Why... why am I here?" thought Daniel, Why have I decided to turn mole for the DEO?"

Daniel was an agent for the newly-founded Department of Extranormal Operations, built to combat creatures... creatures such as he was riding with.

"What's on your mind, Able? Not having second thought, are you?"

"No... not at all..."

"Good. I can help you in your quest for directorship of the DEO, but I need you to help me bolster the Hyraphore ranks. Got it?"

"Got it."

Garrien slowed down the car and Daniel and Alexander stepped out. Alexander carried his traditional Upir sword and his twin desert eagles. Daniel, while carrying similar eagles, also brandished a long staff, on loan from the Hyraphore training compound.

"Good luck, gentlemen." yelled Garrien as he pulled away, leaving the two in the middle of a darkened city block.

"Good luck, indeed," thought Daniel. "If my sons ever follow in my footsteps into the DEO, I swear none will ever work with vampires again..."
07-04-2004, 03:15
OOC: Mikatopia, that's all fine except you should know that vampires are a minority group in Assington. There is no threat of them taking control of the nation.

IC: Skadi opened her eyes as the plane hit the runway of the Emerald City Airport, Assington. Slowly getting to her feet, Skadi grabbed her gear and quickly led Maximus off the plane and took a quick detour around the security. The detour involved climbing out a window and levitating into the air with Maximus holding on.

"We'll head to my apartment."

Garm looked over the files handed to him within the hour.

"Great, we seem to be getting all sorts of strange foreigners now. I guess we'll have to be extra vigilant."

The Captain patted his deagle as he continued to go through files.

Hondur moved quickly through the dark streets. Dressed in the black trench coat he had aquired upon his rebirth with Skadi, Hondur had always liked it. Continuing his walk along the streets he came across two men forcing a young woman into a backalley.

Upon spotting him, the woman called out for help. The men spun around, one of them addressing Hondur.

"Get out of here punk. You didn't see nothing!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

The man withdrew a knife and lunged at Hondur. In return the vampire delivered a blow to the temple, crushing the man's skull in a single swipe. Falling to the ground, blood seeping out of the head, he was dead before he hit the ground.

The other guy cursed as he withdrew a pistol and aimed at the vampire. He was gone. Spinning around, the thug found the area deserted save for him and the girl.

"What.... what's going on here?"

The man began to shake with fear.

"Oh, nothing. Just your imminent death."

Hondur was directly in front of the thug, the gun pointed at his chest. Looking down at the gun, Hondur smiled as it fell to the ground.

"I knew you'd see things my way."

The thug was in shock, he had dropped the gun because he had lost his arm. It was now in Hondur's left hand. Before he could scream, a quick slash from a concealed blade spilled the man's life.

Scared, yet relieved at the same time. The young woman stepped forward.

"Thankyou stranger, you stopped them from..... violating me."

Hondur looked down upon the young woman. He needed to feed. The perfect meal had just thanked him for saving her. How ironic. Moving faster than any human ever could, Hondur bore down upon the woman, sinking his fangs into her neck, enjoying the fear in her mind as her life was slowly drained away.

OOC: Can everyone make sure they know the attributes of vampires on this rp. If you don't know, click on the link in the first post.
A Few Rich People
07-04-2004, 03:53
(OOC: Just wondering, are vamps required to wear/have some ident/registration, or is it just all held somewhere as info? Also, sleep yes or no?)

Teddy Kurgan was on the hunt again. He had been for the past three days, following the movement of his mark, a vampire. He always wondered before the kill about little things, how old is he, how did be become what he is, etc. He always tried his best to block out those petty thoughts with steeled determination.

Sitting in a fairly dark bar, not a bad place mind you, but obviously not well lighted, he saw his target sitting at a bar talking offhandedly to some girl. Maybe he has to feed, Kurgan though, after all he had been following this guy for a few days and hadn't seen any real action on his part yet. Finally they both rose and began to walk towards the back door, yup, feeding time, but why the ally, can't they once take me to a nice well lit street corner? Smiling slightly at such a comical though for of course he knew the answer.

Following fairly close behind he sees the two slip through the door, he catches it nimbly leaving it open only the smallest crack. Peering out the slit he waits for it, waits for the creature to begin to feed to taste the warm rapture that is his food. Lossening his Colt Manhunter he heard the small ting as the metal of the handle met his hand. Finally he heard it, the muffled shout of the girl as the feeding begun, throwing his shoulder into the door he sprung out, the creature barely had time to point his head, lips stained red, towards Kurgan before the shot range out.

A clean kill, he thought, the dark crimson of unused blood barely trickled from the round wound in the center of the once undead forehead. The girl shrieked again as the corpse slowly slumped down her body.

"Go, get some medical help on that bite," he said curtly, she wasn't his concern, he just wanted to finish the job. Once again placing the pistol in his holster he retrived the cresent axe hidden behind his brown leather jacket. Bringing it to bear in his right head he deftly strikes between the verterbret quickly and easily severing the head from the corpse. Returning the barely stained blade to its place he hoists the head under his arm concealed under the jacket.

Tossing it lightly in the small cargo space on his bike (motorcyle) he drives to the "paycheck", his employer. He never saw much of the guy, he didn't need to, all he knew is that he went to him, he gave him a target, he came back with its head, and he got money and another job, simple as that.

Once again the transaction went off without a hitch, he dropped the head in a basket, the man hidden in shadows briefly looked at it nodded and handed him a check and a small manilla folder, containing his next target. Turning to leave the hidden man spoke, "We got a new comer is what I have heard from up above, an oldie."

"Yeah? So?" Kurgan grunts back.

"Oh nothing, just a little heads up, keep your ears open, you seem to know a few hot spots."

"I don't have time for this crap, its almost 3 AM and I got stuff to do tomorrow!" With that Kurgan strode away.

The man chuckled slightly as he heard the bikes engines rev, "Just keep your ears open..."
The Golden Simatar
07-04-2004, 04:16
Kurt lay on his cot thinking about who he would approach and the price he would demand. He also thought about the possiblity of anyone reconizing him. Nine reporters already had tried to photograph the mercenary, all were never seen again. Only two photographs existed of him, one showing himself and the rest of the Wolves, another a close up of himself holding an M16 and his revolver. Both Kurt had possesion of, both taken in front of a destroyed karal.
Kurt liked killing, he showed no remose, enjoying lettting his victims see who was about to kill them, and watching them suffer. Still he had a sense of duty and honor. Kurt needed information to see what group threatened the civilans more. Though he had killed his share of civilians, he wished to protect the ones here. Well, up to a point. Got to tread softly, there is no photos of me. Spare for the ones I have. Still G.S.I.P are still looking, don't want to attract to much attention, even if I get hired. Kurt decided to search for an employer when he felt better. Kurt was about to fall asleep again when the sat phone rang.
"Kurt, it's Derrick."
"Where's my ammo?"
"We need to talk eye to eye. I'm at a small bar..uhh.. Roadhouse. I have your stuff. $2,500 was the price right?"
"Yeah see you in an hour or so." Kurt heard the uneasyness in Derrick's voice. He knew what it meant. First time you betray me is also the last Derrick. Kurt picked up his revolver and the silenced Gustaf and strolled into the night.
07-04-2004, 04:30
07-04-2004, 04:34
OOC: Yeh the vamps sleep during the day, though they don't have to.

Also, there are two kinds of vamps in Assington. Undergound and Citizen vamps.

Citizens carry I.D. and are peaceful vamps that obtain their food legally through government run programs.

Underground vamps are the ones that feed off innocents in the street. They wond't have any identification and are deemed as criminals. They're the ones everyone is after.
07-04-2004, 08:20
Maximus and Skadi arrived at the apartment without trouble. Yet, they could sense deep trouble brewing in the streets already.

"You were right, something's about to happen..." Maximus said quietly as he stood out on the balcony looking down, quickly picking out those that were vampires...

Maximus turned back inside and went to the armory closet and opened it. He pulled out a whetstone and proceeded to begin sharpening his sword and daggers. If they were going to get into a fight, Maximus wanted to make sure that his blades would do their job. However, he knew that sharpening them wasn't necessary, the blades had a remarkable ability to remain sharp, even after thousands of years of existence...

After a few minutes of silence, Maximus asked carefully:

"Do you think Hondur's around here?"
07-04-2004, 08:28
Skadi nodded.

"Definitely. He is at the bottom of all this. I just hope he knows what he's getting himself into."

Skadi too withdrew a stone to sharpen her blade. Although her stone was actually a large diamond she had aquired to sharpen her diamond edged blade. Going over her ammo stores, Skadi made a not to pick up more rounds for her berettas some time.

"I don't want you going out there and causing trouble with him. I imagine he is already bitter enough after last time."

Hondur sat within his newly aquired room. He could sense the presence of his nearby sire. She had returned to Assington, most likely with Maximus. He would be ready for Maximus this time, ready to defeat him.
07-04-2004, 08:38
Maximus nodded as listened to Skadi talking quietly. At the same time, he wondered to himself if Hondur had changed in any way.

If I were Hondur, what would I be improving upon? Simple. hand to hand combat and close combat weaponry. Both of those areas he had trouble in. It would make sense to improve those areas in order to have any hope of defeating me.

"I understand. And I'm sure he's still bitter. He's the type to harbor it for as long as he wanted. Besides, if he wants it badly enough, he'll bring the fight to me, and I'll be waiting..."

Maximus could faintly detect his brother vampire's psychic waves dominating any other waves besides his and Skadi's own. Skadi was right though, Hondur was nearby...
07-04-2004, 13:08
Will walked into his hotel room and set his bags on the bed. He opened his biggest suitcase, a black one. It was full of guns, gernades, and a sword. He sighed. He had asked questions about vamps here in Assington, turns out they were just a minority. Damn Mikatopian government. It only told you what IT wanted you to know.

Well anyway, tonight he would start the Hunt. He pulled out the sword from its case. Looking at how shiny and sharp it was he marveled. He had gotten it for joining the Guard. He remebered that day so clearly...

William with all of the other graduates from the Academy...The Presider of the ceremony telling the crowd that Will alone had been eligible...The president arriving and knighting him with that very sword...looking at his family..seeing his brother and sister, his mom and dad, and...

Will's eyes teared up. He had married Jennifer a year later. Then she was raped and killed by a vampire gang. He rembered seeing her torn-up body, imagining her last moments...

He shook himself out of it and began loading his guns and equipping them. He was gonna kill some vamps tonight.
The Golden Simatar
07-04-2004, 15:48
Kurt walked out into the alley with Derrick. Kurt stood at 5'11 and towered over the 4'9 Derrick.
"So GSIP is still after me?" Kurt asked. Golden Simatar International Police, the one group he detested and Derrick was about to pay the price for selling him out.
"Yeah, you just had to kill those two female agents." Derrick said.
"I was following orders: Leave noone alive in the karal, men, women, or children."
"Kur..." Before Derrick could finish Kurt had thrown him into the wall. He pulled out the Gustaf and gunned down the four men moving in behind him. Kurt walked up to them, grabbed their Skorpion sub-guns, ids, and slit their throats. He picked up his spent rounds and walked to Derrick.
"Kurt please, I had to do what I had to do. Peg is in bad health. Please forgive me."
"First time you betray me is also the last." Kurt stabbed Derrick in the throat and blood gushed out spilling on Derrick's tweed sweater. Kurt turned and left Derrick to die. He took Derrick's car and ID, threw in the GSIP agent's weapons and IDs, and drove off back to his apartment. At least he brought my ammo
07-04-2004, 22:56
Will sat crouched on top of the building. He held his sniper rifle aiming at the apartment across the street. There wasa man and a woman in the window...probably vampires. He had followed them from the airport.

He wouldn't shoot, yet. The woman was strong, old, expirenced. She held her self regaly, like a queen. Her partner had most definately seen battle. He would wait until they fed. They would sooner or later, or at least explore .

He pulled out his sword and looked at it. It was made to kill vamps, but that male looked like an expirenced sword-fighter. These two had a connection to Hondur some how, he could feel it.

Will had followed these gut-urges, and they were usually right. One of the psychic agents back at the office had said Will had great potential as a psychic.

Yeah right

Suddenly he felt something brush his mind. He automaticly let out a psychic cry of surprise. He could almost "see" the ripples he made.

They were heading straight for Skadi and Maximus...
Wait...Skadi and Maximus? How did he know thier names. He must have picked up on some psychic vibe. And if that was so, they would know exactly where he was.

"Aww crap" He packed up his stuff and ran off the top of the building as fast as he could. He had a feeling those vamps wouldn't be very happy.
08-04-2004, 02:09
Maximus watched as the man ran from his spot upon the rooftop across the street. He had turned quickly as he had heard and felt the psychic waves emanating from the man.

We've got somebody watching us...

Maximus growled slightly, annoyed that someone had been watching them without either of them having picked him up earlier.

I saw his face...want to go hunting, take him out? Or do we wait?

Maximus closed the balcony doors, immersing the room in total darkness once again. Yet, he could see Skadi just fine as she contemplated his words.

If we're going to take him out, we better split up, and intersect his path. But...the decision to go or not is yours...
The Golden Simatar
08-04-2004, 02:20
The room smelled of cigar smoke and rib sauce. Kurt sat there pulling out the ammo Derrick had brought. It brought him up to 20 mags per gun. Sadly Kurt wasn't able to get all the M203 bombs he wanted. He only had 10. Kurt munched on a rib as he carefully peeled off the photo of one of GSIP agents he killed and replaced it with his own. My name is now Alvin Young. Kurt had heard of some police group called the Vampire Police.

Kurt wasn't superstitious, he didn't believe in vampires, werewolves, zombies etc. It didn't make any sense for a gov't funded organization to call itself Vampire Police without good reason. Even the landlady said there were legal vampire citizens, and murderous ones. Kurt decided to go down to the VP building and offer his services. He took his Cobra, GSIP card, GSIP Skorpion, and Uzi. He took the silencer off the Gustaf and put it on the Uzi. Thank god for inderchangable parts. Kurt walked outside to his car and pulled out of the parking lot.
A Few Rich People
08-04-2004, 04:00
Roaring into the sub level parking lot of his housing complex, Kurgan tries his best to find an open space, Damn neighbors and their company, he thought. Finally he found what was left of a space, a car that seemed to have decided that parking on the middle of the line was a good idea.

Sighing a bit he begins the journey back to his apartment, his home for the past two years. Openning the door the midnight black is broken only by the hall's back lighting. Stridding inside, he slams his shin into something, hard. Barely cursing under his breath he gropes for the light switch basking the room in light. Tossing his coat across the room, landind on a chair, he sits on the couch and begins to remove his weapons.

Axe, sword, gun, all seems in order he though as he fished for a rag to clean axe. Pulling out the cumpled check and folder he places them on the small coffee table and leans back. An old pain shoots up his right arm, a phantom twinge.

Sighing he looks at his arm, its so diffrent, but so similar, he thinks gazing at the metalic sheen. Grabbing a wad of his shirt he vainly attempts to buff out scratches and dents he had gotten from blocking an assortment of attacks.

Grabbing some pizza, not knowing its age or origin, he crams it down his gullet before retiring to bed.
08-04-2004, 05:53
Skadi nodded.

"Let's have a little fun with this one."

The eldar vampire put on her coat again and grabbed an asortment of weapons. She didn't appreciate humans meddling in her affairs, and so he would suffer the consequences.

Skadi stood at the door, ready and waiting for Maximus.

Hondur idly roamed the streets of Emerald City. Most of his people were out recruiting freelance vampires to his coven, Children of Darkness. Walking by an alley, Hondur noticed a man gun down four others before he stabbed another in the throat. He could tell that one was a hunter, best look out for him.

The coven leader continued, ever vigilant for hunters or other vampires that may strengthen his growing coven.

Garm went over the new reports. Apparently an asortment of suspiscious characters had entered Assington. Some suspected hunters, others unknown. Freelance hunters were illegal in Assington as they were not informed of the laws and regulations reguarding vampires in Assington. This meant more work for Garm.

The captain sighed as he took a swig from his flask, quickly downing the alcoholic substance before anyone saw him. It was almost time for him to go out on patrol.
08-04-2004, 06:06
Maximus flashed a dangerous smile. He nodded in agreement, as he quickly sheathed his Elven Daggers upon his backside, followed by Glamdring as well. Two Desert Eagles were holsted upon his belt, cowboy style.


No sooner had he said that, Skadi burst out of the balcony doors and flew up into the night sky. Maximus followed close behind, but was restricted to his movements along the rooftops. He didn't mind, he liked chasing on foot his prey.

Bounding from rooftop to rooftop the two gave chase to the man. As they drew near, Maximus halted upon the last rooftop, watching below him as the man scrambled down a fire escape. The man looked up, and instantly Maximus could sense the fear as his eyes widened in surprise when he saw Maximus. Maximus growled audibly and drew Glamdring, it's blade reflecting the moonlight clearly. His eyes turned crimson in anger as he continued to watch the man scramble away as fast as he could.

Sending a message that only Skadi could hear, he spoke:

Skadi, keep out of sight, then meet him at the bottom and give him a real surprise hehe... I'll close in from above...

Maximus leapt downward onto the fire escape and landed, his footsteps rattling the metal loudly. All the while, he kept his watch on the man...
08-04-2004, 06:18
Alexander and Daniel walked down the street, fully aware of the dangers lurking in the night.

Daniel clasped his desert eagle more closely. Alexander had to laugh at that.

"Why, Agent Able, tell me, what are you afraid of?"

"I... don't know. I can sense an underlying... sickness, a darkness in this city."

Alexander stopped forcing Daniel to stop too.

"Mr. Able, that sickness, that darkness... are the sole reason why I am here. Now I suggest you get over your senses before it is too late."

The two continued walking in silence, until Daniel spoke up again.

"So... how exactly will you be recruiting these vampires?"

"I have two options: I offer a simple alliance with this Hondur character. If he refuses, I simply take what I need, and leave his body in my wake..."

The two continued walking in silence...
08-04-2004, 06:41
Skadi continued through the air, never losing sight of their target. This hunter had picked the wrong fight. He was now dealing with an eldar and her fledgling. Upon hearing Maximus' message, Skadi began to arc around so she could land at the end of the alley.

"I'll be ready and waiting for him."

Skadi landed with a slight bump upon the hard cement. The human had no idea she was quietly moving towards the bottom of the fire escape as he was completely focused upon Maximus.

The streets seemed strangely deserted. Hondur thought it odd, this was the time of his brethren, there should be many out and about. He could sense the presence of some nearby vampires, none he knew. He continued to idly wall along the road, waiting for something to happen.
08-04-2004, 07:13
Alexander and Daniel spied the vampire a block away. With a nod of his head, Alexander and Daniel went to him (Hondur, even though they don't know.)

"Excuse me... I am looking for a Hondur..."
The Golden Simatar
08-04-2004, 08:57
Kurt walked into the VP HQ.
"I'm Agent Alvin Young Golden Simatar International Police, I need to know where your Captain is." He flashed the ID and the woman pointed down the hall. Kurt wandered through the building till he found a door marked Capt. Garm. Kurt knocked on the door.
08-04-2004, 09:13
Garm looked up as he heard the knock on his door.

"Come in."

Hondur looked up as he was addressed by the two men. Immediately he picked one for a vampire, the other a human.

"And may I inquire as to why you seek out Hondur?"
08-04-2004, 09:32
Alexander leaned in closer, trying to get a reading of the vampire. Daniel glanced around nervously.

"I have a business proposition for him. One that he will find... most irresistable to refuse"
08-04-2004, 09:38
Hondur considered his options. If things came to worst, he could take care of the human easily. The vampire may be an issue as he wasn't quite sure of his age. Staring cooly back at Alexander, Hondur spoke.

"And what is this business proposition that would interest me so?"
The Golden Simatar
08-04-2004, 12:20
Kurt walked in and looked around the room. Papers, pictures, and cabinets took up the walls. Kurt sat down in front of Garm. Before he spoke Kurt noticed the Desert Eagle hanging from a shoulder holster. He showed Garm his ID.
"I'm Alvin Young with the Golden Simatar International Police. I've been chasing a mercenary by the name of Kurt Malone who is in this very city. We have him on file, but sadly there are no photos of him.
Since it appears you guys have been having some trouble with some of you populace Mr. Malone has come here looking for employment. Have you ever heard of him or the mercenay group called Wolf's Wolves?"
Kurt pulled out a cigar and lit it.
"Care for one? It's Havana."
08-04-2004, 13:08
Will saw the male Maximus coming toward him. He could almost feel his annoyance, plus, he felt something else...was it the thrill of the Hunt? No, it was more than that...almost that he knew something Will didn't.

He had no idea how he knew these things but he did know that he would have to fight his way out.

Pulling out his sword he held it up to Maximus and grinned, "Bring it on."

Maximus swung, Will parried. Will attacked and Maximus blocked. Faster and faster the two went, neither scoring a hit on the other. All the while Will could sense Maximus's anger, yet, he also felt an excited mind in Maximus. Suddenly he felt respect for this vampire, something he had never done. They fought and fought. William began to tire, Maximus did too, at a lesser rate.

Will's arms screamed as the struck and parried blows. Suddenly he whipped out his Desert Eagle and shot at Maximus. The bullet hit him in the leg. He wouldn't kill him, the wound was minor to a vampire, but the pain made Maximus stop for a second. Will took this second to trip him and to run down the fire escape.

He felt something, a presence. Older than Maximus...


OOC:Sorry Tarlachia that i rp'd your character a bit. I know some people dont like to be rp'd. Personally i dont mind as long as it doesnt involve something monumently HUGE.
08-04-2004, 14:40
OOC: Next time, please just "start" the battles, and we'll rp it from there, to each our own. It makes for a better rp in the end. I'll let it go this time though... One other're a regular human, in a real fight, I would have owned you, mainly b/c I'm the vamp here (faster reflexes, stronger strength, etc). :roll: What you just did was pre-empted an entire battle with me...I'd say that a major situation you took control of... now I don't mind small movements around with my character (ie: what I did with yours) but don't do anything that could actually change the course of events. But as I said earlier, I'll let it go for this time.

Maximus's roar of fury shattered the silence of the night. The damn human had shot him, but the actual impact of the bullet into his leg did not annoy him as much as the nerve to try such a cheap move. Getting up, Maximus reached down and plunged his fingers into the wound, and pulled the bullet out and tossed it to the side. He took off after the human and stopped when the human did so as well.

For the first time, he spoke menacingly:

"Going somewhere?"

Maximus bared his pearly-white fangs at the human. Using his psychic capabilities he delved into the man's mind, and ripped out an identity...and more...

Will...and a daughter...interesting....

Maximus had found out Will's secret...
08-04-2004, 15:55
Garm looked up as the man walked into his office and started going on about a mercenary. He quickly denied the cigar as he didn't smoke.

"I see. We have noted the entrance of suspiscious people into the city, yet none were identified. I have heard of such a mercenary group, yet no members have been reported here. I'm afraid I don't really deal with this stuff. My job is to shoot the vampires that don't obey our laws, not to worry about mercenaries. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

As Will came down the ladder, Skadi reached out and grabbed the human's ankle. With one powerful tug, Will found himself falling, fast. A loud thud signalled his contact with the ground, shortly followed by the ringing of Skadi withdrawing her blade and pointing it at Will.

"Human, why do you deal in the affairs of vampires?"
08-04-2004, 16:09
As Skadi commanded the human's attention, Maximus sheathed Glamdring and instantly drew the two Elven Daggers. With Skadi keeping the man on the ground and pinned with her sword, Maximus leapt down and landed next to the man.

Immediately he relieved the man of his weapons, including his guns and tossed them aside. Maximus took one dagger and with a malicious look, jammed it into the man's upper thigh. His scream of pain was soon silenced by the other dagger pressing sharply into the man's throat, but not enough to kill him. Maximus watched as the blade drew blood, suddenly feeling hungry again...

Maximus brought his face closer to the man's own and whispered quietly, knowing the man's attention was focused on him.

"I suggest you answer her truthfully..."
The Golden Simatar
08-04-2004, 18:03
Kurt pulled out the Wolf knife along with it's sheath, jet black with a solid silver wolf on the side, and put it on Garm's desk. He looked at the surpirised expression on the man's face.
"I'm Kurt Malone, last of the Wolves, that is one of only six Wolf knives. The other five are resting beside my comrades. This is one member who is your country. It's hard to be Alvin Young when he is lying dead in an alley with three of his agent friends and a stool pigieon. I'd be more then happy to work for you, as long as you meet my price and requests."
08-04-2004, 20:38
Alexander straightened up, and bowed slightly at the waist.

"Sir Hondur, I did not recognize someone such as you."

"My... proposition is something to be discussed. Is there anywhere where my consort and I may talk more liberaly with you?"

Hondur stared back at the vampire in front of him. He could tell that he was young, yet... had a strong purpose.

"What's wrong with talking out here?"

Alexander and Daniel both glanced around.

"The shadows in the night... are not just figments of my imagination..."
08-04-2004, 22:54
OOC: sorry Tarlachia, ill try not to do it again :oops: :( i just wantewd to move things along, im really sorry

Will looked at Maximus. His face went white. He knew he couldnt win. He wasnt going to spit in the vampires face or any such thing. He lost. He could already feel them probing in his head. Unlocking


"If you touch her I swear I'll kill you!" He shouted. "I'll tell you anything, just don't hurt her, she isnt a part of this. If you wanna hurt me, brak my legs, rip me apart , just stay away from my girl!" Looking at Skadi he said, "I didnt mean to annoy you, I am mearly looking for Hondur, I was sent to kill him. The insitution that I work for has been watching him and we are under the impression that he is a danger to our nation. I was just doing my job."

William looked into Skadi's eyes, they were beautiful, those eyes. They might be the last thing he ever saw...

Suddenly he thought of something. "How come I could sense you too. I mean I've never met you in my life. I know your names are Maximus and Skadi, I know Maximus is from Tarlachia and Skadi came from here in Assington. I've never been able to do this until i met you."
09-04-2004, 04:45
Maximus tasted the daughter's name upon his tongue.

"Katie...such a lovely name...I wonder how tasty she'd be?"

Will began screaming something about killing him, to which Maximus simply shut him up by pulling the dagger off his neck and somewhat gagged him with the blade pressing into the side of the man's lips.

"Oh shut up. You couldn't kill me if you tried. For goodness sake, you couldn't get me a few minutes ago, much less kill me."

Maximus then suddenly leaned his head very close to Will's neck while whispering,

"Perhaps I should just kill you now, and take your blood as payment, yes?"

What Will said next surprised Maximus. With a snarl he brought his face back to Will's own, his black eyes boring deeply into his.

"And do you mind telling me how you know this information about us?"
09-04-2004, 04:54
Will looked straight intot Maximus's eyes. "I dont know, i keep on hearing these things in my head. I thought it was YOU!"
09-04-2004, 04:57
Maximus decided to press further for information.

"And what makes you think we'd be so foolish to release our names and homes to the world?"

The dagger returned back to Will's throat, and nestled itself into the cut it had already created. Fresh blood oozed from the wound as Maximus applied pressure again. His other hand took the second dagger and twisted it suddenly. Maximus had a smile upon his face.

He was enjoying this...
09-04-2004, 05:16
"You can call me a liar, but how else would I know about the fight you and Hondur had, or any of this. It doesnt make sense. Mikatopia has no idea that you exist. If you went there now you would find nothing on you or Skadi. It makes no sense to torture me or to kill me so let me go."
William knew Maximus wouldn't, but he sensed something in him, some good, which surprised him. Vampires were evil, wernt they? Yet he felt a love between Maximus and Skadi, a love that was not purely physical. It made no sense..
09-04-2004, 05:48
Maximus snarled even more. This guy was getting too much information...and he could tell it wasn't coming from either him or Skadi...

"You're really starting to get on my nerves mortal..."

Maximus suddenly lifted the man and slammed him into the nearby wall, holding him in place by the throat.

"You're getting this information from elsewhere. I know you're not getting it from me or her. We both have blocked our minds. Therefore, someone else is telling you! Whatever you learn, you better keep to yourself mortal, or I'm going to enjoy killing you slowly, starting with your tongue..."

Maximus bared his fangs menacingly once again as he suddenly slammed his fist into the man's temple, causing the man to slip into unconsciousness. Just before the man went completely out, Maximus was heard to be saying:

"If I find out that you're sharing this information, I'll kill your beloved daughter Katie..."

Once ensuring that the man was knocked out, Maximus dropped him to the ground, retrieving his dagger from the man's leg, which had been buried deeply into it. He turned to Skadi, as he licked the blood off the blades.

"What do you want to do with him?"
09-04-2004, 17:04
Garm seemed surprised at Kurt's sudden outburst of identity. Although it didn't really concern him, he could always use a good hunter helping his officers.

Looking down at the knife, then back at Kurt, Garm smiled.

"I'm willing to offer you a job hunting criminal vampires. But that depends on what your conditions are?"

Hondur looked around the streets, his vampiric senses confirming the suspiscions of the others.

"That is a fair statement. In that case, we can discuss this at my residence."

Hondur crudely pointed in the general direction and began walking.

"It shall not take us long to get there."

Skadi watched patiently as Maximus conducted his interrogation. It didn't particularly bother her that he knew such. He was most likely a natural psychic, she remembered detected psychic abilities in Hondur before she turned him, so it was entirely possible.

Finally Maximus knocked him out and retrived his dagger. Skadi sheathed her own blade, not taking her eyes off Will's still figure.

"I don't think he's any trouble. Leave him be, you seemed to have done a fine job at intimidating him enough."
09-04-2004, 17:27
Maximus looked back at the still form of the human, growling silently to himself. He didn't like leaving such a target, an enemy behind alive...

"Fine then. Let's get out of here. Lead the way."

I don't like leaving him alive...

Maximus sheathed both daggers once more, after cleaning them briefly. He followed Skadi back out of the alley.
The Golden Simatar
09-04-2004, 18:03
Kurt smiled as he put the knife back in his jacket.
"$150,000 half now, half when the job is finished. In the event I am killed the rest will be transferred to my account so my folks have something to help them. Next, I want copies of any and all information concerning vampires in this country. Also, in the event I capture on alive I do the interragation my way. That's about it, ohh." Kurt's voice went low and became icy. "Don't think about betraying me in any way shape or form. You wouldn't like what I would do to you. Those are my conditions. The price is non negotiable." Kurt thought then added.
"I hold somewhat of a commision in the K.A.F and can get some heavy weapons for you. The heaviest gun I see your officers carring are CAR15s."
Cousin Eddie
09-04-2004, 18:49
(Sorry its taken me so long to enter.)
A large man dropped into the alley next to the body of Will. He was wearing a black donkey jacket, with metal plates instead of PVC shoulder pads. His black/grey combats covered the top of a pair of large black boots, with silver caps on the toes. On his belt were two pistols, one each side. On his back were two large silver Katanas. Red leather wraps around the handels could be seen either side of the mans large neck.

He picked the body up one one shoulder, and walked out of the alley. A couple of passers by looked in surprise, but a glare from the mans black eyes sent them scurrying.

Rounding a few corners, the man entered a hotel. He went up to the desk and addressed the porter.

"Keys to room sixty-four"

the porter looked at the body on his shoulder. "um..sir.."

The big man looked the porter in the eye and raised an eyebrow. "yes?" he grunted.

"Have a good day" was the phrase the porter settled on. He handed the man the key, and then left for a coffee break.

The man entered the elevator alone (the stairs had suddenly become an attractive option for many people). On the appropriate floor, he exited. He looked very out of place amongst the delicate red carpets and the shiny beige wallpaper. Like a bullthistle in a bed of roses, the man found his room and entered.

He propped the body of Will up on a chair at his table. Removing the laptop from the surface, the man collected a blue bottle of smelling salts from a drawer and wafted them under Will, who fluttered his eyes slightly as the concussion edged away. The man resealed the bottle and sat down.

"I am D'nokh. I saw you challenging the vampires. Why?" he said to the groggy form of Will.
A Few Rich People
09-04-2004, 23:04
Kurgan had been awoken by the sound of a gun shot and watched the whole incident from his window vantage point. He had considered trying to shoot the two attackers, but had decided againt it due to the difficulty of the shot. Peeking out once again he catches a glimps of a man hustling the other away. Awaken fully from the adrenelin he decides to be curious. Before climbing down the fire escape he makes sure he has everything he needs, he does.

Reaching the bottem he first inspecting the weapons and finding them to be standard munitions he thinks, What a goddamned idiot, trying to take two vamps with nothing but a blade and regular bullets, he is one lucky b*tch to be alive. Rather than let the pistol just sitting there going to some punk get grabs it and stuffs it into his pocket.

Jogging to catch up he strains to follow the two unknown men, finally they enter into a hotel, sneaking through the still spinning revolving doors he hears him say room sixty four. Taking the stairs as he watches them hit the elevators he reaches the room and places his ear upon it gently and silently to listen in.

(OOC: Assington, out of curiosity (probley was covered in AV1), what methodos is a human coverted into unlife, two bite system, victem biting back, being "embraced", or what?

PS: What are your feelings on secondary characters that appear occansionally as a plot device?)
10-04-2004, 03:01
Garm glared back at Kurt, his stone cold glance meeting Kurt's icy glance.

"Weapons are not an issue. We have a fully equipped armoury. The price, is acceptable. As for your interrogation, I'm afraid that won't happen. If you are going to work for the VP, you do things our way. Any alive vampires will be brought back to the holding cells here, that is non-negotiable."

Skadi left the alley, she began walking down the street, in the opposite direction of her apartment.

"Do not worry my fledgling. The human will not pose any threat to us."

Skadi appeared as if she was off in her own world, yet she remained completely aware of her surroundings as she made her way down the street.

OOC: A human is turned if they are bitten, then drink a fair portion of vampiric blood. It takes about an hour for the transformation to be complete.

The seconday character is fine.
10-04-2004, 04:01
Man, my head

Will looked at his resucer. "I was hunt'n em, looks like my plan backfired a bit though,"He laughed, which made his head hurt all the more.

"Why did you save me?"
The Golden Simatar
10-04-2004, 04:53
Kurt smiled, Garm wasn't one of these weak types who looked good in uniform but did nothing to earn thier pay. His type of interragation was to electricute to SOB till they died or told him what he wanted. He pulled out a pen and took a blank sheet of paper from Garm's desk and scrawled two sets of numbers.
"The first set of numbers is my account, the second is my phone. Once you've deposited the first $75,000 call me here. Then I start working. I think that covers all of it. Good day Captain." Kurt stood up shook Garm's hand and left the building.
He drove back to Roadhouse, where he saw the bodies of the GSIP agents and Derrick haddn't been moved. It didn't matter. He walked in ordered a burger and beer and sat down. The job seemed easy, keep a few punks in line and nothign else. But, he knew everything could and usually would get much harder.
10-04-2004, 09:05
Garm watched as Kurt departed, leaving his account and contact details. He knew this guy could be trouble, yet his reputation as a mercenary was exceptional for success. He was willing to take the chance.

Garm picked up the paper and quickly keyed the details into a computer file within his laptop.

Skadi continued to walk, the hunger building up within her. It was definitely time to feed.

"Maximus, do you feel the urge?"

It didn't take Skadi long to spot too young woman, walking down the street on the opposite side of the road. The perfect meal. Young, healthy and easy. Skadi pointed her head in the direction of the young ladies, indicating she wanted to feed upon them. She calmly awaited Maximus's reply.

Finally the group arrived at the large building Hondur called his residence. It was a large, old building that had obviously been recently renevated. Upon opening the large, oak doors, Alexander and Daniel were both greeted by a lare hall, polished granite floors, chandeliers hanging off the ceiling and finely crafted stone pillars holding supporting the structure.

The glamour didn't seem to bother Hondur as he stepped inside and indicated that the others may come in.
10-04-2004, 09:11
Maximus looked over at the two women walking along the street. Naturally, his eyes fell upon the brunette, who herself had a killer body. With a grin, he replied to Skadi.

Brunette's mine...

Maximus...don't make me hurt you...

Don't worry, she could never equal you...

That's better...somewhat...

Maximus waited for Skadi to lead the way. Besides, he enjoyed watching her lure the prey. She was good at it, very good, and in a strange way, artistic about it...
10-04-2004, 09:42
Skadi smoothly walked across the street, ending up directly next to the ladies. The vampire gave one last glance at Maximus before she employed her powers of persuasion upon the unsuspecting ladies.

Going up to the blonde, Skadi whispered a quick message into her ear. This caused the girl to blush and giggle, then Skadi indicated Maximus standing on the other side of the street. This time the brunette blushed. Both girls nodded and took a grasp of Skadi's hands.

Skadi moved slowly and seductively, finally reaching Maximus, with the two girls on either arm.

"Maximus my dear friend, these two young ladies have agreed to join us."
10-04-2004, 09:55
With a small smile that was misleading to the two girls, Maximus held his hand courteously to the brunette. His fangs were still hidden, to some extent.

"Come, I know a perfect place for us...I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?"

"Stephanie." the brunette giggled with a large smile, as she took Maximus's hand and followed him as he led her down the street arm in arm with her and into an alley.

Skadi would be following, with her attention upon her own prey...

"Oh," Maximus started, as he turned back to the girl, "How much do you like lips?"

Stephanie looked at him and grinned seductively, "Very much so..."

Maximus moved closer to her, bringing his mouth to hers, giving her a brief kiss before he moved his mouth to her neck. With his tongue he licked her throat, tasting the saltiness of her skin. His tongue found her artery, to which he immediately drew his tongue back, and suddenly bit deeply into her neck, immediately feeling the satisfying rush of blood and energy from the girl into his mouth. She grunted, then moaned as she struggled to fight him, but he held her tightly.

Soon enough, he had drained her dry, and he lifted his head finally, closing his eyes as he savored the delicious taste lingering upon his lips. He felt the warmness of the blood coursing through his veins, bringing much desired energy and strength to him at the same time...

Once satisfied, he sealed the wound on the brunette, looking down at her as he did so.

And if I hadn't been a vampire, I'd have dated her...
10-04-2004, 10:13
Skadi held onto the womans hand as she moved around the corner, into the alley. In an outburst of strength, Skadi pulled the woman into her, immdediately sinking her fangs into the bare neck of the woman. Using her mental abilities, she kept her calm as the vampire drew the sweet life essence out of the woman.

Within minutes it was over. Skadi lay against the brick wall, a look of satisfaction in her eyes as she dropped the body. She could feel the human blood within her, the rush of new energy. With a seductive smile, Skadi looked at Maximus.

"So my love, what are we to do with all this new energy?"
10-04-2004, 10:26
Maximus walked over to Skadi, pressing himself into her, bringing his face close to hers. With a matching smile, he licked the remainder of the blood off Skadi's chin and mouth, before looking into her eyes once again.

"Well, considering how we've only got one or two more hours left for tonight, what do you say we end our business and head back to the apartment, satisfy our other...urge?"

Maximus ran his fingers along Skadi's arm, which rose and fell slightly upon her muscles.

"Oh, and please, don't read into the brunette thing I was doing earlier. I was after all hungry..."
10-04-2004, 10:35
Skadi nodded as he chest began to heave with her faster breathing. She wrapped her arms around Maximus' waist and began to ascend into the sky.

"I think that is entirely in order. I won't hold the brunette against you, depending on how you perform......."

Skadi pulled her fledgling tighter as she took on speed. It wouldn't be long before they reached the privacy of Skadi's apartment.
10-04-2004, 10:45
As the two were on their way back to the apartment, Maximus took the time to scan the area around them, both visually and psychically. He was looking for anyone that would be giving too much interest in their passing-by. He didn't want another incident to happen, like what had happened with the mortal.

I'm not picking up any out of the ordinary readings, we should be getting our peace for the rest of the night...


The two landed upon the balcony once again, and quickly went inside, closing the doors and locking them. Maximus dropped his arsenal upon a nearby chair and turned back to Skadi with a sly grin upon his face he knew she could see, even in the dark.

How I perform? Well then, I hope you're ready to be shocked and amazed...

Maximus pulled her closer, kissing her gently as their hands worked to remove each others clothing, revealing the pale white skins of both, stunningly white, yet still beautiful in their own way...
The Golden Simatar
10-04-2004, 13:07
Kurt drove through the city making sure he knew every alley and street. Off in the horizon he saw an orange mist move across the heavans. Sun be coming up soon. Better go to bed. Kurt headed back for his apartment.

Kurt walked back into the apartment lobby and walked up to the landlady.
"Any messages?" He asked. Kurt looked over every contour of her body, he guess she was only about 29. "Doing this for your parents?"
"Ahh, no messages. Yes, my mum is in bad health and my da is not around most of the time."
"Thanks." As Kurt looked at her he heard a memory in his head.

"Please don't kill me."
"Shut up you little b*tch!"
"Please, no, no." There was a gunshot.

Kurt shook his head and walked up the stairs. The woman reminded him of one of the GSIP agents he had killed two years ago. Memories come back to haunt you. God, I'm getting to old for this stuff. After this, I'll stop working as a merc and start as a staff officer with the General.

OOC: Assington, I might be confused with "with only two hours left tonight" so if it's still night I can change it.
Wandering Argonians
10-04-2004, 22:15
An hour or so later, a dark shape entered the alley, slowly approaching what he thought was the body of a young woman... He was correct in assumption & his sensory readings, lured by the smell of death. The scent of blood hung heavily in the cool night air, released by a pair of small holes in the neck of the female. The strange hunter detected another scent, familiar in that it repulsed him, on the corpse... vampire.

The golden eyes narrowed in recognition... the scent was familiar, he detected two different 'shades' of the same vampiric smell, one male, one female.

'There will be good hunting here, they have become careless & comfortable in this nation, to leave a corpse in an alley... I sense many young ones, and a few old, perhaps a single anchient... Anger hangs in the air, humans hunt here as well, out of fear & hatred rather than atonement & tradition...'

OOC: Whiptail uses his primal senses often to detect things, such as explosives, gunpowder, or poison. As with all Argonian species & sub-species, he is immune to poisons.
Cousin Eddie
12-04-2004, 00:17
Man, my head

Will looked at his resucer. "I was hunt'n em, looks like my plan backfired a bit though,"He laughed, which made his head hurt all the more.

"Why did you save me?"

D'nokh looked at the man. He didnt look much like a vamp hunter.

"Killing vamps is not a game friend. You should be more careful. Dont take any chances. If you get an opportunity, take it."

The man looked a little shocked.

"Yeah, I was watching you. You shouldve fired. Those two are good, you wont get another chance like that. I didnt jump in to fight them when they were pestering you cos they had the advantage. Next time though, we'll take 'em."

He looked the guy in the eyes.

"it never hurts to have a pair of eyes watching your back friend. I saved you 'cos you seem like a guy who learns quickly. And you had better of learnt after tonight. Next time, you'll be dead.

Im not good at this frinedship bullsh*t. Maybe thatll come to us in time, whatever. But I hate vampires. And you and I have more chance killing them between us then we do alone. Plus we might have some tips to exchange."

He extended a grubby hand across the table, and opened his palm revealing a multitude of scars.

"What d'ya say?"
12-04-2004, 04:08
"What d'ya say?"

William looked at D'nokh and shook his hand with a grin on his face. "Im in. Besides, I'm not as good a hunter as you are. Vamps in Mikatopia don't live long, cuz of guys like me, its against the law to practice vampirism,they may only drink blood provided by the government."

Seeing that D'nokh didn't want a lesson in Mikatopian politics Will got down to the point.

"I'm looking for the vampire Hondur. Our sources have informed us that he is gathering the Assington covens to him. I was hunting those two vamps because i thought they might be trying to get to Hondur as well. The male, Maximus, has a grudge against Hondur, so i have a feeling that eventually the two will duke it out. I plan on finding the two and killing the winner."

He waited for D'nokh to gather it all in.

OOC:Assington, i was just wondering, when you say only older vamps can fly, how old are they when they gain that ability, just wondering.
12-04-2004, 07:46
OOC: About 500 yrs is old enough for flight.

Waiting for Valient to post........
12-04-2004, 08:02
Daniel and Alexander stepped into the garish setting. Daniel peered around in awe while Alexander just looked at Hondur.

"Please, gentlemen. Won't you sit down and make yourself comfortable?"

Alexander looked at Daniel and nodded. They went over to the room's chairs and sat. Hondur offered them a drink, but they refused. Alexander rarely mixed business with pleasure.

Hondur sat down and took a sip of his wine.

"So tell me, what has brought you to find me?"

"I am Alexander Kelsing, of the guild Hyraphore in Valient."

"I've heard of you."

"Good. In that case, you know that my reputation is sounds and solid. However, I am here to propose a... unification of the covens in Assington, and the manpower we hold in Valient. What do you say?"
12-04-2004, 08:16
Hondur pondered this situation. He knew the Hyraphore had helped in the battle that had distracted the AVO, resulting in his rescue. For that, he would seriously consider this proposition.

"This is an interesting proposition indeed. As you can see, I have done a reasonable job in unifying the scattered covens around the city. I don't exactly want to give up my hard work to the Hyraphore. But, I would like to consider the coven an ally. I'm sure we can come to an agreement that suits both our desires."

The last hours of night were up and the pair of vampires lay exhausted next to eachother. Skadi turned her head to the side and glanced at Maximus.

"You certainly did perform my love. It seems you won't recieve any punishment for the human after all. Enjoy your sleep."
The Golden Simatar
12-04-2004, 17:15
Kurt picked up the M16 and adjusted the sights. He was several miles outside of Emerald city in a small area half the size of a foot ball field flanked by several small ridges. He had woken up early and had contacted another arms dealer to send him more mags and M203 grenades. Kurt had a feeling a big fight would happen sometime, and he wished to be ready.

Kurt was bare chested showing his muscles and wore a dirty pair of kaki shorts. He sat on a small chair as he adjusted the sights and sucked on a beer. Behind him laying in the trunk of the car was his weapons all ready to be fired and sights adjusted. A tarp hung over the car, chair, and cooler making a nice little place for him to work. He walked over to the range he had set up and sent a burst at the target. Another notch and there. This time the bullets hit on target. Kurt walked back and attached the M203 grenade launcher and placed an emty gas can down range. The first grenade went too far to the left, the next still over to the left, the last perfect. He hoped noone would mind the explosions, it made better sense to come out here where he could safly fire the thing than at a normal range, plus it would look strange to have someone walk onto the range with a 40mm grenade launcher.
13-04-2004, 14:53
Maximus smiled slightly upon hearing Skadi's setence passed upon him. In response to her, he rolled over to his side and rested his arm upon her stomach, feeling her breathing slightly as he drifted off to sleep.

Tomorrow night would be a new night, and for a strange reason, Maximus was getting the feeling that it wasn't going to be an ordinary fight...

Several faces flash through Maximus's mind, and halts at one. Maximus studies the face for the hundreth time as he thinks silently to himself: will get your battle you so desire...

Sleep overtook Maximus before he could move on to the next face of his memories...
13-04-2004, 15:41
A ford falcon screeched to a stop just behind Kurt's setup. Garm stepped out of the driver's seat and made his way toward Kurt, watching as he tweaked his weapons.

"I've got a few things to tell you before you walk around blowing up this city......."
13-04-2004, 17:50
Alexander forced a smile to his lips. He knew that Hondur would not give up the covens so easily, and yet... he had hoped...

"An alliance. Yes... I'd like that very much, but I must consult with my associate before I agree to anything more certain."

Hondur stood up and nodded. "I understand wholeheartedly. Please, go for a walk. Clear the air, and when you have decided, come back and we'll talk in hard figures."

Alexander and Daniel took their leave of the fancy abode.

"What's wrong Alexander? Is an Alliance not what you wanted when you came to Assington?"

Alexander quickened his pace, forcing Daniel to walk faster.

"It was... but I'm realizing something here. Why settle for something less when you can have it all..."

The pair continued to walk down the street, away from Hondur and away from the proposed alliance.
Wandering Argonians
13-04-2004, 21:19
Whiptail left the corpse to the local authorities, whoever they where.
For the remainder of the night, he prowled the city, searching for clues to the location of the vampiric residents of the area. Deciding to lure them into the open, Whiptail entered a local bar, seating himself in a shadowy corner to observe the patrons. When a vampiric one was located, he would most likely shoot the individual, leaving their body for their own people to find, much as they had done with the young woman left to rot in the alley a few blocks away...
The Golden Simatar
13-04-2004, 21:28
Kurt had a tendency to shoot people moving up behind him in cars, luckly for Garm Kurt took the time to see who was driving before putting a 40mm grenade through the windshield. He smiled at Garm's comment as he lit one of his large cigars. He drew heavly savoring the sweet flavor before blowing out a large plum of smoke. I couldn't blow up this city with just a M203, possibly with a few well placed satchel charges on gas mains. Kurt thought.
"So what should I know before I go on the warpath?" He pulled a beer bottle out of the cooler. "Care for a beer?"
Cousin Eddie
14-04-2004, 00:02
"What d'ya say?"

William looked at D'nokh and shook his hand with a grin on his face. "Im in. Besides, I'm not as good a hunter as you are. Vamps in Mikatopia don't live long, cuz of guys like me, its against the law to practice vampirism,they may only drink blood provided by the government."

Seeing that D'nokh didn't want a lesson in Mikatopian politics Will got down to the point.

"I'm looking for the vampire Hondur. Our sources have informed us that he is gathering the Assington covens to him. I was hunting those two vamps because i thought they might be trying to get to Hondur as well. The male, Maximus, has a grudge against Hondur, so i have a feeling that eventually the two will duke it out. I plan on finding the two and killing the winner."

He waited for D'nokh to gather it all in.

D'nokh nodded in reply. He also stored away the information about Mikatopia. Despite his appearance, D'nokh never let a piece of information slip by.

"The problem with targetting individuals is that you end up missing the easy kills. If you stick aroudn friend you will discover one thing about me. I hate vampires. Hate most undead to be frank. You could say I kill indiscriminantly. However, if you believe that taking out these powerful ones is an advantage I'm willing to help."

He stood up and walked over to a fridge. He pulled out two beers and threw one to William.

"Sounds like a good plan. Let them fight it out. Only problem being it won't just be them two. The lady with the one that attacked you wont give him up easily. And she will have other powers too. A stubborn old bitch that one will be, trust me."

He opened his beer and sat back down.

"but if we follow carefully an opportunity will arise. They always do. If we kill any other vamos involved we can lower their group stats as well. Yes, sounds workable."

He drank deep, waiting to see a response from the other.
14-04-2004, 04:09
Will nodded at the new advice. "Ok, where do we start?"
14-04-2004, 11:48
Garm nodded in thanks as Kurt passed him a beer. Ripping open the cold drink and taking a quick sip, Garm began.

"Just a few details about the vamps. I assume you know how to kill them and what their weaknesses are. What you should keep in mind is not every vamp is a criminal. Those that are legal citezens carry I.D. badges and won't hesitate to show it if they are confronted by a VP officer or a hunter. So don't shoot without being sure of what you are shooting at. Also, there are reports of at least one ancient within the city, so watch yourself. Your initial payment has been transfered and I see all your weapons are in order. If you need any ammo or the like, feel free to visit our armoury."

Hondur watched as the pair departed. He still wasn't completely trustful of the vampire, yet he could see the alliance benefitting his coven. Especially when it came to worrying about the renegade human factions sill intent on vampire extermination. The sun would be rising quite soon. Either Alexander would return or he would seek shelter somewhere else.
The Golden Simatar
14-04-2004, 23:24
Kurt nodded. After a few drinks he was able to get some idea of vampires out of several citizens. He typed on a laptop to make sure the money had been transferred, his account was $75,000 larger.
"I heard that there are several human factions trying to wipe out vampires, what do I do if I meet them? Fire when Fired upon, or just let them be? Next, if I see a vampire feeding off a human I shoot them without asking questions and at any rate what do I do with a vamp's body after I've killed 'em?"
16-04-2004, 05:51
Garm got comfortable leaning against the car as Kurt asked several questions. He wasn't sure what is was, but he had taken a liking to Kurt, even if he was a suspiscious character.

"These human factions are just as illegal You're welcome to bring any of them in if you wish, but try not to kill them. I doubt they'll give you much trouble as they're mainly concerned with the vamps. Indeed, any feeding upon public is illegal, so you're well within your rights to open fire. As for the body, you can just give the VP a call and we'll send someone to deal with it. Any other questions?"

Garm pulled out a pen and paper and quickly scribbled the VP HQ number on the paper and handed it to Kurt.
Cousin Eddie
16-04-2004, 08:52
Will nodded at the new advice. "Ok, where do we start?"

D'nokh grinned. He downed the beer, screwed up the can and through it across the room. WHilst it was stil in mid ar he pulled out his pistol, split the can in two with a bullet, and returned it to its holster. The two pieces of can hit the floor.

"Lets go kill some vampires".
The Golden Simatar
16-04-2004, 11:01
Kurt looked at the number and put it in his pocket. Garm seemed okay to him, he was smart and seemed tough. Kurt trusted him somewhat but not completly, not until he saw if he was as good a soldier as he seemed a cop. He calmlly puffed on his cigar thinking.
"Na, I think that 'bout covers everything."
16-04-2004, 15:16
Will smiled a D'nokh's antics with the can, the guy was good, no doubts there.
Standing up he gathered his stuff and got ready to go.

Richard R. Plinkley, the hotel manager, was a rather homely man wearing a tuxedo. He wanted to look important for his potential customers, even though he was thousands of dollars in debt, plus his hotel was dirty and vermin-infested.

He looked in amazement as two men came out of the elvevator. The younger one tossed some money to the manager as the two left the hotel, carrying guns, knives, and gernades. Mr. Plinkley was nervous, he had heard of bad things happening in Assington lately. He would have to report these two dangerous fellows to the police...
16-04-2004, 15:57
Garm nodded as he finished his beer.

"Alright. Well I've got to get out of here. Some moron insists that vampires are living in his attic and has been hounding the VP for the last week about it. I think I'll blow his attic up, that will see the end of such complaints."

Garm nodded goodbye to Kurt before jumping back into his ford and sped off, a cloud of dust marking his trail.

Several men sat around a dark table loading their guns and sharpening blades as they prepared for their night on the street. This small gang went by the name of Vampbane.
The Golden Simatar
16-04-2004, 20:15
Kurt watched Garm drive away, since his weapons were ready he picked up his spent shells and drove back into town. He stopped at a gun store, walked in, and placed a large amount of powder on the desk, regular bullets, emty casings, and mags.
"I'll take this and do you carry silver shells?" Kurt asked. The man looked uneasy and moved his hand under the desk for a buzzer. Kurt noticed this and his tone became very icy with the bite of an Artic wind. "Before your hand reaches that buzzer or firearm you'll be lying against the wall in a crumpled heap."
The man moved his hand away. "Yes, I...I...ha....have just the bullets not in shells. Not a lot though, are you a hunter?" Without saying a word Kurt placed a wad of fifties on the counter. The man ran his fingers through it and placed the money in his pocket. "How much?"
Kurt smiled money has a way of making people change their mind. Besides he seemed happy to get rid of it. He brought out several boxs and Kurt was happy to see it fit the calibers he needed, though it would only load a few mags.
"Thank you. Here's another $1,500" Kurt took the silver ammo, powder, and mags and went back to his apartment. There he pulled out several reloading tools and began to ready himself for possibly heavy action.
17-04-2004, 03:39
Garm watched the sun setting from his office window. The vampires would be rising soon. This is when the trouble starts. He knew there were still plenty small gangs out there that would roam the streets in an effort to kill any vamps.

Checking that his weapons were ready, Garm decided he would go out on patrol tonight with a few of his best men and see what they could do.

Weapons cleverly hidden within jackets and bags, the 20 members of Vampbane moved out side, into the darkening streets, ready to spill the blood of the supernatural.
17-04-2004, 04:11
Mr. Plinkly ran to the phone. Picking it up he dialed the police.
"Hello, Emerald City Police, what is your emergency?"

"Hi, I am Robert Plinkly, and i would like to report two possible terrorists."

"Ok sir where are you calling from?"

"The Hotel on Madison"

"Ok, how long ago did you see the two suspects?"

"About five minutes ago..."

"Where were they headed sir?"

"Into the East side."

"Thank you sir."

Suddenly an officer burst into Garm's office, "Sir, two suspected terrorists have been spotted going towards the East Side. It is assumed they are vampire hunters, but niether matches any description of any registered hunters in Assington. We have already sent a armed force to bring them in sir."

Will heard the van before he saw it. The screeching of the tires sounded like a goat being force-fed hot coals. Seeing the Assington Police sympol on the van made him nervous. He couldn't get arrested, if the Assington government figured out who he was, it would be considered an act of war from Mikatopia, he knew how International politics worked.

"D'nokh, its the fuzz!!"
A Few Rich People
17-04-2004, 04:22
Kurgan, having barely escaped detection by the two men, had snuck down the side stairs and outside that way. Having found out very little except possible the name of two vamps (think they mentioned it) which didn't help him. Returning back to his apartment he fell asleep almost before he hit the bed.

Now it was twilight nearing the night, best time to find vamps he thought as he opened up the manilla folder containing his next mark. Looking at it he found it pretty standard stuff, except for one thing, alive! How am I supposed to bring this gal in alive! he raged in his mind.

I gotta see that guy, there is not a snowball's chance in hell I'm dragging any vamp in alive.
17-04-2004, 04:31
Maximus was the first to awaken, feeling hungry and tense for something to happen. He got up quietly and went to the bathroom, and stepped into the shower. He felt the cold water rush over his skin, but he wasn't chilled at all. Being a vampire did have its advantages...

As he was in the shower, he heard Skadi come in, and momentarily enter in the shower as well.

"Good to see you're awake."

"We've got a lot to do tonight Maximus."

Maximus grinned, "Good."

Ten minutes later, the two were dressed and finishing getting ready to leave. Maximus looked over to Skadi with a malicious grin on his face.

"Let's have some fun..."
17-04-2004, 04:55
Skadi nodded as she flicked her long black hair behind her shoulders. Armed and ready for the night, she opened the doors to her balcony and stepped outside.

"Indeed Max. I think things shall become very interesting tonight."

Returning the mischievous smile, Skadi jumped off her balcony and landed on the street below, ready to roam the streets of Emerald City.

Garm nodded as the officer informed him of the situation.

"Alright, I'll leave that problem in your capable hands. I'm going on vamp patrol."

Without another word, Garm grabbed his deagles and samurai sword and departed, ready for a night on the streets.

Hondur sat silently within his large office when one of his vamps burst through the main door.

"Hondur! There have been several reports of Vampbane roaming the streets tonight. They're out in a force of twenty, all armed."

The coven leader sighed as he heard the news. He knew what must be done.

"Gather a group 30 strong and we shall go deal with this."

The vampire nodded and departed to carry out his orders whilst Hondur gathered his weapons.
17-04-2004, 05:57
Maximus was close behind her, and momentarily beside her on the street. The two made their way down the street, their first goal being to feed. All the while Maximus could sense many active minds roaming the streets.

They're out in force tonight. Something's happening...or about to...

I know...

The two slowed behind a couple strolling the streets, keeping a slight distance, watching, waiting...

Suddenly, the two in front turned, flashing their vampiric fangs at them. The two older vampires didn't bother to give them a response, but darted forward and yanked them into an alley. They put up a struggle but were no match for Skadi and Maximus. Both younger vampires were quickly drained, and dumped into a dumpster.

Maximus licked his lips, enjoying the blood from the vampire. It was slightly richer than that of regular mortals.

Two less to worry about...

Skadi was still inspecting a sliver of skin she had torn from her victim.

There's a new coven around...

What?? Are you sure?

Yes, I'm familiar with all of them. This symbol is new. Which makes me wonder who the leader is...

Suddenly the two vampires were interrupted by a small mob of hunters at the entrance to the alley.

"Hello sh*theads..."

Maximus replied, "Hello looked bored..."

"Indeed we are you freak!" cried the leader as he rushed forward. He was met with Glamdring having a close interaction with his neck. One that had fatal results...

Skadi's sword had also come out and had already been bloodied, spilling the guts of several men in one large arc.

Four men remained. Maximus leapt upwards and landed in the middle of the men, barely waiting as they turned to face him. A hand reached back and drew a dagger and in conjunction with Glamdring, it was soon buried into the bodies of the men in quick succession. Moments later, Glamdring slid out from the skull of the last man as his corpse collapsed. Maximus was covered in their blood, but he didn't care. Skadi smiled at him wickedly.

You make it look like art, love.

I like to think of it as creative theater...these boys seem to understand the script perfectly...

Ha ha... you amuse me...

OOC: The hunters we just killed are NOT part of Vampbane or any other group...just random expendable hunters that chose the wrong party... :twisted:
17-04-2004, 06:06
Alexander and Daniel continued their walk down the street until the vampire stopped, cocked his head to the side, and leapt straight up the side of a nearby building. The DEO agent was forced to run after his companion by way of a fire escape.

"What's wrong, Alexander?"

The vampire did not reply with words. Instead, he looked across the plaza to a large group of people, wearing bulky jackets and carrying large bags.

"Who are they?"

"I do not know... but as a law enforcement officer yourself, perhaps you are in a position to find out..."


Moments later, for reasons uncomprehensible to him, Daniel found himself standing in front of the Vampblade assortment.

"Ahem... gentlemen. My name is Agent Daniel Able, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions..."
17-04-2004, 08:06
The leader of tha gang looked at Daniel suspisciously. He could tell the guy wasn't a vampire, yet he still didn't trust anyone that wasn't part of his anti-vamp gang.

"What do you want foreigner? Make it quick, for we have certain business to attend to."

The leader smiled as he mentioned said business. Several other members chuckled to themselves.

His men gathered around him, Garm inspected each and every one of them. 15 VP officers including himself should be enough to clean up the streets tonight, thought Garm as he went over the situation.

"Ok men. We know there is a new coven out there, there are also militia style gangs hunting these vamps, so you guys know what to do. Free for all tonight."

The men packed into a van whilst Garm jumped into the passenger seat.

"Let's go."

Hondur and a group of 30 large vampires departed the vampiric manor and moved into the streets of Emerald City. Many carried some sort of weapon whether it be a blade or gun. Hondur himself carried a samurai sword slung across his back, two desert eagles within his coat and several throwing stars hidden on his person.

The coven continued silently, the mere sight of so many vampires intimidating several mortal civillians as they moved through the steets. Hondur made his orders clear, mentally.

"Alright. Our goal is to get rid of this renegade human hunters. It seems that Vampbane is out in 20, but keep in mind it is entirely possible for other gangs to be out as well. Another possibility is the VP. They could turn up. Now we don't want to start a war with them, so try not to kill them. If necessary do it, but go for a disabling blow instead of a killing. Everyone understand?"

The warriors all replied positively without saying a word.

Skadi cleaned off her sword as Maximus cleaned himself up as well. She prefered to not get herself covered in her victims. Extending her senses, Skadi noticed the high amounts of activity in the streets. Something was definitely happening.

"Max, it seems we have activity towards the east. Perhaps we should intervene?"

Skadi smiled as he sheathed her blade and withdrew two berettas. Her still form was dorned in the usual black, skin tight shirt, black leather trench coat and black leather pants with comfortable black boots. All of which matched her hair and eyes yet was a deep contrast with her pale skin.
17-04-2004, 08:23
"Yes...let's do that. It'll be fun..." Maximus replied, grinning and revealing his fangs brightly.

He finished cleaning and sheathed Glamdring, pulling out his two Desert Eagles, fully loaded with maximum impact high exploding bullets, aka MIHEBs, a little conversion he had gotten created within a secret gun shop back in Tarlachia. They would prove deadly and/or quite painful to any unlucky targets...

"However, we should survey the scene first, before we do anything, just to make sure we don't get caught in a bad situation..."

Skadi nodded her acknowledgement of his suggestion and together the two took off once again down the street, a blur of movements. Moments later they had moved to travel by rooftop...
The Golden Simatar
17-04-2004, 12:20
OOC: This'll be my only post till about 3:30, I gotta work at the pool
The girl tired ot get the vampire off her.
"Get off me you bastard!" She screamed. The vampire didn't listen as he drew closer to her neck. Kurt leapted from his spot wielding a 1911 and Kukuri, which he had purchased a short while ago, leveled the pistol firing a single silver slug into the vampire's skull. In the same moment he cleaved off it's head with the crooked blade of the Kukri. The girl immediatly turned and ran out of the alley. Kurt called the VP for a cleanup crew and learned of sightings of two large groups of possibly armed people. Good

Pulling out the M16 w/203 he headed where they said the first group (Vampbane) was. Kurt's uniform looked like a standard issue military one, but his instead of greens his was shades of greys, blacks, andsubtle off whites. On his upper right arm where a unit emblem would be placed a black shield with a silver wolf was adorned there and a smaller one on the grey berea Kurt was wearing. He had made up his mind, if he was going to die in this stinkhole, he was going to die dressed like a Wolf.

Kurt checked his weapons, and with the M16 in battle position carefully began to make his way towards the position of the group.
17-04-2004, 21:11
Daniel glanced at the large group of men, and nodded while looking at their eyes. Doing anything else would be near-murder.

"I am investigating numerous vampire sightings here in this city. I have been... recruited to battle these creatures. Am I wrong in assuming that you are all doing the same?"
Cousin Eddie
17-04-2004, 23:36
Will heard the van before he saw it. The screeching of the tires sounded like a g0at being force-fed hot coals. Seeing the Assington Police sympol on the van made him nervous. He couldn't get arrested, if the Assington government figured out who he was, it would be considered an act of war from Mikatopia, he knew how International politics worked.

"D'nokh, its the fuzz!!"

(OOC: Nice touch. Not entirely sure what you need me to do though.)

D'Nokh looked at the approaching sirens.

"So? We're just guys carrying weapns. Look around, a lot of people do it." He looked at Will, who still seemed worried. He sighed. And gestured to Will. "Just let me talk."

The van stopped before the two men, and an officer jumped out. He looked at D'nokh and walked up to them.

"Thats a lot of hardware your carrying."

"These are dangerous times." D'nokh replied. "My friend and I are merely going about our business."

"And what would that be?"

"We are arms dealers. Thats why we carry so much. Its a small sample of what we offer."

The officer grunted. "Fine. But watch your step. Its easy to misinterpret your motives." Without a pause he reentered the van and drove off.

"Thats ok for you?" D'nokh asked Will
18-04-2004, 00:32
Will grinned at D'nokh. The man had saved his butt again.

Will suddenly noticed a group of vampires walking, all carrying weapons. These guys looked ready to rumble. Will looked at D'nokh and motioned to the vampires. D'nokh had already noticed them. Will did his best to outline his plan to D'nokh. Then the two prepared to ambush the Vampires. Will carried in his hand a shotgun. On the otherside of the street D'nokh hid behind a car, he was ready.

Suddenly Will could feel power from the leader. The vampire was strong, and determined. Too bad he had to die. Will got into postion and aimed at the leader of the group...
18-04-2004, 04:24
The leader of the group nodded at Daniel's assumption.

"Indeed we are here to rid our streets of such vile scum. Now if you will get out of our way, we have business to attend to."

Garm and his men recieved the lastest update on a vampire gang sighting. The van sped off in the direction, that also happened to be quite close to the sighted Vampbane gang.

Hondur paused. His supernatural hearing had picked up the soft treading of others nearby. Taking a few sniffs of the air, he identified them as humans. Silently communicating to his men, he warned them of a possible threat nearby. All men drew their weapons whilst Hondur leaped into the air and landed atop a nearby building, pistols drawn.

Using their mental senses, it wasn't long before Skadi and Maximus had detected the presence of many vampires and humans within the same general area. That was definitely worth investigating.

Landing upon a dark rooftop, Maximus and Skadi could hear the conversation between the Vampbane and Daniel. The talk of vampire hunting angered Skadi, but she kept herself in check.

"It seems we are about to witness a confrontation. Can you sense the other vampires nearby?"

Skadi withdrew her blade once again as she prefered it over any guns.
18-04-2004, 04:35
Maximus grinned to her in the dark, his fangs glinting slightly.

Yes...lots of them...young...and I sense a number of humans as well...

Maximus drew his own sword once again, peering slightly over the edge slightly as he looked to make sure the figures below weren't looking in his direction. They weren't. And they wouldn't see him moving quickly in a few moments.

Be right back, I'm going to scout the other groups...

Maximus leapt across the gap, quickly, silently landing upon the far rooftop. Slinking silently, he made his way across several more rooftops until he came upon the large central common that lay in the center of the city. What he suspected, was now confirmed. He sent the message to Skadi, carefully directed only to her. No one else would pick it up.

Tonight, blood shall run in the streets of Emerald...
18-04-2004, 04:52
Damn Will thought as Hondur noticed them. It was probably had something to do with this strange ablility Will seemed to have. He hopped up and fired three shots at the groups of vampires. 5 fell down dead.

Will dodged the shots as he ran down the street. He had to find thier leader. He saw a group of ten vamps heading for D'nokh. He tossed a gernade, which blew them back. Then he fired off a few more shots.

Looking behind him he saw the vampire leader on top of a building. He knew he couldn't kill him alone, but D'nokh was pinned down. So he ran up a fire escape.

Hondur was wacthing the battle between D'nokh and the vampires ,then suddenly he turned and smiled a smile that made Will's blood run cold.

The vampire pulled out his sword and attacked. Will responded by pulling out his own saber, blocking and attacking back. Suddenly the vamp faltered. Will grinned and kept on attacking more fiercly. Suddenly out of nowhere the vamp hit Will so hard his sword broke. The vamp smiled. Will should have realized after his expirence with Maximus not to let his guard down. It was the last thought that ran through his mind as the vamp kicked him in the chest , knocking him into a wall...
The Golden Simatar
18-04-2004, 04:59
Kurt heard low voices and crept in the alley which emptied into a plaza of some sort. He pulled out the SIG's night scope from his bag and observed a group of about twenty men and another conversing. Several of the group carried large bags and Kurt began to think of what could be in them. Light machine guns, more assault weapons, only a fool would fire a rocket at this range. Maybe some grenades. Need a better look. He silently climbed up a fire escape to a roof a store overlooking the plaza. Zooming in with scope the world was a bright green and Kurt was able to get some look into their coats. Assault Carbines, sub guns, heavy caliber pistols....

Kurt's photographic memory bank of weapon types from 155 field guns to .22 pistols began to pull up images, specs, and history of each weapon he saw. In terms of amount of lead they could spew, they had him beat. Kurt had several advantages: 1. High Ground 2. Higher quality of weapons 3. Military training and tough combat experience 4. Surprise.
He looked, sizing it all up his mind, going through dozens of attack plans, scrapping, modifing, and all the while listen for approaching persons. In all his years in the bush Kurt learned next to your rifle your ears are your best friend. His ears were tuned like radar picking up any abnormality. I'll shoot a grenade first, then work the 16 on 'em
18-04-2004, 05:18
Hondur smiled again as he watched the human slump to the ground. He wasn't unconscious, yet he was injured enough to not be getting up for a little while.

"Foolish human. You meddle with forces out of your league. Do not try me for I will not hesitate to kill you!"

Probing his mind, Hondur came across Will's deep dislike for vampiric kind. A devious grin crossed his face as he thought of a solution. Moving towards Will again, Hondur picked up with one arm and brought him up close.

"Tonight, you will be born again......."

The vampire plunged his razor sharp fangs into the bare skin of Will's neck. Will was powerless to stop Hondur as his blood was quickly sucked out of his body. Will could feel the life leaving him, he became cold as the the blood left him. Then it stopped. Hondur dropped Will back to the ground and pulled up his left sleeve.

Using the tip of his blade, Hondur sliced across his wrist, spilling his vampiric blood upon the ground. Before the wound could heal up, Hondur forced it upon Will's mouth whilst he held the human's head back.

"You have no choice, human."

The blood flowed down his throat, spreading throughout his body, kicking off the change. Wound healed, Hondur moved back once again and left Will standing there.

"I'll be back when you're done."

With those last words, Hondur jumped off the building to join the battle.

Hondur took one look at Will's companion and turned away.

"Come my brethren, we have other business to attend to. The death of Vampbane!"

Upon his command, all the vampires save for two charged towards the supposed location of Vampbane, only two blocks from here.

The two remaining vamps advanced upon D'nokh, weapons raised and ready to kill. It was obvious these two were experienced fighters and definitely had some age under their belt.

Skadi waits patiently for Maximus to return. Prepped and ready for the upcoming battle, the vampire continues to watch the gang and sense the incoming vampire gang. Things were about to get bloody.......
Wandering Argonians
18-04-2004, 05:20
Shots rang out in the distance as Whiptail exacted revenge for the life of the young woman in the alley. His victim lay on his back, several bullet holes in his clothing from where he had made the mistake of pulling a weapon on Whiptail at close range. The empty Berretta lay nearby, the slide back in the empty position.

A single wooden stake carved from Argonian Blackwood stuck out of his chest, the dark fibers drawing power from the blood of its victim. The flesh around the wood began to singe, the semi-magical blood of the young vampiric man enhancing the magical properties of the Blackwood itself. It would be an interesting trophy for whoever found the corpse. Whiptail left the body in the street, near a local vampiric hangout. Whiptail hoped to send a clear message by leaving the stake in the body, that there was something more dangerous than the occasional racist human prowling the darkness of the night...

OOC: The stake will burn any vamp who picks it up, much like a hot piece of iron.
18-04-2004, 05:24
Maximus returned back to Skadi, a look of desire for blood to be spilled clearly seen in his eyes.

Just say the word...

Maximus peered down at some of the hunters, and watched as they moved toward the common...

Bloody indeed...
The Golden Simatar
18-04-2004, 05:32
Kurt heard Hondur's cry and picking up the M16 moved to the side of the building facing the cry. He spotted a large group of vampires running brandishing knives and guns of sorts. AKSU-74, T33, Desert Eagle, HK MP5..... In the short time he saw them he had counted the number of them, thier potential firepower, and several plans. He opted for not firing till fired upon or an innocent human or legal vampire life was threatened. Christ, listen to yourself. What do you care about these citizens? You still get paid? You've killed kids before!

"Shut your damn kid up!" Kurt bellowed at the crying woman. She was craddling a 8 year old boy and several other kids huddled around her. He turned to leave and felt a bullet graze his shoulder, he turned around and sent a burst from his Uzi into the woman. Then, he sprayed the room, killing all the children. "Lil' bastards got what they deserved."

He shook the memory out of his head and waited.
18-04-2004, 05:39
Will couldn't believe this was happpening to him. As the blood ran into his body, he felt powerful. He felt an uncontrollable power within him. He lay there, eyes open, body utterly relaxed. His mind raced with his extended pshyic abilites.

I am complete.., he thought Whatever I want I may take, I can destroy those who oppose me.

Suddenly he fell asleep...dreaming of moving through the sky....


Shelly Jones heard Katie screaming from her room. Racing she saw the small girl rocking back and forth, hugging a teddy bear. Shelly gave Katie a hug, "It's ok, Grammy's here." Picking the girl up in her arms she began to sing.

Katie looked into her grandmothers eyes and said the words that would maek Shelly dispair for the rest of her days...

"Daddy's gone..."
18-04-2004, 06:13
Daniel stepped to the side and watched as the group of men walked by, some offering him dirty looks and an odd glare.

The vampbane were out of sight before Alexander walked out of the shadows to him.

"So what now, Alexander? Those guys could be trouble..."

Alexander cocked his head to the side, and then looked in a different direction. Soon, Daniel could hear the pounding of what seemed to be a great number of feet.

"Don't worry, Agent Able. I believe those... troublemakers will soon be taught a well-deserved lesson."
18-04-2004, 15:30
OOC: WA. No magic, and vamps are not killed by wooden stakes in this rp. Their bane is silver.

IC: Finally, Vampbane and the Children of Darkness stood facing off within the streets of Emerald. Both gangs stood silently as they glared at eachother, each branishing an asortment of weapons.

COD definitely had the numbers, yet it seemed VB had brought some heavy weaponry for compensation. Three men stood baring an RPG each. Tensions were high, and the slightest action would begin the slaughter. Hondur stood within the centre of his coven, ready for battle.

Skadi grinned as she witnessed the stand off. A wicked look crossed her face as she withdrew one of her pistols and aimed it at the unsuspecting leader of VB.

"Tell me Maximus, what do you think may happen if I were to shoot that man over there?"
The Golden Simatar
18-04-2004, 18:43
RPG! What kind of crazy a**hole is going to fire one of those here? Anti-personal isn't their use. Kurt pulled out the silenced Uzi, opened the buttstock and aimed at one of RPG carriers. He pulled back the charger handle carefully, loading a 9mm slug. He put it down and looked through his night scope and quickly identified a vampire gang and human gang. Christ, it's going to be another Hill 173. In his scans of the other roofs in the area he didn't spot Skadi though, his scope had passed over her several times. He had zoomed in on her once but dismissed it as a optical allusion due to the age of the scope. Kurt picked up the Uzi, wondering what was going to happen. One shot and this whole place goes to sh*t
18-04-2004, 18:51
Maximus grinned in response.

You do that, that'll be the shot heard 'round the world...

With that, he drew one of his guns as well. He knew that when Skadi fired, several would look their way. And those that did would die.

Well, let's start the fireworks... Maximus chuckled silently to Skadi.

Suddenly, he thought he saw him. His dark brother... His eyes searched again, but couldn't find him.

Must be my eyes playing tricks on me...
19-04-2004, 05:49
Alexander and Daniel made their way to a nearby rooftop. Alexander stood on the very edge of the ledge, his dark trenchcoat flowing in the wind.

Daniel looked down on the crowd. To him, it looked like a classic standoff, replete with heavies who looked to have itchy trigger fingers.

"So what do we do, Alexander?"

Alexander did not look at Daniel when replying.

"We let them fight, and whatever peices are left, we take. It's that simple..."
Cousin Eddie
19-04-2004, 08:53
D'nokh saw Will being dragged off by the lead vampire. sh*t

He blew the heads off the nearest two vampires and jumped over their corpses. Pulling his flame pistol, he kep others at bay as he swept towards WIll.

He rounded the corner and found Wil slumped against the wall, almost unconcious. oh no....

He touched Will's hand with the edge of his silver Katana blade. The skin burned. He shook Will to try and wake him.

"Will, what happened?"

(Check your Tgs)
20-04-2004, 08:57
Taking careful aim, as the man over about 20m from her position, Skadi did not want to mess this up. Cocking the pistol, Skadi held her breath and squeezed. The shot seemed to echo around the streets as the bullet travelled true, directly through the temple of the Vampbane leader. The man crumpled to the ground as the bullet passed through him, setting off the slaughter.

Possessing quicker reflexes, the vampires unleashed an onslaught of lead into the frontline of the Vampbane gang, downing 7 before the rest could take cover behind buildings or cars. The conven also spread out and the battle was underway.

Ducking back behind an AC unit, Skadi holstered her gun and unsheathed her sword.

"The deed is done. Shall we join the fun?"

Hondur immediately jumped onto another rooftop to find Alexander and Daniel looking down at the battle. Suspiscion immediately filled his mind yet the vampire had little time to worry about it. Withdrawing his twin deagles, the vampire unleashed four rounds into a human that had spotted him atop the building.

Another report came in over the truck radio informing the officers of gunshots being fired within the area the two gangs were supposedly spotted.

Garm turned back to his men as the broadcast finished.

"You heard that men. We may have a largescale battle here, be prepared for anything."
20-04-2004, 09:31
The sounds of battle could be heard, clearly carrying on the ngiht air.

Of course. Last one left alive gets the other a meal tomorrow night!

We'll see about that...

Maximus simply leapt off the rooftop, carrying Glamdring and the gun. He landed behind some of the Vampbane members, immediately calling their attention as he shot sevearal of them at point-blank range and decapitated the others.

"Whoo! Bring it on, vermin!" he cried out his battle cry.

A quick spin-about decaptiated yet another human rushing at him. A few vampires looked up at the sensing of a more powerful vampire in their presence. They hissed, but eventually charged straight at Maximus.

Moving quickly, Maximus eventually killed those that had charged at him, standing there moments later over the dead bodies, Glamdring dripping in blood. Maximus snarled at the bodies.

The Golden Simatar
20-04-2004, 10:55
Kurt was stunned by the carnage. Much worse than Hill 173 In all his years of battle he had never seen such hatred and brutality. One vampire was just cleaving his way through the ranks of BOTH groups. A bullet snapped by his head. Okay, time to open up. The 203 burpped and the greande exploded sending shrapnel into the air striking several humans and vampires. The last live RPG carrier tried to aim in Kurt's direction, a quick burst caught the man in the stomach and his rocket flew high as he crawled into a corner. Kurt kept firing 3 round burst and everyone who seemed to be looking at him. Several people didn't go down till he fired another grenade. As more shells snapped by him he climbed off the roof and moved his way through the alley to the opposite side of the plaza and took up position to cover the wounded RPG carrier. Though Kurt was a killer, he knew of this man's importance to get information.
Cousin Eddie
20-04-2004, 11:49
Hondur immediately jumped onto another rooftop to find Alexander and Daniel looking down at the battle. Suspiscion immediately filled his mind yet the vampire had little time to worry about it. Withdrawing his twin deagles, the vampire unleashed four rounds into a human that had spotted him atop the building.

(OOC: I presume this is me?)

D'nokh bent down to look into Wills eyes. Just as he did so bullets flew over his head and pierced the wall in front of him. If he had moved a second later...

Not wishing to test his luck again, he dropped Will back onto the roof and leapt against the wall from whence the bullets had came. He was now out of sight of whoever was above him. Sh*t...the lead vampire. D'nokh reholstered the two Katanas and drew his pistol. He reloaded it to give himself a full cartridge. One...two...three.

He leapt up into a backspin and landed on the roof above and behind him. He landed on his feet. Cartweeling on a 3D axis, he moved sideways and spun at the same time, putting him facing the vampire. He unleashed 4 shots towards the vampire, and drew his other pistol with his spare hand.

"You're gona pay arsehole." he cried preparing to dive out of the way of whatever the vampire was going to throw at him.
21-04-2004, 05:34
Alexander and Daniel turned around at the sound of the gunshots. Not exactly to their surprise, the battle had somehow found a way to make its way to them on the roof top: Hondur was shooting at a figure on an adjacent rooftop.

While Daniel leapt for cover and pulled his own desert eagles, Alexander calmly sauntered over to Hondur.

"So, Hondur. Is this the calibre of the vampires in your stable? I must admit I am not terribly impressed... Would you like some assistance?"

OOC: Sorry, Assington. Alexander is trying to make Hondur angry :twisted:
21-04-2004, 08:03
Hondur ignored Alexander as he didn't care for the taunts whilst he engaged the human drawing that was closeby to his soon-to-be fledgling. Drawing several throwing starts, Hondur unleashed the deadly blades and the burning lead from his deagle towards D'nokh.

Seconds before his attack, the human had released four rounds towards him. Using his vampiric speed and reflexes, Hondur merely leapt into the air, dodging the bullets.

"You meddle with forces beyond you human."

Skadi watched as the VP finally arrived. The battle was already well underway, yet things were about to get a whole los messier. The van skidded to a halt and unleashed a wave of heavily armed and armoured VP officers, Captain Garm leading the way.

Sword at the ready, Skadi jumped off the building and landed within the mass of officers. In an arcing move, Skadi capped three officers before the others could react. The sounds of weapons being cocked surrounded her, the officers ready to unleash. Kneeling within the middle of the officers, Skadi pushed off once again, launching herself high into the air and onto another rooftop, out of view.

Finally she noticed it. Her other fledling stood on the opposite rooftop, engaged in battle with a human.

Garm cursed as the vampire disappeared. He indicated for two men to follow her whilst he led the others into the battle. Katana in one hand, machine pistol in the other, Garm feld the adrenaline pumping through his body as he unleashed his first shots, catching a vampire in the neck whilst another slash severed the archilles tendon of a human gang member. The battle had just taken another twist.........
21-04-2004, 08:44
Maximus whipped the sword about once again, this time severing the arm of one human who had foolishly charged him. He grabbed the man before he knew what had happened, and instantly buried his fangs into the man's neck, draining him quickly. Maximus was about to launch into another attack on yet another foolish fighter who had charged when he suddenly heard Skadi curse telepathically. Through her, he felt him...

Growling, Maximus simply hammered a punch to the man's chest, cracking his ribs and causing him to fall backwards upon the ground clutching his chest. Moments later, another vampire stabbed him to death.

He's mine Skadi...if you'll let me...

Maximus fought his way to the nearest building and began to scale its wall with ease, landing atop the roof and looking for Skadi. Moments later he stood by her, watching his brother vampire with disdain...
21-04-2004, 08:56
Skadi didn't take her eyes off her first fledgling, Hondur. Skadi sighed, she knew this was a distinct possibility upon returning to Assington.

"I assume you two still have things to work out, yet wait for him to be done with this human."

Skadi still held her blade, covered in the blood of the VP officers she had recently attacked.

"I'll take care of the two officers about to join us."

The VP forces plowed into the battle, blades and guns drawn, these humans had been specially trained for years to combat vampires. They were good at their job, even if they were outnumbered.
Cousin Eddie
21-04-2004, 10:34
D'nokh knew he was in trouble. But he had been in trouble before. It gave his life meaning. It gave him a purpose.

"I've taken out bigger fish then you before." he replied to the taunt. The adrenaline began to pound through his body as he saw the vampire raise his weapon and reach inside his coat for something.

Unleashing five more shots form his pistol, D'nokh switched weapons and drew his two silver Katanas. They glinted in the artificial light of the human world around him. They could taste the kill. With an action perfected by years of hard combat, D'nokh spun the blades in front of him and deflected the throwing darts. One made it through, but simply tore a chunk out of the shoulder pad on his jacket. He grinned to himself; he still had the knack.

The bullets were a different matter though. D'nokh dived to his left and rolled smoothly behind a chimney stack as the bullets shreaded the air around him. As he landed he cut his forearm with his own sword. F*ck But the pain was nothing compared to the excitement of the hunt.

He peered around the stack. There were two more vampires on the roof. Something was not entirely comfortable between them. Good. If they weren't united it increased his chance of survival. One was trying to engage the vampire that was attacking him in conversation, whilst the other had drawn his own pistols and was crouching behind a roof shaft.

He returned the Katanas to their sheath's on his back, and redrew the pistol.One...two...three D'nokh peered around the chimney and fired the remaining seven bullets at the two vampires talking on the roof, whilst keeping an eye on the other vampire crouching behind the roof stack. With the final bullet fired, he pulled back behind the stack and reloaded the gun.

Come'on God. Give me an opening. he grsped the burning cross around his neck in a silent prayer.

(OOC: Tarlachia. Check your TGs.)
21-04-2004, 10:55
Kurt turned to see a vampire massacring the VP. As he brought the M16 the his shoulder a vampire nearly lobbed his head off. Kurt pulled out his Wolf knife and revoler. The vampire jumped and Kurt fired, the eruption was followed by a blinding flash as Kurt saw the distorted face of his attacker from the pain. He slammed the silver wolf head on the vamp's forehead sending it screaming before he picked up the M16 and shot it. He placed a fresh silver magazine into the gun and aimed at the vampire's back. It's a woman. Most people would have delayed for shooting a woman but Kurt pulled the trigger, sending a crisp 3 round burst at her.

OOC: EDIT This is Golden Simatar. For some reason my computer sometimes refuses to log me in so this is my secondary nation for those curcumstances. I hope I didn't cause any confusion.
22-04-2004, 00:34
Alexander smirked to himself as Hondur ignored his jab against his vampires. He turned away from the gun battle and looked once again at the battle below.

Daniel peeked his head out from behind his make-shift cover.

"I think the police are here..." said Daniel.

Alexander nodded, and scnned the huge melee. He was looking for one officer, and one officer only.

Suddenly he leapt off the rooftop.


Alexander did not look back to Daniel, instead choosing to wade into the scrum of humans and vampires.

Alexander withdrew his Upir and cut a swath through the bodies to his goal.

"Ahhh, the famous Captain Garm... you know, you look a lot like your grandfather..."
22-04-2004, 07:35
Garm spun around as he heard his name mentioned, then his grandfather. Covering in blood, human and vampiric alike, Garm faced the man behind the voice. He immediately recognised the guy to be a vamp, and he must be one of age if he knew his grandfather. Staring at the vamp curiously, Garm scowled.

"What do you know about my grandfather?"

Hondur hit the roof again and immediately rolled to the side as another barrage of bullets came flying his way. Now that the human was reloading, Hondur withdrew his other deagle and unleashed both rounds at the chimney, shooting the brick construction to pieces. A few more shots and the human wouldn't have any more cover......

The two VP officers shot up the fire escape ladder until they reached the roof. Upon inspection, there was one figure standing at the other side, yet no sign of the female vampire. The officers slowly preceeded, until a lone figure stepped out of the shadows and into their path.

"And where do you think you're going boys?"

The officers had little time to react as Skadi grabbed one by the throat and launched him off the building, into the battle below. The other unleashed a volley of bullets. but she was gone. The officer looked around but found nothing. Then the cold breath upon the back of his neck. Before he could spin around, the human tasted the stinging touch of cold steel through the neck.
22-04-2004, 08:08
Maximus finally had enough with waiting. Drawing Glamdring, he sensed two humans coming up onto the rooftop. Yet, Skadi was nearby too. And soon enough, she had attacked them..

Maximus looked back to see her finishing off the second one, then turned back to Hondur. The wind swirled about, to which Maximus raised his voice so he was heard loud and clear. He set into position, ready to attack or defend as necessary.

"Oh Hondur..."
22-04-2004, 08:14
Hondur's ears recognised that voice the second they picked it up. Snapping his head upright to view the source, Hondur came upon the sight of his nemesis, Maximus. Dropping both empty deagles, Hondur withdrew his own blade, similar to that of Skadi's.

All attention now upon Maximus, Hondur stood at the edge of the building, his psychic rage building up as he looked upon his vampiric brother. Alert and ready, Hondur allowed Maximus to make the first move, whilst he kept an eye out for the human.
22-04-2004, 08:23
Maximus snarled at Hondur, baring his fangs at him, only to recieve the same response. Maximus could sense Hondur's increasing psychic strength, and quickly brought his up to match.

Maximus suddenly turned and yanked down his pants, and mooned Hondur. Pulling them back up, he turned back to him with an evil grin upon his face. If anything, Hondur had just been offended, insulted...

"Come...let me remind you what it is like to lose under my hands once again, brother..."
22-04-2004, 08:42
Hondur had learned much over the years since they had last met. He would not let the petty taunts of his brother. Withdrawing several more throwing stars, Hondur grinned.

"Brother, I didn't quite catch that. Do it again and I'll be sure to pay attention this time....."

The stars and his blade gleamed in the moonlight as Hondur stood motionless, considering his methods of attack. One way or another, Maximus would feel his wrath.
The Golden Simatar
22-04-2004, 11:03
The Golden Simatar
22-04-2004, 11:08
Kurt smiled as he saw the VP enter the fray. He had little time to think till he was assailed by a vampire and a human, both seemed to put aside their differences to kill him. The vampire leapt at Kurt and he fell back rolling it off of him before stabbing the Wolf knife into it's throat. Blood gushed out covering his hand and knife, the vampire cunvosled till Kurt put a shell through it's head. Calmly cleaning off the blood he turned back to the man. Kurt charged and decked him, and was immediatly upon him on the ground twisting his head. The man tried desperatly to get Kurt off, but Kurt twisted harder and heard the satsifing snap of his neck. God, I love hand to hand combat. Too close for firearms he put the Kukuri in his right hand and his Wolf knife in his left and jumped into the mass of bodies.
Cousin Eddie
22-04-2004, 11:50
The chimney behind him crubled down to nothing. D'nokh breathed in deep and awaited the swing of death.

It didn't come.

He slowly stoop up; pistol outstretched. A new vampire was on the roof. Two in fact. The ones that had attacked WIll earlier. Swords had been drawn, and they were squaring up to each other.

D'nokh put away his gun. he hated vampires yes, but was not going to dishonour himself by attacking duelling men with pistols. He drew his two silver katanas, and walked slowly towards the duel.
22-04-2004, 19:29
Alexander looked at Garm and cocked his head.

"What? You mean noone told you how your predecessor met his end?"

Alexander twirled his Upir in a wide arc.

"Let me give you a hint, Captain... this is the sword by which he met his death..."
23-04-2004, 00:53
Maximus nodded appreciatively, keeping his eyes upon Hondur.

"I never repeat myself, Hondur. You should know that. Now come, show me what you've learned from my lessons one hundred years ago!"

Maximus twirled Glamdring about and drew one of his Elven daggers out as well. He turned sideways, making his body a smaller target for those stars that Hondur would undoubtedly send his way if he wanted. Hell, he would send them, otherwise, taking them out would have served no purpose.

Maximus glanced out of the side of his eye at the ensuing fighting that was bloodying the streets of Emerald City once again. The smell of spilled blood hung thickly in the air, invigorating his every sense as he turned his eyes back to Hondur.

"I've got an idea...let's show them how to really fight eh?"

Maximus laughed as he ran and dove off the rooftop, flying outwards from his momentum and spinning in the air, landing in the middle of the fray. His blades swung out and killed some of the beings around him, killing them effectively. Moments later, he sensed Hondur land several feet away.

Let's clean these amateurs out of here... Maximus spoke telepathically to Hondur, who simply nodded in return.

Maximus and Hondur released their psychic energies they had been building up, the waves waves instantly penetrating even the thickest of minds and demanding attention from all. All around them, every fighter ceased their fighting, and stared toward the sources of the disruption.

They could see that a monumental battle was about to begin...

OOC: Hey guys, Assington and I were planning to have all of you just literally stop your fighting and watch and "learn", so to, if you don't mind, please comply...
The Golden Simatar
23-04-2004, 02:10
OOC: Don't mind.

Kurt was about to plunge his knife into a man's chest when two vampires landed in the middle of the fray. The man got up and ran for his dear life out of the plaza when he saw them. All around him the carnage stopped as some appeared to be frightened of the two vamps. Kurt camly lite a cigar and puffed as he calmly strolled forward. He pulled it out of his mouth and spoke in a deep resonating tone, with no fear in his eyes, voice, or self.
"Who are you who command enough presance to stop a bloodbath?"
23-04-2004, 02:28
His eyes snapped open. He felt the power running through his veins. Thoughts ran through his mind. His life, his feelings, his name...

His name..

He had been called William Jonathon Jones. But no matter how hard he thought himself to be that man, it just didn't fit, like two pieces from different puzzles. He felt his true name rising in his chest...

Phobos.. a name that fit. It was the Greek word for fear... Well, he WOULD be feared. But he was not stupid, he was not powerful, yet.

Suddenly he felt a burst of hatred. Standing up, he looked over the edge of the rooftop. Looking over at another rooftop, he saw his sire and Maximus preparing to do battle.

He felt no love for Hondur, only contempt. The fool was weak, and so was Maximus. Maybe not in body, but in spirit. Both of them hungered for thier sire, they needed her. Phobos had no spiritual need for Hondur. He grinned as Maximus mooned his enemy, this fight would be very interesting.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, it struck. Hunger. Phobos had never known true hunger until now. He had to feed. Looking down below him he saw a battle going on between two opposing forces. He had no care as to who they were.

He climbed quietly down the fire escape and behind one female trooper. He could smell her sweetness. She was a very attractive blonde. Grinning, he instintively used his newfound psychic abilites to draw her close to him. She was in a stupifed state when he bit her neck. He drank all of the blood from her body and then threw her away. After he was done, he noticed the two combantants preparing for battle. Phobos felt his neck, where both the scars from Maximus and Hondur still lay on his skin. Those scars would remind him of his prior weakness. He would never be weak again...

His eyes began to glow red as the hatred burned through him. he hoped one of the two vampires died, horribly.

OOC:Whew, sry i havnt posted in a while
23-04-2004, 08:13
OOC: Mikatopia, Hondur is your sire, not Maximus. I don't recall Maximus biting you.

IC:Garm's eyes widened in shock as he realised what the vampire was talking about. This was the guy that had killed his grandfather so many years ago in the biggest vampire battle in Assington history. Before he could say anything, the Captain's attention was drawn to two more vamps standing in the street, facing off.

Skadi sat herself down atop the building, watching Hondur and Maximus as their power caught the attention of all others in the surrounding area. Calmly waiting for the battle to commence, the glimpse of another vampiric presence crossed her mind. This one was a newborn, extremely recent.

Descending through the air, Skadi landed slightly behind the newborn. Not saying a word, she communicated to Phobos

"So, you're his new fledgling. A strange choice indeed......."

Hondur ignored Kurt as he unleashed his 3 death stars at Maximus as he engaged in a charge toward his brother. This time he was far more wary of Maximus, and was in possession of mortal combat skills himself. Much had changed over the past 100 years.

Able to hold his own in a physical fight, Hondur knew that Maximus would still be a better swordsman, yet he wouldn't be able to win so easily. Hondur's advantage stood in their vampiric nature. Maximus was 25 years his junior, which meant Hondur was stronger, faster and more mentally adept.

Continuing his charge, Hondur used the force of his speed to step into a lunge, forcing his blade toward Maximus' face at incredible speeds.
Cousin Eddie
23-04-2004, 08:43
D'nokh felt the psychic pull and moved towards the edge of the roof. He stood and watched as the two vampires eliminated the others around them and prepared the ground for their duel.

It suddenyl struck him that he was silhouetted out on the rooftop, not a safe place to be.

He moved back to the rooftop where he had left Will to collect the body and climb down. But Will was not there. D'nokh saw him below, next to the corpse of a woman and standing with a much older vampire. The rage began to grow within D'nokh. A man, right under his nose, had been turned into one of the abominations. He growled, and jumped down behind the two vampires.

He landed with a gentle thud, but enough of a noise to grab their attention.

"Are you the bitch that did this to him?" He asked of the woman.
23-04-2004, 09:03
Maximus instantly deflected the death stars hurtling at him with relative ease, using both his weapons in his hands to do so. Moments later, Hondur followed through with a lightning attack thrust toward Maximus's face.

A continuation of his movements deflected this shot safely away, to which Maximus held away with his dagger, and moved the sword quickly to slice upon Hondur's face, leaving a wicked slash down across his face. And yet, it seemed that Maximus was keeping him alive purposely...

All for the thrill of combat...

"You have gotten better, I'll give you that... This shall prove to be a good battle, brother!"

With that, Maximus quickly swept his foot into Hondur's own, hoping to catch him off balance...
23-04-2004, 13:12
OOC:Assington, i know Maximus didnt bite me, but he did cut my charater with a knife....

IC: Looking at Skadi, Phobos was taken by her beauty. But he was above such childish mortal affections now. "Indeed, I am strange," he "said". He winked at Skadi when suddenly D'nokh jumped down.

"Are you the bitch that did this to him?" he asked Skadi.

"No, no, my friend, indeed she is not the bitch." Phobos said calmly. He grinned, showing off his new fangs. "Dont worry, my mortal friend, soon you and I will battle, but we must be patinent."He motioned to the battling vampires and held a finger to his lips. The he winked at D'nokh and turned to watch the battle of the two beings he hated most.
23-04-2004, 15:32
Skadi nodded but remained silent as Phobos explained the situation. It would be interesting to see how her two fledglings would fair against eachother.

Blade still in her hand, Skadi remained ever vigilant, prepared for any attack by the human on the newborn vampire.

As Maximus brought his leg toward his own, Hondur sprung backward and rolled into a full backflip. As he did so, his blade was brought upwards in an uppercutting motion, direction towards Maximus' chin.

Upon his landing, Hondur withdrew yet again, more death stars. It was pretty obvious that Maximus' could deflect such attacks, and yet he persisted. Crouched and ready to spring, Hondur quickly examined the results of his uppercut
23-04-2004, 16:46
Feeling the slight burn of the slice upon his own chin only made Maximus more focused, more determined. He paused momentarily to smile wickedly and lick his chin, tasting his own blood. Maximus's eyes suddenly went cold with no emotion.

The eyes of a killer...

Keeping his eyes upon the stars held in Hondur's hand, he directed himself to dart past Hondur, swinging his blades in two places upon Hondur's body, one for his side, close to his kidney and the other to his hand, to strike down the stars and leave a nasty present in return. As Maximus went past Hondur, he turned in the same movement, and slid upon his feet to a stop, merely a few feet from Hondur...
The Golden Simatar
23-04-2004, 19:48
Kurt watched the two vampires jump and slash at each other. Both were quite good. One kept throwing stars at the other, the one throwing the stars Kurt decided he wasn't as good with a blade as his adversary. Still puffing on the cigar he camly sat on a bench with the M16 across his lap and watched. Sizing each of them up, looking at their style for furture refrence. He took the time to look at the others in the plaza, all focused on the fight. Each carried a sword of some kind.

Swords, throwbacks to the middle ages. Useless on the battlefield since the firearm was created. Only use they have are for cerimonies. I'd rather have a 16 or 36 any day. Though Kurt carried a knife he considered it a secondary weapon to a pistol or machine pistol in hand to hand combat. Three figures in the alley across from him caught his eye. He kept his right eye focused on the group in the alley and one on the vampire duel.
23-04-2004, 23:29
Phobos sensed Skadi's fear. Looking at her straight in the eyes he "spoke"

"The human still feels that I am still the friend that he knew. His pathetic human emotions keep him from killing me outright. Relax my dear Skadi, and watch the death of one of your beloved children..." He motioned to the fight.

Grinning, he turned to watch the fight some more...
24-04-2004, 00:34
Alexander noticed that most of the action stopped. HE looked to where everyone was staring at and blinked: Maximus and Hondur were battling in the centre of the crowd.

Alexander turned back to the Captain and hissed.

"We will meet again, Captain. We shall... discuss your lineage to a greater length..."

With that, Alexander dissapeared into the throng...
24-04-2004, 01:28
Maximus and Hondur were battling atop the roof.

OOC: We're not on any rooftop now, we've actually landed in the middle of the commons, and basically pushed everyone away with psychic bursts so we could fight... And Valient...that wasn't a bashing on you, it was more of a reminder to all exactly where the two vampires are fighting...
Wandering Argonians
24-04-2004, 06:07
Atop a rooftop above the gristly battle scene stood a motionless figure, clad in black...

'Such needless death... Softskins never have been diplomatic, always quick to attack those who don't see eye-to-eye with their views...'

Whiptail seated himself apon an AC unit to watch the duel below. One would leave alive, and if he knew Maximus, it would be him.

As an afterthought, Whiptail unhooked his R93 from his back, screwing the barrel into place. Slowly, he drew the bolt back, letting the moonlight bless the silver .308 fragmentary round before he closed it again, snapping the bolt into place with a definitive click. His prediction would come to pass, even if he did have to nudge it a little...
24-04-2004, 09:09
Garm swore as Alexander disappeared. The few survivors of the battle had all stopped to watch the battle between the two feuding vamps, this provided the distraction he needed. Slowly withdrawing his radio, Garm signalled for backup.

"This is Captain Garm. I am in the presence of several armed illegal hunters and vampires and am in need of assistance. My GPS beacon is activated, please send all possible backup."

Garm recieved confirmation and grinned, this was his turf, and he wasn't about to let it go to hell without a fight.

Skadi smiled, this newborn was definitely cocky.

"My guard is always up young one. None can be trusted in these times, remember that."

Hondur lept back in return to Maximus' lunge. He managed to pull his hand free of the attack, yet he recieved a slash to the side for his trouble. His face remained expressionless as the blade split his flesh, drawing his precious blood.

Unleash his stars yet again, three more sharpened, silver blades flew towards Maximus. Two of the blades went direct past his head, whilst the third flew true, straight towards his eyes. With relative ease, Maximus deflected the single star and made a baiting comment toward Hondur.

The elder vampire merely smiled as he watched the remaining two stars hault in midair, then reverse their path, heading directly for Maximus' back. Hondur enjoyed the look of surprise as Maximus felt the silver stars plunge into his shoulder blades, burrying themselves deep with the force of Hondur's mind behind them.

"It seems you have underestimated me, brother."
24-04-2004, 09:26
Maximus only grimaced as the stars plunged into his shoulders, eventually halted by his shoulderl blades. With a snarl at Hondur, he interuppted the telekenetic grip he had upon the blades and used his own to extract them. Pain could be flet as they moved once again, but Maximus paid little attention...

"So this is how you play now? No honor...very well then, you have forced me to get nasty as well..."

The stars secretly slipped out of his backside and shot away from them, soon released by Maximus as they shot toward Garm unintentionally. One severed his radio, the other flew into his arm.

Maximus's eyes could been seen as they changed from their dark black orbs to crimson as he focus upon Hondur. Suddenly, a terrific lash of telekinetic energy, Hondur was sent flying backwards, helpless as he careened into a concrete wall. So great was the force that Hondur was sent through the wall, leaving a gaping hole where he had entered.

Maximus faced the entrance, waiting, allowing Hondur a chance to recover. Glamdring was held to the side in one hand, the Elven dagger in the other. His blood boiled, yet he was overall, calm.
24-04-2004, 09:42
Garm couldn't help but grunt in pain as the throwing star was embedded into his arm, burrying itself deep into his flesh. Cursing the vampires, he resumed his radio message when he noticed the star sticking into that as well.

"Bastards! They'll pay for this."

Garm slowly moved away from the group, heading to a nearby ladder, leading to yet another rooftop.

Hondur had no time to react as he was sent bursting through the stone wall of the old building. He felt his ribs snap as contact was made with the wall, causing pain to errupt all over his chest. Yet it was of little consequence, they would heal within time and the pain was bearable.

Getting to his feet, Hondur moved into the shadows, away from Maximus' view. Gathering his psychic energy, Hondur released his intentions with the power to back them up.

Max was caught by surprise when a large segment of stone wall next to him broke off the building and sped toward him, collecting him on its journey. Seconds later, Maximus was pinned against the hard wall of the opposite building, the stone segment crushing him against the other wall. Hondur could be seen emerging from the other building, he directed the stone to apply more pressue to Max's head in an attempt to hinder his psychic abilities.

Bones could be heard breaking as the wall began to crack behind Maximus, the pressure continued to increase.
24-04-2004, 10:02
Maximus grunted in anger as he was pinned. The pressure upon his head was distracting, but it wasn't enough to force Maximus to give in. Quickly, he managed to gather enough energy to implode the wall behind him, releasing the pressure as Maximus allowed himself to fall to the ground, which also permitted the controlled wall to rush merely inches over his body as it colllided with the far wall and broke into pieces.

Getting up, and shaking the dust off, he glared from the depths of the building, completely hidden in the shadows as Hondur struggled to find him.

Then, he was gone. Just...gone.

With a confused look upon his face, Hondur warily approached the gaping wall. He stepped through, carefully, yet quickly searching for Maximus.

"Looking for something? Maybe I can help!" Maximus said quietly from behind him. Hondur bolted around, only to be shocked at staring at nothing, except the building around him.

A finger tapped on his shoulder. Hondur whirled about again. With a growl, he whipped about again, drawing his sword once more as he frantically searched for his vampiric brother.

"Yoo hoo! Up here..."

Hondur looked up, only to recieve a double boot to the face, sending him sprawling into the ground. Maximus continued his descent and buried Glamdring into Hondur's stomach with a sadistic smile upon his face. He enjoyed the shock upon Hondur's face as he wrenched the sword about some more. His one foot was clamped down tightly upon Hondur's sword arm, preventing him from using the arm and the sword.
24-04-2004, 10:20
Hondur was now in trouble. Pinned the the ground, his sword arm useless, and his other hand bore no weapon. The burn of the silver blade combined with the wrenching caused Hondur to grimace in pain. He must give credit to Maximus, he was a worthy opponent.

Gathering his mental and physical strength, Hondur extended his mind and heaved. His body ran up the length of the sword, moving right up to the hilt. Hondur dropped his own blade as his arm was yanked free. Holding himself in position with his mental will, Hondur withdrew two more stars with lightning speed and wedged one into Maximus' throat the other directly between his eyes.

The blades sunk deep as the silver burned Maximus' flesh, effectively distracting him. Back on the ground, Hondur contorted in pain. He had attacked his opponent with success, yet at a cost for himself. Maximus stumbled back against a wall as blood spewed out of his neck whilst the other wound allowed blood to trickle over his eyes. Slowly removing the sword, Hondur could do little but wait for the wound to heal enough for him to resume the battle.

As Garm got to the rooftop he noticed a figure sitting upon an AC unit, dressed entirely in black. He wasn't quite sure who it was, so he kept silent as he withdrew a pistol.
The Golden Simatar
24-04-2004, 13:24
Kurt was enjoying the fight. Both of them were VERY good and didn't mind fighting dirty. But Kurt was also pissed at the vamp who was throwing the stars. One had driven into his cigar and stopped short of entering his mouth. His Havana cigar was cut in two. He threw it on the ground and pocketted the star. He lite another one and continued to watch. He had expected the one who sort of actted childish by yelling "Yoo hoo" would win quickly. Now it seemed that only the sun would stop it. That was just fine with Kurt. He sent a large smoke ring into the air.
24-04-2004, 16:13
Working quickly, Maximus drew out the stars, despite the pain they gave his face. Blood poured from his wounds, but soon enough, the wounds began to seal off the loss and recuperate.

Maximus raised his eyes to Hondur once again, this time with them blazingly red, almost as if fire had replaced them. Now he was pissed. Hondur had pulled the last straw...

What was that smell?

Maximus wiped the blood from his eyes, his face now looking as though he wore a crimson mask. He looked around, then noticed where the two had entered into.

A outdoors shop...

Maximus spied the cans of gasoline in the corner, secured by an iron fence. Glancing back at Hondur, he noticed him still struggling to remove the sword from his torso. Moving quickly he smashed open the fence, grabbed a can, then grabbed a liquid lighter from the counter and walked back to Hondur. He reached for the hilt of Glamdring, yanked it out but also upwards a bit, to cause more damage to Hondur, then sheathed the weapon. An afterthought caused him to picked up Hondur's own sword and hold onto it. He moved with vampiric speed as he tossed gasoline onto Hondur, who still lay upon the ground in agony over his wound, then trailed the fuel toward the other gas tanks. He finished this by moving outdoor and away from the store.

You pissed me off for the last time Hondur...

Maximus lit the fuel trail, then tossed the lighter into the shop and turned away...

His eyes glared into the eyes of the many who stood before him in surprise. A number backed away, they didn't want anything to do with him...

The explosion rocked the building behind Maximus, sending heat waves in every direction. And standing in the midst of the heat waves, stood Maximus, holding both Glamdring and Hondur's sword, as he let out a terrifying growl with a sickening smile to match...
24-04-2004, 17:31
Phobos smiled as Maximus lit the match. He would enjoy watching Hondur burn. The vampire had no doubt made his life better, but still, he was glad the bastard was dead.

Looking to D'nokh he smiled,"Are you ready to rumble?"

OOC:im assuming Maximus and Hondur are done....
Cousin Eddie: check your TGs
25-04-2004, 00:21
Daniel watched with wide eyes as Maximus stood triumphant.

Alexander appeared beside him and smirked.

"Looks like the better man won. I always knew Maximus had it in him...

A pity about Hondur. Looks like I will have to... take care of his covens in his stead."
Wandering Argonians
25-04-2004, 04:43
Whiptail picked up a new scent in the cool night air, heavy with sweat & the distinct odor of gunpowder...

"Your footfalls are heavy, softskin... You reek of battle..."

Whiptail kept his back to the newcomer, resting the sniper rifle across his lap.
25-04-2004, 11:27
Garm silently swore as the foreigner spoke. He could tell by the accent this guy wasn't from around Assington, or anywhere nearby. The stranger didn't make any hostile movements, so Garm lowered his pistol and moved toward the AC unit.

"I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind?"

Hondur's eyes went wide in shock as he realised what Maximus was doing. He couldn't believe the fool what do something so stupid. The blast would surely kill Hondur, yet it could just as easily kill Maximus as well.

Jumping to his feet as the wounds healed, Hondur bolted through the back of the building, looking for a way out. Nothing. There was no back exit, no windows, just stone hard wall. Cursing to himself as he backed away from the wall, Hondur kept his mind off what he was about to do and focused on what he would do to his brother. Now moving at vampiric speeds, Hondur sprung off the ground and into the stone wall. He was lucky the wall wasn't thick, and was able to burst through, flailing through the air uintil he landed upon a another building. The explosion shook the building behind him as flames flowed after him.

The first thing Hondur noticed was the intense heat upon his back. Acting swiftly, he ripped off the trench coat and launched it off the building, keeping the flames safely away. Burned and smoking, Hondur had survived. Fury boiled up within him as the though of Maximus almost defeating him crossed his mind. That was not an option. Extending his mental will until he gathered Maximus' exact location, Hondur uttered a few words of good luck before he made the jump.

Pouncing off the building, Hondur soared over the street, through the smoke as he passed over the flaming building and descended towards his target. None noticed until it was too late, Hondur shot out of the black smoke and landed with his boots atop Maximus' head, causing his enemy to crumple to the ground.

Establishing his balance, Hondur unleashed another might kick to the head before grabbing Maximus by the throat and began to swing the body around. Maximus may be a better swordsman, yet Hondur was his superior when it came to strenght and speed. Swinging at high speeds, Hondur moved towars a thick, steel light pole until it stood within his swing radius. Maximus released a scream of intense pain as his high speed spinning was halted by his ribs colliding into the pole, bending the steel and breaking bones.

The rage continued to flow through Hondur as he looked at the bloodied form of Maximus. He wasn't done yet.

"Thought you could get rid of me brother? It's your turn to feel pain."

Hondur was refering to the scars all over his face from the recent explosion. They would heal in time, but the flames had very nearly cost Hondur his life.

Grabbing Maximus by the ankles, Hondur began swinging him in an arc over his head, smashing into the cement side walk at the end of each arc. He continued this for several minutes until his fury had subsided and the pain of his burns left him weakened. Falling back against another building, Hondur didn't take his eyes off Maximus as he retrieved his dropped blade.

Maximus would be back soon. His vampiric blood would heal minor injuries and begin to heal the more serious ones, but he would be tired and sore. No vampire could withstand that kind of beating unscathed.

Several large, armoured vans raced towars the GPS location of Garm when they heard the thundering explosion.

"WTF was that? Step on it, I've gota feeling all hell has broken lose down there!"

The vans raced through the streets of Emerald, mere minutes away from the scene.
The Golden Simatar
25-04-2004, 13:22
Christ. Kurt had believed that Maximus was dead after being bashed and tossed around like a rag doll. Instead he saw the vampire twitch. While there was a lull Kurt turned his attention to the man he had wounded earlier, he was dead. There goes the information He went through the man's pockets, finding no wallet so he sat back down on the bench. He saw Maximus was trying to get up. Gotta give the lad credit, he had spirit, lots of it. But he doesn't have brains. He might be better with a blade, but the other is much stronger.
He drew on the cigar, causing it to glow red and dropped the ashes on the ground. He held the smoke in his mouth for several seconds before blowing it out. Laddie, make your enemy come to the ground of your choosing. Fight them in a place you know you have the advantage.
Wandering Argonians
25-04-2004, 16:14
Garm silently swore as the foreigner spoke. He could tell by the accent this guy wasn't from around Assington, or anywhere nearby. The stranger didn't make any hostile movements, so Garm lowered his pistol and moved toward the AC unit.

"I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind?"

Whiptail remains on the AC unit, his back to Garm. Slowly, he props the rifle against his makeshift seat, he wouldn't be able to get a shot off without this newcomer taking shots at him while he did so...

"What manner of questions?"

Whiptail asks with a curious glint in his eyes.
25-04-2004, 16:21
Maximus lay upon the ground, curled up slightly in pain as he gasped for air. His ribs stabbed darts of pain throughout his chest. Slowly he turned his head to look for Hondur, who was a bit of distance away. He moved both hands to push off the ground, and finally get to his feet.

His hand reached out to his sword, Glamdring, which promptly began moving with telekinetic force and back into his hand. He looked up at Hondur once again, his face now clearly bloodied, but the wounds healing over. His ribs and other major injuries were beginning to heal, but it would take some time before they fully did so.

"I don't give up that easily either, may have me in strength, but it's brains over brawn, Hondur."

With that, Maximus darted into action once again, moving once again at quick speeds, despite the pain that ran through his body. He simply ignored it, for to pay it any attention would cause him to lose the fight, and perhaps even his life. He spied the electricity powerline overhead Hondur, and instantly took grip of it by telekinetic force and yanked it free, sending a shower of sparks as it was quickly sent downward and quickly wrapped around Hondur pinning his arms and legs together. Hondur's sword held uselessly in his hand, and uncapable of being used to cut through the wire. Doing so wouldn't be smart either. Maximus stopped the electric wire from plunging into Hondur's face. A few sparks smacked him in the face, but the threat of recieving a city's worth of electricity was very real to Hondur.

"As I said, brains over brawn..."

Maximus kept his distance from Hondur, safely away from immediate danger of anything. He was interested to see how Hondur would get himself out of this...if he could.
25-04-2004, 16:22
Garm relaxed a little as he leaned against the AC unit, but he still kept a tight grip on his pistol.

"Well, I'm a Captain within the Vampire Police of this city. Therefore it is my responsibility to deal with situations such as this one. I hear about suspected hunters that enter the city, and I make it my business to know what they are up to. As you can understand, I don't want this city turning into a warzone. And so I would like to ask about the nature and purpose of your visit to Assington."
25-04-2004, 17:00
Hondur cursed in a native Asstonian dialect as he examined his situation. Bound tight by the combination of Maximus' mental will and the sizzling electric wire, Hondur was stumped as to how he could escape.

Finally it dawned on him, it wasn't that complicated either. Like all wires, this one had a limit, a breaking point. Hondur moved toward the power pole and began to run around whilst using his mental will to keep the bare part of the wire away from his face. He could feel the wire tighten around the pole as he continued to run at high speeds.

Finally the wire could take no more tension and a satisfying snap was heard as the wire around him fell loose. The part still connected to the power grid was flailing around dangerously, yet it was too short to present a threat to anyone on the ground.

Flexing his muscles, Hondur returned his gaze to his brother, considering how best to engage him next. Within seconds, an idea had formed within his devious mind.

Flexing his arm, Hondur launched his ancient blade toward the standing figure of Maximus, expecting him to block the attack. Whilst Maximus was occupied with the blade, Hondur summoned the remainder of his mental strength and cast his grip upon the minbus parked across the street.

Floating a mere inch above the ground, the vehicle quickly flowed through the air until it sat barely a metre behind Maximus. With one last mighty heave, the minibus shot up into the air, above Maximus before it plunged straight down.

Crunch! The thundering blast of metal slamming agast the road, whatever caught between crushed. Nothing stirred as Hondur moved towards the vehicle and regained his blade.

"Too bad brother, looks like braun wins afterall."

Hondur grabbed the length of wire that had previously been wrapped around him and popped open the fuel tank of the minibus. Dipping the wire into the tank, then pulling a fair length of it back out, the vampire produced a lighter and set the end aflame.

"Goodbye dear brother."

The apparent victor quickly backed away from the van, reaching a safe distance as he watched the flame follow the petrol soaked wire.
25-04-2004, 17:19
Just as Maximus saw the sword coming at him, he noted a slightly darker shadow from above. He glanced up ever so quickly, only to be responded with the vehicle sent plunging downward. Maximus instantly leveled himself and flattened against the ground, just as the minibus slammed all around him. Hondur's sword deeply buried itself into the radiator of the vehicle. He felt the nearly crushing force of the metal press into his back, until the vehicle lifted itself on its wheels once again, leaving a slight bit of room for Maximus to escape.

Crawling on his stomach, he turned to see the last of a flicker of flame following an electric wire, which obviously led to the fuel tank.

"Oh shit..."

Maximus turned about again, and spied the sewer manhole right next to him. Immediately he yanked up the lid and dove headfirst into the sewers below. Landing upon his feet, he turned and ran down the dark sewers, away from the manhole, knowing that flames would enter and spread quickly, before dissappating.

Damn you Hondur... he thought silently to himself, keeping his thoughts guarded from Hondur. To Skadi, he sent a message, I'm fine, I'm underground...
The Golden Simatar
25-04-2004, 18:45
"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" He jumped up and dove behind a concrete platform and heard feet running away and others screaming "GET AWAY!" "IT'S GONNA BLOW!" A VP officer landed infront of Kurt just as he heard a explosion. The officer yelled as Kurt saw a jagged pieace of metal sticking out of leg. Pulling out the Wolf Knife he held down the leg and stuck it into the officer's leg. Prying upwards he was able to dig out the two inch pieace of metal. He wrapped a cloth around the leg.
"Is Capt. Garm with you?"
"Yes, I don't know where he is." Kurt picked up his M16 and recovered his cigar. It was out so he relite it. Everyone seemed to be getting back up again. He carefully slide the knife back into the sheath and put it into his left breast pocket. Where the hell is Garm?
25-04-2004, 19:55
Maximus moved quickly away from the manhole, and soon enough, he heard the explosion of the minibus behind him. The sound echoes sharply in the sewers, loud enough to cause slight pain to his ears. He sheathed his sword as he began using his psychic scanning, he looked through the concrete above him, seeking the locations of various things and creatures above ground. In time, he finds what he's looking for. He guaged himself to be far enough away from the explosion and so, he makes his way to the nearest manhole. He pushed it out of the way, then crawls out as he carefully scans the area around him.

Empty. Not a soul in sight.

With aching bones and and injured body, he makes his way to the nearest corner of the building, toward the commons again. He remains in the shadows as he sees Hondur a good deal away from him, gloating and laughing as he thinks that he has killed Maximus.

Maximus shook his head in disgust. Hondur had no honor in a true battle. He relied on dirty tactics. Well, if that's what he played, Maximus would beat him at his own game...

Maximus scaled the wall, moving quickly as he leapt upon the rooftop. Scanning his eyes about, he sees nor senses no one nearby. Except for two...Skadi, and another vampire...

Something was peculiar about this vampire...

He moved quietly to her and appeared at her side moments later, safely out of view of Hondur.

"Well, I think I have underestimated Hondur this time. It won't happen again."

Maximus looked over to Skadi, briefly locking his eyes with hers, silently transmitting the pain he felt from the beatings that Hondur had given him. At least, Hondur wasn't unscathed himself. He turned his attention to the other vampire and instantly snarled in anger as he saw who it was.

The man who had tried to snipe at them the night before...

"What are you doing here?"

Maximus couldn't sense a "brotherly" link to this one, so, he ruled out Skadi as the sire. However, he did give a similar psychic signature to that of Hondur. Maximus narrowed his eyes as he bared his fangs.

"Hondur sired you. Why are you here?"
Wandering Argonians
25-04-2004, 21:08
Garm relaxed a little as he leaned against the AC unit, but he still kept a tight grip on his pistol.

"Well, I'm a Captain within the Vampire Police of this city. Therefore it is my responsibility to deal with situations such as this one. I hear about suspected hunters that enter the city, and I make it my business to know what they are up to. As you can understand, I don't want this city turning into a warzone. And so I would like to ask about the nature and purpose of your visit to Assington."

Whiptail remains silent for a moment, then responds...

"I am a hunter, of vampires among other things, foolish softskins among them..."

Whiptail's namesake twitches slightly, curling & uncurling. Something on the tip glimmers in the moonlight...
26-04-2004, 02:52
Phobos grinned at Maximus, "Good evening 'Uncle'...why am I here? Because I choose it, because want to annoy you, because I wanted to talk to my 'grandmother'." He looked at that face, that face that had taken delight in his pain, and he hated him.

Nodding over at the wreckage on the street. Phobos smiled, "Nice fight there eh?"
26-04-2004, 03:03
Garm sighed. This guy wasn't being too helpful, yet Garm got the feeling he didn't want to piss this one off.

"I see. That's all fine with me, but we do have some conditions for hunters to follow if they are going to hunt within this city. All those here today, are criminals. The anti vampire gangs and the covens are illegal under national law. These people, you are more than welcome to shoot. But there are vampires within this city that are law abiding citezens. They carry identification, and you won't find them feeding on innocent people. If you can restrict your hunting to those of an illegal nature, we won't have any problems."

Hondur stood victorious, oblivious of Maximus' escape. He grinned as he watched the flames lick up the side of the vehicle. burning all that was within range. Gathering his wits once again, Hondur nudged the car aside with a little psychic effort. He wanted to see the charred corpse of his brother.

The vampire's draw dropped when all that met him was an uncovered manhole. Keeping his rage in check, Hondur kept a tight grip upon his sword as he scanned the surrounding area for any sign of Maximus.

Skadi looked into Maximus, observing the wounds and other injuries Hondur had inflicted upon him. Hondur had definitely become more able in combat, something she never thought she would see.

"Be careful, Hondur is extremely unpredictable and dangerous, I don't want to see you dead because of some silly feud."

Two massive armoured trucks skidded to a hault at either end of the street, the remains of the battle trapped between them. At least fifty officers poured out of each truck, all bearing heavy weaponry. The trucks had two mounted turrets each, all manned. The sound of cocking weapons filled the air as the VP officers took aim. The loudspeakers came on, producing a deep voice.

"This is the VP. All of you that are not legal hunters or VP officers are under arrest. Do not resist or we shall not hesitate to open fire!"
26-04-2004, 05:33
I will I said, I won't underestimate his skills next time...and I will defeat him at his own game...

Maximus continued to look at the other vampire, and finally spoke up:

"Yes, an interesting and exhilarating fight... but that aside... considering that you're a vampire now, I really shouldn't hold any grudge against you anymore, as you are in the same boat now. Tell me this though, considering that you're Hondur's fledgeling, do you plan to harass me for the rest of our existences, or would you rather have me as your ally? The choice is yours.

Not to put any pressure on you, but be careful in what you say, as I have full reign to kill you outright if you declare permanant hostility against me. The only thing that would stop me would be Skadi. I'm sure you would do the same. It's an old war tactic, take the enemy out before they are strong. And that..."

Maximus paused, and wrentched from the vampire's weaker mind his name, before continuing, "And that, Phobos, is exactly what I will do. I will take you out of the equation without a second thought. So, if you wish to live, you'll accept the offer, and in return, I'll be a protective shadow for you should the need occur..."

Maximus fell silent once again, and suddenly had the hairs on his neck prickle.

So, he's just found out I'm still alive... he commented telepathically to Skadi. He grinned over at her. He looked to the East, noting the position of the stars. The night was still young, there was still plenty of night cover to blanket the Earth. Maximus turned his attention back to Phobos, his eyes; now black once again; intently watching his every move, waiting for his response...
The Golden Simatar
26-04-2004, 10:59
Kurt finished his cigar and crushed the rest on the ground. Now that the VP was here he picked up the injured officer and hauled him to the trucks. Several officers aimed at the merc but didn't open fire. He dropped him off and walked back into the plaza. The minibus had moved and Kurt didn't see the remains of the vampire who was under it, instead he saw a open manhole. Crafty little bugger. He also saw the other vampire in the duel trying to control his anger standing over the manhole. Kurt started his after battle intel gathering. Taking a pull from a flask, he pulled out the last cigar he had on him. Need to get more from my apartment. He lite it and drew in, savoring the flavor. Kurt clamped it between his teeth blow long thin streams of smoke as he went through dead vampires and hunters looking for anything that would be useful in the future.
Cousin Eddie
26-04-2004, 11:40
OOC: Sorry I didn't post over the weekend.

D'nokh was standing looking at Phobos. He had gone so quiet everyone seemed to have forgotten about him. But now the rage was bubbling. He had to overide the memories of Will. He was a monster now. The best way to help would be to allow him to rest.

He stepped forward out of the shadows with his pistol raised. He grabbed the back of Phobos' neck, and held the gun to his skull. He lent forward and growled into his ear.

"I could pull this trigger and kill you now. I could end it. But I am not scum. I will not lower myself to your level. I do not kill anyone who is not expecting it. I do not slaughter the innocent for my survival. So defend yourself filth, and we'll see what your made of."

It suddenly occured to him that he had two other vampires looking at him in amusement. He didn't care. If they wanted a piece of him they could try. However, he hoped that they would have the respect to let the two of them sort this out.

He pushed Phobos forward, sweeping his legs as he did so. This gave him time to holster the pistols and draw his two Katana blades. By this point Phobos was back on his feet, with a look of hunger and amusement on his face. D'nokh grinned.

"Bite me..." He stood poised for combat. Welcome on the first move. Play on their emotion and hunger. They need the kill, for you it is sport...
Wandering Argonians
26-04-2004, 22:00
Garm sighed. This guy wasn't being too helpful, yet Garm got the feeling he didn't want to piss this one off.

"I see. That's all fine with me, but we do have some conditions for hunters to follow if they are going to hunt within this city. All those here today, are criminals. The anti vampire gangs and the covens are illegal under national law. These people, you are more than welcome to shoot. But there are vampires within this city that are law abiding citezens. They carry identification, and you won't find them feeding on innocent people. If you can restrict your hunting to those of an illegal nature, we won't have any problems."

Whiptail slid off of the AC unit, standing face to face with Garm. It was clear he wasn't human... His golden eyes met Garm's with a look of understanding...

"I now believe that we see eye-to-eye..."

Whiptail bows slightly...

"I am known as Whiptail the Fallen..."
27-04-2004, 01:04
Maximus stood aside of the new fight that had begun before him and Skadi. He narrowed his eyes when he saw the newcomer bring out two Katanas.

Well, at least he fights honorably Skadi...however, he's mistaken if he thinks this is a sport. It's a war...

She agreed, thus ending the silent conversation, and crossed her arms as she watched the two. Maximus stood next to her, his eyes intently watching both combatants. Toward Phobos, he spoke telepathically:

He thinks this is a sport. If you wish to prove yourself to me in the least way possible, you will defeat him. This will be a test by which I will judge your skills, although they are still raw in the vampiric sense. Go with what you know, keep at your own advantage.
27-04-2004, 07:44
Garm matched Whiptails glance as he stood before him. He had to admit he was slightly on edge because of this guy since he had never encountered the race before. The officer returned the nod before he spoke.

"I am Captain Garm and it seems we do. As long as you abide by those regulations during your business, we shall have no problems with eachother."

Garm turned his head as he loud speakers burst into life. The cavalry had arrived.

Hondur looked up, his attention taken away from the manhole as the VP trucks arrived. There were too many. Even the combined forces of the three oldest vamps here couldn't take that many officers with that kind of weaponry.

Shit.... another time it seems

Skadi senses the arrival of many humans, and it was soon confirmed by the speakers. Judging the numbers she sighed, they would have to retreat or risk serious injury.

"Maximus. We may have to change venue for this little battle. We have company."

The officers remained silent as everyone stood still, save for the man bearing an injured officer. He was quickly identified as a VP employed hunter and the officers dropped their guns. They waited, waited for any vamp or human to make just one wrong move and all hell would be unleashed.
Cousin Eddie
27-04-2004, 08:40
OOC: D'nokh didn't actually say outloud that it he sees it as sport. Just clearing that. It doesn't really matter I suppose.

IC: The two older vampires stood back, which D'nokh was grateful for.

He locked eyes with Phobos again, who was still possessed by that look of amusement. There were voices in the street.

"There are men coming. It does not bother me if we stay, because they will see that you are an illegal vampire and so will not arrest me for fighting you. however, I weould prefer for this to stay personal."

Addressing the older vampires as well,

"perhaps there is somewhere more quiet we can go?"
The Golden Simatar
27-04-2004, 11:06
Kurt handed a officer a bundle tiny bundle of wallets, billfolds, and various other affects.
"All found on the humans, nothing on the vamps." Kurt moved off to the side and felt a heavy rumbling in his stomach. I need something to eat. Kurt looked himself over, his uniform was drenched in blood and sweat. Better wash this. Not wanting to draw to much attention to himself and risk someone, outside of Garm knowing his true name he quietly slipped out of the plaza. When he passed an alley he heard:
"Perhaps there is somewhere more quiet we can go?"
Kurt pressed himself against the wall and waited to hear more.
27-04-2004, 13:18
OOC: sorry i havent posted in so long, not alot of time...

IC: Phobos's eyes gleamed red as he heard D'nokh's challenge. Pulling out one sword, the sword of the Royal Guard , he nodded at D'nokh. Hearing the suggestion they should move, he agreed.

Soon D'nokh and Phobos stood about a hundred yards away from their original spot. Now they could begin. D'nokh attacked with both katanas. Phobos tried to block both, but one scratched his arm. Yowling out in pain he struck and struck repeditly at D'nokh. Though D'nokh was getting pushed back, Phobos was amazed to see him block all of the attacks.

Again, Phobos hit harder and harder. Suddenly he tripped D'nokh with his foot and knocked the katana's out of his hands.

Holding his sword to the fallen warrior's neck, he prepared to cut his throat...

Suddenly he took his sword away and spoke, "You saved my life three times, so I am in your debt. Therefore, I will give you the oppuritunity to live three times. I owe you three lives. This act of mercy now counts as one." Phobos kneeled down and touched D'nokh's forehead. Using his telepathy, he opened D'nokh's mind. "Now you may call my telepathically any time you need me, but be wary, you only have two lives left..."

With that he stood up, straightened his trenchcoat, and began to walk away...

27-04-2004, 20:16
Alexander looked down at the newly arrived VP force. They were still, assumingly waiting for a reason to use... force.

Alexander was not going to keep them waiting. With a smile, he drew a single desert eagle.

"What are you doing? You can't shoot anyone from up here..."

Alexander turned and grinned.

"My dear Agent, trust in my abilities as a killer."

Alexander leveled his gun in the direction of a single VP officer and closed his eyes. Though Daniel did not know, Alexander was using his accur-target majik.

Alexander pictured in his mind the .50 bulet slicing through the officers exposed throat.

And Alexander fired...
28-04-2004, 01:26
Maximus closed his eyes as he breathed deeply. Skadi's words echoed softly in his mind.

As you wish...

He turned to walk away with Skadi, but not before casting a final look over at Phobos, who had taken down his opponent a little longer than Maximus had expected. Only time and experience would help that vampire learn to move more quickly, more effectively. He spoke telepathically to the fledgeling.

Phobos, you have defeated him, and your honor in keeping your debts paid is notable. That gives you positive marks in my mind. I'll let you think about my proposal for a bit. In time, I will return for an answer. Or, you can try to find me...

Which is exactly what Maximus would do if Phobos accepted his proposal. He wouldn't just let Phobos walk up to him. Phobos would have to hunt him down, then find some way to get past the defenses that Maximus would have waiting.

One more thing...welcome to my world, never forget you are always at war. Move, fight, and live tactically...
Maximus leapt across the gap to another building, soon followed by Skadi. He stopped to face her, choosing to speak silently, knowing that there would be others hunting for them down in the streets.

Well? Where to master?
28-04-2004, 08:01
The second the flash appeared atop the building, all VP forces trained their guns on the position. One officer dropped dead, a bullet wound in his throat. Without hesitation, all weapons fired. The buzzing of miniguns roared through the air as the rooftop and upper part of the building was decimated.

Bullets sprayed all around Alexander as the VP retaliated, unleashing hell. Chunks of ancient stone went flying off the building as it was hit by countless metalic projectiles.

Hondur looked up just in time to see Alexander fire the shot, killing a VP officer.

Shit! That bloody idiot is raising hell around here.

As the gunfire erupted, Hondur leapt into the air and came down atop a building. He thought it best to get out of there before the VP decided to fire at him as well. Moving across the building, he noticed a sweat covered man standing against a wall.

The human and vampire gang members also moved for freedom, hoping to escape the gunfire. They didn't. Several men bearing mounted miniguns unleashed a volley of bullets towards them, cutting down most of the group. A few vampires managed to jump free whilst the rest suffered the shredding power of the VP.

Skadi and Maximus were some distance away when the gunfire erupted. Smiling to herself, she spoke.

"It seems we got out of there in time. Since the night is still young, why don't we go for a walk outside the city?"

Garm cursed as the gunfire erupted. Some moron on another roof had fired upon an officer. Bring his gun up again, Garm began to move toward the ladder again.

"It may be best if you stay out of sight until this situation is cleared up. Good hunting."
28-04-2004, 09:07
Maximus smiled as well. It had been a while since they had just simply gone out to enjoy the night's embrace and each other.

"Sounds like a plan. And the nice thing is that the VP and all those other hotheads won't be anywhere nearby..."

Skadi laughed quietly, "Yes, that's true..."
Cousin Eddie
28-04-2004, 10:29
OOC: Um. Ok I guess. I was kind of hoping we could duel for a bit, but if that is how you are happier doing it then that is fine. A note I would give you is that in general when people agree to how something is going to end they still like to improvise some RP. But it doesn't matter, you pulled it off well so I'll let it go :wink:


D'nokh raised himself off the ground and grabbed his Katanas. Seeing the look of the vamories around him, he holstered them. With bitterness in his voice, he called after Phobos.

"Your honour is noted, and I thank you. Maybe we can finish this some time."

He turned to leave, but saw the older vampires looking at him. Looking up at the sky he spoke.

"I do not like this place. There are too many rules. In my mind that which is not human does not deserve a place in our world. But here the rules of nature are bent. there are men around the corner killing other men for attacking vampires. That is wrong."

He looked down at the vampires, and drew his Katanas.

"I wish to leave this place, and it is unlikely that I shall return. So you have nothing to fear from me whilst you are here. If we meet outside of this place, the rules will be different. So it is your choice, are you going to let me leave? Or are we going to do this the hard way?"
The Golden Simatar
28-04-2004, 10:51
Kurt heard the gunshot. Shit not again As he darted back into the plaza he zig-zaged his way to a building next to the one that Alexander and Daniel were on. He leapted up the fire escape and threaded his way between the AC units till he spotted the pair. Without giving them any warning or chance to surrender Kurt sent a 203 grenade and opened up with the M16.
29-04-2004, 08:07
As Skadi prepared to lead Maximus to her desired destination, she hear the human speak. Without turning around she replied to his question.

"You may pass human. I have no qualm with you."

Before he could reply Skadi took hold of Maximus, drawing him close to her and began to ascend into the sky. The pair quickly shot up until they floated at a reasonable height, out of gunrange.

"I know of a place you may like to visit."
29-04-2004, 09:04
Maximus simply held on, casting a watchful eye around them. He felt Skadi's strength in her arms, yet she held him gently, but firmly.

"Show me what you may have in mind, Skadi." he replied quietly as he watched the rooftops disappear below the cloud cover. Overhead the stars and the moon shone brightly against the black void of space...
29-04-2004, 09:10
Skadi smiled.

"It is a surprise my love, you will have to wait."

The pair continue to move, travelling south-east, away from the city. It wasn't long before they were passing over grassy fields, which finally led into hills and eventually into a forested valley.

Sakdi slowly lowered the pair down in front of the forest entrance. The moon reflected off the calm river pouring into the dense trees, light not being able to penetrate the forest canopy. The sounds of night animals filled the air as the pair moved forward.

"We are not far."
29-04-2004, 19:34
Silently, Maximus let Skadi lead him forward. He reached out and took hold of her hand, which she accepted willingly. His eyes cast themselves around at the forest around them, listening with interest at the variety of calls given by the night life.

In his mind, he wondered what Skadi was leading him to. Yet, he completely trusted her. If she thought that he would like to visit this place; wherever it was, whatever it was; she was probably right. After all, she knew him well, as he, her.

"Skadi, I've been reflecting on the years we've spent together. I cannot tell you how much more exciting this life that you have brought me has been. It has gone beyond my wildest dreams. And...I'm glad you have chosen me to be by your side, as your friend and lover..."

The two continued walking down the path, engulfed in the dark shadows of the forest. They could both see clearly, as if it were day.

Day...something Maximus had not seen in 150 years... He tried to remember his former life, the life that held a murdered wife, a life of hatred against vampires, a life that ended that night, given to the amber-irediscent eyes that had watched him from the alley wall. The same eyes that belonged to Skadi...

"Very glad..." he whispered quietly, still being led forward by Skadi, whose steps were straight and true.

Amazing what one little change can do to your life...
30-04-2004, 05:07
Alexander and Daniel leapt for cover as the bullets whizzed dangerously by.


"There is a method to my madness. By getting the vp to attack, whether it be me or any other person here, I exponentially prove my ability to shape the actions of those around me."

Daniel grimaced as he dug into his hands for a fresh clip.

"So what do we do now?"

Alexander smiled, still keeping his head below the small shield of the outcropping.

"We wait for Garmm II to arrive, and I suppose, try and arrest me for 'disturbing the peice or something'."
30-04-2004, 08:08
The VP officers ceased fire as the target disappeared behind the cover of the building. Garm got down from the building and approached his men.

"Alright, we have an unknown amount of hostiles upon that building. At least one a vampire. Radio in choppers and bring out the grenade launchers. The rest of you surround the building and don't let them escape. Shoot on sight."

The officers all moved off to complete the orders. The choppers were radioed and the explosives withdrawn and being put into position. Everyone in place, Garm got on the loud speakers.

"This is Captain Garm of the VP. Surrender and we might think about not killing you!"

Hondur noticed the VP focusing on a certain building, and a lone figure moving behind Daniel and Alexander. His better sense told him to get out of there, but he had better plans.

Skadi stopped as the pair came across the river once again, deeper into the forest. Turning around, Skadi embraced Maximus.

"You too have made my life worth continuing. I wouldn't have it any other way than to be with you my love."

Skadi placed a warm kiss upon his lips before taking hold of Maximus tightly and moved into the air once again, following the river. They followed for a few minutes until the river seemingly plunged into nowhere. It's path moved underground, away from the forest surroundings.

Without a second thought, Skadi carefull descended through the slight gap between land and water, delving into an even deeper darkness. Seeming to know exactly where she was going, Skadi didn't hesitate as she sped towards the right, following a natural cave.

Ten minutes later the pair emerged from the tunnel and into a massive cavern.

"We are now under the mountain, just beyond the other side of the valley."

Maximus stood in shock as the he noticed the cavern walls. The entire surface of the cavern was laced with glimmering diamonds. Not really individual diamonds, but one whole, massive diamond that covered the surface of the walls, roof and ground. A waterfall plunged into a massive dip, filling the diamond made ditch and flowed back the way the pair entered. Moonlight broke through a few gaps in the mountain and bounced along the reflective surface, spraying beams all over the cavern and through the water.

Smooth as if they gems had been refined by the earth itself, Skadi smiled as she rubbed against the wall. Looking down she observed her reflection on the ground. The water was pure and clear, filled with the sparkling of moonlight.

"So, what do you think?""

Her grinned widened as Maximus continued to observe the cavern, awestruck.

OOC: Also, I know the diamond thing is impossible in reality, so don't bother pointing it out. It's just for a good effect :wink:
30-04-2004, 08:51
Maximus turned back to Skadi with the same awestruck look upon his face.

"How did you find this place?" he asked with an incredulous tone.

"Well, if I told you, I'd have to kill you, love..." Skadi replied with a sly grin.

"Haven't we already gone through that once?" he retorted with a raised eyebrow. However, he couldn't hide his smirk.

Skadi laughed heartily and stepped forward to Maximus, taking a commanding grip upon him as she kissed him once again. Maximus returned the kiss and simply thought spoke to her:

Let's stay here for a while, enjoy some earned time together eh?

Skadi replied by kissing him once again and pressing him into the diamond wall, their reflection scattered about the room as they became more passionate in their exchanges. Slowly the two stripped of their clothing and slipped into the surprisingly warm waters of the stream that flowed through the cavern. Skadi's hungry lips sought out Maximus's, but behind those lips hid double razor sharp fangs that reminded him of what she really was, what he was. Not that he cared. All he cared was focusing upon her, and relishing in this rare opportune time for the two to enjoy each other's company without outside interference.

Little did either know of the danger that lurked nearby...
30-04-2004, 09:02
Skadi was too involved with Maximus to even notice it. As her embrace with Max became more passionite, the creature struck. A tentacle covered inspines shot out of the water and wrapped itself around Max, cutting into him.

As he was pulled back, Skadi let out a slight scream of surprise. Quickly gathering her wits, she located the creature with her mind and released wave after deadly wave of mental attacks, constantly bombarding the creature. Finally the tentacle lost grin and subsided.

Maximus was drowsy, his vision hazy as the poision took effect. It course through his blood, attacking his supernatural body. Skadi quickly grabbed the limp body of her fledgeling and pulled him out of the water, quickly examining the wounds.
30-04-2004, 09:16
Maximus lay upon the diamond floor of the cavern, gasping in pain as his torso burned with the poison that had begun to take its toll upon his body.

Skadi leaned over him, safely away from the water's edge, her nude pale skin glistening in the moonlight as she felt his wounds seeking his worst wounds. She bit her own wrist, and released her blood onto his wounds sealing them up quickly so as to protect her lover.

Maximus looked up at her when she returned her gaze to him with a worried look. He stuttered as he spoke slowly and in a slurred tone:

"I...I...don't feel so good...I...ughhh..."

Skadi placed her hand upon his chest and the other on his mouth, silencing him, " need to go into deep hibernation. This is a bad one, my love. This will require treatment...and I think I know what is needed...but, first, you need to go to sleep..."

Maximus smiled weakly growing more unstable each moment by the fast poison. He felt Skadi lean in to him and place another kiss upon him. He heard her whisper to him as she kissed, "I love you, Maximus. Be strong."

It was the last thing he rememebered before he fell unconsciously into the deep hibernation. He was merely buying time, but it was up to Skadi to save him...

OOC: Hey guys (besides Assington and Valient), I just wanted to say that this has been an awesome thread, and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for the fun! However, I'm being unwillingly forced to restrict my time on NS for the next several months. So, please don't send any "rescue team" or anything...this was my way of exiting the thread...and in case you're wondering, Assington is planning on doing a story thread on the quest to save Maximus by finding a cure for the poison... :D
30-04-2004, 10:55
OOC: Miss you Tarlachia.

IC: Kurt had taken little notice of Garm and the VP, all his concentration was on blasting Daniel and Alexander off the roof. Kurt tried to get at his targets but they had taken cover that he couldn't get to with bullets. Reloading the M203 he aimed it slightly upwards and began to hammer the area he saw the pair take cover, one grenade at a time.
01-05-2004, 13:10
Skadi placed one last kiss upon Maximus' forehead as he moved into deep slumber. He would be safe within his sleep for a long time, plenty of time for her to find the antidote.

Picking up his body, Skadi quickly flew back through the tunnel and out into the open once again. Ascending into the clouds, Skadi raced towards the other side of the mountain, eventually coming across a large cabin. Skadi had built the cabin many years before she met Maximus, it would be the perfect place to hide him.

Moving inside, Skadi place her fledgling upon a large bed and covered him in blankets.

"Sleep well my love, I will find the cure."

Hondur continued to watch as a hunter launched grenades at Alexander. He could hear choppers in the distance and noticed the first grenade fired from the VP. Things were about to become very difficult for that vampire. But it was not time for him to act.... yet.
Wandering Argonians
01-05-2004, 23:00
Whiptail slipped into the darkness as Garm left, ignoring the sniper fire directed at the VP below.

Then, a familiar scent drifted in on the chill night air, rife with gunpowder...

'Vampiric... yet not Assington-native... Perhaps the Hyraphore has decided to create splinter-cells?'

Whiptail made a mental note to thank Arakesh when next he saw him, then set off after the scent, a black shadow against the night sky...
04-05-2004, 07:57

Hey Val, we could really use a post from you about now. :evil:
The Golden Simatar
05-05-2004, 02:00

Waiting 4 Valient to post.
05-05-2004, 05:47
OOC: Okay, here is the thing...

Last night, I wrote a fairly long post and indeed, posted it. It came up and everything.

Today, I checked the thread, and I see Assington bumping for me, due to the fact that I hadn't posted. Strange, and really pissing me off.

Here is a much shorter post, saying the most imp point.



Alexander and Daniel slunk ever lower as the grenades courtesy of Kurt pounded their little hideaway.

All of a sudden, two helicopters shone their spotlight on the hiding spot. With a sudden run, Alexander leapt onto one of the helicopters, knocking out the sniper and then holding his Upir to the throat of the pilot.

"You. Shoot down the other helicopter. Now..."

OOC 2: sorry about the quality of this post. No time to post, as like the other days prior.
05-05-2004, 08:49
OOC: Umm, I didn't say the choppers were that close, but continue we shall.

IC: The pilot gulped as Alexander placed the blade upon his throat. He knew this job would be dangerous when he signed up, it was part of the training to be prepared for these situations. Assington had a strict policy when it came to terroists/criminals.

The pilot sighed as he slammed the distress becon upon his control pannel, immediately signalling his situation to the other chopper and nearby friendly forces. The other chopper quickly swirved away as several VP manned RPG's pointed towards the chopper at the command of Captain Garm.

"Die scum", were the last words the pilot uttered.

With Maximus safe, Skadi felt she must return to the city. She had many things to sort out before her quest for a cure could begin. Stepping outside once again, Skadi took to the air and made haste towards the location of the continuing battle.
The Golden Simatar
05-05-2004, 10:58
Kurt climbed down the roof and moved to to the rooftop where Daniel was. He had left the M16, since the reciver had jammed, and now held the Uzi. When Daniel tried to poke his head around Kurt sent a quick burst of 9mm slugs. He knew he didn't hit him but he knew he had him pinned down.
"Come on out mate! It's over! I won't kill you just yet!"
08-05-2004, 07:37
Hondur continued to watch the situation unfold. He could see Alexander was having a little more trouble than he had expected, which didn't bother him in the slightest. Now was the time to act.

Leaving Alexander to his own problems, Hondur moved towards Daniel and noticed a human shooting at him. Coming up behind the human, Hondur stood still.

"Human, I have business with this one if you don't mind."

Skadi was finally back in the city. Weary from the mental strength used to fly, Skadi landed atop a roof and began a fast pace toward the warzone.
The Golden Simatar
09-05-2004, 00:45
Kurt had clipped his Wolf knife to his pistol belt for better access and put a fresh mag into the machinepistol. As he moved forward he heard:

"Human, I have busines with this one if you don't mind."

In one swift movement Kurt had extracted and cocked the heavy revolver and had it only a few inches from the vampire's face. His right arm kept the Uzi pointed in Daniel's direction.
"It's bad to sneak up on people. Didn't your mommy teach you manners?" Kurt's eyes moved over Hondur, sizing him up again. He said with a tight grin. "You can talk business after myself, my knife, and him have a little chat."
09-05-2004, 02:02
Hondur stared calmly down the barrel of the gun, looking directly into Kurt. He didn't flinch a muscle as the gun was drawn on him as he too sized up Kurt.

"I think you'll find my mother is well beyond dead. And you should not jump to assumptions about this human. He is involved, but not at fault. If anyone is, it's that one."

Hondur indicated to the spiralling chopper that was being shot at by the VP.

"I wish to ask this human a few questions, questions you are probably interested in as well."
The Golden Simatar
09-05-2004, 03:38
Kurt was somewhat surprised that the vampire didn't flinch at the monterous weapon pointed at his head, most (even tough combatants) pissed in their pants and tried to run, and then Kurt shot them in the back.
"Why would I be interested in what you have to say to this person behind me? Hmm? By all rights I should jest shoot you right now, but considering the battle is winding down somewhat it would be idiotic of me to shoot you. Who are you anyway, and who is the bugger behind me?"
09-05-2004, 06:02
Hondur smiled as the human began questioning him.

"I would be more than happy to answer your questions if you would point that thing somewhere else. I'm just another citezen, one that isn't too happy with that human's friend at the moment."
The Golden Simatar
09-05-2004, 13:11
Kurt lowered the pistol but didn't put it back into the holster.
"Answer my questions." He said coldly.
Wandering Argonians
09-05-2004, 19:04
Whiptail continued his silent crusade against the vampires in the city, mostly those who wore the colors of various outlaws sects, like the badannas of modern-day gangsters.

Whiptail was meticulous in his work, leaving a finely-carved Blackwood stake in the chest of each kill, his calling card of sorts. He hoped to draw out larger groups who would hunt him, and in turn, he would eliminate them to draw out larger groups of vampires...
11-05-2004, 09:14
Hondur flashed a small smile.

"Thankyou. I am Hondur and this human over here is from Valient. As is his vampiric partner. That one is causing trouble for all of us, humans and vampires alike. I won't have it. He approached me with a proposition, I made a fair compromise and he does this! Believe me, if anyone is a threat to the stability of this city, it is that vampire."

Hondur eased up a little, but still kept his eye on Kurt. He had learned never to trust a human, especially when they bore weapons.

As Skadi passed over the rooftops, she began to notice vampiric corpses. Mostly wreckless fledglings, but there were many. Intrigued but not distracted, she continued on her course until she came across something unexpected. A strange creature was battling another vampire. this creature was obviously foreign, and a hunter. Skadi paused to examine the foreigner further.

OOC: Val.... post damnit!
The Golden Simatar
11-05-2004, 11:06
Kurt made a large grin.
"I don't think this SOB started this." He noticed Hondur's expression change into puzzlement. "If you are an expert on firearms the first shot that started it all was too loud of a crack to of come from the D.E he is carring. My guess is that there is some human or vampire who doesn't like anybody and is armed with a 9mm automatic of sorts, most likely a Beretta. If you want the person who started this, check the rooftops for a single 9mm casing.
"Why is this human helping this vampire huh?"
12-05-2004, 08:46
"Perhaps you misunderstood me. His vampiric companion is the one causing trouble, not him. I think we can both agree that this vampire needs to be stopped. I cannot answer that question for I do not know. That is partly why I would like to question this one."

Hondur nodded towards Daniel, flashing him an unfriendly glare.
The Golden Simatar
12-05-2004, 11:08
"Well, I don't give a damn about you, him, or anyone else in this god forsaken country. All I care about is the green stuff." Kurt rubbed his fingers together. "If you want to stop him, how come you didn't kill him earlier?"
13-05-2004, 08:01
Hondur shook his head.

"I was engaged in other matters."

He indicated the few scratches still covering his white skin.

"I have no problems with you or your concerns, all I wish is to speak with that human."

Skadi moved toward the creature as it dispatched of yet another vampire. It was an obvious hunter of relatively high skill, an interesting sight. Landing a few metres back from the fight, Skadi spoke.

"Foreigner! Why do you plague the streets of Assington?"
The Golden Simatar
13-05-2004, 10:53
Kurt shrugged. He really didn't give a damn on way or another. He could track down Daniel in a few hours if he needed to. Stepping aside leaning against an AC unit Kurt said:
"Talk and thats all, others have interest in him"
14-05-2004, 07:35
Hondur nodded in agreement.


Turning his attention to Daniel, Hondur directed an angry glare at the human.

"Tell me what the hell is going on! Why is Alexander doing this?"

The controlled rage was evident within Hondur's tone as he addressed Daniel.
Wandering Argonians
15-05-2004, 05:00
OOC: A 9mm having more of a report than a .357 or .50? From a Berretta? That .357 or .50 is going to have a much bigger bang attatched to it. A 9mm is more of a pop, where a .357 is a loud bang that shakes your eye protection.


Whiptail halted atop a roof, crouching low to avoid being seen. He was sure he was being followed, odd that he hadn't noticed before now...

OOC: I've got a plan for who this is, but feel free.
15-05-2004, 05:08
OOC: Go for your plan. Keep in mind Skadi is nearby and looking for your character though.

And Valient. Post damnit! :evil:
Wandering Argonians
15-05-2004, 05:40
As Whiptail neared an AC unit atop another building, a fierce war-cry echoed through the night as a warrior with a silver-edged katana slahsed at Whiptail's throat.

With the fluid grace of a running river, Whiptail angled himself away from the blade, slipping under its path to attack with a sweeping kick to the back of the knee, his tail ripping the sword from his attacker's grasp. Flexing his right hand into the position of a falcons' talon, Whiptail paused as he identified his attacker... Arakesh Quickclaw...

'Odd, Arakesh is honorable... Why has he attacked me without warning?'

Whiptail allowed his younger peer to rise, handing him his sword with his long & dexterous tail...

"Explain yourself."

Whiptail growled firmly...

"You're being followed..."

Arakesh pointed skywards with his free hand, Whiptail's slit-pupils widening to take in the slight amount of light avaliable. There as indeed someone floating above them... Whiptail drew his .45, just to be ready...

"I believe this one smells familiar. Conceal yourself & I will deicern her intentions..."

Whiptail projected a thought into the night. He was incapable of communicating telepathically, but he could leave messages in his mind for others...

'Greetings, slient one... Land and we shall speak...'

OOC: I'm planning a major story soon, concerning a turn in Whiptail's fate & the fate of his people. Look for it in a month or so.
15-05-2004, 07:57
Skadi smiled as she picked up the thought. Another was down there, he had warned the the strange one. She sent an acknowledgement stating she would comply with his request and began to plunge out of the sky.

Within seconds Skadi landed with a light thud upon the rooftop and immediately began examining the pair.

Wandering Argonians
15-05-2004, 22:35
Arakesh hid himself in the shadows of the AC unit that he had used to ambush Whiptail, while the older hunter holstered his weapon & apprached the newcomer...

"Greetings... I believe that you are Maximus' mate."
17-05-2004, 08:59
Skadi inclined her head in agreement.

"That is indeed true. I do not know of you, but you seem obviously to be a hunter of my kind. How do you know Maximus and what brings you to Assington?"

The night was silent except for the distant sounds of battle and a cool whislting breeze, forcing Skadi's hair to stand horizontally as she stood before the hunter. Her blade remained sheathed but the vampiric lady remained ready to draw.
The Golden Simatar
17-05-2004, 21:06
Kurt decided he would talk to Daniel later. He went back to his old postion and picked up his M16. He went to where the VP was and quickly found Garm. Getting the man's attention he whispered into his ear:
"We need to talk, alone. I found some interesting information I know you'll like."
18-05-2004, 10:10
Garm noticed Kurt attempting to get his attention whilst the helicopter battle still raged on.

"Sure. Next building over."

Garm informed his officers where he was going and ran off, bearing an MP5 and his blade.
The Golden Simatar
18-05-2004, 11:00
When Kurt was sure they were alone he began.
"I just came from talking with some vampire named Hondur, who I believe is the head of the vampire group we met tonight. He told me that he was approached by a vampire named..." Kurt thought back to when Hondur had asked Daniel his question. "Alexander. That vampire is from some country called Valient. Now to spice things up he has a buddy, a human working with him. God knows for what purpose.
"Hondur said he was approached by Alexander with a proposition earlier. It is very possible this Alexander fella is trying to get Hondur's group of vampires, I believe you guys call those covens, and maybe unite them with the ones in Valient."
Kurt leaned back aganist the wall and let Garm soak it in.
19-05-2004, 08:05
Garm's mind raced as he put all the pieces together, finally realising what was going on. He knew of Hondur and that he had some followers, he knew of Valient as many vampires in the Great Bloodbath of his Grandfather's time were from a Valient coven. Then it all clicked. Alexander was from Valient, he had mention Garm's grandfather like he had met him before.

Alexander was his killer...

"Damnit! This guy is more than likely to cause trouble. I suggest we put him on the top priority. I'm sure Hondur is not happy with him, what about the human? What do you know about him?"
The Golden Simatar
19-05-2004, 10:54
Kurt shrugged.
"Nothing execpt he is helping that vampire. He's up there with Hondur and Hondur seems mad as hell at Alexander.
My suggestion for getting rid of Alexander is stop shooting RPGs and small arms at him and use Stingers or SA-7 ground to air missles, at this range the chance of a miss is practically nil."
20-05-2004, 07:21
"Die scum!"

OOC: Okay, I'm back. Sorry about the long wait...

I have had a LOT of issues to deal with in RL. Something about a promise ring... but anyways.

OOC2: Did the helicopter ever explode?


Alexander watched in bemusement as dozens of VP officers trained their RPGS and SMAWs at the helicopter. Looking at the pilot's eyes, the vampire saw no fear.

"Well done, good sir. I never knew humans had it in them..."

With that, Alexander lunged forward and grabbed hold of the controls. With a vilolent jerk, Alexander sent the helicopter spiraling out of control, down towards the crowds of VP and vampire hunters alike.

"You fool. You'll kill us all." Shouted the pilot.

Alexander ignored him, and instead chose to grab the pilot by the right arm and drag him from the chair. With a swift leap, Alexander and the VP pilot in tow, jumped from the twirling chopper, landing a nearby abutment.

Before the pilot could say anything, Alexander punched him once in the face.

"I admire your courage, human. That is the only reason why I leav you alive."

With that, Alexander stalked stealthily away, away from the helicopter that was headed straight down...


Daniel looked up and Hondur and ran a pale hand over his face. Short stubble had grown over it, and made him feel... unclean.

Daniel looked over at the vampire, and swallowed. Such politics between vampires... not unlike those with humans.

"Alexander is here for two reasons, Hondur. I assume that you already know that he is here for your vampires. As well, he has some unfinished business with the Garm Clan...

"You know how it is..."
20-05-2004, 07:35
OOC: No, the chopper didn't explode.

IC: Several officers cursed as they realised where the chopper was going. Straight down. Vehicles sped off whilst the fast reacting men dived out of the way, all attempting to avoid a certain death.

The metallica thud of the chopper hitting the ground mixed with the screams of men bounced off the buildings, filling the air with the sounds of pain and destruction.

The remaining VP began to regather and take a toll of those who were not so fortunate.

Garm cursed as he watched the chopper plunge into the ground.

"Shit. That damn vamp is raising hell."

Garm turned his attention back to Kurt as he reloaded his weapons.

"Feel like taking care of that bastard?"

Hondur frowned. He didn't know Alexander that well but he was beginning to gather a good idea. Arrogant and a trouble maker. This he would not tolerate in his territory.

"I see. That is not acceptable. I hope you realise he has ruined any possible chance of an alliance between our covens. I do not know your role in this but I suggest you stay out of my way."

Extending his mind into the darkness, Hondur spun around and walked away as he attempted to locate Alexander and settle things for good.
20-05-2004, 07:47
Skadi inclined her head in agreement.

"That is indeed true. I do not know of you, but you seem obviously to be a hunter of my kind. How do you know Maximus and what brings you to Assington?"

The night was silent except for the distant sounds of battle and a cool whislting breeze, forcing Skadi's hair to stand horizontally as she stood before the hunter. Her blade remained sheathed but the vampiric lady remained ready to draw.

OOC: Wandering Argonians, I have replied to your most recent post. ^^^
The Golden Simatar
20-05-2004, 11:10
Kurt smiled.
"Thats why I'm here, I'll be back in a minute or two." He darted across the field of battle and scooped up a L85A2 and several mags. He climbed the fire escape of where Hondur was with Daniel. Kurt grabbed the man by the neck, lifted him into the air, and slammed the man into an AC unit. The Wolf Knife flashed in the air and pressed into Daniel's groin. When Daniel opened his mouth Kurt cut him off, his voice cold as the Artic. "Scream and you lose the one thing that makes you a man. Now tell me where Alexander will run off to. Try and bullshit me and you die."
20-05-2004, 19:41
Daniel winced, and swallowed slowly. It was pity that he was unable to tell Kurt the location of Alexander. Even he did not truely know what was running through the mind of Alexander.

"Look... you have me at a disadvantage, and I would tell you where Alexander is... but I do not know..."


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a lone figure srept into a large, old building, recently renovated...
The Golden Simatar
20-05-2004, 22:23
Kurt growled and the knife moved from his groin to his neck. The Wolf's head sparkingling in the moonlight.
"Alright, who are you and who do you work for. As before, B.S me and I give your throat a big red grin."
The Golden Simatar
20-05-2004, 22:24
The Golden Simatar
20-05-2004, 22:28
21-05-2004, 10:27
It didn't take Garm long to find where Kurt had gone and appear behind him. He had no objections to Kurt's treatment of Daniel as he would have done the same.

The VP officer merely smiled as he watched Daniel wince.

"You have much to answer for."

Alexander was not far ahead, Hondur could sense him. He had no idea where he was being led, but his hatred fueled his persistance. When he did find the vampire, there would be hell to pay.

Hondur came across a familiar building, one he had lived in before. Daniel was in there. Hondur withdrew his blade and entered cautiously.
Wandering Argonians
22-05-2004, 23:42
Skadi inclined her head in agreement.

"That is indeed true. I do not know of you, but you seem obviously to be a hunter of my kind. How do you know Maximus and what brings you to Assington?"

The night was silent except for the distant sounds of battle and a cool whislting breeze, forcing Skadi's hair to stand horizontally as she stood before the hunter. Her blade remained sheathed but the vampiric lady remained ready to draw.

Whiptail nods...

"You are correct, I am a hunter of your kind. To answer your second question, I know Maximus from several of my hunts. He is an honorable fighter, and for that I leave him be as long as he does the same. I have come to your homeland to hunt, for it is a rich hunting ground. The vampires here respond to silver in an interesting way, unlike the other breeds I have hunted..."

He pauses...

"Are my responses satisfactory?"

Whiptail crosses his arms across his chest, upsetting the small silver crucifix that hung from his neck...
23-05-2004, 05:08
Skadi nodded.

"Indeed they are hunter. I will not interfere with your business as long as it does not interfere with mine. The story of this breed is an interesting but long one, perhaps I may tell you sometime. I do have business of my own to tend to reguarding my fledgling. If you have nothing more to say than I shall depart and leave you to your hunt."