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Spy detected

30-03-2004, 01:44
The deffence Minister and the Itellegence Minister pace back and forth. Great distress is shown in their faces and their fidgetting shows that they have something to do that they dont want to.
The itel minister stops pacing. Feverishly rubbing his hands he remaks
We must tell him, we must tell Christian. But what will he do? Our jobs are on the line here.
His expressions turn to that of paranoia.
John! Do you understand?! Both the economy advisor and the minister of agriculture are spys! How will he take this!? They have been with him for years, and--
Shut up steve! We have to do what we have to do. It is our duty to the coutry to show these criminals for who they are. They will be terminated quitely just as the rest of them
John sits down, very disstressed, but suprisingly calm.
There is no emotion in his voice
We dont even know if the documents are correct. I know that we have had our anlysts go over it seveal times, but we still dont know. We must treat it as if it is true.
Steve says in a raised tone with his arms in the air:
Sam died John! He died because of the intel he gathered. He was captured, but in exscaping he tripped over this stuff. We dont even know where he was when he transmitted it! He used a secure line so that it wasnt trackable, but it was him, that we know, it had his DNA print on it. But...
Steve sits down in a chair. He leans back and rests his haed on his hand.
I guess that we have to tell him. He will be mad that spies have gotten past us for some 12 years now
John says in a calm voice:
yes I know he will be mad, but it is our duty to tell him. If you want I will do it
Steve perks up at that comment, as if he werent listening before, but he is now. He then slumps back down.
Be my guestThey both sit there in silence for some time befor eJohn departs for Christian's chambers.

OOC: I know that my nation is quite old now and everything, but I have not been RPing on these boards for more than 8 moths now. This is my first brush up. I would like the veterans here to tell me how to improve or how good I am.
Thank you.
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30-03-2004, 02:09
John, the deffence minister, strolls down the halls. Heavy on his shoulders is the wieght of the information that he must conveigh to Christian, the Leader of B4kst4br.
John knocks twice on the double doors and then enters. He tries to keep his face as calm as possible:
Christian, I have some terrible news, Intel has descovered--
He stops dead in his sentanece as he sees who the Leader is with. It is non other than both the Minister of agriculture and the economy advisor. He is frozen in thought and motion as he realizes what he almost said.
As he staps back to reality, he finds that all 3 are looking at him funny.
I am sorry gentlemen, but I must ask your leave as I need to talk to christian of uter importance
Both the economy advisor and the minister of agriculture nod and then look at Christian.
Christian Motions them out. As they get up to leave, Christian says:
Give me a call latr, we will have to arange that night out you were talking about Tom
Economy advisor replies with a smile:
You got it sir
And they walk out confidently.
A moment of uneasy silence occus before John speaks again:
As I was saying, we have some grave news for you Christian.
He stutters a bit and is very uneasy in saying what he wants see...about your minister and advisor...
Christian getting more and more impatiant speaks in a loud tone:
say what you want already, or leave me in my peace!
John un willingly blurts it out:
Your Economy advisor and your Minister of agriculture are both spys...
A look of horror crosses Christians face, and that mophs into anger:
You have to be kidding me! How could you come to me with such accusations! You have t be mad! I have known these men for more than 15 years now! I know that they--
Interjecting squeamishly John says:
But sir! We have the intel to prove it. Here
John hands the folder to Christian.
Christian reads over the documents one by one. Anylizing each paper for some error, but finding none. A mixed look flashes on his face, a look of Distress with a slight hint of depression and dissappointment.
He speaks very softly and with much emotion:
I guess its true though. I cant beleive that they would do this to me. I also cant beleive that we didnt know for so long. Well I shall take care of this termination personally. Also I will be issuing a statement. Their executions will be publis. I will sever their heads with my sword!
He sits and thinks. Christian sits there for a long while with John staring at him.
[i]John, get a pad and a paper, I will be issuing this statement to the coutries of this world:

<<To: All the coutries of the world

It is a sad day here in B4kst4br as We have detected 2 spies. The nbames of these spies are: Tom Willis and Andrew Hank. They will of course be executed, by will be done by me personally.
Of course the question arrises of What nation has done this. I want to know! If said nation comes forth, you will not face the eternal rath of the Ba4kst4bian armed forces.
If any coutry has knowlege on this incident, I would ask them to step forward, as our intellegence department onyl has so much time on its hands.

Thank you
Christian Morte Venzetti
-Leader of the Rogue Nation of B4kst4br>>
30-03-2004, 05:14
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30-03-2004, 05:39
30-03-2004, 07:17
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31-03-2004, 02:33
I do remember this being a place of friendlyness.