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Your nations cities??

31-03-2004, 16:49
well this just out of pure interest but what are your nations cities like if you have any ???? :oops: .....please??? :P :?: :idea:
31-03-2004, 17:05
I have three, i dont actually HAVE them i just think about them when the ISSUES mention cities. My capitol is minatius city. My large port city is Elduvine. Any my secondairy city is Sertsii. :)
31-03-2004, 17:17
Too many to list. Aheh. ^_^;;
Swordmasters of Ginaz
31-03-2004, 17:23
Same here...
Poles n Other Nations
31-03-2004, 17:23
Only real life cities here:
Warszawa(Warsaw)- the capitol city
Ostrow Niedzwiecki(Berlin)
Brzest Litewski(Brest)
Kamieniec Podolski(Not really sure...)
31-03-2004, 17:31
Capital: Heaven Forge
Other Cities (In order of population):
Dragon's Heart
Dragon's Fang
Imperial Hall
Golden Throne
St. Mechanus
St. Razzgo

We are also in the process of creating a port city which will be known as Sea Tyrant and a mining camp known as The Deep Tunnels.
31-03-2004, 17:40
I haven't RP'ed enough to have a solid list, but thus far:

Wumbee Point
Rapid Falls
Ubi City
31-03-2004, 17:40
31-03-2004, 17:53
Skye(Warsaw): The capital. The most advanced cultural city in the Empire
Myer(Lodz): The industrial center. Largest city, immense industrial capabilities. It's own stock exchange.
Needles(Bratislava): Wartorn city, rebuilding.
Wroctaw: Resort city.
Tallinn: Port city
Kaliningrad: Wartorn port city.
Minsk(destroyed): Nuclear crater.
Prauge(destroyed): Several nuclear craters.
Gdansk: Oldest port city.
Krakow: Military center.
Homyel: Industrial powerhouse city. Second only to Myer.
31-03-2004, 17:55
[insert Polish Cities here]
Hmmm.... seems I have you beaten out for Poland(being several months older), but hey. It's a multiverse.
31-03-2004, 18:06
i have many, many cities, but the most notable are: Arackal, seat of governmental power, and Isonis, the first city established by the empire on earth, it was made in the millenia before christianity
31-03-2004, 18:08
Most were nuked way back but lets see if I can remember them
Paladin [capital]
Phoenix [Education capital]
Winnipeg [Military capital]
[insert random cities]
31-03-2004, 18:24
Lets see how many I can remember - Ianapalis, Fort Jackson, Wyclyfe, Vesshampton, Topton, Thorntree, Upper Mansford, Lower Mansford, Westergate, Pentinghampton, Inswick, Dirwisham, Coastal Paradise, Clyfton-on-Daldon, Mansmouth (the Shield), Chateau, Cape Deliverance, Rorie Landing, Turnish, Fort Dawes, Jewel (Noropia), Delton, Intuton, [First through Eighth] Whitman, Lakeriverwood, Safe Harbor, Cruxley (Gadsan), Empire, Augsburg, Oasis (Dianatran), Thesia, Carlonia, Emba (Tharia), Harbor City, Analia, MacMillan (Sentry Island), Troobodia, Coppleston (Troobodia), Nusheld, Fort Ash, St. Walburg, Whistler's Crossing, Fort Manly, Port Laughlin (the colonies).

I'm probably missing quite a few, but that's a good enough start.
31-03-2004, 18:34
Far far far to many to list, but almost all are variations of names of cities in Texas, Virginia, and California.
31-03-2004, 18:36
List of major cities in Nimzonia:

Koenberg (Capital City)
Port Odea

Given the northern location, 'dark' and 'covered in snow' are good descriptions of these cities for most of the year.
31-03-2004, 18:40
Some Rejistanian cities:

Sike kali is the capital of Rejistania. The name means translated 'There city' because people always refered to the city as 'kali sike' meaning 'the city there'. Sike is a small city which has only about 20,000 inhabitants but it became the capital because it is located excatly in the middle of Rejistania.

KaMaRi kali, as the city of Kalimnintan-Maiju-Riandu kali is also called officially, is the economic capital. Kalimnintan kali, Maiju kali and Riandu kali were cities of its own for a long time, but united and became the biggest city by far in Rejistania. KaMaRi kali is also know for the 'religous quarter' where many temples, churches and other places of worshipping are located and for the many first-league soccer clubs.

Na~ovi kali, the port town in the south of Rejistania, known for the field-hockey teams, the tasty food and the art scene. The name is pronounced like Now-we.

Hetkali is an industrial city, remarkable for the two soccer clubs Hetlasane Hetkali and Hetkali Hetaki
Draconis Nightcrawlis
31-03-2004, 18:44
Too many to list and write about, just wait for when I write about them when I can be arsed to do a fact file for DN
31-03-2004, 18:47
My population just travels the world pretty much. Our leadership hides in caves.
31-03-2004, 18:53
well this just out of pure interest but what are your nations cities like if you have any ???? :oops: .....please??? :P :?: :idea:

Wazzu IS a city. 2.6+ billion people living in an area the size of Sweden (and now, a very low populated Denmark (

The standard description goes like this.

Imagine a thick forest...of gigantic skyscrapers.
The ground-cover is a single 30 story (on average) building.
The roots are a network of underground tunnels.
The canopy is made up of cities floating (like blimps, no gravtech) in the stratosphere.
And the thick fog is actually a deadly, metalic smog...the result of massive industrialization.

About 100,000km^2 of Wazzu rests on the Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea floors.

Only the new aquisition of Bobaria (Denmark) is free of the population, polution, and other urbanization.
Kay Son
31-03-2004, 18:58
Some Major PRKS Cities:
T'sing T'sao
Bei Ting
Frenchfor Quarter
Cay Sun
Fort Smith
Kay Son

T'sing T'sao is the official admnistrative/legislative capital of the PRKS. Much of the city is constructed on a grid in order to provide adquate transportation from one point to another. T'sing T'sao is encircled by three rings of walls dating back to the Middle Ages as well as having several key military installations located within those walls.

Kay Son is the symbolic (former) capital of the PRKS. Due to it's ties with the Zhang Tao Seperatists, much of this city is under military occupation. Not much of the city's former architectual glory still stands due to the bitter fighting it experienced during the Revolution. What new buildings are in this city are currently modeled after T'sing T'sao, thereby providing a sharp contrast between the curved roofs and the circular walls of military offices.

Norwestfort was a former fort established to counter the Kay Son threat in the Dark Ages. Much of the walls that encircle the city testify to this, mostly made out of earth, stone, and wood. Both inside and outside the walls are stone houses crowded together with the trademark peaked roofs. These roofs were used to provide maximum cover of the city's streets if attacked, as well as storage facilities for merchants.

Markun is the industrial capital of the PRKS. Markun is mostly an industrial town with parks located throughout in order to ward off any pollutants getting into the environment. Much of Markun is enivornmental friendly with much of the transporation done by gas-powered buses or bicycles. Outside of the main hub, however, are the trademark factories that are located up north.

Frenchfor Quarter is the commercial capital of the PRKS. Frenchfor Quarter was mainly settled by waves of seafaring merchants and fisherman, thus creating the trademark hodgepodge of various styles of buildings throughout the city. Frenchfor Quarter is a port city with most of the roads flowing from the port to outside of the town. Frenchfor Quarter is also known to be the only city that has not been fought over in 500 years. What defense that it has stems mostly from the tall bell towers that help give the average citizen an eagle's eye on the terrain before the city as well as the city itself (which is quite vast).
31-03-2004, 19:01
The Umojan Ambassady (
Beth Gellert
01-04-2004, 07:46
Ah, the Beth Gellen capital, Portmeirion. Here in lies The Island, which sits in the middle of a man-made lake. Upon the island a rather hectic assortment of archiatectural styles coheres to provide The People's Commonwealth with its Final Senate and Commonwealth Professional Civil Service headquarters. Some maintain to this day that Portmeirion is far too pink.

New Dresden is often held up as a capital of culture, housing as it does many of Beth Gellert's galleries and museums, along with a few hundred thousand people.

Fort Brennus is all but a miliatry base, occupied by families and loved ones to military personnel.

Titovo provides The Commonwealth with its industrial heartland, while Virginia seems to house a lot of people with nothing much to contribute. No one minds or frankly cares.

Porthmadog is an affable seaside resort at one end of which, quite surprisingly, sits a major naval yard.

Waldberghoff-trarbk-dikdorff, Alaric, Ho Chi Minh City, and Roorkesburgh are cities much like any other in a communist state with no drugs laws. Focal points for nothing much constructive. Again, no one minds. Save that is for foreigners unhappy at being shut out of the US$100trillion+ BG economy.

Quite recently have Sumer, Port Edward, and more Victoria Salvadorian cities come into Beth Gellen control. These seem over-crowded, smoggy, and rife with conservative hang-ups and social disorder.

Poor capitalists.

(Leave me alone, I'm drinking quadruple whiskys, if you don;t mind)